Workout From Home: Why Rowing is a Must

With COVID-19 and non-essential business being forced to close until further notice it is harder now than ever to get in a good workout. With many states considering gyms non-essential many people are turning to the outdoors or home solutions such as videos, cycling, and treadmills to get their workouts in. Perhaps the best workout from home for the money is rowing.

Rowing engages nearly all the major muscle groups during a session and is one of the most efficient uses of your time set aside for working out. Rowing solutions at home are the best choice because no matter the weather, rain or shine, you are able to start of your day with a quick and efficient rowing session. Below are 4 reasons why rowing is a must.

Space Saver

Typical workout equipment is rather bulky and unsightly to have within a home and are not easily hidden from view. Treadmills and stationary bikes are quite bulky and nearly impossible to hide. With a rowing machine being lower profile than other machines it makes it much easier to conceal.

In addition, some models offer you the option to store them vertically which cuts down the footprint of the machine when not in use. If your tight on space a rowing machine is a must for its superior ability to be stored.

Full Body

While in self-quarantine it becomes harder and harder to try and get back into your normal workout regimen and achieve full-body muscle activation. While work out calisthenics is a good way to engage your full body you are missing out on the true muscle gain ability of resistance.

Indoor bikes may seem like the only way to add resistance however this only adds resistance to the legs leaving your arms and chest unused. Rowing combines the convenience of an indoor bike with the full-body ability of calisthenics to give you an impressively effective workout.

Rowing works your arms, back, legs, and abs; giving you that workout you’ve needed in as little time as possible.


Rowing can be a fun choice of workout since it is very different from other more common workouts. With a rowing machine you are able to condition yourself for going out on the open water and enjoy nature without being winded when you actually get to go out.

Additionally some rowing machines actually have a screen that allows you to virtually row across the world all for the comforts of your own home. This is great in times like these when it isn’t always possible to travel to these beautiful destinations.


Rowing is different from cycling and other at home machine because rowing is able to get your heart rate up much faster. Because of this you are able to get into fat burning territory much faster. This allows rowing to be much more flexible with your time and better adapt at fitting into any schedule.

Wherewith cycling you would need to get your heart rate up which takes a couple of minutes of warming up. Rowing only takes a couple of rows to get your body engaged and heart rate up.

Overall rowing is a must in these times with limited access to gym equipment. With the uncertainty of when gyms will reopen it is a great idea to start developing an at-home workout routine.

From its ability to work your full body to its portability to its flexibility, a rowing machine is truly a one-stop-shop for your workout needs With all the benefits of rowing it is easy to see why rowing is the best at-home solution for anyone looking for a full body at home workout that delivers results.

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