Your Diet Has A Lot To Say About Your Health- How?

The correlation between health and diet is quite noticeable when you realize that everything you consume has an impact on your health. They say, you are what you eat, and this claim holds true for the most part. The nutrients that your body is consuming throughout the day shape your body.

People who do not consume fresh foods like fruits and vegetables and other whole grains are more prone to chronic diseases. This is why the importance of diet in maintaining a good health cannot be understated. Some things are healthy for kids but not for adults, such as flavored yogurt.

Diets that are more popular in America are heavily saturated with fats along with partially hydrogenated oils and are extremely processed. Such lifestyle leads to dire consequences and structures your life negatively. It will be substantial for you to realize such implication of poor diet on your health.


Mental health is an integral part of health that means poor diet reflects badly and creates stress. Stress is a bad sign for our bodies as there are physical consequences of it. Stress has the capability to generate from poor health and be a cause of it as well.

Plenty of stress inducing dietary habits that harm our system throughout cause extreme physical symptoms. Skipping a meal, mindless munching and sipping caffeine multiple times a day are just few from the list.

People pick up habits like smoking or drinking while they are stressed which affects their health immensely. Smoking increases your chances of lung cancer and drinking alcohol can make you prone to a variety of liver problems.


This is seen as a rather unpopular problem in America when it comes to being malnourished, but it is important to talk about the other side of the coin. Having said that, America has 16 million children are forced to endure difficulties with hunger and that is a story that should get across.

Poor diet is creating problems in their nourishment and is a hurdle for them in attaining a normal lifestyle. It starts with affecting your health and results in limiting their economic opportunities, which exacerbates inequality.


Lethargy or fatigue is a common symptom observed in people who engage in unhealthy eating habits. There are hormones like glucagon and amylin that give you a feeling of fullness that raise your blood sugar and insulin transforms it into energy that your body uses to perform various tasks.

Surprisingly, these same hormones also make you drowsy if they are present in a huge quantity in your brain. These hormones are known as serotine and melatonin and they are capable of making you feel tired.

Not all foods create these affects as only foods that have a high level of tryptophan have the capability to make you drowsy. These foods include eggs, cheese, spinach, turkey and many more. This is the reason why you feel so sleepy on Thanksgiving.

The key over here is to have a balanced diet along with small portions of meals throughout the day that keep you healthy and active.


Exercising keeps us fit and active. Our lifestyles are a true depiction of what goes inside our bodies with our eating habits and enormous portion sizes, our internal system might not be working at its best.

Therefore, obesity is becoming more common than ever as little attention is given to the kind of food consumed. It increases Ischemic diseases and there is a wide range of health problems that are associated with obesity, varying from diabetes, blood pressure problems to respiratory problems.

High Cholesterol

It is reported by National Institute of health that 500,000 people lose their lives due to heart disease that emerges from high cholesterol.

Consuming foods that are concentrated with fats like beef and butter increase your chances of these diseases. Change your diet by choosing lean proteins like chicken and fish in your daily diet.


Commonly known as blood pressure and is one of the main indicators of poor health. It is a direct consequence of engaging in unhealthy diets and influences your body slowly but deeply, therefore it is known as the silent killer. With healthy nutrition, you can possibly avoid the dangers attached with hypertension.

All of these conditions influence your body in a negative way and change your lifestyle. It is important to understand how poor diet can cause troublesome effects on your body and destroy your health.

Without good health, a person cannot enjoy the biggest joys in life. A person who looks after their heath realizes the positive changes in their body. Their outlook on life is positive and they are able to enjoy everything because they have satisfied their mental and physical health needs.

Ignoring the importance of good diet is extremely dangerous and in order to avoid this scenario, an individual should be self-aware about the needs of their body and their capability to fulfill them.

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