Top 6 Healthy Teavana Replacements

Top 6 Healthy Teavana Replacements Tea is one of the most refreshing beverages, and this is evidenced by the many tea joints that are opening up all over the place. Additionally, tea has also been found to have immense health benefits. This is good news especially for people who are very conscious of what they eat or drink. Although Teavana was a household name where maybe you preferred to go and get a refreshing cup—either iced or hot, there are thankfully other establishments that have replaced it. Listed below are some of the best alternatives to get that coveted cup of tea that you so much love.


DAVIDs TEA has expanded and has over 200 outlets both in the Canadian and American markets. With Teavana closure, DAVIDs TEA has become a household name where tea lovers go to enjoy a cup of their favorite beverage. The stores offer a variety of teas including black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, rooibos, oolong and mate. Its friendly and super helpful staff is another factor that makes the experience of taking tea at DAVIDs TEA very pleasant. Some of the benefits of the tea include; weight loss, acne clearing, boosting body energy and memory boosting.

Teami tea blends

Teami tea is a company that offers high quality natural loose leaf tea right at your doorstep. One of their founding principles is providing a product that delivers the results that it promises. In the case of Teami tea, it promises to help one slim, in other words, it’s a slimming tea. The tea helps you to lose weight among other benefits like colon cleansing, detoxifying your body and helping you sleep like a baby. It is an excellent alternative to Teavana due to its great taste and other numerous health benefits.

Lipton’s Green Tea

Lipton’s tea is a vintage drink which is well known, and its popularity has only soared with the closure of Teavana. One of the well-known benefits of green tea is that it contains catechins which have a lot of antioxidants. The antioxidants help prevent heart diseases, increase metabolism and reduce body weight by helping the body burn down excess fat. Lipton’s tea is a well-known brand that offers pure green tea—although its taste isn’t all that great. On the other hand, however, it has flavored green tea that tastes a lot better which makes it easier for you to enjoy a cup of the healthy tea.

Breakaway Matcha

Breakaway matcha is one of the green tea brands that have a superb taste. It is a green tea from Japan that is ground to perfection and with care to ensure that the original flavor is preserved. Matcha sells the tea which has been around for centuries now in four blends. Its taste matches perfectly with its electric green color and has a wonderful smell and aftertaste. Some of its health benefits include memory boost, body detoxification and acts as a stress reliever.

Mahalo tea

Mahalo tea is a brand of tea that has constantly been expanding since the closure of Teavana tea. The tea originates from Hawaii and has a unique taste since it is blended with pineapple, papaya, mango and coconut fruits from Hawaii. Mahalo tea is an online retailer which offers a selection of green tea, rooibos tea, black tea, oolong tea and custom blends. Not only is it delicious, but it also has impressive benefits such as reducing chronic diseases, inflammatory conditions, lowering cholesterol levels and prevents pain on muscles after a workout.

Lavender chamomile

It obtains its name from the two flowers that it’s mainly brewed from- lavender and chamomile flowers. This tea works wonders on the digestive and nervous systems because of the unique medicinal properties of the flowers. This makes it very important to use when stressed out or in a tense mood. The tea has a floral and bittersweet taste and when the going gets tough, go for this tea!

Tea is a very famous beverage, consumed by two-thirds of the world population. Tea is perfect when you are feeling low, cold or when you are in the mood for fun. Do not drink any tea, check out its health benefits first and the above-listed teas are perfectly healthy. Have healthy fun!

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