Why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Blueprint Trainer is a Legit Fitness App for Building Muscle

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a name recognized all over the world for a variety of different reasons. Whether it’s politics, film or bodybuilding, the Austrian native has become part of our culture and proven to be both adaptable and versatile.

He forged his reputation as a bodybuilder and is regarded as one of the most important names in the business, confirmed by having the Arnold Classic named after him. In 1982, he transitioned from lifting iron to the silver screen, appearing in Conon the Barbarian.

That film is reported to have earned $39.1 million by Variety and set Schwarzenegger on course to superstardom. His roles in the Terminator series cemented that legacy, with Terminator 2 one of the most popular movies of the early nineties, with him starring in the newest film in 2019 at the age of 70. Foxy Games has two slot titles that are based on the popular Terminator franchise, Terminator I’ll Be Back and T2 that show how his legacy as this character endures across all media platforms. Whilst the Terminator may be his most recognizable character, he’s still an important figure in gyms across the U.S.

He’s always kept himself in shape through bodybuilding and is still a keen participant. He’s recently released a video helping people get a good physique. It’s the sort of program you can do at home, for those who might not have time for the gym. There are plenty of ways you can look to achieve a good level of fitness outside the gym, with gadgets such as mini steppers being a great place to start. If you want to take it further, then Arnie’s video could well help.

Schwarzenegger’s workout program is far more than just a simple exercise video. This is his blueprint, his method to success. He reveals a nutrition plan for his training philosophy and talks about his career. He covers motivation, how to keep going when you hit a wall and much more.

It’s a 56-day program which comes in a series of videos. There’s a legacy video which is very much focused on the man himself; a place where you can get tips and pointers on how he became a success.

The real crux of the program is followed in three further videos: mass training, mass nutrition and mass supplementation. These are the real nuts and bolts of the content; his workouts, his diet and the extras he imbues to ensure his body gets the right levels of everything to match his bench work. Finally, there’s a ride-along video where he takes in all the sights of Venice Beach, again offering a few tips and pointers along the way.

It’s interesting to see how the program fits around his current diet; he’s turned to a vegan diet in recent years and the benefits of a plant-based diet are being pressed home by many lifters and bodybuilders across the world these days.

Arnold Schwarzenegger might have conquered the world of film and politics, but he’s still an important figure in bodybuilding and his latest video is definitely one that serious lifters should take the time to look into.

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