Top Nail Trends Of 2021 You’ll Want To Try

While keeping up with nail and cuticle care is essential, and a visit to the dermatologist can help you maintain excellent health in these areas and help you avoid the development of any pesky issues, there's no doubt that you also want your nails to be on par with the latest trends.

And even though there are so many nail trends out there, from lengthy stiletto nails to the classic french manicure, you may be wondering which trends are the most practical. We all know the vast majority of the most glam nail trends are simply not suitable for everyday wear. So, we've listed the top most practical nail trends.

The French Manicure

French nail polish sets usually include a white polish, a clear topcoat, half-moon guides, and nude polish. This trend is one of the most timeless out there, as it simply redefines the natural appeal of your nail by enhancing its natural colors.

The best part about this timeless trend is that it's practical for absolutely any occasion. And the length of your nails won't impact the results either. What's more, a DIY french manicure is also pretty straightforward.

Marble Nails

Marble nails have been trending for some time already, and there are so many color variances to consider as well. When creating this trend, nail techs usually drip a series of nail polish colors into a bowl of water and then swirl the pattern with a toothpick to create a marble effect. The nail is then dipped directly into the pattern.

Alternatively, the marble effect can be painted directly onto the nail, although some skill level is required. That said, marble nails are incredibly fashion-forward and playful, perfect for exciting nights out.

Animal Prints

Animal print nails are trending as well, and this trend is suitable for longer-length nails for a noticeable effect. The print is usually skillfully painted onto nails, and depending on the print you opt for, this trend can be pretty classy and elegant.

Mismatched Nails

Mismatched nail designs don't refer to nail sets that don't match one another, but rather, different designs on each nail. More often than not, one or two accent nails per hand are the standard, while a few others will be solid colors, and the rest will boast minimal details.

This nail trend is pretty flashy, and there's no limit to the types of designs that can be done when it comes to mismatched nails. And while you can attempt this trend at home, it's often best to leave this one to the professionals as incorporating so many different details can be tricky.

Graphic Details

Graphic detail nail designs are generally bold colors, with geometric or straight lines or abstract swirls incorporated into the design. These are simplistic yet draw significant attention. As a result, they are suitable for most occasions and practical enough for everyday wear as well.

When choosing a nail trend that's practical enough for everyday wear, you should consider the colors you choose. If you opt for neutral tones, most trends are suitable. Flashy designs can be practical as well, although embellishments should be kept to a minimum.

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