Smart Ideas for Creating Home Gym within your Budget

Are you looking to turn an empty space into a futuristic gym? Do you want innovative ideas to get started with? There is an increasing trend in the number of people who practice the gym because this might be one of the safest investments on your fitness. 

In the article ahead, we will tell you how to come up with a basic gym design for yourself. 

​​​​Essential Tools Needed to Create Home Gym

You do not need a fortune in order to kick start your gym space. You can do well enough with just $1000 in your pocket before you start. Here are some materials that you need to in your gym to get started. 

  • Olympic barbell
  • Squat rack with a pull-up bar
  • Weight plates (could be rubber or iron, depending on your budget)
  • Flat bench
  • Jump rope

These are the basic equipment you need to get your gym started. There is a lot of additional equipment that you may have in the gym but they are not necessary to start with. 

Finding The Right Equipment - Cost and Benefit Analysis

We talked about getting the equipment for $1000, but where can you find it? 

  • Fringe Sport’s Wonder Bar V2 costs $200
  • Home Gym Power Rack by Rep Fitness costs $240
  • Flat Bench by Amazon Basics costs $50
  • Olympic 2-Inch Weight Plates by CAP Barbell costs $350
  • Jump Rope by Garage Fit costs $8

To save the cost for building a home gym, you can search for deals on online stores, eg this store. They will offer you the latest promotions, Which sometimes will save you a lot of money.

Gym Mirror – Why Is It Necessary?

There are two main things that a gym mirror adds to your workspace. 

Firstly, it adds the right amount of aesthetic that makes a gym place look more appealing. Having mirrors all around you, while you work out gives the person a good feel.

Secondly, it adds practicality. This means that everyone needs to see what posture or extent they can push through while working out. It is only possible when they can catch a glimpse of their pose in the mirror while working out. 

Hanging A Gym Mirror by DIY to Minimize Cost

A workout mirror needs to be installed with proper care. So before getting started, you have to figure out a space for putting your gym mirror. Keep in mind that there is a little space needed above the edge of the mirror to place the mirror clips. 

In many gyms, the mirrors reach almost till the ground. If you want this maximum length of your gym mirrors, then make sure to check for electrical outlets.

Next, if you already haven’t purchased the mirror, then you have to go and pick the right one to suit your gym space. If you have space to squeeze in and afford glass-less, consider home gym mirrors. They are durable as they are shatterproof. 

Few manufacturers provide the facility of installing the mirror. They might charge you for this or might do it for free. While you are communicating for purchase, explore installing options too. We would recommend you to go for an installation option rather than doing it yourself if it’s your first time. 

Here we come to the tools you need for hanging your gym mirror in place. You will need:

These tools come with the gym mirror in most cases. 

Before you can install the mirror into place, make sure to clean the wall on which you are planning to put the gym mirror. If this place is not clean, then the mirror glue won’t adhere to its full capacity making things tougher for you.

Now that you are ready with your mirror and tools, you need a helping hand. Ask a friend or any family member to assist you in putting up the mirror. Since the mirror will probably be heavy and the task is tricky, it’s advisable to have someone to help you out.

Wear gloves before getting started. You should also hand out a pair of gloves to your assistant. Always remember that safety comes first.

Next, you have to install the J bar in place. The J bar should be put in place with special care keeping in mind the measurements. Only when you have the J bar in place, your mirror clips can be in proper order.

After that, fix the mirror clips to the wall and apply mirror glue to the back of the mirror. Finally, mount the mirror onto the wall. Ensure that the back surface is properly in contact.

The Conclusion

Gym mirrors add that extra touch into your gym space. They make it look more trendy and bring an innovative streak to your workout space. 

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