What you Should Know About Teeth Whitening

Dental imperfections can deny you the opportunity to smile in some social circumstances. One of the most common dental imperfections is teeth discoloration. In fact, it is probably the most common reason why people seek cosmetic dental services. However, before you start looking for the best teeth whitening solutions or techniques, there are a number of issues that you have to take into consideration.

This is because teeth whitening is not for everyone, and therefore, you have to consult your dentist to ensure that you are making the most appropriate decision. Below are some important things you should keep in mind as you seek teeth whitening solutions.

You Need a Dental Checkup

Before you go in for a teeth whitening treatment, it is imperative for you to ensure that your oral health is okay. More serious dental problems such as gum disease and dental cavities must be addressed before you can start thinking of teeth whitening.

This is because teeth whitening is based on a peroxide that whitens the enamel layer. The peroxide should not be used on the inner structures of the teeth, and therefore, if the enamel is not healthy, it can allow the peroxide to penetrate the interior of the teeth and lead to irreversible damages.

Slow and Steady is the Way to Go

Of course, when it comes to teeth whitening, almost all people want to get instant results. However, bleaching your teeth with more aggressive treatments, such as LED-based teeth whitening techniques that may offer immediate results, may not always be the best thing to do.

Although you may get the results that you want instantly. Such an aggressive technique can lead to dental problems such as sensitivity. Therefore, it pays use teeth whitening techniques that are slow and gentle on your enamel but still effective.

Watch What You Eat

Certain foods and beverages such as green juices, tea, wine, and coffee are known to contribute to discoloration. Therefore, inasmuch as you are thinking of going in for teeth whitening, it is imperative if you want to have the results that you are looking for in the long run, to check what you eat after the procedure.

You may have to start eating foods that encourage the whitening process, including cauliflower, strawberries, cheese, yogurt, seeds and nuts, pineapples, onions, and celery, among others.

In a nutshell, you have to know that what you eat really affects the color of your teeth, and consult your dentist about it if you want the results of a teeth whitening to be long-lasting.

The takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that although teeth whitening is an excellent procedure for people looking to whiten their discolored teeth, it is not for everyone. For instance, if your enamel is not intact, teeth whitening may bring you more problems than solutions.

Therefore, there are a number of factors that you should think of if you are considering moving forward with the procedure. If you are looking for a reliable dentist offering teeth whitening services in Everett, WA, Perfect Smile Dentistry is the best facility to visit.

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