Top Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation

The female breasts, considered an essential parameter of beauty and attractiveness, have impacted the confidence and self-esteem of the owners since times immemorial. However, the irony is most women are not happy with the shape, tilt or perkiness of their twin assets, making cosmetic surgery for aesthetic purposes, particularly breast implants, a rage. 

Did you know that 17.1% of the total cosmetic surgery procedures in 2018 in Australia were of breast augmentation? Wonder what drives women to go under the knife to make their breasts appear a certain way? 

Let’s explore the top reasons you would consider a breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty.

Create your desired body image 

The desire to look good is not simply vanity. Your body image is the overall impression you create through your appearance and how you carry your clothes, besides reflecting how you feel in your skin. With breast augmentation, you can improve the contours of your chest in a way that’s balanced with the rest of your body, helping you achieve a well-proportioned physique.  

Feel good about yourself 

When you appreciate the reflection on the mirror, you get an automatic spring in your steps and a zeal to shine. Feeling good about your appearance gives your self-esteem a boost. With a high rate of post-surgery patient satisfaction, breast augmentation gives you a certain upper breast fullness that may be lacking now or help you flaunt a bit of cleavage confidently.

Shape up your appearance post-pregnancy

Pregnancy, motherhood, and breastfeeding a child are significant chapters of an average woman’s life. But, the changes that their body goes through during these phases can take a toll on their breasts, making them lose their perkiness. Breasts can get their pre-pregnancy volume back with implants inserted during augmentation mammoplasty.

Post-mastectomy reconstruction

For many who have undergone a mastectomy or removal of breast tissue following a breast cancer treatment, their self-esteem can take a hit. Breast implants can be godsend for such women. It can help them get back their lost confidence, making them feel physically complete and feminine again. 

Reverse weight-induced changes

If you have lost a lot of weight, your breasts can get saggy due to loosened skin. Breasts may also begin to their natural perkiness with age. Although it might not be possible to restore severely droopy breasts to their youthful state, an augmentation mammoplasty along with a breast lift can provide impressive results that you’d be proud of.

Asymmetrical or under-developed breasts

Bothered with asymmetrical breasts? Do you find it difficult to shop for a well-fitting bra for yourself? Maybe you have underdeveloped breasts making you feel awkward in most dresses? An augmentation surgery can bring both, symmetry and fullness, helping you achieve your dream body.  

Breasts are an integral part of the female body and play a crucial role in shaping your body image. While different people will have their distinct reasons for opting for a cosmetic surgical procedure like breast augmentation, one thing is for certain — you must spend time choosing the right cosmetic surgeon if you wish to achieve results that meet your aesthetic desires and goals.

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