Why You Should Choose Oral Sedation

The thought of visiting a dentist might make you feel anxious; you might have a phobia with dental treatment and even prefer enduring the agony of a toothache. This should not be the case as a dentist can help you relax as you have your teeth cleaned or get an implant. Doctors use oral sedation to help their patients relax, and patients can get partial or full sedation depending on their preferences. Find Pembroke Pines oral sedation specialists who will take care of your dental needs through referrals from loved ones.

What Is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation consists of the use of a capsule that relaxes you while the dentist takes care of your condition. Depending on the pill, the effects can be minimal or moderate. A Halcion pill is effective for minimal and moderate sedation. The pill is taken before the operation and makes you drowsy; for moderate sedation, you can take a higher dose of the pill. Oral sedation is the most used form of anesthesia; some people can fall asleep using the pill but can wake up with a gentle shake.

Advantages of Oral Sedation

Easy To Administer

Your doctor recommends a pill that you can swallow one hour before the procedure; it is easy to administer and can help you feel relaxed when visiting a dentist. The effects of the pill set in quickly and they also go away soon after the treatment

No Needles Required

Most patients who require sedation suffer from anxiety, and needles can make them more anxious. With oral sedation, the patient swallows a pill without the worry of an injection by the dentist.


Sedation pills can make one have little memory of what went on at the dental procedure table, which is great for patients who have dental fear. Patients do not have a recollection of what happened when they were sedated, and this might help in reducing anxiety.


Oral sedatives are safe and have been approved by the FDA, and you are least likely to have any side-effects. Although you could be drowsy, you will still be awake and responsive, and you can listen and respond to your dentist.

Disadvantages of Oral Sedation

Takes Time

It takes time before the effects of the pill are felt, and most of the time, the doctor will advise you to take the pill at home before visiting the dental clinic. Other methods of sedation like nitrous sedation and IV treatment take a little time for the effects to show.

Makes You Feel Out of it

The sedation pill will make you relaxed and can make you feel out of it; you should, therefore, bring someone that will drive you home once the dentist has treated you.


Oral sedation is effective in making you relaxed when you visit your dentist, and it is one of the ways for you to curb dental anxiety. Your doctor might tell you to swallow the pill at home before coming for the procedure as the pill takes time before the effects are seen. The oral pill is safe as FDA controls its usage and the effects wear out after some time. Ensure that you have a designated driver after the operation as the pill might make you feel off for some time.

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