These Are The 3 Signs That You Have Too Much Estrogen As A Man

As we age there are a lot of health issues we need to watch out for. Some are just annoyances that may be blocking our efforts to get into better shape. Others are more serious and can cause you to need to see the doctor more often.

One thing that can cause these types of problems that can go unnoticed is an excess amount of estrogen in your system. Many men are aware of the fact that their testosterone levels can dip as they get older and need a boost. Not many understand that there can be too much estrogen in their system and don’t look for the signs.

In this article, we will go over what some of those signs are so you can look for them and get yourself the best estrogen blocker to reverse the symptoms.

1 - Gynecomastia

Men with this syndrome will have essentially breasts that are not dissimilar to womens’. Gynecomastia can often be confused with just being overweight and having some excess fat on the chest which is not the same thing. When a man has excess estrogen flowing through the blood, it causes breasts to grow in a very similar way to the physiology of a woman.

It’s the glandular tissue that starts to grow and is essentially a breast. If you notice that your breasts are growing and you are otherwise in shape. Or, that they are looking very similar to a woman’s breast and not just flabby fat from being overweight then this is the number one sign.

Some of the other signs we will go over can also be caused by low testosterone, but this is one specifically caused by estrogen.

2 - Infertility

Too much estrogen will interfere with other hormones that your body is producing. When it is particularly acute, it can even cause infertility due to spermatogenesis. Normal hormone balance is essential for the production of quality sperm as well as the right quantity for it to be effective at fertilizing an egg.

If you are having trouble conceiving then it is a good idea to start with an estrogen test to see if this is what is happening. If you are also seeing signs of gynecomastia then you are likely going to need some treatment for this.

3 - Erectile dysfunction

There are so many causes of erectile dysfunction that on its own this symptom shouldn’t point to excess estrogen in your system. However, when taken in combination with the other signs, then this is more evidence on the pile that you are looking at an estrogen problem and not something else.

When you have a testosterone imbalance with excess estrogen it will lower your sex drive and increase the chances that you are unable to get or maintain an erection when the mood does strike. Check your medications to see if there are any side effects like erectile dysfunction. If not then get checked for this hormone.

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