Top Kratom Strains For Weight Loss

Eating healthy and sufficiently is crucial for proper bodily development and functions. However, with the advent of modern times, life has become very fast and so has the food that is consumed.

Cereals, salads, pulses, proteins and such food entities are lost in the huge wide world of fast food. The only problem with fast food s is that it leads to obesity. By a study conducted by the World Health Organization, obesity throughout the world has increased by three times since 1975. 

It may be thought of that obesity is the opposite of malnutrition and since malnutrition is bad for health, obesity cannot be as bad. If you are thinking this you couldn't be more wrong. As with everything else too much or too little of anything is not good. Obesity comes with its share of problems.

The number of health issues that riddle an obese body is way too high. Problems in the heart are a major concern for obese people. Type 2 diabetes, bone problems such as osteoporosis, dyslipidemia, gallstones, etc. are some of the other catastrophic ailments that are seen in an obese person. The psychological impact of obesity is also quite high.

 Obesity can be treated by following a strict diet plan, exercise, and medication but that is both time consuming and quite expensive. Thus more and more people are taking traditional measures to curb obesity. One such method is the use of Kratom.

Mitagynaspeciosa is a plat that belongs to the same family as coffee and grows abundantly in Southeast Asian regions of Thailand, Indonesia and so on. Its use dates back centuries when it was used as an analgesic, ritual drug and so on.

Kratom has shown tremendous response against abuse of opiates and is currently used as an organic method to get over addiction. This naturally obtained plant is also quite successful in getting around obesity.

Kratom is a tree-like plant and only its leaves are beneficial for all the wondrous effects. The leaves are rich in alkaloids such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which are very capable of binding with the opioid receptors in the brain. This causes a variety of effects upon the body including giving opiate-like feelings, though it is void of any opiates chemically.

Various strains of Kratom are available and each of them comes with a different set of uses. For example, Indo, Borneo and Bali Kratom are very efficient in alleviating pain but are not quite effective in curbing obesity.

If you want to know more about the strains of Kratom, then you should check out the Big Bearkratom site which is very informative. You can even purchase Kratom from this site for personal use. The strains which are super helpful in getting over obesity are as follows:

  • Meeng Da Kratom- This is a strain of the Kratom plant that was developed by the farmers through the propagative technique of grafting. Two previously known strains of Kratom, the Red Horn and the Red Thai where asexually crafted to produce the Meeng Da strain. It is very rich in alkaloids because of its impressive blend. The mix also ensures that the possibility of side effects with this strain is greatly reduced. This strain of kratom is very efficient in suppressing appetite, thus lowering your craving for food. This, in turn, helps you to control your eating habits and hence lose weight.

  • Thai Kratom- Thai Kratom is a variety of the kratom plant that is predominantly cultivated in Thailand. This strain was specially cultivated by farmers by the vegetative propagation of grafting. This strain is prepared by mixing the strains, Red Horn and Red Thai. This strain is available in all types of kratom, namely red vein kratom, white vein kratom, and green vein kratom. These varieties tend to have different effects but are overall quite effective in reducing appetite and hence curb obesity. Thai Kratom is rich in alkaloids mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitraphylline. These alkaloids effectively bind with neural receptors thus being very effective in reducing hunger. This particular strain of kratom is even more effective than Meeng Da Kratom in its functionality.

Kratom is a powerful drug that is very effective in its corresponding purpose. The best thing about kratom is its organic origin. It also does not cause any type of addictive effect though of used in higher doses that may cause dependence.

The leaves are the only usable part of the whole plant. The leaves are sold on a crushed form and marked mot for human consumption. It consists of over 40 active chemical ingredients off which 26 are alkaloids.

If you are thinking of using kratom to help you with obesity then you should be very careful about the dosage. About 5 gm of kratom ingested in the evening or the end of the day is sufficient to produce its wonderful effects.  A fascinating thing about kratom use is that if it is ingested in small dosages it does not even cause any kind of side effects. Go forward and start with using kratom to help you with obesity today.

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