Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Using Supplements to Aid Your Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight, there are many people that have tried all sorts of diets and exercise regimes to try and get to their target weight. However, many have failed to reach their target while others have simply lost weight and then put it all back on with a little extra on top. Often, it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off if you have no help. The good news is that you can get help from using natural supplements that are designed to help curb hunger pangs and cravings, boost energy, and increase your metabolism amongst other things.

We go online to get all sorts of medical and health supplies these days from lithium heparin tubes through to vitamins. It is only natural, therefore, that the internet is a great place to find a wide range of natural supplements that are designed to boost weight loss with greater ease. You will find plenty of different options available but you need to make sure you do your research and find the right ones for your needs.

Some of the factors to consider

While the right natural weight loss supplements can certainly help to get you to your target weight, it is vital to make sure you choose the right ones. Many people want to lose weight for health reasons but there is little point in doing this if you are going to take tablets and supplements that may be detrimental to your health. This is why you need to find the right ones and make sure you select supplements carefully. Of course, the cost of the supplements will be a main consideration for many because a lot of people are on a strict budget. Of course, you should take price into consideration but do not base your sole decision on how much the supplements cost, otherwise you could end up with something that is ineffective at best or dangerous at worst.

In addition to the cost, you need to look at the ingredients that are contained in the supplements before you make your choice. Choose ones that contain natural ingredients and make sure you do not have allergies or sensitivities to any of the ingredients. For instance, some people are sensitive to caffeine so you need to avoid buying any supplements that contain this ingredient. Make sure you check carefully to see that the ingredients are all suitable for you and that they are safe and natural.

Another thing to do is check consumer reviews left by those who have already tried and tested the supplements. This is a great way to get a better idea of whether the supplements are likely to suit you and to learn more about how other people got on with them. You can then make a more informed decision with regards to which supplements you choose to aid your own weight loss based on the opinions of those that have already tried out different ones.

Author Bio: Guest post by Muhammad Rafiq

How to Effectively Use Ketones for Weight Loss

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular ways to lose weight these days. But there are some ways that you can enhance the ketogenic process to make this diet work even better. One of the ways in which this can be done is by adding ketones. But in order to understand how to use them most effectively, you have to understand what they are and what they do first.

What is Keto Diet?

The ketogenic diet, also known as keto diet, is a type of diet that is extremely effective at fat burning. By following the guidelines of the ketogenic diet, you can make your body product small fuel molecules called ketones, effectively putting your body in a state of “ketosis.” Your body uses ketones for fuel when glucose, also known as blood sugar, is low. The way that you activate a ketogenic diet is by limiting the amount of carbs that you eat and lowering your intake of protein. When you do that, your body does not have enough carbohydrates or protein to break them down into blood sugar, and so it goes into a state of ketosis and begins breaking down fat cells for energy instead.

Ketones are produced in the liver and they are made from fat, but they can be converted into fuel throughout the entire body, to power every organ. The brain is one of the biggest consumers of blood sugar, as it needs a lot of fuel to run every day, and it can only run on food that has been converted into glucose or on ketones. This type of diet can be problematic for some people, as it burns huge amounts of fat, but with the tradeoff of low blood sugar. That makes it a major no-no for diabetics or woman that are pregnant or breastfeeding.

What Are Exogenous Ketones?

Now that you understand that your body can produce ketones if you limit your carb and protein intake, and you understand that they can put your fat burning into overdrive, you know that a ketogenic diet is extremely effective. However, what you might not know is that you can actually supplement the ketones that your body produces with outside ketones – known as exogenous ketones. There are three different types of ketones that your body can run on. They include acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone.  However, the one that is most commonly found in exogenous ketones is beta-hydroxybutyrate, because it is the active form of ketone and can most easily be used by your body.

There are also multiple types of ketones that you can supplement with. The first is called ketone esters. Ketone esters are raw ketone – the beta-hydroxybutyrate – that is not bound to any other compounds. They can be used by the body more quickly and raise ketone levels in the blood since your body doesn’t have to separate the compound. However, they taste incredibly awful and you may experience severe gastric problems. Another type of ketone is ketone salts. Ketone salts are combined with sodium, calcium, magnesium or potassium. Ketone salts are much gentler on your body than ketone esters. The third type is known as ketone oils.

Five Steps to Using Exogenous Ketones

If you want to know how to use ketones for weight loss, then this guide will help you. These five steps will show you how to use ketones effectively to ensure that you lose weight. There are some pretty compelling reasons to use a keto diet to lose weight, and exogenous ketones will definitely make it easier to do so.

Get Educated on Ketosis

The first thing that you have to do is become educated about ketosis. There is a great deal of information in this article on how ketosis works and what a ketogenic diet involves, as well as some information on exogenous ketones, but the information provided here is just the tip of the iceberg. You are going to have to do your own research and find out as much as you can about the process of ketosis and how it works. The first consideration is whether or not the process is safe for you, but you also want to find out if it is the most effective way for you to lose weight, or if you would be better suited for another diet method.

As far as learning about ketosis and exogenous ketones, there is a lot of information out there that you could delve into. You might even want to consult with your doctor and find out if they recommend the keto diet for you. If you are going to commit to this method of losing weight, then you want to get as much information as possible and ensure that you understand what you need to do to activate a state of ketosis; and how your body will react.

Create a Weight Loss Goal & Plan

Your next step is to create a weight loss plan and goal. The goal is the first step. How much weight do you want to lose? For many people the answer might be “all of it,” but that isn't’ really an answer. A keto diet isn’t intended for long-term use, although it can be used for quite a bit longer than most people think. A keto diet should be a short-term solution that lasts a few months. If you have a great deal of weight to lose, then you are still going to have to make lifestyle adjustments, cut down on your food intake, and incorporate exercise into your day if you want to keep losing weight.

Your next step is to figure out exactly what your plan is going to be. You need to know how much weight you want to lose with a ketogenic diet, and when you are going to transition to a regular diet. You should have a certain percentage of weight that you want to lose using ketosis and exogenous ketones, with a plan to lose the rest afterward. You should have well-defined timelines, milestones and a plan that breaks your weight loss goals into small segments that will allow you to step back and reevaluate.

Transition into Using Exogenous Ketones

The next thing that you have to do is a transition to using exogenous ketones. That means that you want to start with the ketogenic diet and producing ketones naturally. Don’t start out the process of adding ketones to your body. Instead, figure out how your body is going to do on a regular keto diet and make sure that you are losing weight and that the restrictions that the keto diet comes with are not going to have an adverse effect on your health. After that, you can start adding ketones to your diet from supplement sources.

Track Your Weight Loss Progress

You definitely want to track your weight loss progress. That starts by figuring out exactly what you weight at the very beginning and maintaining a regular record from there. Your first step is to get a scale if you do not already have one. You don’t want to weigh yourself daily, but you do want to keep track of your weight. That means having a scale available to you. You are also going to be keeping a record of your weight, as well as a diary of what you are eating and how your body is reacting. You want to know exactly how the keto diet is affecting you so that you can decide how much to supplement your body’s natural processes with exogenous ketones.

The best way to track your progress is through a spreadsheet on your computer combined with a diary that describes the food that you have eaten, the amount of exogenous ketones you have supplemented with and anything else that you think it noteworthy. The spreadsheet will allow you to track your diet with real numbers, weighing yourself once a week or so, and seeing real data on how your weight loss is progressing. This will let you know if there are any changes that need to be made.

Make Adjustments as Needed

Finally, make adjustments as needed. Don’t be afraid to adjust your keto diet to fit your unique lifestyle and body chemistry. That’s exactly why tracking your entire diet is so important. If you know something is working (or not working) then you can go back to your spreadsheet and diet journal and figure out exactly why it is (or is not) working. Make any adjustments that you need to and stick to your diet plan. Adjustments are a normal part of any diet plan, so don’t be concerned if you need to make changes.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to following a ketogenic diet and using exogenous ketones to promote further and faster weight loss. Hopefully, you will have a better idea of how to use this method of losing weight much more effectively.

How to Lose 60 Pounds in 2 Months Healthily – All That You Need To Know

It's the new year and you know what that means: It's time to start making life changes. One of the most popular promises we make to ourselves is to lose weight. This is especially for those who have just gone back from overeating throughout the holidays! If you're feeling guilty about your past eating habits and feel that dreaded bulge, then it's time to shed some fat off. And since summer is approaching, you may be wondering how to lose 60 pounds in 2 months. Is it even possible?

It's actually possible! With the right diet and proper exercise, you will be able to achieve that big goal. But you shouldn't begin your fitness journey without knowing how to properly go about it. It's important to know how to properly lose weight without the extreme restriction or killing yourself in the gym. That's why I show you some tips on how to lose 60 pounds in 2 months healthily.

LOOSE 60 POUNDS IN 2 MONTNS What You Need to Prepare Losing the WeightHealthier Food ChoicesInvesting in Workout ProductsAttitudeSupportHow to Lose 60 Pounds in 2 Months - Possible?Step 1: Vow To Make That ChangeStep 2: Check Your Measurements And Create The Appropriate GoalsStep 3: Change Your Eating HabitsStep 4: Incorporate Exercise And An Active LifestyleStep 5: Get Support Through A Weight Loss Program, or From Loved OnesIn a Nutshell

What You Need to Prepare Losing the Weight

You can't start anything without preparing for it beforehand. Just like achieving any other goal in life, losing weight requires planning. You'll need to make sure that you don't only have the materials, but the attitude as well! Here are some of the things you need to get you started:

Healthier Food ChoicesInvesting in Workout Products AttitudeSupport

Healthier Food Choices

Losing weight is mainly based on what you eat. It's all about calories in and calories out. But that doesn't mean that you can eat all the junk while staying within your calorie goal!

Fruits and vegetables should be the main component of your diet. Not only do they contain the nutrients to keep you healthy, but they are also low in calories. You'll be able to eat a good amount of it, keeping you full for longer and having you lose weight.

There are other types of food can consume in order to lose weight, such as lean meat and food high in fiber. I'll mention the specific types of food you can add to your diet later on.

Investing in Workout Products

You won't need to spend thousands on a gym membership or equipment! What you need to focus on would be comfortable clothes to workout in, such as a dry fit top and comfortable bottoms for you to easily move around.

There are also workout DVDs you can purchase if you aren't able to shell out for the gym or fancy equipment.

There are tons of videos you can do at home with minimal equipment. So long as you exercise right and have the essentials (clothes, workout videos, small workout stuff), then you can tone your body right.


While this isn't anything material, this is one of the most important things you need to keep moving forward. Without determination to work hard, you won't be able to lose weight or achieve any goal at all. Patience, motivation, and the positivity is needed all throughout your fitness journey to lose those 60 pounds.


Support from loved ones is needed as well for you to keep motivated and have the right attitude. While you may want someone to workout with you, even just the moral support of someone you trust can do wonders.

Don't keep your fitness journey a secret, it's time to announce your intentions to your loved ones. Not only will they support you, but they may be able to help and join the journey has well!

How to Lose 60 Pounds in 2 Months - Possible?

Now, how exactly can you lose 60 pounds in 2 months? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Vow to make that change.Step 2: Check your measurements and create the appropriate goalsStep 3: Change your eating habitsStep 4: Incorporate exercise and an active lifestyleStep 5: Get support through a weight loss program, or from loved ones

Step 1: Vow To Make That Change

As mentioned above, attitude is the most important to begin your journey. Vow to take action and begin planning what you will do to lose that weight.

List down your short-term goals by jotting it down in a notebook. It's best to keep yourself accountable.Make the honest promise to yourself that you WILL stick to the journey, no matter how hard it can get. To motivate yourself, you can make a rewards system that does not involve food. Treat yourself to a shopping spree, or small trinkets you've always wanted to get!

Step 2: Check Your Measurements And Create The Appropriate Goals

You can't just vow to lose 60 pounds in 2 months without knowing the numbers. Here are some tips on checking your measurements:

Use a good weighing scale. I urge you It's best to check your weight with two or three, just in case is faulty. Weigh yourself without clothes, as this is more accurate. Also, use the bathroom and weigh yourself before meals to avoid water weight.Take a measuring tape and measure inches as well, such as your waist and legs. It isn't just about the number on the scale. Measure the circumference of your arms, waist, and other parts of your body to figure out the problem areas.

Step 3: Change Your Eating Habits

To lose weight, you will need to reduce your caloric intake. It's time to quit your guilty pleasures slowly. Here are some tips on how:

Reduce your junk food intake and stay away from fast food joints. They are high in calories and saturated fat, making it difficult to lose weight Reduce your intake in processed sweets and replace it with natural sugars, such as fruits. If you are used to adding sugar to your coffee or tea, use natural or low-calorie sweeteners. Stevia or Agave honey are greatStart looking at low-fat alternatives, such as low-fat milk or yogurt. They keep you satiated and still have a lower amount of calories to help you lose weightFocus on fruits, vegetables, and a balanced portion of protein. Go for lean meat such as fish or beef. If you are a vegetarian, consume tofu or beans, as they have good protein contentLook for food high in fiber, such as apples or oatmeal. They help your digestive system.Remember to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep hydrated and energized.

Step 4: Incorporate Exercise And An Active Lifestyle

While eating is what helps you lose weight, good exercise will have you burn more calories and look leaner. Here are some exercises and tips you can do:

It's best to exercise in the morning to avoid canceling night workouts when getting home from work. Get up an hour earlier and do small workouts. Start off slow, such as a 20-minute walk and a few bodyweight workouts to strengthen your bodyDo a good amount of cardio. Do something you enjoy to keep yourself motivated. You can check out sports such as swimming or running. An hour of these a day will definitely burn a lot while sculpting your bodyIncorporate lifting with your workouts. With lifting, you build more muscle and burn more calories and fat. Start off with your own bodyweight and then move on to free weights such as dumbbells once you get the hang of it

Step 5: Get Support Through A Weight Loss Program, or From Loved Ones

Support will get you through a lot of bumps throughout your journey. After all, encouragement from other people will keep you from giving up.

Announce to your family and friends that you will be making the lifestyle change. This is so they won't tempt you with food and be encouraged to eat healthier as well. Get a buddy and maybe even make it a friendly competition between yourselves. Having someone bust their butts with you encourages you to keep moving forward.Keep a journal and write down what you feel, as well as what you are for the day. It will keep you accountable and you'll be able to know your strengths and mistakes throughout the whole journey

The number one tip is to start off slow and to prioritize health over the weight loss itself. It's best to consult a medical professional about your case, especially when losing that much weight within a short period of time.

In a Nutshell

Losing weight isn't rocket science, but it isn't a walk in the park as well. It will take hard work and determination in order for you to reach your fitness goals. Losing 60 pounds in 2 months is no joke. But if you follow these steps and keep moving forward, then you'll definitely be able to get there and say that you successfully lost all that weight just in time for the summer season! Also, If you’re looking for tips for a better health without burning your pocket cost, read more on this article.

Hopefully, my steps on how to lose 60 pounds in 2 months helped you learn how to properly shed the pounds in a healthy manner. So what are you waiting for? Start the year right and create your fitness goals today. Your future self will definitely thank you in the long run. 

Did you enjoy the article or have any other suggestion on how to lose 60 pounds in 2 months? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think.

The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Bigger Hips Fast

Now that 2017 is here, it's time to shed off the pounds and become a better you. There are a ton of women who are looking to lose weight. But that isn't the only goal they are trying to achieve! What most girls think about getting thinner would also be achieving the shape they want, with the curves in all the right edges. One of the physical aspects women tries to achieve would be getting bigger hips.

Getting bigger hips doesn't just involve proper exercise, but you will also need to evaluate your eating habits as well. There are tons of things you will be able to do in order to get bigger hips, but the question is: How to get bigger hips fast? It may be a bit difficult. But it's possible! In this article, we show you how to get bigger hips fast and get the body you've dreamed of!

How to Get Bigger Hips Fast ​What You Need To Achieve Bigger Tips On How To Get Bigger Hips Exercises That Target Your HipsYogaChange of Diet Other Ways You Can Get Bigger Hips CreamsUsing PadsChange of ClothesPostureSwinging it OutGiving BirthSurgeryAgeAerobics The Benefits of Getting Bigger HipsIn Conclusion

​What You Need To Achieve Bigger

There are a few things you will need before starting your journey on getting bigger hips. We will be elaborating what and why you need them as you read on:

The positive attitude to start the journeyProper equipment to begin exercisingThe right type of food Lotions or creams to accentuate your hipsRight clothes or padding

Tips On How To Get Bigger Hips

Bigger hips can come in the genes, or they can be made. Unfortunately, while some people are born with curves, some aren't. It takes the proper diet and exercise in order for you to look leaner and lose inches around the waist while retaining (or gaining) your hip's measurements.

A smaller waist will mean hips that look bigger and curvier! But while having a narrow waist is important, there are ways on how to make your hips bigger for the best effect. Here are the exercises to follow in order to achieve a smaller waist and bigger hips:

1. Exercises That Target Your Hips 2. Yoga3. Change of Diet

Exercises That Target Your Hips

Do any form of your favorite cardio to burn off any extra fat. You should also match it with bodyweight exercises to further strengthen your muscles and sculpt your body the way you want it. Strength training is important to accentuate your body, so here are some exercises you can start off with:

Side lungesHip raises Squat kicksLying or Standing Hip AbductionsSumo Walk

Pair some these exercises with a pair of dumbbells, and you'll be able to work both your hips and arms. It's best to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions of these exercises. Pair this with a lifting program and light cardio a few times a week, then you'll be able to get a sculpted body and defined hips.


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There are various yoga poses you can do that will help open and widen your hips. It also builds muscle and improves your flexibility! You can follow these positions:

The FrogPigeonLizardCow Face

Yoga can also be part of your cardio workout. It can also help clear the mind and have you reap a lot of health benefits for both your mind and body. 

Change of Diet

While exercise is important to sculpt your body, your eating habits are just as important. Taking in the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat will have you distribute the weight evenly. This gives you the toned look you want. Here are some types of food you will want to get:

Focus on fruits and vegetables high in vitamins. Whole grain bread and cereals are great for breakfast. Try quinoa or brown rice as well.Packed products such as tofu or beans.Drink the appropriate amount of water, which is 8 glasses a day.Look for food that is high in fiber, such as apples, oatmeal, and other whole-wheat products.Healthy fat is very important for it to distribute to the right places. Olive oil, fatty fish, and avocados are examples of good fat.

Other Ways You Can Get Bigger Hips

Whether you're still on the way to getting bigger hips or feel like it isn't working, there are other methods of getting bigger hips! Pair these other tips with diet and exercise, and you'll surely get the bigger hips you've always dreamed of:

Creams Using PadsChange of ClothesPosture Swinging it OutGiving BirthSurgeryAge


There are hip enhancement creams you can invest in. These creams help repair or build collagen and elastin. This helps in building muscle and elasticity around the hips, making it bigger and looking clearer.

Using Pads

If you're still working on getting those bigger hips, you can start off by using padding to make it look bigger. You can purchase hip-enhancing underwear or silicone hip pads. So long as you wear bottoms that won't show the pads, it will look natural until you do achieve your goals!

Change of Clothes

Choose the correct type of clothes by using belts to tighten your waist. Faded denim and clothes in lighter colors will help accentuate your hips. Skirts with layers of fabric will also make your hips look wider.


Stand straight, shoulders relaxed, and keep your weight on one leg with your hips thrust out. This standing posture makes your hips look wider, as they are more accentuated. If you want to make your hips bigger while sitting, cross your legs or put weight on one hip.

Swinging it Out

While walking, swinging your hips from side to side doesn't only scream confidence, but it also gives the look of bigger hips as well.

Giving Birth

Don't get pregnant just to have bigger hips, though! Hips widen for pregnant women in order for them to give birth. Some return back to size in time, but some become permanent.


This is the last resort. While it is expensive and can be painful, it's also one that can have you get the hips you want in no time. You can either get fat removed and transferred via liposuction or have hip implants.


As you start to grow, so do your hips! Your pelvis starts to increase the older you get. But of course, exercise is important if you don't want to just wait it out.


Aerobics exercise is a good exercise for a bigger hips.

The Benefits of Getting Bigger Hips

Getting bigger hips has a ton of benefits you will be able to reap. It's out with the super skinny and bony figure, and in with the thicker, more voluptuous ones! It isn't only beautiful, but there are some things bigger hips have over any type of body. Here are some good things having bigger hips have (and why you should strive to get them!):

Studies suggest that women with curves are more intuitive than those who have less. They have a higher level of intelligence. This may be because they appeal more to men, with women developing more social skills and knowing who to socialize with.Having bigger hips is known to help with pregnancy. It helps you feel more comfortable and less painful when walking. This is because you have more balance in the hips and stomach area, which carries your baby.With curves, you have better posture. You are encouraged to stand up straight, which helps you look better and lessen the pain in your lower back. You are less susceptible to diseases such as imbalanced cholesterol levels or type 2 diabetes.With a bigger butt or hips, you have protection on your thighs or hamstrings. It also lessens the bruises when falling on your bottom or sitting for far too long.

It makes some things more convenient, such as closing or opening doors with your hips. Even carrying laundry baskets become easier because of bigger hips!

And these are just some awesome things bigger hips will be able to give you.

In Conclusion

Having big hips is a dream for many gals. It holds a ton of benefits. It isn't only something that looks great but can also help with childbearing and other physical aspects. With that being said, it may take some time to get achieve that goal. Not to worry, though, as it isn't an impossible feat. So long as you do the exercises and eat right, you'll have the body you want.

Hopefully, these tips on how to get bigger hips will have helped you become more knowledgeable and get you preparing for your fitness goals easier. These exercises can be done right in the comforts of your own home and without spending tons! So what are you waiting for? If you've always dreamed of having big hips, then start moving your butt and make healthier life choices today. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Did you enjoy the article or have any more tips on how to get bigger hips fast? Then comment down below! We would love to hear what you have to think.

Six Seamless Daily Activities That Help Shed off Fat

It is getting harder and harder in this age of time to make time for the gym. For most of us, we have to maintain a daily routine that involves ravaging through work all day, family time in the evenings and hitting the sack early at night. And I haven’t even mentioned all that time we have to waste in traffic just to get home from work in the evening. Finding time for the gym has become an impossible feat for most us.

Daily Activities That Help Shed off Fat Playing with the KidsCleaning the HouseLawn ManagementBike Your Way to WorkGardeningWashing a CarFinal Words

Lucky for you, though, this article comes bearing great news. You don’t need a gym subscription to stay fit. Moreover, you don’t need to sacrifice family time for the gym either.

You can easily achieve both doing these six everyday, ordinary activities in or around your home with the ones you love. You no longer have to worry about your kids being asleep once you get home from the gym after work in the evening.

Playing with the Kids

There is nothing better for children than playing with their parents or guardians in the evening. Not only will this allow you to exercise, it will also allow you to spend quality time with them and catch up on their lives. Sure, you may probably be insanely tired from work to do this in the evening. However, you may not have time for the gym. So, why not make the effort to kill two birds with one stone.

Cleaning the House

From vacuuming and mopping the floors to dusting surfaces, cleaning is an excellent way to burn some extra calories. The best time to do this is early in the morning before going to work. Why go for a jog in the morning and come back for annoying chores later when you can achieve the benefits of both by only doing the latter? Besides, cleaning has been known to be therapeutic.

Lawn Management

From leave raking to lawn mowing: this is a great chore for the weekends. It is a relaxing activity to have and it will have your compound looking pristine all year round. Most people take pride in the aesthetics of their lawns.

However, getting the motivation to maintain it themselves is another matter entirely. What better way is there to motivate yourself than knowing that you stand to burn a couple of hundred calories doing the work?

Bike Your Way to Work

Thanks to the never-ending traffic of the 21st century, this is probably your fastest option to get to work. You also stand to burn many calories doing as well. It will save you a lot of time, get you home or work early, and, who knows? It might even allow you just enough time to hit the gym since it allows you to whiz through traffic with ease. It is also a fun way to move around and it will save you plenty of money’s worth of fuel. Find more benefits of biking here.


They say watching your plants grow over the weeks is fulfilling and, in a way, therapeutic. Well, we are here to tell you today, that it is healthy as well. Gardening and weeding are so much work, you will definitely break a good sweat doing it. It’s so much work that it will help you lose those few extra pounds. The best part of all is that it’s not just good for you, it’s good for the environment too. Read more on Calories Burned Gardening

Washing a Car

If it is true that you can tell a lot from a person by the way they take care of their ride, then cleaning it yourself speaks a ton of great things. Sure, going to the car wash for a quick cleanup is convenient. But why do that when you can burn some calories doing it yourself.

This can be particularly fun when you get the kids involved and the water wars start. It can be quite the family fun activity.  A study found that a man can burn as high as 250 calories in an hour while cleaning a car. Now, let's wash your car and shred off your stubborn fat with fun!

Final Words

Who knew you could get a good workout from just doing the normal stuff you do on a daily basis? And, who knew you could get so much family time and fun from exercising? Time is an important entity and how we spend it determines the quality of our lives.

As paramount as it is to exercise on a regular basis, it is also imperative to spend quality time with our loved ones. I mean, what would be the point of a healthy life if you had to live it alone? It’s about “time” we reconsidered our priorities and figured out how we can achieve the best of both worlds.

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Is The Paleo Diet Right For You?

If you are into living a healthy life, then you probably know that there are a number of different diets out there. From vegetarianism to veganism to the Atkins diet, from going gluten-free to eating at certain times of the day, it can be hard to know which plan is the best to follow. You have most likely heard of the Paleo diet, which has been gaining popularity in recent years.

Is the Paleo diet right for you? Read on to find out the benefits of this eating plan.

What is the Paleo diet?

One of the best things about Paleo is that while “diet” is used to describe it, it is actually a way of eating and a lifestyle. You have most likely followed diets before, whether that is the 3 day military diet or the Zone diet, and Paleo is a bit different. There is no set list of foods that you absolutely must eat, although there are some general guidelines.

When you go Paleo, you don’t eat grains, legumes (including peanut butter since peanuts are technically a bean), processed foods, and sugar. There are so-called “grey area” foods such as dairy and alcohol that some people eat in moderation but others avoid.

Going Paleo is said to be a good idea since it is extremely health promoting. According to expert Robb Wolf, following the Paleo diet means reducing your risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart problems (1).

Now that you have a general idea of what this whole thing is about, let’s take a look at why this style of eating is so healthy.

Pros Of The Paleo Diet

Pro #1: Emphasis On Protein

One of the first things that you might notice about the Paleo diet is that you will be eating a lot of protein. This is why people joke about this being a Caveman diet. If you are picturing a caveman eating a turkey leg or hunk of beef, you are not totally far off.

In all seriousness, one thing that the Paleo diet has going for it is that you will be encouraged to up your protein intake. Protein is an incredibly important macronutrient (which means that you need to eat a lot of it and it is considered “essential” for good health). The general recommendation is that adult males need 56 grams of protein every day (2) but the Paleo diet tends to suggest more than that.

For example, let’s say you enjoy a typical Paleo breakfast of two eggs fried in butter or coconut oil, two slices of bacon, half an avocado, and some sautéed kale. You might add a baked sweet potato if you are more of a moderate carb diet (may use skillets - see additional hints).  Your protein total will be roughly be 12 grams from the eggs and 6 grams from the bacon, making 18 grams.

There are 2 grams of protein in half an avocado, and 2 grams of protein in 1 cup of kale. That’s 22 grams. You can see how, if you add more protein-rich foods at lunch and dinner, you will easily surpass 56 grams of protein per day.

And that’s a good thing. When you include protein in your diet, you are growing muscle mass, doing something positive for your bones, and maintaining your weight (3).

Another cool benefit of protein is that you can burn more calories when exercising. A 2015 study found that participants who ate more protein burned 180 more calories than those who were eating moderate amounts of protein, as well as 260 more calories than the group eating low amounts of protein (4).

So what kinds of protein do you eat on the Paleo diet? That would be chicken thighs, ground beef, steak, and salmon and other seafood. It is best if you can source the highest quality meat that you can find (and if you can locate grass-fed meat instead of grain-fed, all the better).

Pro #2: Emphasis On Whole Foods

Another health benefit of following the Paleo diet is you will be eating whole, real food. If you have gotten into a routine of getting home from work and heating up a jar of tomato sauce and boiling some water for pasta, this might take some getting used to. And that’s completely normal. Changing the way that you eat or any other aspect of your lifestyle is always an adjustment at first.

While the Paleo diet gets a bad rap for emphasizing red meat, the truth is that it promotes eating a wide range of vegetables. As Loren Cordain, who is considered to be the founder of the Paleo movement writes on his website,

“Most people should aim for at least nine servings (at least 4½ cups) of vegetables and fruits a day, and potatoes don’t count. Go for a variety of kinds and colors of produce, to give your body the mix of nutrients it needs. Best bets? Dark leafy greens, cooked tomatoes, and anything that’s a rich yellow, orange, or red color.”

Loren Cordain

Of course, there is scientific evidence that processed foods are not what you want to be consuming on a regular basis. In 2015, a University of Michigan study confirmed that the most addictive foods are those that come from a box, jar or can (5). And in 2016, another study found that 57.9 percent of calories in a typical American’s diet are from processed food (6), a startling realization since that is over half of what people are eating on a daily basis.

Pro #3: Emphasis On Healthy Fats

As you may have guessed from seeing that a common Paleo breakfast includes egg and bacon, the Paleo diet believes that you should eat healthy fats. These include olive oil, butter if you are not sensitive to dairy, avocados, avocado oil, fatty fish such as salmon, and nuts and seeds.

If you eat enough fat, you will be full, you will no longer feel the need to snack all day long, and you will have more energy. Since concentrating and focusing at work are important, that is great news, right? (7)

Those who follow a Paleo diet have the right idea: fat (as in the right fats) are really good for you. According to experts, you want to be eating omega-3 fats such as fish on a regular basis because you will be warding off Alzheimer’s disease, joint problems, depression and heart disease.

You will also need to eat foods such as eggs which have omega-6 fats, and making sure that you consume a combination of both omega-3s and 6s is a strong part of the Paleo diet, so you will be covered.

​Pro #4: Fairly Low In Carbs

While some people say that Paleo is a low-carbohydrate diet, that is not technically true. Yes, the Paleo diet is a low-starch diet, which means that you do not consume starches such as rice, bread and pasta (which include grains and are therefore off-limits).

But you can still eat Paleo-friendly carbs such as sweet potatoes and root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, plantains, and squash.

The truth is that eating Paleo will naturally mean consuming less carbs since you will no longer be eating cereal or oatmeal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. There are some benefits to going lower carb. Experts say that the amount of carbs you would be eating would be 60 to 130 grams.

The general idea is that people cut down on the carbs in order to drop some pounds, but if you suffer from blood sugar issues or another health condition, you might benefit from a Paleo diet’s lower carb approach.

Pro #5: Emphasis On CrossFit And Other Lifestyle Factors

The final thing to know about the Paleo diet is that it is considered a lifestyle, which means that there are more factors than just the food that you will be eating.

Movement is definitely part of being Paleo. The workout program that is associated with Paleo is CrossFit. So what is CrossFit?

Greg Glassman created this workout that the website describes as “constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” Some of the exercises are influenced by rowing, running, gymnastics and lifting weights. The idea is that you exert all of your effort and energy into these exercises in a fairly brief period of time.

The other lifestyle factors that the Paleo diet takes note of? You should be getting outside every day (and being in the sunlight is best). You should also manage stress and get enough sleep. Another crucial factor of going Paleo is understanding that working out and maintaining social relationships are important parts of a healthy life.

Now that you know that the Paleo diet is generally a high-protein, high-fat and low carb eating plan and that getting enough exercise and sleep are part of the deal, what do you think about it? Does this seem like a diet that you want to follow?

Guest Post by Mila S -  http://www.livin3.com/

Best Exogenous Ketone Supplements Review

Exogenous ketones have become hugely popular over the last few years. These supplements are being heralded as a revolution within the industry for the range of areas in which they can prove beneficial.

From weight-loss, physical endurance, mental clarity and productivity, these supplements are in hot demand across the market. For many however, there is still a lack of clear understanding on both what exogenous ketones are and exactly what benefits they provide to the end user.

The supplement industry is packed full of products which make grandiose claims to greatness and often fail to deliver. Exogenous ketones on the other hand are the real deal.

In this guide we will aim to both enlighten further on the purpose, application and benefits of the supplement itself as well as introducing several of the best exogenous ketone supplements available today.

Best Exogenous Ketone Supplement Reviews What are Exogenous Ketones?An Explanation of the Keto DietWeight LossIncreased EnduranceMental FunctionBest Exogenous Ketone Supplement Choices KETO BURST- (30 Servings) Chocolate KETO OS Onnit MCT Oil KetoSports KetoCaNa Final Thoughts

What are Exogenous Ketones?

To precisely answer this question and discover what makes these supplements so popular and beneficial, we must first understand what ketones are and their impact on our bodies.

When the human body encounters period of starvation, it will begin the process of burning fat to produce energy. This process is known as beta-oxidation and it is during this process that ketones are formed for use as energy.

Therefore, ketones are basically a chemical compound naturally produced by the body during times where the demand for energy is heightened and other methods of retrieving energy are depleted.

This can happen under a variety of naturally occurring situations such as after exercise, during periods of starvation or during a low carb diet which can intentionally recreate this bodily scenario.

When the body begins to break down fat for energy and ketones are formed, this is a process known as ketosis. This period of ketosis is the time during which your body is burning fat among a host of other benefits such as increased athletic endurance and mental optimization.

For these reasons, people want to achieve and retain this state of ketosis in the fastest and most effective way possible. This is where exogenous ketone supplements come in.

In fact, the body produces three types of ketones: Acetone, Acetoacetic Acid and Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid (BHB). The predominant ketone which is used in supplements is BHB.

Ironically, of the three mentioned, BHB is technically not a ketone. However, it does provide all the natural functions of one and is the most efficiently converted and formulated for use in supplements.

Having analyzed the process of how ketones are formed in the body and how ketosis is achieved, we can see that it is a time consuming process.

Where the exogenous ketone supplements come in is to effectively speed up the body’s natural processes, meaning they can more quickly induce the state of ketosis and to maintain this state for a prolonged period and hence greater physical benefits.

Studies have proven that exogenous ketones can induce a state of ketosis which in turn delivers the variety of advantages to both physical and mental state when managed correctly.

Exogenous ketone supplements come primarily in two forms. Oil based or powder based. Both have their own unique advantages, depending on how sensitive you are to taste this can make a difference in your product choice as user report some exogenous ketones are notoriously difficult to consume.

An Explanation of the Keto Diet

A keto diet is essentially a low carb diet during which the body produces ketones. This could also be cloaked under the acronym of LCHF (low carb high fat) or a variety of other names, the end goal however is the same, to enter he body into a state of ketosis.

Since restricting your intake of carbohydrates will reduce both your bodies’ glucose and insulin levels this forces your body to use fat as its energy source. This, as we have already discussed, pushes the body into the natural metabolic state of ketosis.

A correctly managed Keto diet can help the individual attain a whole host of benefits which another higher carb diet may not provide.

Weight Loss

As more research continues to correlate obesity with illness and occupational injuries, individuals are more willing to try different diets to get their weight under control.

Multiple in-depth studies have shown the positive correlation between a keto diet and reducing weight. The results of a keto diet as expected, better than the majority of high-fat, low-carb diets.

This is due to the fact that the while on the keto diet, fat reserves are being reduced as opposed to carbohydrates being burned as an energy source.

Increased Endurance

The keto diet has been widely implemented among high performance endurance athletes. It has been shown that the burning of fat as an energy source during exercise is much more efficient for those athletes who are following a low-carb diet.

In fact a gap of up to 15% in terms of performance intensity can be gathered from this research. This can occur in athletes once the body has become accustomed to being a state of ketosis and burning fat as an energy source.

Mental Function

Fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 play a vital role in our cognitive functioning among other things. Our typical diets are often shown to be deficient in these key acids.

This is where the keto diet comes in. Being rich in these fatty acids helps ensure that we maintain a healthier than usual balance. In fact the Keto diet has even shown promise in the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy.

In reaching and maintaining ketosis, the most vital thing is the restriction of carbs. Therefore, you should expect that a keto diet will be extremely high in fish and red meat as well as natural fats from olive oil and butter with limited intake of vegetables and almost complete avoidance of any bread, potatoes and even beer.

Understandably, this can represent an arduous and often insurmountable challenge for many. Yet again, this is where exogenous ketone supplements are your friend. They act as an external booster for your ketone level.

The recommended ratio of 4grams fat to every one gram carbs can in many cases be equalized to 1/1 with the help of a ketone supplement. This means you do not have to be quite so disciplined in your approach, appealing to the masses.

Best Exogenous Ketone Supplement Choices

KETO BURST- (30 Servings) Chocolate

source: Amazon

Keto Burst offers a popular choice among customers with a jar containing almost double that of many competitors. Combining this with the delicious tasting chocolate flavor, they are off to a winning start.

This supplement is easily mixable with other liquids such as smoothies and shakes to ease any taste discomforts and pairs excellently with a keto coffee.

The recipe contains 12g of BHB salts and designed to rapidly achieve and maintain ketosis with a serving of just one heaped scoopful.

It can be easily consumed with or without food and is highly recommendable to those who desire a fast and effective boost of ketones without the hassle.

If you have a busy work or training schedule, Keto Burst would be the perfect supplement solution for you.

Made in the USA and with a 60-day guarantee to boot, you can rest in the knowledge that is everything is not to your satisfaction, solutions are just a phone call away.



source: Amazon

Keto OS is one of the fastest rising brands in the industry. Pruvit offers a multitude of serving sizes and types with Keto OS. From their 15 serving on the go pouch to their more traditional 30 serving tub in a variety of flavors, you can take your pick to suit your needs.

Keto OS comes in both caffeinated (Charged) and caffeine free varieties. This is very accommodating for buyers who have certain additional dietary restrictions or who simply wish to reduce caffeine intake.

One serving, three times per day is recommended as a refreshing, recharging boost into ketosis is reported by many users. Keto OS is one of the most natural products on the market and also boasts being both gluten and dairy free.

Overall, Keto OS proves to be a highly beneficial choice for those who are constrained by other dietary or health needs and as the fact it can be consumer on the go is an excellent advantage in today’s busy environment.



Onnit MCT Oil

source: Amazon

Onnit was one of the first companies to venture into the sector of performance enhancing ketone supplements. As one of the leading brands in the market, they are highly knowledgeable about the requirements of a premium supplement.

They offer a wide range of flavors and all of their MCT Oils are free of palm oil or additional additives or flavorings. Onnit MCT oil is both tasteless and odorless, making it very easily consumed in any number of foods or beverages.

Put it in a shake, a smoothie or even use it as a salad dressing, it is one of the most adaptable supplements available.

Its flexibility and ease of consumption make it the perfect choice for a new user or somebody who has difficulty to stomach the harsher tastes of some other powdered offerings.


KetoSports KetoCaNa

source: Amazon

Keto Sports offers a rather straight forward alternative supplement in comparison with its rivals. It comes in just one size offering of 305g and in one flavor which is natural orange.

With an impressive 11.7g of BHB salts delivered from each 19g serving though, the no nonsense approach can be seen to pay dividends.

As one of the original ketone supplements in the market, KetoSports know the market and product better than many competitors and bring an unwavering sense of reliability with their products.

This makes KetoCaNa a perfect match for a regular user who is happy with their routine and achieving their desired results.



Final Thoughts

The physical and mental benefits garnered from ketosis are both wide-ranging and remarkable. It is not often that science can be in such harmony with a relatively new discovery related to the human body. Adding to this that you can safely accelerate the process by using one of the recommended supplements and it is truly a win-win situation.

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Author Bio- John C

John C. is a physiotherapist student who also holds a BSc. in Kinesiology as well as a Master's Degree in Biomechanics. When he’s not studying or blogging over at Brace Access you can find him at the rink doing what all good Canadian boys do, playing puck

The Truth About Diets and Their Tie to Seasons

No wants likes being on a diet, and no one likes the thought of having to go on a diet. However, some people enjoy them through the prism of having a great body they can show in public later on. How our bodies look is very important to us, and as a result we are willing to go through a rough diet period to make sure that we smile in the end. But this kind of motivation doesn’t seem to pop up every single day.

It would appear that our will to diet is directly connected to the period of the year that we’re in. The summer brings the need for bathing suit bodies, and the winter makes having a little fat on the belly acceptable. With this in mind, some things never change, regardless of the period of the year you’re in, such as:


No matter what period of the year we’re in, people will always be concerned with how moisturized their skin is. And that’s really great because a good looking skin can make a world of difference for the overall appearance of a person.

It’s not easy to have great skin, either. It can be quite hard to achieve such a feat, since every period of the year brings its own challenges for one’s skin.


It might not seem like it, but most people maintain a constant concern for carbs. That doesn’t mean that they don’t eat them anyway, but they do it knowingly and regretting it afterwards.

Carbs are a very important part of what controls our weight and how our body appears. This means that carbs will pretty much always be in the spotlight when it comes to body shapes.


Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Skin moisturizing is also influenced by this, making it double important. People always remember that staying hydrated is essential, therefore they make sure to drink plenty of water no matter the season. In the summertime it’s even more so important because of how fast your skin can get dry, let alone your mouth and throat.


No matter if it’s snowing outside or if the sun is burning down houses, people recognize the importance of taking a break and just relaxing. Blowing off steam when the stress becomes too much is very important and no one will argue with that fact.

Whenever life gets a little bit too tiresome, people remember to take a deep breath, lean back in a comfy chair and give themselves a minute to take in everything that’s going on.

There are a lot more things you can do in order to make yourself look and feel good, such as going to the gym or dieting. If you want more information on that, here's the source.

Author Bio -Costea Lestoc

​I began writing as a professional on my personal blog and then discovered my true calling, which is writing about technology and gadgets in general. Iam a technical writer, author and blogger since 2005. An industry watcher that stays on top of the latest features, extremely passionate about juicytech news and everything related to gadgets. For tech tips, my email address is neneacostea at gmail.

Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal Naked Nutrition Review

source: Amazon

Choosing the best cereal is quite a task since the market is full of different products from various companies. However, all available products offer different nutritional benefits. Organic products are most nutritious, and they offer ample health benefits to consumers.

One of the best organic products is Apple cinnamon protein cereal which offers a perfect way to start the day. The cereal contains pure natural products such as grass-fed whey, tapioca starch, dried apple pieces, organic brown sugar and also cinnamon.

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The difference Between Naked Nutrition Products and other Competing Products in the Market

Source: Amazon

Apple cinnamon cereal differs significantly with products from other companies in the following ways:

The cereal comprises grass-fed whey

Grass-fed protein powder originates from the freshest milk that comes from cows that feed on grass. Such cows that eat healthy produce products that are full of nutritional benefits and are suitable for human consumption.

Grass-fed whey contains naturally occurring amino acids which place the pre-workout cereal one step ahead as a sports supplement. The fact that grass-fed protein powder comes from cows that feed on fresh, green natural grass ensures that it does not lose its nutritional value even after production.

Grass-feeding cows that are allowed to roam freely produce milk with high levels of conjugated Linoleic acids (CLA fats) that are essential in burning excess fats and play a role in fighting cancer cells.

Grass-fed whey also contains vitamins A and E that play a role in muscle development and contributes to the skin collagen giving one a healthy glowing natural look.

Proteins from grass-fed whey are also rich in omega three fatty acids that are known for being anti-inflammatory and leads to reduced risk of contracting chronic diseases such as dementia and heart disease.

One way of acquiring healthy benefits is through consuming food that is rich in natural nutrients. For instance, eating the apple cinnamon protein cereal before exercise sessions helps the fitness enthusiasts perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.

Fitness enthusiasts engage in exercises to improve their overall body appearance, get rid of excess fats and to stay healthy. Intake of pre-exercise cereal helps them attain their goals since proteins enhance muscle development.

source: Amazon

The presence of high CLA levels in the cereal also helps in transforming fats into lean muscle which results in improved physical appearance.

On the other hand, Products from other companies originates from tainted milk from cows that feed on genetically modified food products. As a result, the cows produce milk that contains elements of chemicals that can be unhelpful or disastrous for human consumption.

The unnatural products also contain a high level of omega six fatty acids which are known to cause numerous chronic and degenerative diseases that are on the rise in modern society.

Intake of cereals made from products of cows that feed on corn or grain products leads to more harm than good. Such products may not offer enough energy to fitness enthusiasts for them to perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.

The presence of chemical elements is disastrous to human health since it can bring about some health complications.

No Artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors

Apple protein cinnamon cereal contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Instead, the cereal contains organic sugar that offers ample health benefits. Natural sugar contains minerals and organic acids that strengthens many internal organs such as heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Organic sugar is rich in carbohydrates and iron that are known for boosting energy levels. Other companies use sweeteners, flavors or colors in their products to improve their cereals’ texture, flavors and extend their shelf life.

Sweeteners such as artificial sugar inhibit the production of GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1) hormone that controls blood sugar levels. As a result, one develops hunger cravings and stands at the risk of being diabetic.

Addition artificial flavors and colors to food products risk consumer's health since they cause obesity and cancer.

GMO-free, soy free, gluten free

Apple cinnamon protein cereal does not contain GMO (genetically modified Organisms) since it is made from naturally produced products. The cereal also does not have soy or gluten. GMO, soy, and gluten are common in unnatural products.

Health complications such as food allergy, toxicity, and congenital disabilities occur mostly to people who take GMO products. Soy contains high levels of chemicals known as oxalates which are known to cause kidney stones.

Soy is also known to worsen the condition of hypothyroidism it also increases the chance of blood sugars levels being too low in diabetic people under medication. Soy can also block the digestion of proteins.

On the other hand, intake of gluten is risky to human health since it causes diseases such as celiac, gut inflammation, and increased intestinal permeability.

Gluten also causes brain fog and fatigue which can lead to diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dermatitis herpetiformis is another severe skin disease associated with the intake of gluten.

Growth hormone free, no rGBH or rBST

Unlike other kinds of cereals, apple cinnamon protein cereal contains no growth hormone, rGBH or rBST. Growth hormone is known to cause improved growth, stronger bones, and increased muscle mass.

However, intake of growth hormone for an extended period can cause more complicated problems such as acromegaly which results in enlargement of fingers, bones, and organs.

Growth hormone also causes the body to regenerate faster making all cells to grow. For instance, if a person has already existing cancer cells in the body, they too may grow.

The rBGH (Bovine Growth hormone) also known as rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) occurs naturally in cows but it is also produced and fed to cows for increased milk production. It brings about adverse effects to consumers since it increases the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 which enhances cell division and growth.

The rBGH is presumed to lead to an increase of cancer though there are no proves to the theory.

Balanced composition of nutrients

Apple cinnamon protein cereal contains five different organic ingredients which include grass-fed whey protein, organic brown sugar, tapioca starch, dried apple pieces and cinnamon.

Each pouch of the pre-exercise cereal contains 120 calories, 5 gram carbs, 4 gram sugar and 1 gram of fat and cinnamon.

The composition of nutrients indicated on the pack allow consumers to take a balanced diet per serving and eliminates the hassle of making breakfast cereal diet with products of different nutritional values which they may do unprofessionally leading to errors.

Pros of taking Apple cinnamon protein cereal

source: Amazon

Rich in vitamins A and E that promotes muscle development and contributes to skin collagen leading to a healthy, glowing natural look.Clean and healthy for human consumption since it does not contain any chemicals.Contains CLA fats that are essential in the erosion of excess fats.Releases enough energy to help consumers perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.Rich in proteins that are good in muscle development and repair.The pre-exercise cereal is rich in omega three fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of contracting chronic diseases.All products that make up the cereal are organically produced and offers consumers ample natural nutritional benefits.The combination of different ingredients into one simple meal saves consumers from the hassle of making home-made cereals and also saves them time.Each pack weighs 32 grams while the whole package containing six packs weighs 192 grams make it highly portableApple cinnamon protein cereal is affordable to all.The cereal is third-party tested for purity, safety, and nutritional value.The cereal is crunchy and contains organic sugar that makes it delicious.


Once the sachet package is open, the cereals get exposed to the air which leads to loss of its crunchinessHaving it on a daily basis may bore your taste buds. This is commonly known as taste fatigue. It, therefore, requires that it be supplemented by other natural sources of protein and vitamins on alternate days.

Where to buy Apple cinnamon protein cereal

The cereal sells on various websites such as Amazon, Health & household, Healthy snacks & beverages, Sports nutrition, cereal and also on the naked website. The cereal is a product of the Naked Nutrition that produces pure supplements using natural products. Naked nutrition also produces other products that include powdered peanut butter, creatine monohydrate, and casein protein.




There are ample benefits associated with starting the day with a breakfast meal. For instance, various studies show that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who start their days with a meal.

The best breakfast meal should be rich in carbohydrates and should also contain high fiber. Cereals that contain organic ingredients such as apple cinnamon protein cereal offer ample health benefits than those that use artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Apple cinnamon protein cereal is a product of Naked Nutrition which is one of the best manufacturers of organic food products. Naked conducts thorough research on all ingredients before processing to ensure that they are nutritious and cannot cause health problems to consumers.



This post is sponsored by Naked Nutrition. The opinions and views are wholly my own… Annie Jones

And to be absolutely clear, this is my disclaimer: “I have been compensated to share my ideas on this topic. Sometimes it is in the form of products, or services or even money... It doesn't matter what it is, or how much they are willing to give me if I don’t believe in it, It won’t be on my site. I won’t share anything with you that I don’t fully support. Seriously. You’ll just have to trust me on this.” 

What is Dietary Ketosis? An Explanation of the Keto Diet

Deitary ketosis, also known as a ketogenic diet or the keto diet, is a high-fat, low-carb way of losing weight and improving one’s overall performance. Millions of people worldwide have adopted keto as a part of their lives and sing its praises.

But what is the keto diet, really?

How the Keto Diet Destroys Body Fat

Unlike many popular weight loss diets, the keto diet doesn’t impose severely harsh restrictions on what you may or may not eat. There is, however, an emphasis on an elevated fat consumption in lieu of carbohydrates-which typically serve as the body’s energy source. The idea behind this is that by consuming more fat, the body will be inclined to burn fat for energy.

The focus of this unique diet is on the body’s ability to produce ketones, fuel molecules that the liver produces when the body experiences low blood sugar. Ketones act as an alternative to glucose (sugar) and are derived from fat. When the ketogenic lifestyle has been embraced, the individual’s body will begin to largely energize itself with the ketones instead of glucose. This is a simple explanation of how the ketogenic diet burns fat.

When this begins to happen, the body is known to be “in ketosis.”

Who Shouldn’t Use the Keto Diet?

Generally speaking, this diet is safe for just about everyone. However, some additional consultations with your physician might be necessary if you plan to start a ketogenic diet. This is something that anyone can (and arguably should) do before going on a new diet, but it is especially necessary for those who:

Are breastfeedingAre taking medication for high blood pressureAre taking medication for diabetes

If you’re unsure of the safety of this diet in your unique scenario, it is advisable that you speak with your doctor.

What Does a Ketosis Diet Plan Look Like?

According to fitnessgoals.com, the keto diet doesn’t necessarily restrict your food sources that much. That is, unless you really have a hard time separating yourself from carbs. The low-carb aspect of the keto diet is absolutely essential in achieving success.

It’s easier to know what to avoid when you begin planning your ketogenic diet:

Refined carbohydrates like bread and pastaStarches like those found in potatoesFruit, with the exception of avocado and berries (to be consumed in moderation)Sugar, including honey, soda and maple syrup

That might sound incredibly limiting, but there are a lot more things that you can eat:

MeatLeafy green vegetablesVegetables that grow above groundDairyNuts and seedsEggsNatural oils and fats, like butter and coconut oilCoffee and teaWater, and as much of it as you want

You don’t have to completely nix carbohydrates from your diet, but the fewer carbs that you consume the better results you will have on the keto diet. For those who are committed to faster or more drastic results, counting one’s carb intake is a great way to get adjusted to a low-carb lifestyle.

With so many swearing by the keto diet for weight loss, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most researched diets on the internet. When your body is burning away ketones instead of glucose, it becomes a powerhouse of energy and wellness. And all of this is achieved without pills, supplements, powders or unpleasant-tasting “meal alternatives.”

Guest Post by - Ash Oak from FitnessGoal.com

#5 Times You Should Know When To Take Mass Gainer

In the modern world the majority of the people are struggling to find ways on how to lose weight, with increased cases of obese every day. But, there are an ignorable vast number of people who can actually do better with a few added pounds. And, that leads us to the critical question on when to take mass gainer.

When To Take Mass Gianer What Is A Mass Gainer When To Take Mass Gainer #1. Busy schedule#2. Less appetite#3. Gaining weight#4. Boosting figure#5. Increasing musclesConclusion

What Is A Mass Gainer

via Amazon

To begin with, what is a mass gainer? Just as the name suggests these are substances that are consumed to gain extra pounds. They are rich in calories and have massive amounts of carbohydrates, crucial vitamins, and most importantly the much-needed proteins.

Over the past decade, the number of mass gainer brands has increased from 50 brands to the approximate current 1500 brands. This is evidence that they are a major sell to the general public. See more.

When To Take Mass Gainer

These following are the times that you should consider using a mass gainer. (#4 might actually surprise you).

Busy schedule  Less appetiteGaining weightBoosting figureIncreasing muscles

#1. Busy schedule

Of course, I know this has come as a surprise to you. Yes, you can actually take mass gainer when you have a busy schedule. How? Some mass gainers can actually be used as food substitutes.

#2. Less appetite

Hey, this one speaks it all for me. At times I actually have a low appetite and with advice from a friend I started taking in a mass gainer. We can all agree there are times that we feel we don’t want to consume a lot of food.

You just take a small portion of your meal and you feel full. Try using a mass gainer when you have this feeling. I tried it and I maintained my then current body weight without having to eat a lot of food.

#3. Gaining weight

Sincerely speaking, gaining weight is the prime reason as to why they manufacture mass gainers. The world can be divided into three distinct categories of people; those who are struggling to reduce weight, those who are content with their own weights and lastly those who can actually borrow a few pounds.

When I was a teenager, I was very skinny. I didn’t like my then current body and my friends and schoolmates would make fun of me. I tried eating a lot of proteins but the results were not fulfilling.

It was the internet that implanted in me the idea to try a mass gainer. I used it and the results caught everyone by surprise. I gained weight and I was no longer a laughing matter at school.

Due to the quick metabolisms in some people, they tend to take long to gain weight under a normal diet. It is high time you give mass gainer a trail.

#4. Boosting figure

As I said earlier this will surprise you. It’s no longer a secret, a handful number of women use mass gainer to enlarge their breasts and hips. Yes! Heck yeah, they do so.

The calories and proteins help add some weight to the breasts and increase the size of the hips. Though I am not a fan of this, I think we should give them some credit. Everyone wants to look attractive, right?

#5. Increasing muscles

If you hit the gym and you feel you are not adding as much weight as you would wish to, then mass gainer should be your thing. These substances contain ingredients that help in the tear and formation of muscles.

You hit the gym for just 30 minutes and you feel exhausted? Using a mass gainer will boost your energy and help you work out more. More hours in the gym means more muscles, right? It’s a win-win in this.


It is my sincere hope that you found this tutorial joyful and most importantly your query on when to take mass gainer has been answered to your satisfaction. You might have been surprised by some of the reasons why some people take a mass gainer, but, I hope you found one reasonable reason as to why you should try a mass gainer.

Personally, I may currently not be a regular user of mass gainer, but these helpful ingredients in mass gainer came to my aid when I needed to gain weight so desperately.

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How Many Calories In A Whole Watermelon? Guide To Healthier Eating!

Watermelons are beautiful fruits that taste like summer! They come in all sizes but are mostly oval or circular in shape depending on the type. You could land on one that is quite sweet and another that is still trying to find its bearing in the sweetness department but they will all satisfy you because it is more than just sugar.

A watermelon is one of those fruits that quench more than one need and this sometimes blinds you to how many calories in a whole watermelon. I once went on an unexpected watermelon binge because I just couldn’t put it down!

Watermelon Provides Much Needed Hydration and Fiber

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Watermelons are over 91% water and have a good amount of natural sugar and this makes them a great option to quench your thirst. A study from the University of Aberdeen Medical School has pointed out that you are better off eating some watermelon as compared to drinking water or sports drinks when you are extremely thirsty or going through your workout.

Have you tried it though? I did and I liked the results. It was refreshing and quite filling as well.

Apart from water, it contains lots of dietary fiber and this is what makes it filling. It also offers some great nutritional benefits including 20% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, 17% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A, lycopene (which is an antioxidant that combats free radicals thus protecting you against diseases like cancer and heart disease) and potassium which regulates blood pressure.

It also contains important essential rehydration salts including potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium.

How Many Calories Are You Consuming in That Watermelon?

Many people forget to count the calories when dealing with watermelon; but it is understandable because, oh my, have you tasted watermelon in the summer?

Its calorie count in a cup isn’t something you would want to worry about too much though. A 5.4 oz cup of watermelon contains about 46 calories.

That sort of puts your worries to rest because it is a figure that you can easily get rid of in a simple workout. Calorie King actually gives the exact length of time it would take for you to work it off using different common exercises.

A whole watermelon is a different bowl of fruit altogether. Seeing as they come in different sizes, it may be difficult to talk about that particular watermelon you had or are planning to have today. I will use weight measurements though so you can compare.

You do remember the weight of your watermelon, right? Or did you get sucked into the juicy sweetness and forgot about such flimsy requirements? I probably would have too!

According to Calorie King, a 13 lb melon has about 920 calories. This will take you 105 minutes of jogging, 255 minutes of walking, 140 minutes of cycling or a 77-minute swim to get rid of. That is a large number, especially considering the fact that it has a large percentage of carbohydrates, which is what gives it the sweet taste.

Watermelon Is Healthy And Good For Weight Loss

It doesn’t look so bad when you put it in perspective though. The recommended calorie intake for adults is anywhere between 1800 and 3200 calories a day and is largely dependent on gender, age and activity level. There are therefore worse things you will eat and mess up your calorie count for the day.

As you watch your calorie counter watermelon can greatly help you in losing any excess weight. No, it isn’t a wonder food but its components work well for this purpose.

The idea behind weight loss diet plan is expending more than you put in. Controlling portions is usually a resulting challenge but because watermelon has fewer calories, you can have enough to fill you up.

You will also need to replace less healthy foods in your diet with watermelon. Take watermelon instead of chocolate cake for dessert or instead of a pie for your 4 o’clock tea.

You’ll avoid a larger number of calories that way and create a calorie deficit. A deficit of 3500 calories is all you need to lose 1 pound.

Conclusion - Watermelon is indeed awesome!

Watermelon is indeed awesome and contains a good amount of calories to keep your body fueled without causing damage to your recommended calorie count. Its taste is fulfilling and refreshing and is packed with minerals and nutrients.

It may be best to have it whole because making a juice or smoothie may increase the amount of sugar and calories, and this goes against your earlier achievement of consuming fewer calories. 

So, the next time someone asks you whether you know how many calories are in that whole watermelon you are cradling you’ll have a perfect answer and more tips for them too.

Please feel free to comment with your questions, opinions and suggestions about this!​  Read more on health wellness tips section.

Is Golf a Viable Weight Loss Venture?

More often than not, we rely on physical activities, such as sports, in our quest to lose weight. It is a vital part of our efforts to maintain a certain level of fitness, all while shedding significant pounds in the process. Indeed, when it comes to the specifics, the first physical pursuits that come to mind are combat sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts, and team sports like basketball and football.

But what about the other people who are not inclined or are not exactly capable for these kinds of intense activities? Here is where golf enters the picture.

Golf a Viable Weight Loss Venture Why Golf?How Much Calories Can You Burn While Playing Golf?The Fittest Golfer on TourWhat are the Health Benefits of Golf?How a Typical Diet Should Look

Why Golf?

Photo: Pixabay

According to Tom Kelso of Breaking Muscle, weight loss is about creating a calorie deficit. This means that those with higher percentages of body fat will drop more pounds and retain more muscle, while those with lower body fat percentages will lose more muscle and retain more fat. The calories you burn while playing golf will help you reach a specific point of caloric deficit, which in turn, forces our bodies to burn and convert stored fat into energy.

How Much Calories Can You Burn While Playing Golf?

Photo: Pixabay

Even though it is not as intense physically as say boxing or basketball, golf does burn a significant amount of calories. In Bill Pennington’s article for The New York Times, he states that walking a nine-hole course while carrying a bag gets rid of about 721 calories, while doing it with a push cart will burn around 718 calories. For those who prefer having a caddy and/or a golf cart, the former, still based on the aforementioned article, helps players lose 621 calories, while the latter 411 calories on average.

Read also: How many calories does planking burn?

The Fittest Golfer on Tour

Photo: Pinterest

Part of the process of losing weight is also building muscle. The days of golfers looking like average Joes are gone. Nowadays, the likes of Dustin Johnson dominate tournaments with massive drives that somewhat put others to shame.

In one of his blogs that was published on golfing website Play Your Course, US sports pundit Ren Gates claims that Dustin Johnson has the longest, most powerful strokes in the game today, proving that keeping fit has numerous benefits both on the golf course and in life in general.

What are the Health Benefits of Golf?

Photo: Pixabay

Aside from shedding a few excess pounds, playing golf regularly, has a lot of health benefits. Adults who get in two and a half hours of moderate physical activity every week decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as metabolic syndromes, even cancer. Golf Gurls suggest that the sport also stimulates blood circulation, improves eyesight, and even allows for a better night’s sleep.

How a Typical Diet Should Look

Photo: Pixabay

In order to achieve positive results you have to supplement our weight loss routine with a balanced diet. If some fad diets and lifestyles prove to be too much for you, it is good to know that food substitution is a good alternative. The key is to replace regular food and beverages with healthier ones.

For instance, since cafés in golf courses normally offer clubhouse sandwiches, why not go for light meals such as egg omelette with vegetables. The same principle goes for snacks and drinks, so instead of pretzels you can opt for something healthier like peanuts, or banana as a substitute for sports drinks.

Golf presents every player with the opportunity to take part in a less intense physical activity that is also a viable endeavor to achieve health and wellness. Yes, it is not the most ideal form of weight loss exercise for those who prefer a fast-paced, high-octane challenge, but at the end of the day, the sport gets the job done. In addition, golf caters to everyone, young and old, amateurs and professionals, and their mission to live a long and healthy life, all while enjoying the benefits of sports.

Please check out the blog section of BoostBodyFit for more health and wellness advice, weight loss programs, and workout plans.

Why Your Belly Fat Won’t Go Away And How to Get Rid of It!

The new year is here, and you know what that means! It's time to lose the holiday weight and get the body you want in time for summer. For those who are looking into shedding the pounds, it's best to keep a healthy diet and exercise regime for effective results.

If you have already been following a weight loss program for quite some time now but haven't seen results, you may be wondering why your belly fat won't go away. It's quite frustrating to work your butt off but still seeing that excess fat around your stomach.

But that doesn't mean your metabolism is out of whack or you're suffering from some unknown conditions. There are underlying reasons why your belly fat won't go away. In this article, we show you why belly fat won't go away and what you can do to get rid of it.

Why Your Belly Fat Won’t Go Away Why Your Belly Fat Won't Go AwayCommon Reasons Why Belly Fat Won't Go Away How To Get Rid of Excess Belly Fat? In Conclusion

Why Your Belly Fat Won't Go Away

You might be following your diet and exercising regularly, but you still have that stubborn belly fat! Don't worry, as you aren't alone. Millions of people suffer from the belly fat no matter what they do. But there are some things to clarify:

You are not suffering from any metabolic or weight-related disease. Excess belly fat, though hereditary, is NOT permanent and can be shed through the proper actions.

Common Reasons Why Belly Fat Won't Go Away

There might actually be some things you're doing but don't notice. These unconscious "mistakes" of yours may be the reason why the excess belly fat stays. Wondering what these factors are? Here are the common reasons why belly fat won't go away:

You Aren’t Eating Your Breakfast

Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! With a proper breakfast, you will be filled and energized for the day ahead. It lessens your urge to snack and overeat throughout the day. With balanced meals, your insulin levels will be balanced, lessening the absorption or production of fat cells.

You Do Not Push Yourself Hard Enough In The Gym

While you don't want to kill yourself in the gym, you need to work hard for those muscles. You might not be getting the lean body you want because your body isn't challenged enough with your usual workout routine.

Not doing the proper exercise may be the culprit as well. If you're doing pure cardio without any forms of strength training or limiting your exercises, then you won't reach any more goals than what you already have.

You Aren't Sleeping Enough

Studies have shown that people who don't get the right amount of sleep are more likely to become obese. Plus, they end up encountering increased risk to certain diseases.

It’s recommended to get around eight hours of sleep every night in order for you to feel well-rested and avoid the night munchies.

You Are Too Stressed Out

Stress can make you binge eat, yes, but that's not the only reason that makes your belly fat stay. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol, which increases the amount of fat. Your body clings on to this fat and enlarges your fat cells.

You're Getting Older

Our metabolic rate starts to change once we reach a certain age. Unfortunately, it isn't for the better. Our body's metabolism begins to slow down, as well as how many calories we burn a day. So you will need to put more work to shed the pounds!

Your metabolism peaks in your 20s, mostly because people at this age are physically active. But as you reach another decade in your life, your metabolic rate decreases by up to 2%.

You’ll notice that you won’t be able to eat as much as you can and drop the weight as easily. You also begin to lose muscle as you age, which is why it’s recommended to begin strength training as soon as possible in order to retain those muscles.

How To Get Rid of Excess Belly Fat?

Now that you know why the belly fat stays, it's time to make some changes. Evaluate these reasons and see what you're lacking. It might be sleep, or you may be eating all the wrong things without knowing it.

Here are some tips to follow so you can get started on your journey to losing that frustrating belly fat of yours:

Eat more protein

Protein is very beneficial for your muscles. They help build it efficiently and retain as much as it can while you are shedding fat. Protein is also a great way to recover from a workout or any intense physical activities.

With more protein, the more muscles you will be able to build, thus losing the belly fat that stays.

You can get the right amount of protein through meat and dairy. If you are a vegetarian, you can opt to take supplements or whey protein, as well as plant-based sources of protein such as tofu or beans.

Get the right amount of healthy fat

While people think fat is the culprit for excess belly fat, that isn't the case! It's unhealthy fat you're talking about.

When you take in the right fats, mainly omega-3, then you will reap a lot of health benefits that will also shed off the fat around your belly. You feel more satiated, you think clearly, and your body functions better.

There are different types of healthy fats, and you can start off with fish, avocados or nuts.

Eat less refined sugars and processed food

Start strength training

Yes, it's time to cut off junk food. But not entirely! It's best to keep it in moderation to avoid binging or restricting yourself. Avoid fast food restaurants and make healthier choices when dining out. Choose salads or food containing less oil or fatty ingredients.

Keep away from the junk food aisles and stop purchasing packaged chips or instant food, as they are high in unhealthy fat that keeps you from reaching your goals.

Strength training will help you look leaner and make your stomach flatter in time. This is because you will be shedding fat while building muscles. Not only will you look sexier, but you get to burn more calories with more muscles as well.

Search up for lifting programs and pick up those dumbbells, practicing proper form and exercises that focus on your core, arms, and legs.

Replace high-intensity interval training with your usual cardio

You might not push yourself enough with your usual cardio. This ends up with you not burning enough fat. Try high-intensity interval training, pushing yourself to the limits in short bursts. This helps blast fat quicker than your usual cardio exercise.

Learn to cope with stress healthily

Since stress and lack of sleep is a factor for weight gain, it's time to find ways to reduce your stress levels that don't involve binge eating. Take walks or learn how to meditate. Breathing exercises help as well.

Also, make sure you get the right amount of sleep and stay away from work when you're supposed to rest.

In Conclusion

Weight loss is not the easiest thing to do, but it isn't impossible. It's one of the most fulfilling journeys you'll be thankful which you started with, especially if you're overweight.

If you're following a weight loss program but not seeing any results around your belly area, then there are some things in your lifestyle you may be overlooking.

Hopefully, this article on why your belly fat won't go away will have helped you realize some mistakes you might be making. So what are you waiting for? Try following these tips on how to lose your belly fat, and you will hopefully see the positive results you've always wanted.

Do you have any more suggestions on how you can get belly fat to go away? Do comment!  You might just help someone frustrated in losing belly fat as well.

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Jillian Michaels Program – How Many Calories Does 30 Day Shred Burn?

Losing weight and shredding excess calories can be a real daunting task for many. While a lot of people experience struggles in doing so, there are a few who actually sought efficient ways to achieve their fitness goals.

In the recent times, many considered that Jillian Michaels’ fitness program could be one of the most efficient and effective solutions to losing weight. This is only one of the many reasons why a lot of people are eager to know "how many calories does 30-day shred burn" in totality.

If you are not that familiar with the said fitness program, this quick guide may help you understand the 30-day shred. Similarly, this program could be the answer to your weight loss concerns especially when you are looking for other options.

30 Day Shred Burn What Is The 30-Day Shred?The Things You Need For The ProgramTracking Calories and WeightEffectiveness And Efficiency of Shredding CaloriesDetermining How Many Calories 30 Day Shred Burns

What Is The 30-Day Shred?

via Amazon

According to a Livestrong article written by Sharon Smith, the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred is a fitness program that is home-based. The program is basically a daily 20-minute workout that includes cardio and other essential fitness routines.

In addition, the 30-Day Shred generally consists of three levels wherein the difficulty of the workouts intensifies as the level rises. Each level is done exactly in 10 days. As for the workouts and fitness routines, they majorly focus on cardio and strength training.

You could actually subject yourself to the program by purchasing the DVD copies of the three levels. You may want to check this if you don’t have any idea where to buy a copy.

Accordingly, you don’t need any personal instructor or special equipment since you only need to follow what is being shown on the videos.

As per Janelle Vaesa, the 30-Day Shred could ensure you positive results after strictly following the program in 30 days.

The Things You Need For The Program

Since the 30-Day Shred is a home-based fitness program, you only need to have your own space where you could move freely and do the workouts efficiently. While some of the routines may include lifting soft weights, you may use anything in your home that could work well with you.

Yoga mats can be helpful in this program too especially if you do have a hard flooring at home. If you do not have any yoga mat or anything of the like, blankets are fine as long as you could efficiently move and follow the routines.

When tracking and managing your improvements, a calendar and a tape measure are very much recommended. Personally, a simple calendar worked on my end very well since it enabled me to manage the schedule and track the days of my program.

As for the tape measure, it is largely essential since through this tool – you could efficiently measure your improvements. I find it really helpful aside from using weighing scales every after 5 to 10 days of following the program. Moreover, it quite helped me to get even more motivated.

Tracking Calories and Weight

You may be wondering "how many calories does 30-day Shred burn" in entirety.

In every 25 pounds of weight that you carry, you may burn 50 calories as an additional per hour.

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Apparently, there is no definite number of how many calories that you could burn after finishing the whole program. Although you could locate different trackers and weight or calorie calculators online, you could actually calculate it on your own.

Sparkpeople confirms that the calories burned in subjecting yourself to the program are very much relative. As per Jillian Michaels herself, the number of calories that you burn is dependent largely on several factors.

These factors include your age, height, weight, gender, health conditions, and a lot more. However, you could follow the general rule that she included in the program. In every 25 pounds of weight that you carry, you may burn 50 calories as an additional per hour.

You have to note that you can burn the whole 50 calories only when you do workouts on a consistent intensity for an hour.

Say for instance you weigh a total of 120 pounds, divide it into 25 and multiply it into 50. The total calories you will get must be divided into 60. The value you will get is the number of calories you can burn per minute provided that you are consistent with the workout for the whole 60 minutes

According to Jillian Michaels, a 150-pounder person could burn an average of 503 calories on the first level of the said program. Hence, you could lose even more upon reaching the second and third level which actually has more intensified workouts and routines.

Effectiveness And Efficiency of Shredding Calories

Although a lot of people nowadays find the 30-day Shred of Jillian Michaels quite effective, the results and aftermath vary for each. The results may be different from what you expect as there are a lot of factors you must consider primarily.

If you are targeting to lose weight and shred the excess calories that you have as of the moment, you may achieve this effectively just as long as you are well-disciplined and strict with the program. The amount of calories you will burn will largely dependent on your preferences.

The given values and numbers above are actually ideal. It is stated above that external factors including your personal data and condition could affect the end results of your program. Hence, the real effectiveness of the fitness program varies.

Today, many find the 30-day Shred program an essential starting point to reaching their fitness goals. It appears that a lot of first timers are happy and contented with the results they obtained from their hard work, determination, and perseverance.

You may want to access this tool for you to check some results of actual 30-day shred program enthusiasts, see this video:

This may help you inherit ideas and perspectives whether the said fitness program can largely help you in your fitness endeavors.

Determining How Many Calories 30 Day Shred Burns

In totality, you may actually burn enough calories by maximizing the 30-Day Shred program. Although the results may appear differently from what the others obtained, the number of calories you could burn will largely depend on your personal conditions and preferences.

If you think this guide is quite helpful and informative, you may share this with your friends and loved ones who are very much eager to learn the program and want to try other options in losing weight.

Your insights and reactions are highly appreciated. You may share them in the comment section below.

Do Stretch Marks Go Away When You Lose Weight?

Losing weight has a ton of advantages you will be able to reap. Not only will you look sexy and thinner, but you'll get rid of a lot of health issues as well. When losing fat and gaining muscle, you end up lessening the risk of certain diseases, making you think AND feel stronger.

Your overall mood will elevate, and your body will function better than it did before. But after the process of taking off weight, you might be worried about the stretch marks. You, as many people in their weight loss journey usually ask: do stretch marks go away when you lose weight?

In the article, we will tackle that and give you some tips on how to keep those marks away for good!

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are visible lines that grow as your skin expands from excess fat storage. They are lines that form on your skin, looking like cracks.

These are small tears from damaged connective tissues that try to keep your skin intact. You usually find stretch marks on your abdomen or legs. Many women have them on their breasts.

Who Are Susceptible of Stretch Marks?

People who are pregnant or overweight are more susceptible to this because of the excess and rapid weight gain. Stretch marks may also run in the family and are more likely on women, based on studies. Either way, it's a skin issue that millions of men and women suffer from.

Do Stretch Marks Go Away When You Lose Weight?

So, you're suffering from these stretch marks and hope that losing weight is a good way to reduce them. Will these marks go away as you slim down?

Unfortunately, no. It might even get worse. This is because it will start to become closer when your skin retracts to a smaller size. It makes these marks more visible. 

That takes a huge toll on one's confidence, especially when they want to show some extra skin for the bikini season! But take note, while it won't NATURALLY fade away, you'll be able to do something about it in order to reduce its size.

There are ways on how you'll be able to keep stretch marks from growing or looking visible. It's recommended to practice beauty regimes and take on healthy diet and exercise to make your stretch marks to disappear.

Tips on How to Remove Stretch Marks

Like mentioned, there are various ways you can prevent stretch marks from spreading or help relieve visibility of them. Here are some things you can follow:

Healthy Diet And Exercise

Whether you have reached your weight goal or are still in process, keep on your healthy regime. Eating fruits and vegetables, as the nutrients helps maintain the elasticity of your skin, making it less likely for you to form more stretch marks.

Plus, it keeps your skin glowing. Your stretch marks will be less visible that way.

Exercise is another important factor. It also keeps your skin healthy and lets it stretch, allowing the marks to fade.​

Over-the-counter Products

There are many types of over the counter products which are rich in vitamins and nutrients that keep stretch marks away. They can come as pills or in syrups, keeping your skin's elasticity.

Just remember to watch out for the labels, to make sure they don't contain any harmful chemicals. Search for legitimate customer reviews on medicines before taking them.

​InstaNatural Emu Oil is an effective type of "serum" available on the market, not only helping reduce stretch marks, but for your hair and muscle pain as well. It's an all-around oil that helps improve your muscle and skin's overall health.

Lotion And Creams

You will also be able to invest in beauty products such as lotions and creams. Not only are they great moisturizers, but they have natural ingredients that help lessen stretch mark growth.

You can even make your own homemade cream through mixing oils and other fruits or natural ingredients. It's cheaper and you are assured that the solution you're using has no chemicals.

Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream is one of the most popular recommendations if you would want new or old scars to fade away in no time. it's got the natural and organic ingredients that help fight off unwanted marks, most specifically stretch marks. It moisturizes the body as well.​ You can find this product on Amazon

Laser Treatment or Surgery

This is the last resort, as it's quite costly with a few consequences. But you are assured that there are just a few or even no stretch marks after the procedure. There are also other measures you can take without going under the knife.

In Conclusion

Whether you have lost the weight or still beginning on losing it, stretch marks are one of the main worries. While stretch marks do not naturally go away when you lose weight, there are various solutions you can follow.

Hopefully, this article can answer your question: "Do stretch marks go away when you lose weight?" and helps tackle on the ways you can remove the marks and become more confident.

So what are you waiting for? Continue on with your weight loss goals and try these tips for keeping stretch marks out of your body today. We would definitely recommend you to invest in a product such as Body Merry Stretch Marks & Scars Defense Cream, which can easily be added to your everyday routine.​

Do you have any other comment about stretch marks and weight loss! Then do post your opinion on the matter!

Here’s Why Should You Consume Fitness Supplements before Workout

Fitness was one of the most neglected factors in adults, until now. Today, more than 186 thousand of fitness centers are running around the globe. Out of which 36,000 are operational in the U.S alone as per reports of Statista.

We know that working out is the number one priority to stay fit as it keeps the muscles of our entire body in motion. However, working out can be stressing and not everyone can do it on a regular basis. Here’s where fitness supplements come into play as they can make it easier for a person to workout.

Here’s why you should consume fitness supplements before workout:

Gain Extra Energy to Workout

It takes a tremendous amount of energy to perform physical activities, let alone working out. An exhausted person can’t workout properly as he/she won’t have the kind of energy that is required to run, lift and perform aerobics. Here’s where a fitness supplement that is rich in energy can be of help.

When you consume these rich supplements before your workout session, you will feel energy surging through your veins, your exhaustion will go away and you’ll feel an adrenaline in your blood and would want to work out harder.

Our body gets energy only from one source, and that is the food we consume. The energy actually comes through the vitamins and nutrients found in the food, but you will only get the vitals that a specific food contain. What about the rest of them?

For example, milk is said to be a good source of energy. It is rich in calcium and other such nutrients, but what about the likes of proteins? Milk contains no proteins.

If you consume milk daily, you will have a good amount of calcium in the body, but may end up having protein deficiency; as a result you will begin to lose mass and may even get weaker.

This is when you will need supplements to make up for the loss, unless you can manage it all naturally, which is not an easy task for most of us.

Improved Performance

When it comes to results, it all depends on how much effort you put into your workouts. But, how do you put in more effort when your body is exhausted? You can do so with the help of fitness supplements.

Using fitness supplements can provide a sudden boost and help you bring out the best performance in you. Whether you’ve joined a gym to shed those extra pounds of weight or to simply gain muscles, an improved performance can take you a long way.

Recover Fast After The Workout

Even though most fitness supplements are consumed before a workout, they have a tendency to help you recover after you’re done working out.

There are ingredients in a fitness supplement that can reduce muscle soreness and help you replenish your energy fast. The reason you feel better after a workout when you consume a pre fitness supplement is because it enhances your levels of glucose and insulin and hence you recover at a much faster rate than normal.

Improved Concentration and Results

Thanks to the caffeine found in many fitness supplement, you can have an improved concentration and focus when you workout. This is important if you want to get results.

Plus, supplements can also improve results by helping you gain muscles, as proteins are a major part of your muscles. (Can click here to find protein-bars)

It is obvious that fitness supplements can help you stay fit. Most fitness experts also recommend to use such supplements as you may not get your desired results without them. Moreover, they help you fulfill your body’s needs by providing you with important nutrients. However, make sure to only buy them from a reliable source.

About Author: Jennifer Carson

Jennifer Carson is a professional freelance writer currently works at GlobexOutreach . She has a vast portfolio of work in a wide variety of industries, from article writing and ghostwriting to online content creation and marketing writing.

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