What You Should Know about IV therapy

IV therapy is commonly known as vitamin infusion therapy. This type of treatment therapy provides you with the opportunity to directly replenish the micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the body through the use of an injection. The oral supplements and other methods of adding nutrients in the body are much slower when compared to IV therapy since it is directly introduced into the bloodstream.

Food and other naturally occurring nutrients are the best forms of nutrition for our bodies, but once in a while, our diets do not contain enough vitamins or minerals to keep the body running optimally. Fresno IV therapy is one of the integrative treatment methods used by health specialists in Fresno, CA, to make sure the vitamin and mineral levels are balanced for a better functioning body.

Chronic stress, lifestyle changes, toxic environments, higher nutrient requirements, increased metabolism, and decreased nutrient absorption rate can lead to insufficient levels of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Why invest in an IV therapy treatment?

IV therapy is an essential treatment procedure if you want your performance and health to be at its peak. Vitamin infusion therapy is a proactive and non-intrusive treatment method that helps the body in restoring its original performance.

The infusion of minerals and vitamins directly into the blood system enhances the functioning of cells, organs, tissues, and body systems. The cellular communication and functioning of cells are improved, which allows the treatment to alleviate a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms.

What to expect during the vitamin infusion therapy

During this treatment, high levels of concentrated vitamins and minerals like amino acids, botanicals, etc. are introduced directly into the blood system by the use of a standard IV injection set. Vitamin infusion therapy usually lasts about half an hour or an hour, which is administered every other week for a duration of six to twelve weeks.

Treatments can be done at the physician's office or comfortably at an IV suite in the health facility. For first time clients, the consultation will involve conducting a thorough medical background, physical examination, complete naturopathic intake, and blood tests to determine if you are eligible for the IV therapy.

The tests also help in determining if IV therapy is the ideal treatment therapy for you. The consultation period can last from one to two hours.

What can be treated using IV therapy?

The IV therapy treatment procedure can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions and symptoms. The combination of minerals or vitamins administered depends on the symptoms and health issues you exhibit.

Some of the common health concerns addressed by IV therapy include chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, viral diseases, detoxing, colitis, cold, Parkinson's disease, macular degeneration, migraine, adrenal fatigue, menstrual cramps, inflammatory bowel disease, and PMS.

Side effects of IV therapy

There are some risks and side effects associated with the use of IV therapy, such as irritation at the skin surface where the injection is made. You might also experience dizziness, nausea, and low blood pressure shortly after administering the treatment, which wears off after a short time. The vitamins might also leave a taste in the mouth, which wears off fast as soon as the procedure is completed.

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