What Cereals Are Good for Baby’s Health

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Congratulations on your child acquiring a taste for solid foods! When you're going through all sorts of veg and fruit purees, it's essential also to consider cereals and the number of roughage children can get. You can browse online and looking at crucial sources of information, such as the best baby cereal chosen by Top-Mom.com. You'll notice that there is a lot to consider when selecting baby cereals.

First of all, the best cereals in the market are fortified with plenty of iron. It is an essential mineral since most babies experience iron depletion at the age of around six months. Babies are very much used to tasting formula or breast milk. It's only wise that the first food intended isn't going to bring about a strange change in taste. It's good to have something bland like cereal. The predominant taste of milk, which is mixed with the cereal is already familiar.

So with all the options out there, which is the best option to start babies on? Experts claim single grain products, much like rice, are unlikely to trigger allergies in babies compared with other solid foods.

There is a slight catch to baby cereals in the way that many have been investigated to discover trace amounts of arsenic. Plants very readily absorb this naturally occurring element that is found in water, air, and soil. In general, the pediatric community suggests that the beast should eat rice no more than three times a week. However, rice is not the only grain available in cereals. There are many types, including buckwheat, barley, wheat, rye, and millet.

Going for non-organic organic

You are correctly wondering what healthy baby cereal entails. Should you go for natural or non-organic types? One of the key benefits that your child can get from natural types is that they will have less exposure to pesticides. It might otherwise become accumulated in their bodies. It isn't to say that all non-organic products use these chemicals to a massive degree, but it is something to bear in mind.

Iron helps

You have probably heard that babies require lots of iron, especially around the age of six months. It is mainly why they need solid food in their diets. Iron is an essential mineral for proper brain and body development, so your cereal should reflect this. One of the best things that we would recommend this to go for single grain series fortified with iron.

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Read all the labels

Whether you go for inorganic or organic, rice cereal for baby or oatmeal baby cereal, it's essential to read the labels. A lot of cereal products out there have added sugar, salt, and thickening agents such as flour and starch. Also, keep an eye on additives and preservatives within the ingredients.


It may seem like a milestone to wean your child and get them on a diet of solid food. However, it is essential for both development and growth. One of the best baby cereals out there includes all the essential minerals such as iron as well as all essential vitamins which babies need. We hope that you can choose a product which works for your little one, just don't forget to read the labels and do some research. All the best!

Have you had any experience with cereals? Do you know how to make your own baby cereal? Please tell us in the comments section below.

Author’s bio: Jimmy Mays was never much of a father, to begin with. He even started feeding baby cereal in a bottle when his child was young. Nowadays, Jimmy has learned a lot and continues to write numerous articles about nutrition on a freelance basis. In his spare time, he enjoys taking his kids to the park to feed the ducks.

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