The Complete Guide To Buying Punch Bags

Are you fond of boxing? Being an amateur boxer means investing plenty of time and effort in improving your punching power, speed, accuracy, and hand-eye coordination.

Apart from visiting the gym, having a punching bag at home would undoubtedly boost your performance and strength in no time. Considering the extensive choice of such equipment in the market, you’re strongly advised to purchase a punching bag that fits your body weight, boxing skills, and free space.

The following guide will help you make the right choice.

Choose the Style & Weight of Punching Bag

bag weight

When purchasing such a piece of boxing equipment, you’ll be provided with a wide range of styles to choose from. The right type of punch bag would mainly depend on your training requirements, your boxing skills, and the amount of free space you have at home.

For instance, heavy bags are undoubtedly the most popular models among boxers, which need to be mounted to the ceiling. Their weight ranges from 30 pounds to a maximum of 200 pounds, thus requiring the use of a rope or chain to be properly hung.

The most common weight that most boxers and MMA fighters use is the 100 lb heavy bag. This bag weight is heavy enough that it absorbs the hardest of blows but also light enough that it does not destroy your hands in the process.

This style of punching bag, the hanging heavy bag, is perfect for improving upon your boxing techniques, your accuracy and your power. The heavier the bag is the more power you will have to throw in order to get a solid punch in.

Moreover, boxers looking to improve their strength are advised to purchase a heavier model, along with a pair of durable gloves. Conversely, the ones trying to improve their punching speed are recommended to purchase a considerably lighter model.

Free-standing punch bags provide a great convenience in terms of mounting, as these pieces of boxing equipment don’t have to be mounted to ceilings or walls. Unlike the heavy punch bags, free standing punching bags pose no restrictions regarding space, as these models can be easily repositioned. Boxers are enabled to place them anywhere in the room and change their position when necessary.

Additionally, owing to their reflex design, these models return once you punch them. Consequently, they’re most suitable for practicing martial arts as well as for improving punching accuracy and speed. These are also the best alternative for amateur boxers who wish to purchase one for training in the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, speed punching bags are considerably lighter and smaller than the heavy models, as these are only filled with air. Their purpose is to help boxers enhance their punching speed while building strong arm and leg muscles.

Double-end punch bags are an excellent alternative for users aiming to improve their hand-eye coordination and develop better reflexes. These variants are the right alternative for boxers preparing for a real fight, as they help you simulate a fight with an opponent.

Consider the material

Choosing the right material is of essential importance when purchasing a punching bag, as it plays a major role in its endurance. The outer layer of the bag is supposed to be made of highly durable material, such as leather or vinyl. Visit this page to learn more about the extensive variety of leather types.

Nevertheless, the inner material is of indispensable importance, much more significant than the outer layer. The right choice of inner material will prevent it from sinking to the bottom, thus causing injuries to the wrists and hands of boxers.

The models filled with sand tend to be less convenient, as sand is known for hitting the bottom after a short period of use.

Therefore, make sure you choose a model filled with a fiber material and padded with foam on the inside for greater absorption of punches. Nowadays, the newest trend is buying a variant filled with water, protected with durable plastic for better simulation of hitting a real opponent.

Consider its weight

The weight is an important consideration when choosing a heavy punch bag, as it has to be adjusted to your body weight. Bear in mind that it’s supposed to be half of your weight to provide the desired results. Exceptions to this rule can be made when your boxing skills are good enough to handle a model of larger weight.


This piece of equipment is essential for becoming a better boxer.

Choose wisely!

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