The Heavy Bag – 5 Rules to Hit By

In general, you should use a heavy bag that is approximately half your body weight. However, if a brand offers three different weights—say 75, 100, and 125 pounds, most people usually choose the middle choice.

The man punching bag provides enough resistance to give a decent workout as long as it doesn't swing or wobble significantly with each hit you strike. The cost of heavy bags varies based on the size and material (leather is more expensive than vinyl, but it is more durable), but you can expect to pay more than $100.

Here's a short introduction to some boxing fundamentals if you're unsure how to execute each punching method.

#1 Stance

Stand with your legs staggered and your feet approximately shoulder-width apart. If you're right-handed, your left leg will be in front of you, and you'll use your left hand to jab while saving your right for power blows.

If you're a southpaw, place your right foot in front of your left. Your posture should be balanced, and your hands should be at the sides of your chin. Your chin is tucked away from your sides, and your elbows are close to your sides. Return your hand to your chin quickly after each blow.

#2 Jab

Your primary weapon is a fast, short punch delivered with the lead hand. As your arm locks out, throw your front hand straight out, turning your knuckles toward the ceiling.

As the strike comes to a close, your knuckles should point up. The jab is usually delivered while taking a short step forward.

#3 Cross

With the backhand, a powerful blow is delivered. As you throw it, drive through your back foot, turning on the ball of your foot to tilt your hips. As the arm stretches, turn your knuckles once more.

#4 Hook

It is a swinging punch that may be performed with either hand. Bring your arm up until it's parallel to the floor, bending your elbow 90 degrees.

To deliver the blow, twist your torso and pivot your foot. It's up to you whether the palm is facing down or toward you.

#5 Uppercut

You can frequently end an opponent with an uppercut to the jaw or body after setting him up with jabs and crosses. The punch moves are similar to the hook but on an upward trajectory.

Shift your weight to the side of the punch, then throw it upwards with your palm facing you and your elbow sloping downward.


Allow the index and middle finger knuckles to deliver the punch on every punch. Your hands will be injured if you land on the smaller knuckles. Exhale powerfully as you throw each punch, and try to remain calm as you move with your hands up. When throwing punches, move your head from side to side.

It is suggested to complete at least six rounds. All rounds are 3 minutes long, with a 1-minute break in between (set a timer!).

Wrap your hands before you begin and use them for the first round of shadowboxing. Then put on your boxing gloves and do the remainder of the exercise with them.

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