#5 Times You Should Know When To Take Mass Gainer

In the modern world the majority of the people are struggling to find ways on how to lose weight, with increased cases of obese every day. But, there are an ignorable vast number of people who can actually do better with a few added pounds. And, that leads us to the critical question on when to take mass gainer.

What Is A Mass Gainer

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To begin with, what is a mass gainer? Just as the name suggests these are substances that are consumed to gain extra pounds. They are rich in calories and have massive amounts of carbohydrates, crucial vitamins, and most importantly the much-needed proteins.

Over the past decade, the number of mass gainer brands has increased from 50 brands to the approximate current 1500 brands. This is evidence that they are a major sell to the general public. See more.

When To Take Mass Gainer

These following are the times that you should consider using a mass gainer. (#4 might actually surprise you).

  • Busy schedule
  •  Less appetite
  • Gaining weight
  • Boosting figure
  • Increasing muscles

#1. Busy schedule

When To Take Mass Gainer

Of course, I know this has come as a surprise to you. Yes, you can actually take mass gainer when you have a busy schedule. How? Some mass gainers can actually be used as food substitutes.

#2. Less appetite

When To Take Mass Gainer

Hey, this one speaks it all for me. At times I actually have a low appetite and with advice from a friend I started taking in a mass gainer. We can all agree there are times that we feel we don’t want to consume a lot of food.

You just take a small portion of your meal and you feel full. Try using a mass gainer when you have this feeling. I tried it and I maintained my then current body weight without having to eat a lot of food.

#3. Gaining weight

When To Take Mass Gainer

Sincerely speaking, gaining weight is the prime reason as to why they manufacture mass gainers. The world can be divided into three distinct categories of people; those who are struggling to reduce weight, those who are content with their own weights and lastly those who can actually borrow a few pounds.

When I was a teenager, I was very skinny. I didn’t like my then current body and my friends and schoolmates would make fun of me. I tried eating a lot of proteins but the results were not fulfilling.

It was the internet that implanted in me the idea to try a mass gainer. I used it and the results caught everyone by surprise. I gained weight and I was no longer a laughing matter at school.

Due to the quick metabolisms in some people, they tend to take long to gain weight under a normal diet. It is high time you give mass gainer a trail.

#4. Boosting figure

When To Take Mass Gainer

As I said earlier this will surprise you. It’s no longer a secret, a handful number of women use mass gainer to enlarge their breasts and hips. Yes! Heck yeah, they do so.

The calories and proteins help add some weight to the breasts and increase the size of the hips. Though I am not a fan of this, I think we should give them some credit. Everyone wants to look attractive, right?

#5. Increasing muscles

When To Take Mass Gainer

If you hit the gym and you feel you are not adding as much weight as you would wish to, then mass gainer should be your thing. These substances contain ingredients that help in the tear and formation of muscles.

You hit the gym for just 30 minutes and you feel exhausted? Using a mass gainer will boost your energy and help you work out more. More hours in the gym means more muscles, right? It’s a win-win in this.


It is my sincere hope that you found this tutorial joyful and most importantly your query on when to take mass gainer has been answered to your satisfaction. You might have been surprised by some of the reasons why some people take a mass gainer, but, I hope you found one reasonable reason as to why you should try a mass gainer.

Personally, I may currently not be a regular user of mass gainer, but these helpful ingredients in mass gainer came to my aid when I needed to gain weight so desperately.

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