What Is CBD Used For?

The dogma around CBD has reduced over time owing to the medical discoveries highlighting its benefits.

At the same time, CBD was initially mistaken to have similar effects as tetrahydrocannabinol, popularly known as THC. However, these beliefs have been proven wrong over time.

CBD has gained popularity because it can provide the medical benefits of the Cannabis plant without giving the notorious high effect.

It is rapidly getting commercialized for its medical properties. A few of the most popular and effective uses found for CBD are in the cases of epileptic seizures, pain, arthritis, and anxiety.

Because of the many uses of CBD, the Farm Bill of 2018 legalized many hemp products in the U.S. but not all.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol refers to the extracts derived from Cannabis Sativa plant, which has two popular varieties - hemp and marijuana.

CBD is amongst the many phytocannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, while according to a study, there are over 60 cannabinoid compounds present.

It is a natural substance that is derived without using any chemicals, making it a reliable option for individuals who prefer a herbal and natural lifestyle.

Difference Between CBD and THC?

CBD, along with THC, are the two most popularly consumed Cannabis-derived chemical compounds.

However, the only similarity between these two chemical compounds is their origin , which has often earned CBD a reputation of being a psychoactive and mind altering compound like THC.

CBD with the same benefits as THC has no negative effects on the mental faculties of the user. It produces a relaxing and calm effect while treating the ailment it is being consumed for.

Types of CBD : Based on THC Content

1. Full Spectrum CBD

A full spectrum CBD product contains all the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant from which it is extracted, be it hemp or marijuana.

Good quality Full Spectrum CBD products have CBD in the highest quantity, traceable amounts of minor cannabinoids and less than 0.3% of THC in them.

2. CBD Isolates

Isolates are the purest form of CBD, and contain no other cannabinoids.

CBD after extraction from cannabis goes through the winterization process to remove all other cannabinoids and oils until pure 99% CBD is left.

3. Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant except the THC.

This means it gives all the beneficial effects sans the hallucination or “high” associated with THC.

It is a middle ground option between full spectrum and isolates.

Broad Spectrum and Isolate are the best option for those people who prefer a CBD product with little to no THC present. Joy Organics is a popular THC free option that has been reviewed in detail here.

What Are The Benefits of CBD?

To understand the hype about CBD, we must take a closer look at some significant benefits of CBD:

Provides Relief From Pain

According to research, it has been found that CBD can provide relief to pain by affecting receptor activity.

This leads to reduced inflammation and interaction with neurotransmitters, which are endocannabinoids that are produced naturally.

CBD also helps improve the functioning o f the endocannabinoid system, which is specialized to support -

  • sleep and appetite regulation,
  • the pain response of the body, and
  • the immune system.

Improves Heart Health

According to a study, CBD can be highly effective in alleviating risks associated with many heart diseases. It makes this possible by reducing hypertension and balancing the blood pressure.

Additionally, by consuming the recommended dosage of CBD regularly has shown remarkable results in reducing the heart's stroke volume, which essentially means that the heart is efficiently pumping the blood.

CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties, which prevents many heart illnesses and improves overall health.

Provides Support To Cancer Patients

According to research, CBD has been found highly effective in treating chemotherapy's side effects in cancer treatment like pain and nausea.

Moreover, many patients involved in the study showed relief from pain and vomit when all the other medicines failed to show any significant results.

Another study shows an equal proportion of THC and CBD in the form of mouth spray helped reduce nausea and vomiting effects of chemotherapy in the 16 people involved.

Helps With Anxiety And Sleeplessness

A neurotransmitter called Serotonin is present in our brain that regulates mood and social behavior. CBD acts on this neurotransmitter and helps in the treatment of anxiety and its symptoms that include sleeplessness and PTSD.

Improves The  Health Of The Brain

CBD is highly effective in protecting the brain from many brain diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.

It prevents the brain from radical damage, reduces inflammation, protects the old cells, and regulates new cells' regeneration.

Additional Benefits

As CBD has shown remarkable results in reducing the inflammation, it is widely used to treat acne.

It can also be used to improve sexual health and libido.

CBD being a comparatively natural alternative for regular cosmetics, is being used in many skincare products to make the skin look younger.

It may be helpful in treating drug addiction and substance abuse.

CBD has displayed properties that help modify brain circuits, which affect the dependence on morphine and heroin addiction as per a study on rats.

According to a  research, CBD is also found to reduce the diabetic incidences by 56%.

Does CBD Oil Have Any Side-Effects?

While CBD Oil is showing magnificent results in treating many diseases and ailments, there is no denying that it has certain negative impacts.

If the correct dosage of CBD is not followed it may result in-

  • Irritability,
  • Fatigue,
  • Nausea

CBD Oil is also known to have a similar impact as grapefruit, which does not go well with some drugs and can make the drug stay in the body for a longer duration.

This happens only if you are consuming any medications other than CBD Oil with a “grapefruit warning”. As CBD Oil impacts the Endocannabinoid receptors and uses it for its own breakdown, this can delay the digestion of the other drugs and can cause a few side-effects.

Therefore always consume your other medications at least an hour before taking CBD or consult your doctor before going for a CBD product.


While we have centuries worth of history, highlighting the benefits of Cannabis, it was only recently that this plant and its components have been studied in depth.

Although  CBD is still being continuously researched, mostly all available studies have deemed the compound as  highly effective treating numerous common to severe ailments.

However, it is essential for you to consult your physician before starting on CBD dosage to understand and regulate CBD intake's quantity and timings.

It is primarily because an extreme and unregulated dosage can produce counter results.

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