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Are You Thinking About Writing for Us?

Well, guess what, we’re thinking you should write for us too. You don’t have to be seasoned, so don’t be shy to put it all out there (metaphorically speaking, of course) and share your wisdom with the rest of the world.

We at Boost Body Fit are absolute suckers for success stories and experiences from our beloved readers. We also have the hots for linking up with fellow fitness geeks running similar websites through links in these posts – “Touch ours and we’ll definitely touch yours.”

Not to scare you, but we have received many pitches in the past. While some were nothing short of Straight Up Amazing’, some still give me nightmares to this very day. Since we can’t afford therapy for all our editors, we thought it would be wise to set up some ground rules. Just to be on the safe side.

1. Mind your language

While sharing your daunting experiences at the loo after leg day could make for a touching story, please spare our audience the gory details. There are no age restrictions to this page, so do mind the kids.​

2. Stay relevant

This is a health and fitness website, so try not to wander off topic. Our readers’ time is priceless, so we strive to provide them with state of the art fitness information. While we would love to hear about your weekend in the Bahamas, chances are it might not see the light of day with us. We suggest you stick to the following categories

3. Quality is Everything

If there was a class that got more snoozes than any other in middle school, it would be the English class. This would explain the weird, run on sentences that make no sense whatsoever in some of the works we get. If grammar currently isn’t your strong suit, we strongly suggest you stick to just reading for now.

4. No Copy Paste Games​

Why reinvent the wheel when there are so many articles out there you can send us, right? Wrong. Originality is everything to us, which is why our readers keep coming back for more. In short, plagiarism just isn’t cool, guys.

5. Size Matters​

Yes, that bedroom innuendo does spill over to the length of your writing. This involves aesthetics too. Basically, your article should be around 1500 words long and the paragraph sizes should look evenly sized as well. Also, spare us the fluff and fillers. Everything you write should be worth reading.​

6. Tell Us Who You Are​

Now, we all love to talk about ourselves. So, here’s your chance to go crazy about it. At the end of your article, write a short 120-word or less bio about yourself. Keep it entertaining and, of course, keep it relevant to the theme of our website – health and fitness.​

7. The Brilliant Perks of Writing for Us

We have thousands of readers visiting our website every weeks from all over the world. We want to share our readers with you, so we will put an outgoing link to a website page of your choice in every guest post of yours that we publish. 

Do you think you have the right stuff to put together a masterpiece of an article? We certainly think you do. Send us your content ideas and whole articles as MS Word documents to tony [dot] boostbodyfit [at] gmail [dot] com.  If you have pictures and videos, remember to attach them separately from the word document and indicate within the article where each should go.

Submission does not guarantee that such Submission, or any part thereof, shall appear on our Website. Please do your best job you can on formatting your text, revising, editing, polishing before submitting to us.

UPDATED: no more accept Guest Posts​. (We still accept Sponsor posts)

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