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Essential Guide to Kickboxing

The late-90s fitness universe was popularly defined by the booming popularity of Billy Blank’s Tae Bo fitness program that incorporated kickboxing with energetic, heart-pumping dance moves. Years later and in his 60s, Billy Blanks is still at it, and it’s easy to see why fitness junkies continue to eat kickboxing up.Where Did Kickboxing Originate?Kickboxing stems […]

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Strength and Conditioning Workouts for MMA and BJJ

The two most important things for amateur and professional fighters, when talking about their fitness level, are strength and conditioning. All types of combat sports’ athletes, especially MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), need to build super strength and excellent conditioning to improve their fighting skills and stamina in the ring. For that, […]

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The Best Sauna Suit for Your Workouts: What You Should Know

From immune boosting to weight loss, the health benefits associated with sauna use are a clear indicator that science is on the side of this heat-based therapy. Better yet, sauna use is a natural yet effective way to achieve optimal body health and longevity. While we cannot all afford a monthly membership to a spa, […]

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