Why Women Burn Fat Differently From Men

There is a common myth that men generally have an advantage over women when it comes to weight loss. The man is expected to lose his weight faster doing the same things as the woman, who will spend a lot of time sweating and sticking to a diet before they see anything tangible. The truth is it’s a little more nuanced than that.

Men Have More Lean Muscle

Men have a lot more lean muscle tissue than women. Muscle tissue generally burns more calories than other tissue, such as fat tissue. So, to begin with, even when resting, men are burning more calories than women.

However, this advantage is a short-term one. The man will lose a lot more weight in the short term, such as in the first two months. In the long term, the results will even out, and the woman will catch up, which is why products like Hourglass fat burner work so well.

Testosterone and Estrogen Levels

Another thing that may seem to give men an advantage of some sort is testosterone. Because men have an abundance of testosterone, they are typically primed to have more muscle tissue on average. On the other hand, women have an abundance of estrogen, which primes them to produce more fat.

Women have up to 11 percent more fat than men on average, which is simply an evolutionary trait that prepares them for pregnancy. That means that, even when a woman is fit, she will generally have more body fat than an equally fit man. A woman with 25 percent body fat is pretty much on the same level as a man who has 16 percent body fat.

Fat Distribution in Parts of the Body

Men also tend to gain weight around the abdomen. That’s why the first sign that a man is getting overweight is a pot belly. This is known as visceral fat. It just so happens that this is also the first place where you will lose fat if you begin to diet and exercise.

Meanwhile, women tend to have their fat distributed in different parts of the body, depending on their physical makeup and where they come from. African and Mediterranean women tend to store fat in their hips and buttocks. Women in northern climates tend to see it distributed all over the body.

The kind of fat stored by women isn’t visceral; it’s subcutaneous fat. It is harder to lose because it is evenly distributed and also happens to be important for pregnancy. It also happens to be healthier than visceral fat, which increases the risk of heart disease.

On the one hand, men will see faster results because they lose weight where it matters most: the abdomen. On the other hand, the kind of fat they gain is also the most dangerous kind of fat to gain.

As for women, on the one hand, they tend to have a hard time losing fat because of the way it is distributed in their bodies. On the other, it is typically healthy fat and, given the physiological makeup of a woman, having fat does not translate to being overweight or unfit since fit women have more fat than equally fit men.

When women have abdominal fat, they lose it just as easily as men, and they are far less likely to gain pot bellies than men.

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