8 Tips For Getting Fit With An Electric Bike Mid-Drive

Many traditional bikers consider using an electric bike cheating. This is especially the case among mountain bikers. However, is this true? Read on to find out.

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are bicycles fitted with motors to make pedaling simpler. They’re characterized by fatter tires than regular bikes and an integrated motor. There are two types of electric bikes classified depending on the placement of the tire: the mid-drive motors and the hub motors.

Electric bike mid-drive has the motor placed close to the center of the bike. Therefore, the weight on this bike is distributed evenly, helping it become more efficient than the hub motors. On the other hand, hub motors have the motors placed on one of the wheels. For example, if the motor is placed on the rear wheel, the power is placed on only that one wheel, making the e-bike inefficient. Suffice to say, the electric bike mid-drive may be the best e-bike. To explore, you can click for more info on this type of e-bike.

However, the point is that pedaling any e-bike is assisted by the motor. Unfortunately, the impact of cycling is determined by the effort put into pedaling. For example, how many calories were lost due to pedaling? For this reason, most bikers automatically overlook the fitness value of using an e-bike.

Luckily studies and science have proved that using an e-bike can help you get fit. This article will show you how an electric bike can come in handy in your fitness journey. Keep reading to learn more.

How Electric Bikes Can Help You Get Fit

To understand how an electric bike can help you get fit, you first have to understand how it works. The standard electric bike has three levels of motor assistance; the minimum, medium, and maximum, usually denoted by the numbers 1, 2, and 3. 

The bike allows you to toggle between these three modes using the control panel on the handlebars. If you’re climbing a steep hill and need assistance, you can use the maximum level of assistance and switch back to the minimum mode when on a tarmac ride. Similarly, you may switch off the motor entirely to have no paddling assistance. 

Therefore, depending on the effort you wish to put into cycling, you’re at liberty to choose how much assistance you need. With that in mind, here’s how an e-bike will help you keep fit:

  • It Helps You Cycle For Long

Due to the effort put into using a regular mountain bike, you may not be able to cycle for a long time. If two cyclists are asked to cycle for an hour, one with an electric bike mid-drive and another with a regular mountain bike, the results will most likely show that the one with the mountain bike may have put in more effort while cycling. The effort equates to more calories burned, unlike the one on an e-bike.

However, the more effort put in, the quicker the burnout. Therefore, should the cyclist on the e-bike keep riding due to the pedaling assistance, they’re likely to top the calories burnt by the mountain biker. If you’re looking to cycle for a long time, the e-bike is your best option. 

  • E-bikes Help With Cardiovascular Exercises 

In an experiment conducted at Brigham Young University, experienced mountain bikers were tasked to use electric bikes for mountain cycling. Their heart rates were then tracked, and it was discovered that their heart rate reached 94% of the average heart rate achieved when using a non-electric bike. 

The study found that e-bikes are the best to help with aerobic and cardiovascular exercises, which are some of the best ways to stay fit and healthy.

  • It Is Good For First Time Bikers

If you’re still new to cycling for fitness, you’ll need all your help—what better way than to use an e-bike? Besides, with time you’ll keep reducing the level of motor assistance to increase your performance. Therefore, an e-bike is a good encouragement for people who have previously lived sedentary lives looking to keep fit.

With the right tips using an electric mid-drive bike may help with the following health benefits:

  • Lower BMI
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve your blood circulation
  • Improve your mental health
  • Help with better management of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and avoid them altogether

Tips To Get Fit Using an Electric Bike Mid-Drive

Now that you know how beneficial an e-bike can be, here are eight tips to help you use it correctly to achieve your fitness goals:

1.      Start Slowly

If you’re new to cycling, it’s recommended that you start by using the maximum level of pedal assistance. It’ll help gauge how much you can do on your own. If you’re convinced that you need less assistance after some time, gradually decrease the assistance, say to the minimum level. The pedal assistance also helps not to discourage you from cycling since it can be quite challenging.

Starting slowly also refers to choosing less intense cycling routes. It’s better to do easy cycling routes frequently than to be too ambitious and lack consistency. When you’re starting out, you need all the motivation you can get. Starting slowly is a good hack to build motivation.

Starting slowly also helps you learn your e-bike better. For example, you get to know its battery range to plan yourself for longer routes.

2.      Select Minimum Pedal Assistance

Before you can get conflicted about this tip, using the minimum level of pedal assistance is for pro cyclists. If you have used a regular bike and are looking to join the e-bike gang, it would be best to use a minimum level of assistance. You don’t want to reduce your calorie loss from 600 to 4000, now do you?

However, you can still use pedal assistance for a steep uphill. If anything, the bike will help you soar trails that you previously wouldn’t on a regular bike, and hence you challenge and expand your fitness goals.

3.      Press On The Pedals Harder

According to experts, it matters how hard you press on the pedals. When you press the pedals harder, you turn the bike quicker and burn more calories. Peddling harder also helps with your aerobic exercises. Additionally, the harder you pedal, the more your heartbeat rises, and the more you achieve your cardiovascular exercises. Therefore, try as much as possible to press hard on the pedals for maximum calorie burning.

4.      Set A Sporty Cycling Position

You might have noticed that there’s a difference between the cycling position of those who cycle for sports and those who cycle for leisure. Cycling in a sporty position helps you burn more calories and engage more muscles which are good activities for your fitness. It’s also a hack to help you quickly and easily ride up a hill.

Therefore, if you’re looking to keep fit using an e-bike, it’s recommended that you set the bike seat in such a way that you’ll stand out on it while cycling. Pulling the bars also helps you achieve a sporty position.

5.      Maintain A Fast Pace

It takes more energy to maintain a fast pace than a slower one. Therefore, once you’ve picked up speed, it’s good to maintain a fast pace to use more energy and for the cycling experience to impact your fitness.

6.      Choose A Rough Terrain

Again, this tip is for pro cyclists. There’s no better way to burn calories than climbing hills and riding on rough terrains. If your sole purpose is to keep fit using the e-bike, your major routes should be rough terrains.

However, since all work without playing makes Jack a dull boy, it won’t hurt if you enjoy a smooth ride on a well-tarmacked road once in a while. Taking a break from exercising also helps your body recover. This way, it can keep up with the consistency of riding to keep fit.

7.      Stay Consistent

Consistency is arguably one of the hardest muscles you’ll ever have to build. However, it’s an essential element in achieving your goals. Cycling experts advise that you ensure you stay consistent with your cycling routine to see results in your fitness journey.

For adults between 18-64 years, you’re advised to have at least 150 minutes of cycling weekly for the best results. To achieve consistency, it’s better to do small things gradually than have a once in a while outburst of energy. 

8.      Keep Track Of Your Milestones

One of the advantages of e-bikes is that some have advanced technology to display how much assistance the motor offers. With that data, you can keep track of the pedal assistance to a level that fits your needs.

Additionally, some e-bikes can display both your effort and the motor’s, therefore, helping you track the effort you’re putting in. Staying fit involves ensuring that you gradually top up the effort. Alternatively, you could use an e-bike that records your heart rate as your cycle. This is a good e-bike to help you track your aerobic performance. 

Keeping track of your milestone helps you become grounded and consistent. It’s also a good source of motivation when you review how far you have come. 

Wrapping It Up!

Can an e-bike help you keep fit? Yes, it can. Research has shown that e-bikes are the best for aerobic and cardiovascular exercise. Besides, since an e-bike can help you cycle for a long period, it can be a good tool to motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Therefore, even though an e-bike offers pedal assistance, how you use it matters. The eight tips discussed above can help you achieve your fitness goals using an e-bike mid-drive.

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