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How to Do a Perfect Plank: A Comprehensive Guide

What does a plank actually do? How can I do a perfect plank? These are common questions exercise fanatics and gym enthusiasts ask more often, and I guess you’re here for the answer. The plank is known as the super stiffness exercise since it generates stiffness in the abdominal wall muscles to develop a rigid […]

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How Many Calories Does Planking Burn? All You Need To Know

Strengthening the core is a vital aspect of any workout program. We all know that very few people get excited about planking, but those who cherish this exercise boast of a good-looking, strong and solid core. How many calories does planking burn seems to be a hard question to many people and it is not easy […]

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Bigger Hips Fast

Now that 2017 is here, it’s time to shed off the pounds and become a better you. There are a ton of women who are looking to lose weight. But that isn’t the only goal they are trying to achieve! What most girls think about getting thinner would also be achieving the shape they want, […]

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