Use PCT after purchase Anavar to be Healthy

Nowadays, the drug that is highly appreciated as the safest anabolic steroids among the bodybuilders is Anavar. It is so because of certain side effects that are produced but then people think that if there is a need to run PCT cycle.

The instances that you need PCT

Based on the anabolic that you use, PCT plays a vital role in your recovery. On using them you will need at least 21 days duration to minimize the production of natural testosterone boosters and if you do not use them it may even take years to recover and turn back to the normal stage. The main aim that you consume PCT is to create Luteinizing hormone (LH) and Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) connected to the testicles and requires providing more testosterone.

They differ from Anavar

One key reason that the bodybuilders do not need to run PCT is that it is mild and can easily keep the gains. It is, of course, true and if you are taking them for three weeks or more than that there are higher possibilities that your testosterone production may stop and you have to take some other measures to bring it back.

When you do not take PCT

Imagine that now you have completed the 8-week cycle and taken a dose of 50mg and now you are looking lean and ripped. As an outer appearance, you may feel happy with it but when you do not have PCT for Anavar that can create a huge disaster. There are risks that you may have:

•    Feeling something is missing: you may feel that you are losing something and even you will not be able to sleep and have a complete rest.

•    Maybe have low T-symptom: you can have higher fatigue, lack of libido, and increase in fat in your body, and when your body does not produce sufficient testosterone you may suffer muscle loss and it becomes harder to maintain your physique.

•    Estrogenic side effects: when testosterone level reduces estrogen begins which leads to bloating and gynecomastia can develop.

•    The danger of your testicles to atrophy: if you do not have PCT you may have testicular atrophy that is they will shrink. When it does not produce testosterone it tends to atrophy.

Level of PCT for Anavar users

Generally, PCT consists of SERM and that is responsible for increasing the levels of LH and FSH. Athletes will always incorporate HGH or hCG in their PCT. When you do not take the required amount of PCT then there can be some dangers that you need to face. Here are certain levels that are advisable to consume:

•    Clomid: it is better if you take 150mg every for the first week, 75mg for the next week, 40mg every day in the third week and fourth if required you can consume between 20mng and 40mg but it is not mandatory.

•    Nolvadex:  40mg every day in week 1; 20mg per day in week 2 and 10mg per day in week 3 will be the right measures.

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