Top 2019 Workout Looks from Fabletics (Coupon Inside)

Some of the top CEOs who make it a point to squeeze one or two workout sessions per week amidst their busy schedules include Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk of Tesla, and Nicolas Cole, the Digital Press CEO. The disproportionate number of successful personalities who workout is a strong indicator of the magical correlation between working out and success.

It is everyone’s goal to join the list of successful personalities who keep fit in 2019. Regular exercise and eating healthy are some of the sure ways of attaining and maintaining a bomb body this year. However, when it comes to working out, there are times when the motivation isn’t just there. Luckily, getting new, classy, and trendy workout wear can be a great and effective way to get you psyched up about your workout.

Fabletics is at it again with some new workout looks for 2019. Their newest range of workout wear will get you ready to put on that sports bra and leggings and get some mean workouts in at the gym. In this light, here are some of the top 2019 workout looks from Fabletics that would look incredibly attractive on you.

1. Fierce 2-Piece Outfit

The Fierce 2-Piece Outfit is part of the limited Kelly Rowland for Fabletics capsule collection. The outfit features a seamless style long-sleeved top with detail at the front, and it is paired with mid-rise SculptKnit mesh leggings. The material draws moisture away from the body and keeps you looking fresh even after an intense gym session. This look is ideal for hitting the gym for various kinds of workouts. It can also be won out of the gym as you run errands in town or at the supermarket.

2. Unapologetic 2-Piece Outfit

This is another outfit that’s part of the Kelly Rowland for Fabletics collection. The workout wear comprises of a medium-support bra and statement high-raised leggings. The workout wear is made from the signature PowerHold fabric which is designed to flatter the body while offering maximum comfort. The outfit is suitable for all kinds of workouts, including weightlifting, boxing, and squatting. It also has hidden pockets for your workout accessories. Take advantage of the new 2019 Fabelitics codes and get a decent discount off your purchase.

3. Strength 2-Piece Outfit

Are you less of a gym person and more of a runner? If so, you should reach for the Strength 2-Piece Outfit by Fabletics. The outfit features a comfortable throw-and-go sweater top with mid-rise PowerHold leggings. The outfit is moisture-wicking and offers UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) protection, making it possible for you to go for daytime runs without worrying about exposure to UV radiation. Whether you wish to hit the treadmill or take a morning run in the neighborhood, this is your go-to outfit for a fulfilling workout session.


These are some of the top workouts looks from Fabletics in 2019. Some of these outfits are limited edition; therefore, you may want to grab yours before they run out of stock. Remember, the outfits come in various sizes to accommodate both petite and plus-size women, so you don’t have to worry about missing your fit.

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