4 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Digital Health and Fitness Now

The pandemic has fueled a wellness boom. People start seeing well-being through a much more sophisticated lens nowadays. They’re now opting for what they call “holistic wellness,” where better health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep, and mindfulness should all be taken into consideration. 

As a result, digital health and fitness demand surged as they are the best alternatives during the pandemic. But is following this bandwagon good? Here are four reasons you should start incorporating your health and fitness digitally and virtually. 

Inexpensive Way to a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle 

Living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit are usually associated with economic barriers. Examples of these are expensive workout equipment, hefty gym membership fees, costly healthy produce, or high-cost medications, to name a few.  

With fitness and healthcare made virtual and online, everything is much more affordable. For example, virtual training is generally cheaper than its in-person counterpart. But still, its costs depend on your preferred program and accessibility. It can be as low as $30 per month for app-based fitness training to as high as $300 per month for 1-on-1 live online fitness coaching. 

In addition to that, it’s normal to shop for products online now. Delivery fees are much more reasonable than what is spent on gas and transportation costs. Online pharmacies tend to offer better pricing than offline stores as well. 

Many health-related and fitness companies even offer a free app from BuzzRx, free trials, or no-cost subscription nowadays. So what people only have to do is dedicate themselves to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can’t make a living below the means an excuse anymore. Being healthy does need effort, but once you’ll achieve your goals, you and everyone you love will greatly benefit from it.

Flexible Training for Busy Parents

Time is never enough for busy parents who are juggling between taking care of their children and earning money simultaneously. The only time they can exercise is when their kids are asleep, which is usually outside the regular business hours. Even if there are 24/7 fitness centers, parents can’t just leave their little ones alone at night.

With parents’ tight schedules in mind, it’s almost impossible for them to make a workout work out. But with virtual fitness, it’s possible! Since it’s online and remote, parents can easily squeeze in workout training anytime, anywhere. 

It’s also easy for parents to connect with a virtual fitness trainer from a different country online. So if it’s absurdly early or super late where you are, you can flexibly get fitness training with someone living in a time zone that works well for you. 

More importantly, digital fitness can serve as a bonding time. Most fitness coaches, who are parents themselves, allow parents to let their children join them on their online training appointment. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Parents can stay fit and, at the same time, set an example to their kids about how essential it is to exercise and live healthily. 

Way to Break Through Gymtimidation 

Not everyone can feel comfortable and confident while working out at a gym. For example, beginners are usually self-conscious and consequently can’t work out well. One study also revealed that men’s presence and specific actions intimidate women. As a result, most girls tend to avoid weight rooms and equipment. 

It’s not also women who are getting “gymtimidated.” Men who are often overweight or underweight are often conscious of how they look in a gym surrounded by fit and sometimes, muscular gym goers.

Virtual fitness, on the other hand, can provide a more relaxing environment for beginners and most women. You can enjoy welcome relief from the comfort and privacy of your home. What’s more, once they start to get in shape, they’re likely to have higher self-esteem the next time they’ll hit the gym

Accessible Corporate Wellness For All

Employers are taking advantage of digital health and fitness. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19, employers have to indulge in work-from-home arrangements and prepare for a hybrid approach to corporate wellness. But thanks to virtual fitness, they found a way to provide flexible and accessible workplace fitness solutions for everyone during the pandemic. 

Digital fitness is now a new way for employers to keep their employees’ mental, emotional, and physical health in check remotely. Otherwise, workers can be out of shape, which can lead to healthcare costs, absenteeism, and stress and eventually affects their overall work performance. If you’re a boss, you can understand this well. 

In fact, job seekers are now going for companies with work-from-home-friendly benefits. So incorporating wellness programs in a digital and virtual way is also a good way for employers to attract and retain new talents. 


An ongoing digital revolution is taking place in the health and fitness industries. A lot of people are now getting used to the convenience online alternatives can give. Hence, it will not be surprising if the digital health and fitness bandwagon will stay even after the pandemic.

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