Proven Ways for Healthier and Stronger Hair

A good number of people are lucky to have their hair flourish effortlessly. However, the more significant percentage of us have to employ extra effort, patience, and new tricks for our hair to show slight improvements in length and glow. Unfortunately, you cannot grow a butt-length hair overnight; your hair typically grows half an inch per month!

We have to know that there is no scientifically proven method to grow one's hair. You may have visited thousands of YouTube channels that promise of tremendous growth within an impractical time. Any individual who is lucky to grow their hair faster is simply because their hair texture is thicker and dense as well; thick and dense hair will always appear longer.

Since achieving health and stronger hair is possible for all hair textures, here are some of the proven methods through which one can acquire it.

Trim your ends regularly

To some people, trimming the edges means that you have to part with a sizable length of your hair. However, people should know that cutting the ends ensures that your hair thrives. This is because when the ends split, they end up entangling each other, thus dying off in the end. One should, therefore, trim off the edges for healthier strands. For quality trimming clippers, you should review the Oster fast feed vs wahl senior so that you can make the perfect choice. 

Use egg mask treatment

Eggs are rich in proteins, a product that helps in strengthening hair follicles. The egg hair mask also protects the strands from becoming dry and thin. For best results, whisk your egg with plain yogurt and apply on the hair for 20 minutes. Rinse off to get rid of the smell. 

Drink more water

Staying hydrated is not only crucial to the normal functioning of the body but also to the hair as well. A severely dehydrated hair prevents the strands from growing as well as instigating their breakage. Moreover, enough water keeps the hair cells healthy, thus stimulating the growth of string and healthier strands. For best results, ensure that you take at least eight glasses of water in a day.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 acids are known best for their inflammatory properties. Inflammation is the primary cause of hair loss; omega-3, therefore, reduces the inflammation of hair follicles, thus reducing the loss of strands. 

The fatty acids also protect the body cells, thus keeping the skin healthy. To get the omega-3 in abundance, eat fatty fish such as salmon and herring. If you have a problem with fish, you can get the same from fish oil capsules. 

Avoid tying your hair in a bun

When tying your hair, avoid making a bun too often or making it too tight. Over time, the band may cause your hair to be fragile, thus making it easy to break. The bun often entangles the hair, thus making it skeptical to damage as the brittle strands will be more prone to breaking as compared to the rest. 

Use conditioner more than shampoo

In many cases, we often shampoo our hair every time we take a shower. This is because of the mentality that shampooing it usually ensures that we get rid of dirt from our scalp. Unfortunately, this is a bad habit as the shampoo extracts natural oils from our scalps. These oils are essential as they keep our hair soft and stronger. 

When shampoo is used in excess, it makes our strands weaker and drier. You should, therefore, limit its usage to at least once per week, and instead, use conditioner in regular washes as it repairs all the damaged strands. 

Avoid heat styling tools

Styled hair looks glamorous. However, this comes with a cost as the same hair experiences breakage. If you have to use heat on your hair, ensure that the temperature is low and the strands are masked with a heat protector. 

Brush your hair

Some people will always advise you against brushing their hair regularly. However, it is not the case as your hair should be brushed at least 2 minutes per day. 

Combing is necessary as it stimulates the flow of blood in the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth. However, never brush your hair while wet as it makes it prone to breakage. 

Growing healthier and stronger hair should no longer be stressful. With these tips, expect your hair to flourish forever!

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