Working Out with Arthritis

How does one work out with Arthritis? After how can one expect you to bend your body or stretch your limbs when you are experiencing excruciating pain?  However, exercise is essential for people with Arthritis as it is the only way to increase strength and flexibility in the body that can further help in alleviating the condition. 

Arthritis patients should frequently exercise as regular exercise can lower joint pain and combat fatigue. You should not only know why to exercise but also how to exercise for the best results. Consult your trainer and finding a rheumatologist near you should not be an issue, as you are sure to locate one.

Why exercise if you have Arthritis

 Research confirms abundant benefits of exercise for Arthritis patients as the endorphins which get released due to a good workout can ease out stress in the body and reduce pain. Thus, one feels more active as the pain, stiffness, and fatigue go away. As the patient loses weight, he enjoys better flexibility, mobility, and stability and can find significant relief from the symptoms of different forms of Arthritis.

However, experts say that it is essential for Arthritis patients to do the right kind of exercises that carry the right amount of impact to make improvements. Given below are some tips on how to exercise if you have Arthritis and overcome your reluctance.

  • Work out a plan- Sit with your trainer and consult your rheumatologist to work out a plan for the exercise. Dedicate time to exercise and develop a plan that can really work for you to give tangible results.
  • A step at a time- Set a modest goal based on your limits and start with low-impact exercises such as walking or working out in the garden. High-impact activity will not be suitable for those with a knee injury or joint damage.
  • Customized exercise program- Discuss things with your trainer to chalk out a customized workout plan that is suitable for you and can help treat your specific condition. The objective should be to get the maximum benefit from exercise.
  • Be consistent and focused- No matter what, try to be consistent with your exercise plan to achieve meaningful results. It is important to exercise and exercise regularly to make real benefits.
  • Aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises- Some exercises such as strength training, stretching, flowing movements, such as yoga, cycling, pilates, and water exercise, work best for arthritis patients. One can certainly benefit from consistent strength and muscle training exercises.
  • Adjust according to symptoms – Some days are going to be good and some not so good. So, it is best to set your mood and expectations based on the symptoms. Avoid high-intensity exercises when the symptoms are bad, or you can try a different type of exercise that is milder.
  • Avoid some exercises- Arthritis patients should not do strenuous exercises that cause pain and stress the joints excessively. However, as each patient and his capacity is different, it is best to consult an expert to design the best possible exercise based on the situation and health condition.

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