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Plyo Push Ups: 5 Ways It Helps You Get a Leaner Look

Plyo Push Ups are some of the toughest exercises that you can do in the gym. These exercises are designed to activate those elusive fast twitch muscles that cannot be activated with traditional weight exercises. We have studied the art of plyometric exercises a little deeper and we have found a few reasons why you should try and include them in your workout.

Plyo Push Ups Tips For Doing Plyometric Pushups: Ensure That Your Core Is ContractedConsider Adding Wrist TapeKeep Your Body Straight Throughout The MovementEnsure That You Do Down Deep Benefits of Doing Plyo Pushups: Improves Weight Loss:Push ups Will Improve Overall Growth And Plyo Push Ups Will Speed This UpHelps Improve Core Strength Build Muscle Much Faster Boost Efficiency Of The Neuromuscular System Plyo Push Ups VariationsThe Normal Plyo Push upsClap VariationFull Body VariationFalling VariationFinal Thoughts

Tips For Doing Plyometric Pushups:

Ensure That Your Core Is Contracted

To get maximum results and to put as much strain on the core as possible, you will need to focus on keeping the core contracted. This will force more blood to the muscles and allow your core muscles to not only grow, but also have improved endurance.

Consider Adding Wrist Tape

The plyo pushup will put a lot of strain on the joints and when you do this for a prolonged period of time, the wrists will take quite a beating. The wrist guards or straps will help protect the joints and this will keep stubborn joint pain from setting in.

Keep Your Body Straight Throughout The Movement

Once your body starts slacking, the pushup will not be as effective and you will also find it harder to do. By keeping your spine straight and ensuring that you are in a comfortable positions, you will put much more strain on the pectoral and deltoids. This will lead to much better results.

Ensure That You Do Down Deep

The plyo pushup requires you to go down deep if you are looking to get an effective motion. The deeper you go down in the pushup motion, the more strain will be put on the triceps and shoulders. This will also give you a much better base to launch yourself of the floor.

Benefits of Doing Plyo Pushups:

Improves Weight Loss:

Often times we are recommended to get into the gym and start working out. Most medical and even health professionals will recommend this as one of the first steps for those looking to start losing weight. Once you start building muscles, the metabolic rate will also speed up and this will help with that stubborn fat.

Plyometric exercises are known for their ability to activate the fast twitch muscles and this will help speed up the weight loss process. Plyometric exercises are those exercises that work with explosiveness and since you will be using much more effort, you will also be burning more calories.

Push ups Will Improve Overall Growth And Plyo Push Ups Will Speed This Up

Push-ups are one of the oldest ways that many people use to train their body. The push up can be done in various ways, but it will still give you a near full body training experience. The push up is also a really great way for you to release your natural human growth hormone and this will certainly allow you to get much better results. Your overall body will also naturally grow much better.

Plyometric push ups are the explosive variation and they will speed up this process, but we do recommend that you start off with normal push ups if you are a beginner.

Helps Improve Core Strength

Many of us might feel lazy from time to time when needing to train the core and the abs. We are generally taught to keep our abs contracted when working out and this will naturally also improve the overall core stability.

While plyometric push ups will need you to use the entire body to get off the ground, one of the most important parts will be the core.

Once you master the technique and you start building muscles in the core, you will naturally also start shredding those unwanted belly fats. This can really help to improve your overall look and also the way you go about lifting other weights.

With improved core stability, you will be much more inclined to get great results in the gym.

Build Muscle Much Faster

Whether you consider yourself to be a bodybuilder or simply just another athlete, you will have that goal of building muscles. The plyometric push ups will activate those fast twitch muscles that cannot otherwise be activated with normal endurance training.

This will force more blood to go to the muscle and with more blood in the specific muscle; you will naturally grow much faster.

One tip that we would like to include is that you should try and have some BCAAs before starting your plyometric workout routine. This will give you much better recovery times and your results should be that much better in the short term.

Boost Efficiency Of The Neuromuscular System

Plyometric pushups are considered to be a stretch-shortening exercise and you will be contracting and relaxing the muscles within short intervals of one another.

This rapid contracting and relaxing of the muscles will send a signal down the neuromuscular system and start training this system to be much more effective.

Once this system is trained and the neuromuscular system can effectively send these signals, the faster your body will allow you to contract and relax the muscles. This will in turn lead to much more speed and power.

When combing these two factors, your overall explosiveness will be improved and you will find yourself lifting heavier weights and also running much faster on the track

Plyo Push Ups Variations

There are a few variations that you can consider doing when mastering the art of plyo pushups. These variations will give you much more strain on the muscles and they will also give you some much better results.

The Normal Plyo Push ups

The normal plyometric pushup requires you to get on all fours in a normal push up position. You need to go down and then launch yourself with your hands leaving the ground, before simply landing on your hands and repeating the motion.

Clap Variation

The clap variation will require you to do a normal plyo pushup, but as you go up, you should clap your hands before landing. This will force you to push yourself higher and you can also start adding more claps.

Full Body Variation

The full body variation is where you simply perform a plyo pushup and you will lift your whole body into the air. As with the normal plyo pushup, you will go down and as you come up, you will get off the floor with your hands and feet before dropping back down.

Falling Variation

The falling variation is advanced and this requires you to stand in an upright position. You will then fall down into a pushup position and stat doing either the normal, clap, or full body variation.

This variation is quite dangerous and should only be done if you have full confidence in your wrists.

There are many more advanced variations that you could choose from, but these 4 are the main ones that you should consider starting out with.

See the video for other variations

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we certainly do hope that you have a better understanding of plyometric pushups and how they could improve your workout. We would like you to let us know what you think of these exercises in the comment section and also be sure to share this with your friends if they are into fitness.

100 Pushups a Day for a Month: Are They Good for You?

As a symbol of good body health and wellness, no other exercise surpasses the simple push-up. This simple exercise tests the whole body by engaging muscle groups in the chest, arms, hips, abdomen and legs. You’re probably wondering: can I do 100 pushups a day for a month?

For sure, it looks pretty easy since most of us know the basics: wrists below the shoulders, heels together, bend and straighten your elbows, and viola, a simple exercise that works your entire body. However, there are several tweaks that can make you take your push-up technique to a whole new level.

Purpose of Breathing Exercises Are 100 Pushups a Day for a Month Good for You?Allow for Time to RecoverDiversify your pushups How Can You Get the Most out of Your Pushups? Keep The Neck In Line With Your SpineKeep The Core EngagedMaster the Breathing Technique What Would Happen if You Did 100 Pushups a Day for a Month? Larger Chest.Stronger CoreHigher Anaerobic EnduranceTakeaway Message

Push-ups exercise tests the whole body by engaging muscle groups in the chest, arms, hips, abdomen and legs.

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Are 100 Pushups a Day for a Month Good for You?

Push-ups are excellent strength-training exercises for those who prefer working out in the comfort of their home because they require little equipment. Performing the push-ups regularly can strengthen multiple muscle groups in the body and lead to numerous benefits. 100 Pushups a day for a month, however, are not ideal.

If you perform body strength training on a daily basis, your muscles will barely have sufficient recovery time.

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Allow for Time to Recover

If you’re planning to perform this strength training exercise, you’ll need a schedule that lets you exercise at least twice a week. You should plan your strength training workout schedule in a manner that it allows for one or two days between every session for muscle recovery.

Sufficient recovery period is crucial to the health of your muscles, and failure to allocate enough recovery time can result in muscle injury.

Diversify your pushups

It is possible to perform pushups on consecutive days provided you vary your push-ups and don’t work the same muscles every day. Although push-ups have various target muscles, they involve the use of a couple of overlapping muscles such as the triceps, biceps and pectorals.

From diamond-push-ups to wide-arm push-ups, from one-hand push-ups to single-leg push-ups, there are numerous push-up variations to perform for utmost strength training effectiveness.

With an array of push-up options to perform, you not only meet your fitness needs but also keep yourself from getting bored due to monotonous workouts.

How Can You Get the Most out of Your Pushups?

For many people, doing 100 push-ups a day for a month is just a nightmare. Some cannot even stand the thought of doing 30 push-ups alone. So, what could be the problem?

The truth is that there are certain tweaks you can make to improve your push-up technique and get the most out of your workouts. To easily perform 100 push-ups for a day, here are tips to help you perfect this exercise.

Keep The Neck In Line With Your Spine

Tilting your head too far upward or dropping it too far down can exert much pressure on your spine and aggravate your risk of spine injuries, the opposite of getting stronger. To properly perform push-ups, you need to find a neutral spine.

Instead of looking straight out in front or tucking your chin, try to gaze about 8 inches in front of your fingertips. Keep your eyes focused in that position as you push-up and you won’t have to worry about damaging your spine

Keep The Core Engaged

The core entails more than the abdominal muscles. It includes the entire midsection, which is almost everything but the extremities. Activating your core muscles, including the abs, glutes, and obliques not only takes stress off your lower back but also stabilizes your hips so that the body remains in a single long line even as you lower down.

By actively squeezing the navel towards the spine, the pushup turns out to be just as much of an abdominal workout as doing the plank.

Master the Breathing Technique

If we were highlighting these in order of importance, this would definitely pick first position. Just like any other exercise, the right breathing technique aids in improving your form.

Proper breathing is what drives your body movement. Fitness experts advise that you exhale on the effort of your movement. This implies that you exhale when you push your body upwards and inhale as you go down.

By exhaling, you’re basically trying to empty your lungs of as much air as possible to aid in contracting the core and develop more power for your movement.

What Would Happen if You Did 100 Pushups a Day for a Month?

Push-ups are one of the top bodyweight exercises for strengthening your core and upper body muscles. Many fitness gurus and professional athletes have sworn by performing hundreds of push-ups routinely to stay in good body shape. Thinking of 100 pushups a day for a month? Here is what would happen.

Larger Chest.

The push-up is an excellent strength building exercise that mainly works your pecs. This means that doing them regularly will increase the size of your chest over time. Performing 100 push-ups a day for a month will not only make your chest significantly larger but also increase your arm power.

Stronger Core

Well, it is no secret that push-ups are excellent exercises for strengthening the upper body. Besides, performing a high volume of pushups regularly helps develop a strong, rock-solid core. You can also alter your push-up variation by raising one leg during pushup sets to increase the tension on your core.

Higher Anaerobic Endurance

Anaerobic endurance – the opposite of cardiovascular endurance, relates to how the body can perform an activity for a prolonged period without sufficient oxygen supply. Push-ups are basic resistance training exercises and performing them in high repetitions increases the anaerobic endurance of your shoulders, arms and chest.

Takeaway Message

If you’re looking for a way to build lean arms, tone your shoulders, and sculpt your abs all in a single move, then look no farther. The pushup is a bodyweight exercise that not only targets the major upper body muscles but also boosts your core strength.

The best part about this exercise is that no fancy equipment is required and you can do it just about anywhere. To get the most out of your pushups, you need to:

Master the breathing techniqueKeep your core engagedKeep the neck in line with your spine

It’s my hope that you enjoyed reading this post and you’re free to drop us a comment to share your thoughts with us. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family as well.

Incredible Diamond Push ups Benefits – #7 Is a Killer


The pushup is one of the classic tests of muscular strength and endurance. Surprisingly, there is more to the push-up. By bringing your hands together to form a diamond shape, this bodyweight exercise variation becomes more difficult and yields extra benefits.

The diamond pushup, also known as the close hand pushup or the triangle pushup is an exercise you want to include in your workout for several reasons. Here are some diamond push ups benefits that will have you activate your workout beast mode this summer.

Diamond Push ups Benefits How To Perform Diamond Push Ups? Boost Your Triceps Activation Boost Your Triceps Activation Increase Functional Strength Through Full Body Activation Strengthen the Core Calorie Burning and Weight Loss Boost Your Metabolism Improve Posture Protects the Shoulders from Injury Improved Body Balance and Stability Enhance your Cardiovascular System Muscle Stretching Takeaway Message

How To Perform Diamond Push Ups?

You still are wondering How To Do A Diamond Push Up? Let's see the video below or this guide on BodyBuilding before learning what benefits of diamond push ups are.

Boost Your Triceps Activation

When performing the diamond pushup, one tends to place the hands in a narrow position so that they form a diamond or triangle shape. As a result, most of the body weight is exerted on the triceps.

As a matter of fact, a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise revealed that he diamond pushup is one of the most effective exercises for triceps activation, followed by tricep kickbacks and dips.Therefore, if you’re looking to either strengthen your triceps or bring more definition to them, then the diamond pushup is an exercise you want to include in your fitness regime.

Increase Functional Strength Through Full Body Activation

As you lower your heavy body to the floor and the dreaded “burn” feeling starts to encompass your body muscles, the first thing that probably comes into your mind is the number of muscles you are engaging.

While it may be agonizing for you, it is one surefire benefit of the diamond pushup.

As you perform this bodyweight exercise, almost every major muscle in your body is required to execute each movement.The body’s major muscle groups, including the core muscles, biceps, anterior deltoids, and triceps are activated so as to support the body while stabilizing its movements.Since this exercise trains the most important muscles in your body, it’s probably the reason why it is difficult to perform as compared to the standard bench press.

Strengthen the Core

Many people have been ingrained with the notion that diamond pushups help tone the arms alone. However, the truth is that when you perform this bodyweight exercise variation, you tend to engage all the muscles that make up your core and reap all the benefits that come with having a strong core. Read more on this article 

While it may be agonizing for you, it is one surefire benefit of the diamond pushup.

As you perform this bodyweight exercise, almost every major muscle in your body is required to execute each movement.The body’s major muscle groups, including the core muscles, biceps, anterior deltoids, and triceps are activated so as to support the body while stabilizing its movements.Since this exercise trains the most important muscles in your body, it’s probably the reason why it is difficult to perform as compared to the standard bench press.

"when you perform this bodyweight exercise variation, you tend to engage all the muscles"

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Calorie Burning and Weight Loss

Well, the benefits of diamond pushups go beyond toning the body muscles. If you’re looking for a bodyweight exercise variation that’s difficult to perform but excellent for weight loss, then here comes your answer.

Diamond pushups greatly aid in burning large amounts of calories in the body, particularly in the mid-section. The body’s fat burning mechanisms are activated due to the repetitive motion that you build when doing pushups.This means that you will easily shred the extra pounds from your body and burn the fat deposits present in your body.

Boost Your Metabolism

By performing diamond pushups, you are striving to push your entire body to a total physical exertion. And while that is agonizing or makes you feel like throwing up, it also forces your heart to work harder.

Your body muscles need more oxygen to produce energy to sustain you through this exercise and that can only be achieved by getting the heart to pump blood faster.This transpires in a higher metabolic rate so that the body burns lots of calories. Metabolism is basically your paycheck with regard to calories so the higher your metabolic rate is, the more calories you get to shred.

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Improve Posture

Diamond pushups help increase your core strength which is the key to improving body posture and preventing yourself from health complications as age catches up.

"Diamond pushups help increase your core strength which is the key to improving body posture"

Click to Tweet When you have a super strong core, it becomes easy for you to support your whole body in whatever position it is in.Moreover, when done properly, diamond pushups increase the strength of your core thus helping provide the body with a good posture, which helps prevent a majority of health complications that sprout later in life.Additionally, engaging in diamond pushups regularly causes the body to lean naturally towards proper posture, an influential passive benefit of diamond pushups.

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Protects the Shoulders from Injury

The rotator cuff injury is among the most debilitating and common injuries among the old. While the severity of the rotator cuff injury depends on an array of unique circumstances, protecting the shoulder should be a priority when performing bodyweight exercises.

The diamond pushup has been found to be one of the most effective ways to protect the shoulder joints from injuries, particularly in older adults.Since the diamond pushup calls upon the stabilizing muscles that surround the rotator cuff joint, this region is conditioned and strengthened for an array of dynamic movements.Besides, by supporting the health and strength of the primary and secondary muscles of the shoulder, the likelihood of suffering from debilitating shoulder injuries is significantly reduced.

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Improved Body Balance and Stability

When performing diamond pushups, the hands are usually closer to each other which forms a small base of support. Coupled with the feet being together, the diamond pushup becomes an exercise with a significant balance component.

The diamond pushup aids in training the muscle fibers which play a major role in keeping your entire body balanced and stabilized.While performing diamond pushups, the body muscle fibers work together to keep your body in position and prevent it from dropping.The more diamond pushups you perform, the better your overall stability becomes resulting in good body balance and speed.

Enhance your Cardiovascular System

It is no doubt that the diamond pushup is a compound exercise that calls for synchronous functioning of multiple muscle groups.

By simultaneously engaging multiple muscle groups, the heart is forced to pump harder so as to supply your body muscles with oxygen-rich blood.Ultimately, this transpires into an effective cardiovascular exercise that aids in supporting heart health, preventing heart related problems such as heart failures and promoting the reduction of cholesterol in the body.

"diamond pushup is a compound exercise that calls for synchronous functioning of multiple muscle groups"

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Muscle Stretching

One of the most underrated benefits of diamond pushups is the amount of stretching it offers to your back muscles and biceps.

Through the repetitive motion of lowering your body, the back muscles are effectively stretched. On the other hand, pushing yourself to the original starting position accords your biceps a full stretch.Besides improving your body’s flexibility which aids in preventing injuries, well-stretched muscles feature a robust and attractive appearance.

Takeaway Message

The diamond pushup is a bodyweight exercise variation that makes an excellent choice for a workout that engages multiple muscle groups in the body. With consistent training, diamond pushups become relative easy, which is a telltale indicator of immense progression and a foundation for advanced push-up variations.

It’s my hope that you enjoyed this article and if you have any comments, feel free to drop them here. Also, don’t forget to share it.

Shoulder Pain When doing Push Ups? We Got You Covered

The shoulder is a complicated body joint and unlike other joints that are just a single bone fitting ion another bone, the shoulder is a complex interplay between the scapula, clavicle, and humerus. Besides, the shoulder joint is in some way affected or controlled by almost every muscle in the upper torso. Now you might be wondering, why do I experience shoulder pain when doing pushups?

Shoulder Pain When doing Push Ups Why Do I Experience Shoulder Pain When Doing Pushups?Shoulder Joint TendinitisRotator Cuff Injury Common Mistakes When Performing PushupsFlared ElbowsSagging HipsPerforming Pushups on Your KneesTakeaway Message

In an attempt to boost your body fitness on a small budget, pushups are an excellent way to work your chest, arms and shoulders without the need for a pricey gym membership or expensive exercise equipment.

However, unlike other forms of strength training exercises, there’s some risk that pushups can result in lower back ache, hurt your shoulders and derail you from reaping the best muscle-building benefits associated with pushups

Why Do I Experience Shoulder Pain When Doing Pushups?

Oftentimes, shoulder pain when performing pushups can be as a result of repetitive use of weak muscles, incorrect technique or weak muscles that cannot support the movement. If the problem isn’t identified and pushups continue with the same pain, there could be the risk of a permanent injury.

Here are some reasons why you could be experiencing shoulder pain when doing pushups.

Shoulder Joint Tendinitis

source: MayoClinic

Tendons are the thick, rope-like cords that attach your muscles to the bones and can become irritated or inflamed due to repetitive movements or overuse.

Doing pushups severally in a week can irritate the tendons surrounding the shoulder joint, resulting in a tight, painful sensation. Ice is the best remedy to reduce tendon inflammation or swelling. Besides, performing other strength training exercise variations that work the same muscles may be necessary if the pain is recurrent.

Rotator Cuff Injury

The rotator cuff muscles aid in providing stability to the shoulder joint when you’re engaging in dynamic movements. While there isn’t a specific strength training variation that can result in rotator cuff injury, acute tears can occur with this muscle during quick, powerful movements like pushups

Such tears can result in some sharp, acute pain for several days and then subside later. Chronic tears may also occur as a result of weak rotator cuff muscles and more wear and tear.

Common Mistakes When Performing Pushups

While performing pushups is an excellent way to develop upper body strength, doing them incorrectly can result in pain and injury. Most of the pain experiences when doing pushups is usually as a result of poor technique and here are some of the most common mistakes we make when doing pushups.

Flared Elbows

If someone took an aerial picture of your body and see your upper arms form a “T” with the torso, then you’re probably doing your pushups wrong. Flared out elbows can be as a result of internally rotating your hands and it exerts lots of stress on the rotator cuff, which can result in injuries.

source: breakingmuscle

How to Fix

To fix this mistake, always keep your elbows tucked as close to the body as possible. This way, you’ll not only engage your triceps and chests but also rely on your biceps, lats and traps while protecting your shoulders from injury.

Learn More About on This Video:

Sagging Hips

source: Youtube

Many people tend to sag or lower their hips when performing pushups because it reduces the intensity of this strength training exercise. While it’s a good way to cut corners when doing pushups, the implication is that you’ll have a rough time dealing with lower back pain.

How to Fix

When performing pushups, always ensure that your hips, upper back and head are in a straight line. If your hips often fall below that line, you are not reaping the full core benefits of this exercise. It is advisable to tightly squeeze your glutes when performing pushups. This helps keep your mid-section tight, which prevents your hips from sagging.

See more on this video:

Performing Pushups on Your Knees

source: Youtube

When people cannot perform the full pushup due to weak muscles or lack of body strength, they try to compensate it by doing pushups on their knees because it takes most weight off the arms. Dropping your knees when performing pushups makes it impossible for you to activate your glutes which stabilize your pelvis and set it in the right pushup position.

How to Fix

If full pushups are a nightmare for you, perform incline pushups. Place your hands on a table or chair and get your body to a 45 degree angle. This helps you to slowly build the strength you need to perform a full pushup. Besides, as your strength progresses, look for shorter objects to use and minimize the angle your body makes with the ground.

See more on this video:

Takeaway Message

You’re probably brimming with enthusiasm to complete a few pushup reps and build your body strength. Besides, every gym nut is probably telling you about the vast benefits of performing pushups but not shedding some light on the common mistakes that could make your pushup sessions a nightmare

Some of the most common mistakes people make when performing pushups are:

Flared out elbowsSagging hipsPerforming pushups on your knees

Did you enjoy reading this post? If you did, drop us a comment right below. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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