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Top 9 Resistance Loop Bands for Lean Muscles and Physical Fitness

If you’re looking for a versatile, convenient and a cheaper tool for exercise, resistance loop bands are your best bet. Resistance loop bands are ideal for home workouts because they are not as bulky as weights. Also, since they are elastic they are safer to use and you’ll be less prone to injury.

It is important that you choose the best resistance loop bands for your strength training. Choosing resistance loop bands of high quality can be tricky. There are many products out there.

Once you’ve found the best product, you won’t end up worrying about heavy equipment, going to the gym, or storing your weights. Resistance loop bands are the best answer to your home workout needs.

Scouring the market for different brands of resistance loop bands, here are products that have been tried and tested. Take your pick from them if you haven’t found one yet.

Best Resistance Loop Band Reviews Best Resistance Loop Band Reviews Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands Physix Gear Sport’s Resistance Loop Bands NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Band Set Synergee’s Exercise Fitness Resistance Band Mini Loop Bands Starwood Sports Exercise Resistance Loop Bands Set Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands Sport2People’s Resistance Bands Home-Complete Exercise Resistance Loop Bands What to Look For When Buying Resistance Loop BandsMaterialFormResistance LevelAccessoriesBenefits of Resistance Loop BandsThings to Remember When Using Resistance Loop BandsHow to Use the Resistance Loop BandsTotal Body Workout with a Resistance LoopBooty & Abs Burner!Conclusion

Best Resistance Loop Band Reviews

Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

First on the list is Limm Exercise Resistance Bands which comes in a set of five bands. This product includes a manual, a Home Workouts eBook, plus a handy nylon travel bag where you can store the bands. The bands are color-coded and labeled according to strength and are made of 100% natural latex.

The five resistance bands measure 12 inches by 2 inches. The resistance levels range from a minimum of 4 pounds to a maximum of 40 lbs. With these resistance levels, these are recommended for beginners, children, and those undergoing physical therapy. The light resistance levels ensure that you get proper strength training without causing physical stress.

Light level resistance bands are also perfect for yoga, Pilates, and exercises such as squats and arm stretches.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Another recommended product is Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands. This set of five, color-coded bands are made of 100% natural latex. The claim is that the bands are free from Thermoplastic Elastomer which cause skin rashes. One proof to that claim is that they don’t have a distinct rubbery smell especially when drenched with sweat.

These progressive resistance loop bands also measure 12 inches by 2 inches, color-coded and labeled into five different resistance levels. Since the resistance levels are lightweight – ranging from 2 pounds to 30 pounds – these bands are also perfect for children, females with small body frames, senior citizens, and those under therapy.

However, you can use two bands together for added strength and resistance.Its freebies also included a handy nylon bag, an eBook of exercises, and access to a free online workout guide.

Physix Gear Sport’s Resistance Loop Bands

Next up is Physix Gear Sport’s Resistance Loop Bands which has a set of four color-coded bands. The bands are made of Resistive Latex Thermoplastic Rubber which is a stronger variety of latex.

The various bands are labeled as light, medium, heavy, and x-heavy. The packaging doesn’t say how much the resistance levels are, so you just have to rely on your own. Although there are only four bands, they are durable enough to use together should you want a heavier resistance.

What’s unique about this product is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty should the bands not be at par with your standards. When you buy this product, you also get a drawstring bag, a free eBook, and access to an online video workout.

NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Band Set

The NeeBooFit Resistance Loop Band Set is unique because it has six bands instead of the usual five. You get more options and more resistance levels with this pack. Another factor that you may like about this product is that the strongest band is 1.5 mm thick than most resistance bands in the market.

These bands are also made of natural latex rubber and measure 12 inches by 2 inches. Since there are six bands, they are categorized into two sets: the lightweight bands and the heavyweight bands. The lightest resistance is 7 pounds, and the heaviest is 44 pounds.

The resistance levels of these bands are perfect for all types of body build and a variety of uses. You can also stretch them up to three times the original length, and they won’t break.

The package also includes a drawstring bag made of breathable nylon, an exercise guide booklet, and free access to an online fitness workout video.

Synergee’s Exercise Fitness Resistance Band Mini Loop Bands

The next product that made it to this list is Synergee’s Exercise Fitness Resistance Band Mini Loop Bands. The five bands measured 12 inches by 2 inches and made of natural latex, too.

Choose from different resistance levels according to your training needs. They are labeled by different colors and range from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. The various resistance levels of these bands are recommended for all types of body build.

One thing you will notice about these bands is that they stretch evenly which leads to an even resistance. The durability of the bands makes them a perfect tool for strength training at home and the gym.

You can store the resistance loop bands in the nylon bag included, and you also get a free printed exercise manual.

Starwood Sports Exercise Resistance Loop Bands Set

The sixth product on the list is Starwood Sports Exercise Resistance Loop Bands Set. This set of five color-coded bands are made of natural and eco-friendly latex that don’t have an awful rubbery smell. The bands measure 12 inches by 2 inches and range from 6 pounds to 45 pounds.

What’s unique about these bands is that they are sweat-resistant – the moisture doesn’t stick to the bands. However, always wipe them off after use because latex and moisture do not go well together. Plus, wiping off any exercise equipment or tool is a hygienic practice.

The range of the resistance levels are recommended for all kinds of exercises and therapy, as well as all body builds. Each product comes with its own instruction manual plus carry-on bag.

Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands

The Phantom Fit Resistance Loop Bands are a set of four different-colored bands. The resistance levels range from light, medium, heavy, and x-heavy which you can mix and match for added strength.

The bands are made of durable latex and don’t smell of rubber. The 12 inches by 2 inches bands are just the right resistance for beginners. However, since it doesn’t come with an exercise booklet, beginners will have to search for the exercises.

The bands are easy to use and don’t slip off easily. Although the bands don’t specify the weight, you can always pair them with one another if you want more challenge. The only bonus you’ll get with the product is a workout music CD you can listen to.

Sport2People’s Resistance Bands

Another product worth recommending is Sport2People’s Resistance Bands for Exercise & Fitness. These light level bands’ resistance range from 2 pounds to 30 pounds. Given the lighter resistance, these bands are ideal for beginners.

However, if you already feel that you want to progress to higher exercise levels, simply pair one of the bands with a higher resistance band.

You can choose from five distinct color-coded bands to use for your exercises. Each band is made of natural latex, measures 12 inches by 2 inches and don’t roll up when used.

When you buy this product, you get a handy mesh bag and a 63-page eBook with detailed exercises. Buy another set, and you get 10% off!

Home-Complete Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

Last but not the least is Home-Complete Exercise Resistance Loop Bands. Choose from four different progressive bands to complete your workout exercises. The 12 inches by 2 inches professional-grade quality bands are made of natural latex and don’t have a distinct smell.

The least resistance weighs 6 pounds while the heaviest weighs 45 pounds. These resistance levels are ideal for all types of exercises from yoga to Pilates to CrossFit training and can be used for all body types.

This product comes with its carry-on drawstring bag. You also get a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

What to Look For When Buying Resistance Loop Bands

If you want to get the best out of your resistance loop bands, it is crucial to choose based on some factors. Here are some tips on what you should look out for:


The resistance loop bands materials should be made of natural latex. One way to check is to smell them. If you smell a strong chemical odor or a rubbery smell, chances are they are not natural latex. However, if you have an allergic reaction to latex, this may not be your safest bet.


When you run your hands over the bands, do you notice any inaccuracies? For example, one part may seem thinner than the rest. Also, check the bands for any irregularities such as shape. When placed on a flat surface, the edges should be aligned. When you roll them up, there should not be any bumps or uneven textures.

Resistance Level

Each band should have a different resistance level. You could either tell by the color or the labels. Some products may not have the weight indicated on the bands or the manual. The only way to determine if there are differences in resistance is to test them yourself.

When testing the resistance levels, see if they are too hard to pull or too easy. If they are too difficult for you to pull, you may end up having a hard time using them. On the other hand, if the resistance is too light they won’t do much for your exercises.


If you are a beginner, one of the most important things you need to check is the instruction manual or exercise booklet. A printed copy of exercises is important especially if you are just starting out. Although you can search for them on the web, it would be better if they are included in the package.

A carry-on bag that is made of breathable material such as nylon should also be included. The carry-on bag is where you can store your resistance loop bands when not in use.

Other freebies worth looking out for are the warranty, eBooks, and online videos.

Benefits of Resistance Loop Bands

Source: Amazon

Resistance loop bands are very handy and can be used for various training exercises such as:

Physical therapyPosture improvementStretchingBalance trainingCardio trainingSpecific sports training.YogaPilatesCrossFit training

Things to Remember When Using Resistance Loop Bands

All equipment needs proper care to ensure their durability and longevity. Here are some tips on how to use and store them:

The number one rule in using any exercise equipment is to clean them after every use. Wipe them off after every use. Moisture also causes the bands to lose their elasticity and develops a foul smell.When storing them, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, extreme heat, and moisture.When using the resistance bands, take care not to release them when under tension. When you do that, you’ll end up snapping them towards your body and hurt you. Start with slow exercises for added resistance and avoid jerking the band. Jerking the band also causes them to wear out quickly.Always inspect the bands for signs of wear and tear before using. If the band is worn out, don’t attempt to use it because it may snap and cause injury.Resistance bands should only be used by adults as instructed by professionals. When using resistance bands for children and therapy, make sure that you are guided by a professional.

How to Use the Resistance Loop Bands

Check out the videos below on how you can use resistance loop bands for your exercises:

Total Body Workout with a Resistance Loop

Booty & Abs Burner!


Resistance loop bands are the popular alternative to gym equipment and weights because they are convenient to use anytime. You don’t have to worry about bulky storage – just roll them up and pop them in a bag. Inexpensive resistance loop bands are safer to use than weights and gym equipment. No more worrying about dropping them on your feet or incorrectly pulling a lever.

In addition to that, you don’t have to worry about learning new exercises. All you have to do is add difficulty and improve your strength by using resistance loop bands when performing squats, dips, and stretches.

If you have other product recommendations and tips, we’d love to hear from you. We’d also appreciate your feedback if you’ve tried any of the products mentioned above. Moreover, if you haven’t bought any yet, hopefully, you’ll pick one from the list. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends!

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Top Five Reviews on the Best Crossfit Jump Rope – 2018 Edition

CrossFit puts your body to the extremes. You will build the muscle and endurance your body needs for your life. There are a lot of exercises under CrossFit, with jumping rope an excellent source of cardio and strength training. But with many brands and types of jump ropes available, which one should you purchase? In this article, we will show you our top five picks on the best CrossFit jump rope!

The 5 Best CrossFit Jump Ropes Benefits of Using the Best CrossFit Jump RopeHow to Use a Jump Rope for CrossFitArm movementFeet placementJumping highKeep practicing50 Jump Rope Exercise to Build Your Body How to Purchase the Best CrossFit Jump Rope Length and ThicknessMaterialWeight of HandlesPerformanceOverall Brand ReputationDurabilityTop Five Best CrossFit Jump RopesSurvival and Cross Jump RopeMaster of Muscle Number One Rated Jump RopeWOD Nation Speed Jump RopeValeo Deluxe Adjustable Speed Jump RopeKing Athletic Jump RopeIn Conclusion

Benefits of Using the Best CrossFit Jump Rope

via Amazon

CrossFit is a VERY intense workout program that consists of extreme exercises that put your body to the test. With jumping rope added to your workout program, you will be able to exercise both your mind and body.

It gives you not only a form of cardiovascular exercise but also strength training to help improve your health and muscles at the same time. Jumping rope burns 10-16 calories per minute, with 3 ten-minute rounds burning as much as 480 calories!

Using a jump rope as an exercise increases bone density but won't be as hard on your joints compared to running. Your body learns to become more flexible and balanced. You start to increase your stamina and endurance as you reach new jump rope records.

Not only that, but jump rope is also great for the brain, improving your coordination, rhythm, and strategy. It does so because of the many jump rope tricks you can do!

Also, you only use one piece of affordable equipment. And it's one you can do anytime, anywhere! It's the reason why jump ropes are considered an ideal activity for athletes and fitness buffs!

How to Use a Jump Rope for CrossFit

There are different variations and exercises you can do, but what are the best Cross Fit jump rope workouts to maximize its use? Also, how can you use it properly to burn calories and improve on your body's coordination and speed?

Here are some most effective tips you can follow:

Arm movement

Use your wrist rather than moving your whole arm, as it makes you spin slower. Flick your wrist quickly to get a speedier turn. We recommend that you start with single bounces to practice.

Keep your arms to the side of your torso, letting the elbows close to your rib cage. This prevents you getting hit by the rope and stopping your workout.

Feet placement

Don't jump with your feet close together. Rather, place them hip-distance apart for you to keep balance and do your double unders efficiently. Doing so will give you a much stable base that has you focusing on jumping up and down.

When you land, use the balls of your feet and do not land on your heels.

Jumping high

Don't jump too high, as this exerts too much energy and will have you burning out quickly. Start off with small bounces and work your way up.

Keep practicing

Don't let one mistake get you down! Create a workout routine suitable to your skill level and slowly increase the intensity as you see improvements. After all, practice makes perfect!

After getting used to the jump rope, you can start to look for more challenging and progressive workouts that will push you to the limits and have your mind and body become healthier!

50 Jump Rope Exercise to Build Your Body 

See This Video to learn more about Jump Rope Exercise:

How to Purchase the Best CrossFit Jump

Rope Length and Thickness

We recommend that the thickness of the rope would be 1/32 of an inch. Beginners are better off with thinner cables, while beginners or intermediate athletes should use thicker ones.

As for length, this all depends on your height and how high you jump. You can measure yourself to get a proper fit for your jump rope. Many jump ropes have adjustable handles, so look for one that can easily be adjusted according to your preference.


There are two primary materials: vinyl or metal coated in rubber. Vinyl cords are slower but won't hurt as much when you are hit. The metal cables last longer and spin faster, but they will hurt! We recommend the former for beginners who want to improve on a more rapid spin.

Weight of Handles

The weight all depends on your goals. If you want to achieve speed, then a lighter handle will work. A heavier one is for better control. Also, check the shape of the handles for better comfort and grip, even if you are sweating.


The jump rope should be versatile and cater to any body type or skill level. It should also be able to perform well no matter where you are, may you be using it outside or indoors.

The jump rope should have the ultimate performance for you to jump properly and make quick turns, making your workout an effective one.

Overall Brand Reputation

Look for jump rope brands that have been proven efficient and quality from top notch athletes and other trusted sources. The more positive the customer reviews, the better.


Find a jump rope that isn't only durable to withstand your workouts, but also long-lasting for many workouts to come. That way, you have assured something that won't break anytime soon. We recommend those made out of nylon, as they are stronger than other materials such as vinyl.

Top Five Best CrossFit Jump Ropes

Based on our research, testing, and overall customer reviews, here are our top five picks on CrossFit jump ropes:

**Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, however you can also click the links above to see current prices and customers's reviews on Amazon.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

via Amazon

What we love about this jump rope are its adjustability and compact body. It's lightweight and small, ready to be taken anywhere. You won't need to worry about the weather or where you are, as the body is robust and durable enough to train under rain or shine. It is also adjustable according to your height and preference.

Adjusting with its two sliding screws and collars is easy. You can even cut off the cable length if needed.

Many pro athletes use these for their CrossFit training, may it be for double unders, crises crosses, or high knees.

It makes for a great warm-up or part of their program. It's an all-around jump rope that does the job in strengthening your muscles and burning fat.

The body is tiny and has nicely shaped handles that you can easily grip. Coming at an affordable price, it's a great buy for beginners and pros alike. For a speed jump rope, it doesn't tangle, making your workouts more efficient.

When using it, you'll love how quick you can spin over and do different variations to make your workout session an intense and compelling one.



The handles and rope is lightweight and can be brought anywhere.- Easy to storeThe cables do not kink when using it for quick spinsSoft cable for better variety in hand positionsIts lightweight body is great for speed jumpersMade out of sturdy and durable material to last for long. Bullet Point 2


Not suitable for casual exercise, as its lightweight cord works better when using the rope for quick spins.It may be difficult to adjust the length at times

Master of Muscle Number One Rated Jump Rope

via Amazon

For starters, this jump rope's body has the quality materials that make it robust and durable to last throughout any workout. Many have raved about it lasting for many months and years without it breaking out.

Its handles have a good grip and will stick to your hands no matter how sweaty they can get. It's lightweight and compact, weighing only 5.6 ounces.

You can easily roll it up and store it, either for traveling or when at home.You can easily adjust the rope to whatever length you want. Though it doesn't come with instructions, you'll easily understand how to use it.

Cut it to how long you want it to be, then screw it to secure the rope length. When using it, you'll appreciate the fact that it won't tangle or roll up. It's ideal for speed skipping because of its lightweight body but can also do tons of other variations easily.

Another perk is that the jump rope comes with a lifetime guarantee, so even if something happens, you will still have a quality jump rope. With Master of Muscle's excellent customer service and delivery, you'll be able to enjoy the jump rope from the moment you purchase it and for years to come!



Comes with a free e-book and lifetime warrantyThere is a rubber sheath for better lifespanRope has a good grip and can be rolled up easily for storing- Great customer service to answer all your queriesProvides smooth rotation without having to exert too much effort


The handle is a bit too small for those who have big palmsIts lightweight body makes it better for speed jumpers than for other workouts

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

via Amazon

What's so great about WOD Nation's jump rope is its complete package and quality of their ropes! You can choose from a variety of colors and designs that suit your preference. From black to pink, they have everything for men, women, and even children.

It is easily adjustable with a wire cutter feature so that you can do double unders.

It's ideal for speed roping because of its lightweight body. Not only that, but it's an all-around rope that creates stable rope swinging.

Even if you miss one swing, you can quickly recover and keep going. You get to shave off wasted time and use your gym time efficiently.

It's worth every penny, as it comes with an extra cable, screws, and even a carrying bag for easy and professional-looking storage. It's as if you're getting two jump ropes.

Not only do you get a complete package, but they also offer a lifetime warranty for you to enjoy your jump rope for years to come. With a jump rope that spins fast and in an excellent package, there's nothing else you need!



Comes in different colorsHas an effective ball bearing system to keep the cable in place with its handlesIt's versatile and suitable for beginner and expert jumpers- Its swivel bearing keeps your speed and form even if your swing isn't perfectHandles have a tapered end for better gripHas a carrying bag and extra rope


A few design flaws, with one handle being soother than the other Screw holding is faulty

Valeo Deluxe Adjustable Speed Jump Rope

via Amazon

We would recommend the Valeo jump rope for beginners, as it has the foam handles and solid rubber rope. That way, you can quickly learn how to start speed spinning, transitioning from the "regular" jump rope to that of CrossFit-worthy moves!

The molded handles with fan grips will quickly grasp and stick to your hands without fail, and its rope is made of the durable material to last for many workouts to come. It also has ball bearings for better and quicker rotation.

The rope is ten feet long, but you can shorten it to whatever length you prefer. It may seem confusing to adjust at first, as you need pliers for it. But once you get the hang of pulling the caps, you can shorten it quickly.

The handles are lightweight and feel comfortable when using it, although there are some slight imperfections such as rough spots or the fact it's too short (for those with big palms!). But at its price, you are still getting a quality jump rope worth the purchase.



Comes with thick padded handles for extra comfort and gripVery affordable priceGood ball bearings to give consistent and quick spinsSolid material built to last for a long period of timeLightweight and portable, easy to store and bring around


The pads of the handles are a bit too short and come in contact with dust easierYou will need pliers to adjust the rope length

King Athletic Jump Rope

via Amazon

An awesome perk about King Athletic's jump rope is that it comes with an eBook containing everything you need to know about jumping rope to a whole new level. It's ideal for beginners and fitness buffs alike!

It has an adjustable length and different colors to choose from, suitable for any man or woman. It can handle people as tall as 6'10, with the standard length being about 9'4. You can adjust the rope within minutes, shaving off the extra time needed for preparation in the gym.

With its lightweight body, you can easily bring it anywhere, may it be to the gym, storing it at home, or traveling out of town. That way, you have no excuse to NOT workout.

It has the custom molded foam handles for better gripping, as well as super-speed ball bearings for better rotation.

You'll be experiencing smooth and effortless spinning. The rope has genuine leather, so you have a jump rope built to last for the long run.



A great jump rope for speed and strengthVersatile for any workout focused on speed, from crossovers to double undersHandles fit comfortable on hands and give great grip- Made out of strong and durable material that can withstand both indoor or outdoor settingIt is lightweight and easy to bring or storeCan easily be adjusted


Leather version of this jump rope is too light and won't maintain the shapeRope comes kinked and tightly packed, so it takes time to straighten

In Conclusion

With all the CrossFit jump ropes out there, we can definitely say that the Survival and Cross Jump Rope is one of the best ones to invest in. With its lightning speed when turning and lightweight body for easy storing and travel, you can use it anytime and anywhere.

The other four jump ropes are a great recommendation as well, but what the Survival and Cross Jump Rope has against the others would be its durable and strong body is made to withstand many intense exercises to come. The Survival and Cross Jump Rope makes for a great workout buddy at a very affordable price, suitable for those into CrossFit and any other sport!

Hopefully, this article on the best CrossFit jump rope will have helped you know which one is right to invest in for your future workouts. Don't wait anymore, invest in the best CrossFit jump rope and reap the many benefits it has to give today.

We hope you liked the article! If you happen to have any other reviews or suggestions on the best CrossFit jump rope, then do post your comments down here. We would appreciate any comments you have to give.

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Invest In The Best Weight Lifting Belt To Reach Your Fitness Goals!

When it comes to being fit and healthy, one of the things you must prioritize would be strength exercises. Lifting weights is a popular workout that many bodybuilders swear by. And when it comes to lifting weights, you will need the best weight lifting belt to support yourself . However, with many weight lifting belts available, which one is the best? In this article, we will show you the ultimate guide to purchase the best weight lifting belt.

Best Weight Lifting Belt Benefits of the Best Weight Lifting Belt Stabilize Your body And Reduce Stress on Your BackImprove Posture and Body BiomechanicsIncrease Your Power, Strength, And Performance How to Purchase the Best Weight Lifting Belt Sturdiness and DurabilitySizeBrand and Customer ReviewPrice How to Use a Weightlifting Belt Top Five Weight Lifting BeltsDark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt Harbinger Polypropylene Weight Dip Belt Ader Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt Valeo Padded Leather Belt In Conclusion

Just like any usual belt, a weightlifting belt is the one that you wrap around your abdomen. This is to improve your weightlifting, as when you take a deep breath, the belt limits how much your stomach expands. This increases your intra-abdominal pressure and stabilizes your spine for better performance in your lifts. It makes your whole body lift heavy in proper form and with fewer risks of injury to your back.

Most weight lifting belts are made of genuine leather for strength and durability. They come in different dimensions, depending on the measurements and preference of the bodybuilder.

Benefits of the Best Weight Lifting Belt

A weightlifting belt has a ton of benefits you are able to reap as compared to lifting without one. Here are some of its advantages:

Stabilize Your body And Reduce Stress on Your Back

A weightlifting belt will help stabilize your body and reduce stress on your back. That way, you are less likely to experience any intense pain or after burn when you're through with your workout. It also helps prevent any injury while lifting, as it supports your whole upper body.

Improve Posture and Body Biomechanics

It helps improve your posture and body biomechanics. You'll be able to lift more with your legs rather than your back, which is what you want when making moves that focus on the leg, such as deadlifts and squats.

Increase Your Power, Strength, And Performance

Studies show that using a weight lifting belt will increase your power, strength, and performance. It helps maintain the power of your reps throughout the whole set. Some say it's what helps you lift even heavier and break your record.

How to Purchase the Best Weight Lifting Belt

photo: Amazon

I'm sure you're wondering: How do I choose from the many types and brands of weight lifting belts? This may be difficult for any bodybuilder, especially for those beginning. We will show you how WE chose the top five weight lifting belts to help you know what to consider when purchasing or testing one:

Sturdiness and Durability SizeBrand and Customer ReviewPrice

Sturdiness and Durability

Look for a weightlifting belt made out of qualified and genuine leather for sturdiness to support your workouts and durability for those intense lifts for years


Make sure you get a weightlifting belt at a size that is adequate to your abdomen and height.

Brand and Customer Review

It's best to start off with popular brands and search for customer reviews from trusted sources. The more positive, the better!


You would want to make sure that you invest in the best weight lifting belt, so while you may be surprised with a hefty price tag, you are assured that one is durable and will last for many workouts. Look out for a belt which is at an average price without breaking your savings account or you scrimping on low-quality materials.

Tips to Use a Weightlifting Belt

Using a weight lifting belt is not rocket science. It's just like any type of belt you may have, yet with a different purpose. But how exactly can you utilize the weight lifting belt to the best of you and the belt's abilities? We will show you some tips on how to use a weightlifting belt to its full potential to make the investment worth it:

Take on a good straight position then set the belt to, however, you're comfortable with. Adjust the tightness, make it tight enough to support your body while still being able to take a full breath. If you can still take a full breath a notch tighter, we recommend you go for the tighter one for a better starting position.It all boils down to how comfortable you feel, but be prepared to sting while you lift, as it presses onto your abdomen.Make sure you focus on proper form and that your belt helps support your body rather than be the culprit of a failed set.

Top Five Weight Lifting Belts

Based on our research, tests, and overall customer reviews, we give you our top five picks on the best weight lifting belts you should consider investing in:

Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight Lifting Belt

via Amazon

The best feature of Dark Iron Fitness' Pro Weight Lifting Belt is the fact that it's made for professionals but at an affordable price you'll appreciate. It's made out of patented leather that won't break or wear out. Plus, it comes with great features comparable to even more expensive brands out there.

Check It on


Made out of top quality cowhide that won't easily give in under pressure. It's assured to last for years to come.It has an adjustable non-slip fit, so it won't easily slip as you workout.It has good construction for a lightweight body, weighing less than two pounds.The belt performs excellently, giving the full lumbar support you need for all your workouts.It's easy to hand wash and has a sleek black and red design for attractiveness and style.This is definitely for serious lifters, as it enables you to lift heavy but with sturdiness and comfort.


It runs a bit small, so make sure you look at the measurements before purchasing one.

Worth It?

This belt is definitely for serious weight lifters and beginners seeking to save money bet want a good faulty belt. It's definitely worth the affordable price.

Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt

via Amazon

Fire Team Fit is a excellent choice because of its wide range of designs. It comes in four different colors suitable for both men and women. We also appreciate velcro strap that has you adjusting the belt with ease and without the hassle of all the buckles.

Check It Now on Amazon


It's perfect for just about any exercise. The belt supports you and gives perfect form no matter what move you make, either squats or deadliftsIt uses a velcro strap to make adjusting or taking it off easierThe belt is suitable for any bodybuilder, whether they are beginners or advanced fitness buffs.It has good pads for better support and avoids any injury.Made out of qualified leather used to last, with different colors to choose from.


They may run a bit big, so it's better to switch to smaller sizes just in case.

Worth It?

It comes at a very low price, making it worth the investment! It's made out of qualified materials known to last for a few years of intense workouts and lifting sessions, perfect for any bodybuilder looking for a quality weight lifting belt in good designs.

Harbinger Polypropylene Weight Dip Belt

photo: Amazon

What we appreciate about the Harbinger Weight Dip Belt is its contoured construction and the fact that one size WILL fit all, no matter how small or big you are. It's fairly sturdy construction is known to last for long periods of intense workouts while still provide the sturdiness and support you need.

Check It Now on


It's made of polypropylene, making it less delicate than normal leather,which also makes it easier to clean and maintain.The belt has a 30-inch steel chain with a speed clip for better performance.It weighs less than two pounds, making it a comfortable fit when worn.


The webbing loosens up a bit as you use it.The chain is a bit short, depending on your height.Its affordable price is worth the materials. While it's sturdy like your usual weight lifting belt, it can wear out quicker than one made of leather.

Worth It?

At a very affordable price, we can definitely say it's an investment for any strength trainer or bodybuilder out there. But with that being said, we would recommend this belt for beginners or for those on the smaller side of sizes.

Ader Leather Power Weight Lifting Belt

photo: Amazon

The Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt is your usual weight lifting belt without the frills. It does its job on supporting your back and upper body without any complaint or risk or damage. Plus, its classic design makes you look more professional and stronger as you lift.

Check It Now on


It's made out of top-quality leather and a soft suede lining for extra comfort as you lift.Easy to use closure system with a double-prong seamless roller buckle and a single loop. This makes adjusting and taking the belt off hassle-free.An extremely heavy-duty belt built to last for years to come, no matter how hard you exercise.It's the perfect balance of firm and comfort , giving you the support for your knee for any types of lifting exercises.


It will take some time to get used to the strong material and size if you're used to a four-inch belt that narrows to the front.

Worth It?

The product varies in price, depending on the size you're getting. While the higher range may seem a bit steep for a weightlifting belt, it's actually a good purchase, especially for those who want to take weight lifting seriously.

Valeo Padded Leather Belt

via Amazon

What we love about the Valeo Leather Belt is the padding for better comfort and quality. It even has the suede lining and genuine leather for strength and durability, known to withstand the most intense of workouts for years to come. We also dig the classic but modern black design, making it perfect for any bodybuilder.

Check It Now on


It's your basic weight lifting leather belt with no frills. Depending on your size, it's one of the most affordable ones in the market.It has a foam lumbar pad for better comfort and support.The double-prong roller buckle makes adjustment better and without any chances of it slipping while exercising.It's made out of quality cowhide and double-stitched edges to assure strength and durability.


It's best for beginners, as it's not legal for a powerlifting competition.

Worth It?

The product varies in affordable price, depending on the size you're getting. We can say that it's an investment to consider. This is because of its professional design and construction which will surely keep your whole body supported throughout your lifting session.

In Conclusion

Weight lifting has a ton of benefits you will be able to reap. Not only will you get to build more muscle, but you will also achieve that leaner look and have your body function more efficiently. You will need to invest in good equipments and accessories to support your body as you lift heavy weights, though.

One of the best things to invest in for lifting weights would be the best weight lifting belt. It holds a ton of benefits that will have you lifting with ease and preventing injury along the way.

Hopefully, this guide on purchasing the best weight lifting belt has helped you become more knowledgeable about what to buy. We chose the Dark Iron Fitness weight lifting belt because of its professional features and design- which is made out of strong leather built to last. It's got everything you need in a weightlifting belt, from the full support and comfort, down to the lifetime warranty!

If you have any comment on these weight lifting belt reviews, then feel free to comment! Your posts are greatly appreciated.

Top Five of The Best Gym Towels for Sweat: A Review to Read Before Buying

Do you know that a study examining fitness equipment found that a dumbbell has 362 times more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat? That means touching these equipment exposes you to millions of germs and bacteria. This is why having the best gym towels for sweat is a must.

The Best Gym Towels for Sweat What Are The Advantages of Having A Gym Towel?They Control Germs and Bacteria from SpreadingThey Help Stay and Feel Clean.They Keep your Body Temperature Cool.How to Choose a Good Workout Towel?AbsorbencyMaterialSize and WeightWhat are the Pre-requisites in Caring for Your Towels? Consistent washingAvoid fabric softenersUsing the magic of baking sodaVinegar is magical too.Top Five Best Gym Towels for Sweat1. MEGALOVEMART Gym Towel2. Sport2People Microfiber Yoga, Sport, Travel Towel3. Fitness Gym Towel for Workout and Sports by Desired Body4. Skidless Hot Bikram Yoga Mat Towel by Yoga Jaci5. Northbound Train Quick Dry TechnologyAnd the Winner Is…




Our Rating




Sport2People Microfiber Yoga, Sport, Travel Towel



Fitness Gym Towel for Workout and Sports by Desired Body



Skidless Hot Bikram Yoga Mat Towel by Yoga Jaci



Northbound Train Quick Dry Technology



What Are The Advantages of Having A Gym Towel?

It is practical to assume that part of the reason why you go to the gym is to take care of your health. This is why choosing a towel should depend on your own unique needs. Despite this, however, there are universal reasons why it is important to invest in a high quality gym towel.

They Control Germs and Bacteria from Spreading

There is no doubt about the fact that germs are everywhere especially in gyms where sweaty people use the facilities without washing up. Having a gym towel to wipe your face and hands on, will minimize your chances of getting exposed to different kinds of infections such as fungi, salmonella, and E. coli among others.

They Help Stay and Feel Clean.

Feeling clean is as important as the sanitary reasons for owning a gym towel. When you’re all sweaty and hot, wiping your face with your hands is a very bad idea. Aside from bacteria, sweat buildup also clog your pores that may result to pimples. A clean towel to wipe your face while exercising is the best way to keep you clean and dry.

They Keep your Body Temperature Cool.

Increasing body temperature is a biophysical reaction that comes naturally with an increasing heart rate. When this happens, sweating profusely adds to the discomfort and heat. This is why simply wiping your sweat off your face with a clean towel makes a big difference.

How to Choose a Good Workout Towel?

Soft and durable are two qualities that most people go for in choosing a gym towel. However, it is also important to consider qualities like absorbency, material, and size and weight


via Amazon

The main purpose of a towel is to absorb sweat. One way to determine absorbency is to check its loops. The more loops within the fabric, the more absorbent it is. However, this does not mean you need a full bath towel since the ones that you need for the gym will keep you dry, but not too thick that it retains bacteria or adds extra bulge in your gym bag


via Amazon

The most ideal and common material for gym towels is cotton. They dry easily and they are highly absorbent. Other materials to consider include bamboo, cotton-polyester blends, linen, and microfiber.

Size and Weight

via Amazon

Fabric density determine the weight of the towel. The lighter ones are thinner and are cheaper, but they easily wear down. Heavier towels are more ideal as far as absorbency is concerned. However, they also trap moisture and trap bacteria if not washed or dried properly.

What are the Pre-requisites in Caring for Your Towels?

Since washing workout towels after every use is a must, they are prone to grow old and threadbare quickly if not properly cared for. This is why it is important to read the instructions for proper maintenance and follow these tips.

Consistent Washing

Do not reuse unwashed towels since, as your sweat rag, they are guaranteed to contain bacteria. You also want them to smell nice next time you wipe your face with it. See to it you wash them consistently to get rid of mold, fungal infections, odors, and bacteria.

Avoid Fabric Softeners

One component of fabric softener is silicon, which prevents the towel’s fabric from absorbing liquid. As much as possible, stick with your laundry detergent and leave fabric softener out. However, if you badly need to use it, a small amount should be okay.

Using The Magic of Baking Soda

Do you know that baking soda when added to detergent helps keep fabrics fresh and soft? Aside from this, it is also effective in loosening up the fibers and removing odors that build up in towels after a long period of use.

Vinegar Is Magical Too.

Vinegar, when used once a month, helps remove excess detergent and odors. Add a small amount to the rinse cycle to help restore the fabric’s absorbency.

Top Five Best Gym Towels for Sweat




Our Rating




Sport2People Microfiber Yoga, Sport, Travel Towel



Fitness Gym Towel for Workout and Sports by Desired Body



Skidless Hot Bikram Yoga Mat Towel by Yoga Jaci



Northbound Train Quick Dry Technology



Now that you know the advantages of owning a gym towel and how to properly care for it, it’s time to review the top five products available in the market today.


via Amazon

These towels are multifunctional for sports practices, outdoor excursions, or just regular routine workouts. The materials are finely woven so it is highly absorbent and smooth to the skin. This product is machine washable and easy to maintain.

Check It on Amazon


Small enough to fit in the treadmill or elliptical trainer’s cup holderEasily foldable, but still very soft and highly absorbentUltra-light and dries easilyHas evaporative cooling technology so the surface is coolerThe edges are stitched tightly so it stays durable and neatSuede fabric makes it versatile for different purposes


Size is small, not for everyone who prefers otherwiseNot intended to be a yoga mat towel as the materials slips along the matThe material may feel sharp or scratchy for people with sensitive skin Own It Now!

2. Sport2People Microfiber Yoga, Sport, Travel Towel

via Amazon

This towel dries easily and is so compact that you don’t have to worry about bulky bags. It is also made of high quality woven fabric making it comfortable to the skin and durable for regular wash and use. This microfiber towel also comes with a cylinder shaped bag that is both convenient and fashionable.

Check It on Amazon


Quickly dries sweat, best used with yoga matsQuickly absorbs bodily moistureCools quickly to regulate high body temperature during workoutsHas anti-bacterial properties to prevent germs, mold, and odorCan be folded and turned into a pillow


Too big to be draped around your neck during workoutsTowel’s color may bleed into other fabrics ( it is a rare occurrence) Own It Now!

3. Fitness Gym Towel for Workout and Sports by Desired Body

via Amazon

This towel works whether you wish to carry it around your neck or cover enough equipment surface to protect you from bacteria and dirt. Stylish grey design with silky white border fits both men and women. This towel is super light weighing only 5.03oz and stretches for about 44” X 16.5”.

Check It on Amazon


Comfortably dries sweat and covers gym surfaces, machines, and benchesStyle suits both men and women – comes in gray waffle designMade of high quality microfiber material that makes it soft, absorbent, lightweight, odor-free, and easy to dryComes with a soft hang loopWashing labels have been removed to avoid skin irritationPerfect size to carry around during workouts


Has been reported to be quite abrasive during washingGray color may bleed to other fabrics during washing Own It Now!

4. Skidless Hot Bikram Yoga Mat Towel by Yoga Jaci

via Amazon

This towel is 24 X 72 inches long and is made of high quality microfiber materials. Size is enough to cover most yoga mat surfaces. It is machine washable with durable edge stitching so it stays intact no matter how often you wash it.

Check It on Amazon


Anti-slip yoga towel that absorbs liquids quite well for confidence and stabilityAside from the gym, this can also be used for hiking, golfing, cycling, swimming, travelling, showering, and backpackingEasy maintenance, machine washableReasonably pricedAdds layer of support for different yoga posesDoes not have the usual synthetic smell


Towel is slippery when dryMay bunch up during transition practicesNeeds to be dampened before it sticks to the yoga matNot the right size to be carried around the gym during workout Own It Now!

5. Northbound Train Quick Dry Technology

via Amazon

Northbound offers this item in a microfiber set that includes a face and hand, hair, beach, and extra large bath towels. The set comes with a durable mesh bag that makes it easy to carry around. Whether you use it for the outdoors or for the gym, this product is versatile and can live up to expectations.

Check It on Amazon


Lives up to its design to absorb 8x more waterSuper compact and lightweightCan be packed in small spaces and leave more room for clothes, shoes, etcStays fresh and bacteria-free after consistent useComes with Zinc Oxide coating that prevents the fabric from getting stinky as it repels germsStays fresh and clean for a longer timeThey offer a set so you can use a particular size for a specific purposeVersatile for different purposes and functions


Can be costly for people working on a budgetNeeds proper maintenance. Check the washing instructions Own It Now!

And the Winner Is…

Northbound Train takes home the prize for this review of best gym towels for sweat. While all the other products mentioned here are worth your money, you have to give it to Northbound for coming up with different sizes for different use. The fact that it absorbs 8x more water is awesome as well.

This product has all the key factors in choosing a good towel as mentioned above. It is a bit more expensive than the others, but it is absolutely worth the investment.

Hope this review helped you in shopping for the best gym towels in the market today. If it did, it would be awesome if you could like this post and share it to your gym buddies. Surely, they’ll appreciate it!

6 Cheap Home Fitness Equipment Pieces to Invest in 2018

Whether you're trying to shed some unwanted holiday weight during the dead of winter or trying to improve your summertime beach body, there's no better time to start investing in fitness and exercise equipment. If you don't feel comfortable going to a public gym to work out in front of others, you don't have to. You can choose to invest in a set of affordable and effective workout equipment for your home gym.

1. Ankle Weights

Leading our list of the cheapest pieces of workout equipment in which you should invest are small but effective pieces of strength training equipment known as ankle weights.

Ankle weights are a popular piece of workout equipment worn by athletes and self-motivated fitness gurus worldwide. Their desired benefits lie in their ability to strengthen your leg muscles while doing seemingly ordinary tasks such as walking, jogging, or running.

Ankle weights boast a simplistic design in that you merely attach them around your ankles for a desired period of time. The weight they add to your ankles cause you to exert more effort when you move your legs. This added effort is what causes an increase in muscle mass in your legs and glutes.

In addition to all of these benefits, ankle weights are also incredibly affordable and can be used in the comfort of your own home.


2. Treadmill


Treadmills have been a favorite household piece of workout equipment for decades. Companies that develop and manufacture treadmills have made great strides in the technological advancement of treadmills in the past decade.

Not only can treadmills provide the usual health benefits of regular exercise, cardiovascular strengthening, and calorie consumption but they are also equipped with advanced monitoring systems that read your health status and provide you with detailed data derived.

This monitoring system can help you by allowing you to tailor your workout in a more precise manner to hit certain calorie burn goals, heart rate goals, or distance walked goals. Many modern treadmills also allow you to adjust the incline which provides resistance exercise in addition to the endurance workout of walking or running on a normal treadmill.

A simple search online will provide you with many affordable treadmills to suit your financial and fitness needs.



3. Resistance Bands


A continuing trend among fitness enthusiasts is a little miracle item called a resistance band. These small bands are workout powerhouses that are incredibly versatile, can be transported easily, stored in minimal space, and provides a myriad of different exercises and training benefits. The type of exercise a resistance band provides will be dictated by its structure, shape, and size.

Before you begin a resistance training routine with your bands, you should read the instructions carefully. Every piece of workout equipment will come with a heavy list of benefits and a list of precautions. Resistance bands are very affordable and can be found in most department stores or online retailers.


4. Stationary Exercise Bicycle


A staple piece of exercise equipment that has been found in homes spanning the past few decades is known as the stationary exercise bicycle. This piece of at-home workout equipment affords you the myriad of health benefits of a regular bicycle but allows you to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

While riding a normal bicycle outside will provide many other additional benefits, including beautiful scenery, fresh air, sunlight, and wilderness therapy, there are just as many benefits to using a stationary bicycle instead.

A stationary exercise bicycle is just as affordable as a normal bicycle and can be equipped with modern technological analytic devices such as a heart rate monitor, calories burned counter, and an exercise timer.



5. Gymnastic Mat


Although this may not seem like an impressive piece of workout equipment immediately, you'll be surprised to learn just how versatile a gymnastic mat can be when you set out to begin exercising at home.

A gymnastic mat can provide you with a comfortable layer of cushioning should you begin to perform stretches before starting your daily workout routine. It can also assist you with your daily yoga sessions.

Many different types of workout exercises require you to either lay on the floor, jump on the floor, or kneel. These types of exercises can be excruciatingly painful if you don't provide yourself a cushioning buffer between your body and the hard floor.

That's where a gymnastic mat comes into play. It is perfect for crunches, jumping jacks, yoga, sit-ups, leg stretches, and jumping rope. Best of all, it's incredibly affordable, compact, light-weight, and easy to store.


Guest post by Patrick Lenhoff from

Strength Traning Equipment

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Braces, Splints & Supports

Finding The Best Shoulder Brace: All You Need To Know – 2018 Review

Choosing a shoulder brace can be daunting, particularly when there are hundreds of brands in the market. However, it does not have to be a difficult undertaking of you know exactly what you want. The best shoulder brace and support can be the difference between experiencing an agonizing pain and having a normal day. Read through this article for an insight on some ways to help you find the best shoulder brace, as well as the top five recommended products

Best Shoulder Brace and Support What Should You Take Into Account When Finding a Shoulder Brace?1. Type of Shoulder Injury2. Support Level3. MechanismTop Five Reviews of the Best Shoulder Support Brace1. Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Ice Wrap2. O2 Cold and Compression Ice Wrap3. ActiveWrap Shoulder Wrap for Hot or Cold4. McDavid 207 Compression Shoulder Wrap5. EVS Sports SB04 Shoulder Brace (Medium)Winner: #2 EVS Sports SB04 Shoulder Brace (Medium)




Our Rating

Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Ice Wrap



O2 Cold and Compression Ice Wrap



ActiveWrap Shoulder Wrap for Hot or Cold



McDavid 207 Compression Shoulder Wrap



EVS Sports SB04 Shoulder Brace



What Should You Take Into Account When Finding a Shoulder Brace?

When searching for a shoulder brace, it is not just a matter of selecting the most-popular brand name or the best price. Instead, finding the right shoulder brace involves a plethora of factors concerning your chest’s size and why it is affected (e.g. instability, injury, etc.)

Knowing your body first will better gauge what will be the best shoulder brace to buy.

One great way is to first research any possible symptoms of your shoulder, so as to establish just what might be causing it to hurt or be weak. You might even need to consult with a physician if the matter is too complex for you to know. Once you discover what is bothering your shoulder, you can move on to selecting your shoulder brace for fitting.

That said, what should you look for in a shoulder brace? Here are some important points to take into account.

1. Type of Shoulder Injury

This is the first thing you ought to think about when searching. Many are used for different purposes, whether to treat arthritis, to rehabilitate sport injuries, or generally minimize shoulder strain when running.

As a runner, you’ll need to look into getting a shoulder brace specialized for your sport; here are the ones you might want to consider investing in:

Posture or Clavicle Related Injury:

If you spend a lot of time working at a computer or at your desk, there is the natural tendency of the shoulders to slump forward with time. Over time, this tendency can cause an impingement in the front of the shoulder joint. Needless to say, a clavicle or posture support can be a good solution.

Joint/ Rotator Cuff Injuries:

These shoulder braces hold your shoulder in place and provide soft tissue support through compression. Your choice of shoulder brace depends on the severity of the injury and the intended use. If it is a basic level injury, a stretch fabric support will work perfectly and its gentle pressure will prevent you from making sudden shoulder movements that could aggravate the injury.

If your injury is slightly more severe, a top level stretch fabric or moderate level neoprene shoulder brace would come in handy. For severe injuries, your physician will probably recommend immobilizing the shoulder for a period of time to prevent any further injury.

Arthritis/Frozen Shoulder:

The frozen shoulder is a very common condition affecting athletes and none athletes alike. With long periods of inactivity, the shoulder tends to become very stiff and painful to move. In this case, a heat therapy shoulder wrap is recommended since it gets blood flowing in the joint and loosens it up

2. Support Level

There are varying degrees of how much assistance you need from your shoulder brace. This list below offers the different levels for the item:

Basic Support:

These shoulder braces are normally smaller and can be made of light neoprene or stretch fabric. They are good for wearing during sleep or during a normal work day since they are fairly comfortable. When choosing a basic shoulder support to wear for long periods of time, it is advisable that one looks at the strap that holds the brace in place. Is it narrow or wide and where does it cut across the chest? Basic shoulder support braces are used for short, minor injuries, offering low assistance at a low cost.

Advanced Support:

Advanced shoulder braces made of neoprene normally cover more shoulder area and are made of thicker neoprene as compared to basic level braces. Some of the more comfortable fabric versions usually have more than a single strap. Durable and easy to adjust, advanced shoulder braces offer moderate support by reducing stress throughout the shoulder.

High Support:

The high support level shoulder brace is usually used for post-operative recovery or to completely immobilize the shoulder joint. A majority of high support braces are nor designed to be utilized for any sport or activity involving shoulder mobility.

3. Mechanism

After identifying the type of shoulder injury you have and the support level you need, the next step is to know the details of the brace, in order to know how it operates. Here are a few aspects you might need to look out for:

Shoulder Stabilizer.

A Shoulder stabilizer provides shoulder immobilization and an array of controlled range of motion for multi-directional, anterior, posterior and inferior instabilities, shoulder AC separation, rotator cuff deceleration and muscle strains. This kind if shoulder brace is designed to restrict, assist or stabilize movement of the shoulder post-injury and post operatively. The smooth, controlled restraint or assistance follows the natural movement of the joints and muscles.

Shoulder Sleeve

A shoulder sleeve is worn just like a shirt sleeve, where your hand just slips into it. Most of these products are designed to fit either the left or right shoulder and are perfect for the hard to fir areas of the lower and upper arm, shoulder, back and chest areas.

Shoulder Wraps.

There are adjustable wrap-arounds that help with compression and warmth. They serve for convenience since they can be slipped off and on easily.

Top Five Reviews of the Best Shoulder Support Brace

Now that you have done your research in finding the best shoulder brace to buy and wear, it’s time to go a notch higher and look at a few products. It’s by no means an exclusive selection but rather a way to help you get an idea of what works or doesn’t work for you and your body at large.

No matter your selection, know that it is essential to get your shoulder healed and back into doing what you love to do, namely, sporting!




Our Rating

Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Ice Wrap



O2 Cold and Compression Ice Wrap



ActiveWrap Shoulder Wrap for Hot or Cold



McDavid 207 Compression Shoulder Wrap



EVS Sports SB04 Shoulder Brace



1. Pro Ice Adult Shoulder/Elbow Cold Therapy Ice Wrap

via Amazon

This premium quality shoulder/elbow ice wrap not only targets the shoulder but also the upper arm and elbow. If you play any kind of sport that requires the use of your shoulder and upper arm, this Cold Therapy ice wrap is perfect for you.

This shoulder wrap provides great coverage from the back of the shoulder right through to the front, targeting all the crucial muscle groups. As a bonus, the brace’s arm cuff covers the triceps and biceps. This wrap applies firm compression and offers a customized fit to the afflicted part. It’s designed to help you recover faster from shoulder operations and injuries.



This shoulder wrap reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness on the desired part of treatmentIt is the perfect treatment after a surgery for rehabilitation and a quick recovery.Versatile for all sorts of injuries, such as shoulder bursitis, and rotator cuff strains among othersThis brace is lightweight and easy to wash


The ice pack inserts can be tough for wearing with severe injuries or after surgery OWN IT NOW!

2. O2 Cold and Compression Ice Wrap

via Amazon

Are you looking for a shoulder ice pack to help you recover from a basketball or football injury? The O2 shoulder wrap has got you covered. Shoulder pains and injuries can result in great discomfort but with this wrap, you can keep away all the shoulder pains.

This wrap comes with a pump to compress air and thus achieve the required shoulder pressure for faster relief. What’s even more convenient about this wrap is that you can wear it over clothes since it is completely leak proof.

This high-compression ice shoulder strap will hands down offer the most intense therapy and best compression for the shoulder. If you are a high-level athlete, require intense treatment or recovering from serious shoulder injuries, this wrap is all you need.



Drip free fabric that allow breathingCan be easily worn over clothes without ruining themThis brace straps securely to your shoulderHas a pump to increase compression and alleviate pain faster.


The brace does not fit women with average size shoulders properlyPutting and taking off this wrap can be cumbersome if you are on your ownDoesn’t have full coverage on top of the shoulder OWN IT NOW!

3. ActiveWrap Shoulder Wrap for Hot or Cold

via Amazon

This shoulder wrap is designed to be a 2-in-1 brace, a shoulder heat wrap and an ice wrap. It treats all aspects of the shoulder with its versatile thermal compression wrap. Being a heat and ice shoulder wrap all-in-one, this brace is designed for unrestricted movement and injury specific adjustments during usage.

This product is the pinnacle of utmost comfort for all shoulder sizes and is easy for you to slip into without any extra help. With its unique strap design, this brace covers the shoulder, delivering the cold therapy deep to where you need it most.

This ergonomically made shoulder ice and heat wrap is lightweight, delivers conforming cold/hot therapy to all parts of the shoulder. This wrap is ideal for rotator cuff injuries and any throwing or shoulder-dependent athlete



LightweightThe wrap material is latex free, reusable and washable Unique rotator cuff strap design delivers the cold to where you need it


Not suitable for large upper armsThis brace can be bulky and stiff for a post-surgical shoulder. OWN IT NOW!

4. McDavid 207 Compression Shoulder Wrap

via Amazon

The McDavid 207 is a shoulder brace that wraps around your chest to offer optimal support to your upper back. This shoulder brace is designed to offer effective, safe, hands-free treatment for injuries with utmost convenience and comfort. This shoulder wrap boasts of an icy cold or hot therapy and an insulating neoprene material that helps maintain the desired temperature in the shoulder area.

This product integrates temperature therapy and compression therapy to great effect. If you have suffered an acute injury, you can instantly apply a cold compress with the shoulder wrap to reduce the pain and minimize swelling.

Applying a heated compression to the shoulder can be the solution to chronic joint pain since it improves blood flow to the affected area. This will help the body get rid of any cellular byproducts and relax your shoulder muscles.



This brace provides heat treatment for chronic injuriesHas an adjustable chest strapNeoprene material offers flexibility and long durabilityThis shoulder wrap offers hands-free injury treatment


They product’s gel packs are not completely microwave safeTo heat the gel pack, you will need to place the pack in boiling water for several minutes which is quite inconvenient OWN IT NOW!

5. EVS Sports SB04 Shoulder Brace (Medium)

via Amazon

The EVS Sports SB04 is a top-of-the-line sports shoulder brace that offers support and compression while allowing for a full range of movement. This shoulder brace will keep your shoulder in an optimal position which provides relief from chronic pain and reduces muscle tension.

This brace is made from high-tech materials that breathe and feel natural on your bare skin even without stretching out and losing its compression capabilities over time. Besides, the brace’s adjustable level of elasticity makes it an ideal option if you want shoulder support while you are exercising or working out.

The EVS Sports SB04 offers both impact protection and support in a low profile design for all day comfort. The product features a neoprene support along with a heavy duty molded nylon shoulder cup that helps protect your shoulder from direct impact. The SB04 adjustable D ring closure at the bicep area accommodates various size arms with ease and minimizes chaffing.



The adjustable straps offer customized fit and are used to fine tune the amount of support Offers optimal impact protection and supportThis brace allows full freedom of shoulder motion in any directionNeoprene supports provides compression and retains warmth for healing.


People who are unfamiliar with shoulder braces can have difficulty figuring out how to use the brace OWN IT NOW!

Winner: #2 EVS Sports SB04 Shoulder Brace (Medium)

Although it was a close call, ultimately, EVS Sports SB04 Shoulder Brace (Medium) did it for me. What made this brace stand out from its competitors was its ability to offer maximum impact protection, compression, and extra shoulder support, which was a huge bonus.

While wearing it, I experienced no shoulder movement restrictions and definitely maximum shoulder stability. On the technical level, this shoulder brace was good to wear for more than two months, since my injury needed a longer time to heal. Support level was on the advanced side, since I was able to use it for most of my moderate level activities.

See more: 

Top 5- Best Acupressure Mat for Back Pain Relief How to Choose The Best Ankle Support – Get the Cues HereFind The Best Posture Corrector – All You Need To KnowThe Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain: All You Need To Know

Find The Best Posture Corrector – All You Need To Know

Awkward posture can result in numerous back problems and what’s even worse is that it not only affects how we look but also has an influence on our mood and overall health. A majority of back, neck and chest pain problems we experience today are as a result of poor posture. All the same, there is a reason to smile because the best posture corrector could end your woes.

Anyway, what is good posture and why is it essential? In simple terms, posture is the body’s positioning and alignment with respect to the force of gravity. Although poor posture can be easily corrected through discipline and sheer will, some people still need the best posture corrector for this. If you’ve always wanted to know more about posture, read through this article for some insight.

Quick Navigation The Benefits of Good Posture Eliminates Neck and Back PainImproves Circulation and DigestionA Healthy SpineBreathing is optimizedIncreases Your Productivity at WorkGood Posture can Help Reduce Your StressHelps Your Joints and Muscles Attributes To Consider When Buying the Best Posture Corrector Ease of Use.Comfort.Style. Cleaning. Top 5 Best Posture Corrector Reviews StabilityAce Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace StandUp Str8 Posture Corrector Oppo Medical Elastic Posture Aid Yosoo Back Posture Corrector TOROS GROUP Posture Corrector Brace The Winner

The Benefits of Good Posture

Many people have always lived with the notion that excellent posture is only for the models and beauty queens. However, the truth is that there are numerous health benefits associated with good posture apart from a good physical appearance. Some of these benefits are:

Eliminates Neck and Back Pain

When you maintain the right posture, the bones and spine are able to easily and efficiently support and balance your upper body’s weight. With poor posture, however, the tendons, ligaments and muscles are forced to constantly work so as to support the same weight which can result in tension headaches, back and neck pain.

Improves Circulation and Digestion

When the digestive system is at stake, the right posture allows the abdominal organs to maintain a natural position without much pressure which can alter the normal flow and functioning of the intestinal track.

In addition, research indicates that a poor, slouched posture is a major contributing factor to numerous digestive problems, from hernias to constipation and acid reflux.

A Healthy Spine

Although maintaining the right posture may sound pretty simple, it is a crucial way to keep the spine and other sensitive parts of the back healthy. Lower Back Support is particularly essential for individuals who spend most of their time standing or sitting in an office.

Failure to maintain the right posture and sufficient back support can strain your back muscles and exert more stress on your spine. With time, the stress resulting from improper posture can alter the anatomical setting of the spine, resulting in the possibility of constricted nerves and blood vessels.

Standing and sitting in the right postural alignment lets you work more efficiently with very little fatigue and strain on the back muscles and ligaments.

Breathing is optimized

A poor, slouched posture inhibits prime air flow into the lungs. On the other hand, maintaining the right posture aids in breathing by straightening and clearing all your airways.

Besides, the right posture opens the chest cavity thus letting more oxygen into the body. Better yet, more oxygen intake translated to better breathing, which is the body’s natural way of keeping you relaxed.

Increases Your Productivity at Work

Powering through some of the most difficult tasks at work could be as simple as adjusting your sitting posture. Maintaining the right posture at work lets your body expand and alerts your brain and more testosterone is released, which leads to better productivity.

Better yet, sitting straight and upright helps improve alertness, focus and concentration. Therefore, if you’re struggling to meet upcoming deadlines, you can try stretching your back and you might be surprised by the manner in which your working pace will increase.

Good Posture can Help Reduce Your Stress

Research has revealed that a proper posture can aid in building your resilience to tight deadlines and to-do-lists. Adopting a good posture in the face of stress can heighten your self-esteem, reduce your negative emotions and give you a positive mood.

Helps Your Joints and Muscles

Maintaining the right posture aids in keeping the joints and bones in the right alignment so that the body muscles are used correctly thus minimizing the wearing of joint surfaces which could result in joint pain and degenerative arthritis.

Besides, a good sitting posture minimizes the stress on all the ligaments holding the spinal joints together thus reducing the likelihood of suffering from spinal injuries.

Attributes To Consider When Buying the Best Posture Corrector

Whether you want to purchase a posture corrector for men or women, there are some key attributes that will determine your choice for the right posture corrector. If you overlook one of these aspects or just pick on one blindly, the chances are that you’ll not reap the desired benefits after using it.

Here are some of the most important aspects you should consider:

Ease of Use

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When shopping for a posture corrector, it’s important to consider its ease of use. Depending on your demands, it’s advisable to go for a posture corrector that incorporates simple enclosures that make it easy for you to either take off or out on.


This is by far the most crucial attribute to consider when purchasing a posture corrector. The chances are that you’ll not wear a posture brace all day if you feel uncomfortable in it.

You need to look for a posture brace that will not result in irritation or back pain. It would be a great mistake to judge a product’s comfort based on its physical appearance.


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Although this attribute is not as sensitive as comfort, it is equally important to consider it. There are people who would prefer to wear their brace underneath their clothing while others would prefer it on top of their clothing.

If you prefer wearing your posture brace on top of your clothing, then its style is extremely essential.


In most cases, the cleaning and care instructions for most posture braces are overlooked for no apparent reason. It should be known that some posture correctors should be hand washed whereas others are machine washable.

It is therefore important to take into account the cleaning and care requirements because for instance, hand washing is less convenient when compared to machine washing.

Top 5 Best Posture Corrector Reviews

StabilityAce Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace

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This posture corrector brace from StabilityAce boast of a soft, comfortable velvet or foam padding that makes it perfect for posture correction and clavicle fractures. The thick cushioned straps offer a firm hold and guarantee you the right posture positioning.

What’s even more exciting about this posture corrector brace is that it is unisex and is available in seven different sizes from XXL to youth large, based on the chest circumference.

This posture corrector can either be worn over your clothes or underneath, easily adjustable and is the best solution for shoulder instability, sprains, fractures and collarbone pain. Its excellent “bag pack” design helps pull back your shoulders for optimal postural support.

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It is easy to adjustIt’s a unisex posture corrector braceIncorporates a clever designGood quality constructionThe thick padding makes the brace comfortable


This brace can be difficult to put on properlyIt seriously limits your movement

StandUp Str8 Posture Corrector

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If you’re looking for a way to reverse your years of bad posture within two minutes daily, then this is the posture brace to go for. StandUp Str8 Posture Corrector helps eliminate back pain, tension headaches and back pains associated with slouching shoulders and an overall poor body posture.

This product is an easy-to-use, portable and posture-correcting device that’s designed to strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades.

StandUp Str8 Posture Corrector boasts of two cushioned arm loops that make it comfortable to wear at any time. In addition, the arm loops are fully adjustable for a customized fit for various body sizes and increased tension. This device also comes with an instruction card that you can use to learn how to get the most out of this posture corrector.

Learn More About It On Amazon


Comes with an instruction cardThe lower back feels stronger when you’re in this braceYou can wear it under your clothes comfortablyThis device targets the key muscles


It’s almost not elastic at allThe posture corrector is poorly madeThe price is somewhat high

Oppo Medical Elastic Posture Aid

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This elastic posture aid clavicle brace from Oppo Medical is highly recommended for correcting shoulder slump and incorrect posture. This posture corrector helps align the joints and bones to relieve round shoulder issues and collar bone fractures.

What’s more exciting about this posture corrector is that it has an adjustable loop and hook that facilitates proper fit and normal movement while performing your daily chores.

This product is available in a natural color and there are many different sizes from which you can make your selection. This posture aid’s triangle configuration helps distribute pressure to the tip of the shoulder so as to minimize the amount of stress exerted on the back.

Learn More About It On Amazon


Helps reduce upper and mid back painThis is a snug posture correctorYou can easily put it on and off like a shirtThere is very little pressure on the spineThe soft fabric feels good against bare skin


Rolls under your shoulder after 30 seconds of useThe quality is poorIt looks awful after the first washIt hurts the armpits

Yosoo Back Posture Corrector

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If you are looking to make your slouched, hunched shoulders a thing of the past and regain your confidence, then the Yosoo Back Posture Corrector is the product you need. This posture support brace pulls your round shoulders back so as to align your spine as it should be.

What sets this level on a level of its own is that it offers a simple, non-surgical way to minimize back pain. This posture corrector is lightweight, washable and can be worn at work, at home or at the gym.

This product can be adjusted from 48 inches all the way down to 28 inches of chest circumference all thanks to the adjustable straps. Better yet, this product comes with a 60-day warranty which means that you can have it replaced if it falls apart or if you simply don’t like it for a particular reason.

Learn More About It On Amazon


This product is lightweightMachine and hand washableOffers excellent supportThe product is excellently designed


Complaints of skin irritation when one puts on this posture aidVery hard to put onThis posture brace is very uncomfortable

TOROS GROUP Posture Corrector Brace

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This posture corrector brace is ideal for both adults and kids and can serve as a remedy for lordosis, winged scapula, kyphoscoliosis and kyphosis. Better yet, this product is an excellent rehabilitation tool for victims of upper lumbar and thoracic injuries and surgery.

Ideally, this posture brace should be worn close to 3 to 4 hours in a day and it aids in building muscle memory for the right posture. The Toros Group posture corrector brace is made of 100% cotton and comes in six different sizes to suit individuals with different chest circumferences.

Both the shoulder straps and waist belt are completely adjustable to offer a custom fit that blends into your body just perfectly. For optimal comfort, it is advisable to wear this brace over an undershirt and you’ll have every reason to fall in love with this product.

Learn More About It On Amazon


It’s a well-made, sturdy posture correctorIt also provides lower back supportIt covers more of your back for a better postureRelieves your back discomfort from day 1


The color options are limitedThere are no directions on how to put it onThis item is not returnable

The Winner

After reviewing the top 5 best posture corrector braces, StabilityAce Upper Back Posture Corrector Brace emerged the winner of the roundup. What sets this product on a level of its own is the fact that it offers a cheap solution to all your posture problems. Besides having a good quality construction, this product boasts of a clever design and it can be worn by any gender.

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The Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain: All You Need To Know

At one point in life, pretty much everyone suffers from back pain of one form or the other. Even when this happens, resting does not solve the problem and we need help. Athletes performing over-the-top workouts and other individuals strenuously using their muscles can find relief using the best back brace. Besides overworking the back muscles, poor sitting posture has also been a great cause of back pain.

Many people assume that having some rest any time the back muscles feel fatigues is surefire way to overcome the throbbing pain faster. However, the truth is that if the back muscles don’t get the right amount of strengthening and activity, they will become less active and can aggravate your back troubles. However, no need to worry because we’ve got the best back support reviews for you right here.

Best Back Brace What Causes Lower Back Pain?Poor Lifting TechniqueCommuting and ComputingInjury to the Joints and BonesBenefits of Using a Back Support BeltBack Support.Pain Relief.Immobilization.Non Invasive Treatment.What Should You Consider When Buying a Back Brace?The Material Used (Fabric)Flexibility and StiffnessSize and ShapeReview of the Top 5 Back Braces in 2017AidBrace Back Support BeltMueller 64179 Adjustable Brace with Removable PadBraceUp Lower Back Brace and Support BeltComfyMed Breathable Mesh Back BraceNeoTech Care Adjustable Deluxe Double Pull Lumbar BraceThe Ultimate Winner

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

For the majority, back pains appears to be an unavoidable discomfort. However, the truth is that you may have more control than you actually think. You can wreck your back in numerous ways but a few major culprits stand out:

Poor Lifting Technique

Improper bending and lifting of objects causes lower back injury since it strains most of the spine-supporting muscles. This, however, can be prevented by engaging the abs to aid in supporting your back muscles. This ensures that the strength required to lift n item is distributed evenly across various body muscles.

Commuting and Computing

Sitting has been the norm – while driving to work, in your office and in front of the TV and this could be wrecking your back. The spongy discs that cushion the vertebrae in your spine usually have a poor blood supply.

When you move, blood flows into the discs but when you’re seated, blood flow to the discs is cut off, thus depriving them of the much needed nutrition. Spending a lot of time sitting in front of your laptop or behind the steering wheel adds mileage to the discs, which causes stress in your back.

Injury to the Joints and Bones

Fractures of the sacrum bone and lumbar spine mostly affect the elderly, particularly those who’ve been under prolonged medication. For such individuals, occasional or minimal stress on the spine can result in a bone fracture.

Such a fracture causes an instant onset of thrilling localized pain which may radiate around the waistline in a band-like fashion and can even be worse with body motions.

Benefits of Using a Back Support Belt

Although many people suffering from back pain are yet to embrace this amazing piece of medical technology, here are some benefits you will enjoy when you use a back support brace.

Back Support.

This is by far the most widespread reason why individuals with back support problems, low back issues and other troubles wear back braces. It should also be known that back support is more than just meant for the lower back – it involves the mid and upper back as well.

Pain Relief.

Almost all individuals that suffer from a back ailment will complain of pain. Besides, this pain is normally exacerbated when specific positions and movements stress the affected area of the back. A back brace, however, will limit all your movements allowing the affected area to heal.

Besides, a back support belt will also alleviate any pain symptoms by compressing the abdomen, which helps unloads the vertebrae and intervertebral discs. By minimizing your dependence on the pain pills to relieve back pain, you’ll reduce harmful effects and save money as well.


Many spinal conditions and injuries require that the back be immobilized for a period of time. A back brace will immobilize your back which minimizes motion at the injured area, thus allowing it to heal in a short time.

Without proper immobilization, the chances are that you may inadvertently re-injure the affected area during your daily activities.

When selecting a back support belt, it’s important that you go for a design that limits an array of motions including flexion, extension, and rotation.

Non Invasive Treatment.

Many people suffering from severe back pain are often required to undergo invasive treatments such as nerve blocks and surgery. Wearing a back brace is a non-invasive treatment that is a good alternative to surgery. Besides, it’s also appealing to persons who do not fancy back surgeries.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Back Brace?

The Material Used (Fabric)

Before picking a back brace from any store, be sure to check beforehand the fabric used. Besides, the nature of the fabric should benefit you and offer a solution to your back problems. Neoprene is a material commonly used for manufacturing back braces. It’s known for its excellent hear retention qualities that make your back feel relaxed.

Flexibility and Stiffness

Depending on the amount of support that your spine requires, you may need to go for a flexible brace or a stiffer one. A stiffer brace may come in handy if you need to restrict the motion of your spine and back or if you are just from a back surgery.On the other hand, a flexible brace is enough to aid in maintaining proper back posture when you are driving to work or sitting in front of your computer.

Size and Shape

Be sure to choose a back support belt that is well suited for your body size. While a back brace is naturally designed to support your back, it should not limit you from moving freely. Always try wearing it before settling on the decision to buy it for you to ascertain that you are totally comfortable with it.

Review of the Top 5 Back Braces in 2017

AidBrace Back Support Belt

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If you engage in strenuous physical activities, spend extensive periods of time sitting with minimal movement or suffer from lower back pain, you definitely need an AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt. This back brace offers excellent support to the abdomen, hip area and lower back to help relieve your back pain. Besides, the belts design is the pinnacle of optimal comfort and it easily conforms to all your daily activities.

This brace incorporates a breathable mesh and double side straps that facilitates good air-flow to reduce sweating and tighter tension adjustment respectively. In addition to incorporating industrial durability that will last for years to come, this back support belt comes in six different sizes from which you can choose one that suits your needs.



Supports the lower back and lumbar wellThe breathable mesh makes it comfortable to wearThis brace is easy to clean with water and some mild detergent


This brace has a poor constructionThis belt is way too bulky

Mueller 64179 Adjustable Brace with Removable Pad

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Whether you need to correct your posture, recover from an injury, or your lower back just needs some extra support, the Mueller 64179 will offer all those in a single back brace. This back brace wraps around your lower back perfectly, and the removable lumbar pad makes it more appealing.

Although this product comes in different sizes, you can personalize with the outer elastic tension straps. In addition, the flexible steel supports positioned along the spine offer more stability to the wearer.

The amount of comfort and breathability you experience from this back brace is just magnificent. From sunrise to sunset, this brace will support you and keep you comfortable as you perform your daily activities. If you want your active lifestyle to go unaltered, then this is the lower back belt for you.



It is a great supportive beltGreat product for a reasonable priceEasy to put on and take offConstruction is excellent


This brace doesn’t stretch farVery restricting if you need to move around

BraceUp Lower Back Brace and Support Belt

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Comfort and fit should always be your priority when purchasing a back brace, and this lower back support belt doesn’t disappoint in that regard. This brace offers comfortable support to your lower back while still allowing you full range of movement.

Its sleek, curved design helps reduce bunching and slipping in inopportune moments. Additionally, this lower back brace has two adjustable straps that allow you to wear it loose or tight, an invaluable choice for you.



Allows a full range of movementThe curved design prevents the brace from slippingIncredible relief for lower back painThe Velcro does not wear out after washing


Poor back supportIt doesn’t cover much area

ComfyMed Breathable Mesh Back Brace

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By opting for the ComfyMed breathable back support belt, you will own a medical grade accessory that offers sturdy back support for treatment of scoliosis, herniated disks, and sciatica. This back brace is durable and optimized for optimal back comfort and spine safety, and boasts of a washable material that neither slips nor irritates the body when in use.

This lower back brace also adjusts and stretches for any custom fit, has firm, easy-grip handles which ease adjustment, removal or wearing. If over-training or old age have taken toll on your comfortable life and not even a single remedy appears to offer a solution, this brace gives you a reason to smile.



Naturally and effectively relieves lower back pain caused by herniated disc, loose ligaments or nerve injuriesSuitable for everyday activitiesInnovative designBreathable meshLightweight


Has a very strong odor after few hours of wearing itThe belt shifts a lot when you walk around

NeoTech Care Adjustable Deluxe Double Pull Lumbar Brace

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Engineered for optimal back support and strength, the NeoTech Adjustable Deluxe Lumbar Brace is ideal for people who are grappling with debilitating back pain. This lumbar brace is constructed from a tough, non-stretch material and its double pull up mechanism further enhances its strength.

The support provided by this lower back brace improves your posture to aid in treatment of back problems such as Sciatica and slipped disc disease. This brace is designed to help minimize unwanted twisting movements and is the right product for people with a sport or manual occupation where weight lifting may be involved.

The neoprene material used in this brace is water resistant and traps warmth which helps ease back muscle spasms and spinal stenosis.



Highly breathable material for optimal comfortIts slim profile makes it ideal for wearing under clothesWide enough to help with lower thoracic painIt is a Unisex brace


This brace can be a bit small even when you order your sizeYou may have problems keeping the belt from slipping

The Ultimate Winner

With our list having the best back support belts in the market today, the gold award winner goes to the ComfyMed Breathable Mesh Back Brace. This back brace scored perfectly in a majority of areas of independent evaluations, including pain relief, design and suitability for everyday use.

Besides offering optimal back comfort and safety, this back brace is easily washable, can be adjusted for a custom fit and gives you a reason to smile all day. Developed to keep you cool when exercising or during the hot summer days, this product is by far the coolest lower back brace in the market.

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Top 5- Best Acupressure Mat for Back Pain Relief

These days, a lot of people are suffering with back pain (either lower or upper). I was also one of these sufferers, but I found out the ultimate solution to my back pain: an acupressure mat. An acupressure mat is a great choice for relaxing your back naturally and there are many options to choose from in the market. In this article, I am going to help you find the best acupressure mat for back pain relief (and for your budget!)

Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain Relief Advantages Of Using Acupressure Mat Acupressure Mat Does More Than Just Relieve Back PainAcupressure Is NaturalAcupressure Mat Costs LowAcupressure Session Is Short And PortableDurable And Low MaintenanceCompatible With Yoga Who Should Use Acupressure Mat The Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain Relief Spoonk Cotton Pagoda Acupressure Massage Mat Nayoya Acupressure Mat HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set The Zensufu Acupressure Massage Mat ProSource Acupressure Mat Wrap Up

Advantages Of Using Acupressure Mat

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An acupressure mat comes with several benefits and is a no strings attached purchase. I have benefited amazingly from it and have recommended my friends and family to try it to. Why? See the reasons:

Acupressure Mat Does More Than Just Relieve Back Pain

Well, the number one priority for me to purchase an acupressure mat was to get rid of my horrible back pain. But this product is not simply for one job.

Any acupressure mat comes with 8000 acupressure points which provide your whole body with instant relaxation. These points have been uniquely chosen to target specific body regions and will increase the blood flow in your whole body.

This allows your sore muscles to get reenergized. After using the mat for some time, you are going to notice that your sleep pattern has improved, along with your metabolism and digestion as well. I came out feeling very refreshed after a session of lying on acupressure mat.

Acupressure Is Natural

In the age of chemical medicines, this is a breath of fresh air. There are no harmful chemicals that will affect your skin or hair, nor is there any requirement for mechanical or electrical energy to use it. This means that your healing does not leave behind any carbon footprint or other side effects.

Acupressure Mat Costs Low

While I was searching for an acupressure mat for myself, I realized that this product is very in expensive. In fact, most of the mats in the market cost between $30 and $150, which is much cheaper than a therapeutic massage session, and is only a one time hassle! The investment to value ratio of this mat is quite great.

Acupressure Session Is Short And Portable

I did not know that it would only take me twenty minutes to get rid of my back pain, but that is what I discovered when I first lay on an acupressure mat. If you are living a busy life style, then buying an acupressure mat will be a wise option as you are going to relax your whole body in a short amount of time.

Moreover, since the mat can be rolled up into a small pack, it is very easy to carry it around where ever you are going. You can have your acupressure session in your room, office or on the beach.

I cherish this advantage as I can carry the mat with me anywhere and do my session, after which I feel like I am ready to tackle the hurdles of the whole day.

Durable And Low Maintenance

There is no trick involved in longing the life of an acupressure mat. Before I bought one, I was worried that it would be a sensitive thing and I would have to be careful around it or else risk spoiling the mat.

But after making the purchase, I realized that an acupressure mat is in fact very rugged and durable. Moreover, you can also keep one in shape by washing it regularly, preventing any body odors from developing on the mat.

Compatible With Yoga

While I am not a big yoga fan, I have learned that doing yoga on an acupressure mat allows you to enjoy the benefits of both their worlds. You can perform all kinds of yoga exercises on the acupressure mat by just using it as a substitute for the traditional yoga mat.

Who Should Use Acupressure Mat

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There is no limit of age or gender for the use of an acupressure mat. It is meant for anyone who is having pain in his or her back, joints or neck. It can also be used if anyone is suffering from insomnia or muscle soreness. Some of the recommended user types are:

Sufferers of chronic painSufferers of stressSufferers of body painAthletes or heavy stress workers like construction workersPregnant womenAdventure sport fans And many more!

Do note that you cannot use the mat if you have an open cut or tear on your back. Moreover, when you start using the mat for the first time you are going to be uncomfortable due to the presence of the little pock marks on the mat.

It took me a couple of sessions before my body got used to the pock marks, but once that was done, everything went smoothly ahead.

While I was no expert in acupressure mats until recently, I started researching about them and trying out the various options in the market. I was surprised at some mats which were so much more proficient than others.

This testing took me a couple of days but I was finally able to pick an acupressure mat which I liked the most.

To help you save time, I am going to do a list of top five acupressure mat review below. I will discuss what I liked about the mat and what I found to be problematic.

The Best Acupressure Mat For Back Pain Relief

Spoonk Cotton Pagoda Acupressure Massage Mat

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I found Spoonk to be one of the most popular and reliable acupressure mat brand. The Cotton Pagoda massage mat comes with 6200 acupressure points that reach all the main points of your body and give superb relaxation. I checked the product and was a fan from the first session.

Moreover, the mat pock material is a nontoxic ABS plastic which is not reactive to human skin and will not cause any allergies. A high quality cotton filling ensures that you are very comfortable while lying on the mat.

Spoonk recommends this mat for women who are in pregnancy, people with cardiac conditions, diabetes, skin inflammation, joint pain, etc.

Check More About It on Amazon


6200 acupressure pointsSturdy filling for solid but relaxing comfortHigh quality cotton used for fillingFoam derived from organic technologyCarry bag includedManufacturer’s warranty of 5 years / 30 days money back guaranteeAvailable in multiple colors (choose from 5 options)Reviewed in top American shows – Dr Oz’s Best Advice Ever!


This is very pointyYou may have to use an old sheet as a layer to cut down on the intensity at the start Results take some time to show (30 mins)

Nayoya Acupressure Mat

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Nayoya pressure point massage mat was another great choice I found while studying the market. This mat utilizes the advantages of pressure point massage to enable your body to repair itself. It has 6210 pocks and can help lessen the pain in the back, neck, shoulders and hips in just one session.

I found out that the mat can relieve you from a wide range of stress, for example, back agonies, weariness, a sleeping disorder, hypertension, and soreness. It can also cause the body to discharge endorphins, as they soothingly affect the brain and body.

The mat enhances your muscles to recuperate from exercises, and improve insomnia. There are so many ways to use this mat to target different body sections. Truth to be told, after using it a couple of times, my body started craving for it, which is insane!

Check More About It on Amazon


Works astoundingly on back agoniesTargets head, neck, back and hip at the same timeIncredible for sciatica fibromyalgia alleviationEnhances flow of bloodLonger utilization gives you more solaceLight and versatile


No directions on the duration required to utilize itHurts at first until the point that you can get accustomed to itJust a single color option

HemingWeigh Complete Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

via Amazon

This was one of my favorite products and one that came with the most pressure points. The HemingWeigh mat is intended to enhance rest quality, increment blood circulation and relieve, stresses and muscle soreness. It is a good choice for individuals experiencing strain, weariness, a sleeping disorder and or other conditions.

The mat measures 29 x 17 x 1 inches and contains 8,820 contact points. It is produced using quality materials with no glue involved. The HemingWeigh mat additionally accompanies a carrying case which is a pleasant add-on, considering that you are going someplace that you know has awkward resting conditions.

For greatest advantage you might need to turn on some relaxing music and get some aromatherapy treatment in a diminished, orange light. This together would make a perfect unwinding or resting condition.

Check More About It on Amazon


High quality materials, made without any glueFeatures 8820 contact points• Increases energy levels and improves sleepProven to alleviate acute, sub-acute, or chronic back pain and help with soreness / insomniaReleases endorphins and oxytocinHas been used by Indian yogisFeatured on the Dr. Oz ShowLess expensive than other similar options


This is very pointyYou may have to use an old sheet as a layer to cut down on the intensity at the startResults take some time to show (30 mins)

The Zensufu Acupressure Massage Mat

via Amazon

I found the Zensufu pressure point massage mat great for its modest cost and general performance. This mat has 6,210 pressure points which help individuals who are stressed, rested inadequately, have low energy, tired, or have muscle strains.

I think that this mat is not reasonable for kids under 18, as they can’t take the pressure on uncovered skin without hurting themselves.

You can utilize this mat to relax over bed, floor, couch, seat and other spots where you want to sit. On the off chance that you feel the pocks are too sharp, you may place a thin towel to shield your skin from the pain.

The mat also accompanies a neck cushion with over a thousand acupressure points, which is pretty sweet in my opinion.

Lightweight and versatile, you can easily carry this mat on your outing in its vinyl carry pack. I believe that you can make the most of its full advantages by just lying on the mat every day for a couple of minutes.

Check More About It on Amazon


Reasonably priced even if you have a low budget6,210 pressure points for pain reliefUseful for muscle alleviationCompact and light100% cottonHigh quality ABS plastic used to prevent allergiesIncorporates a carry sack


Pocks may give an initial pain for up to 2 minutesMay feel cheap compared to better brands like Spoonk

ProSource Acupressure Mat

via Amazon

On the off chance that you are continually combating back pain and stresses, ProSource’s pressure point mat can be a good choice for you. It is intended to enhance blood flow and diminish muscle strain, migraine and back pain.

Produced using 100 percent thick cotton and plant-based ECO foam, the, mat has 6,210 pressure points while the neck pad has 1,782 pressure points.

To appreciate these advantages, you should lay on the mat regularly for 10 to 30 minutes each day. The mat discharges endorphins to relieve agony and unwind the muscles in the back, feet and neck. This set incorporates a pad with acupressure pocks for neck support.

Again, this is a great feature and one which I appreciate a lot. For patients experiencing a sleeping disorder, the mat promotes rest when utilized before sleep time. All things considered, this is an entirely strong choice.

Check More About It on Amazon


6,210 acupressure points for the mat and 1,782 acupressure points for the neck pillowCan help with inflammations and serious stiffnessBudget friendlyHigh quality material and plant based foamRecovery is quick7 color choicesEasily portable


For the first time, you may need to wear a thin shirt till you get used to itPocks on the neck pillow may fall off after regular useNo BPA free certified plastic used

Wrap Up

After testing the options in the market, I think these are the best acupressure mat I have come across. Of course, each individual may have a different opinion or experience regarding the mentioned product, but I am sure most of you are going to appreciate any one of the products I have listed.

From the five choices, my personal favorite is the Nayoya Back and Neck Acupressure Mat. I believe that it is a great first step towards a pain and stress free lifestyle. The mat and pillow combo is easy to use and carry around while you are moving. It only requires a small time out of your day to work effectively and for all that is worth, it is a premium product with a solid reputation in the market.

If you found this review helpful, you may share it with any friends or family who might need it. (Hint: Any of these acupressure mats can make for a sweet surprise gift for them!)

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How many instances have you unknowingly slipped off a curb and rolled your ankle? Well, if it has happened to you, don’t worry because you’re not alone. Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries in everyday sporting activities and the suck.

Ankle braces are designed to provide your ankles the stability, alignment and extra support they need for optimal performance no matter what the job is – whether it’s assisting you while you sprint or keeping your ankle protected during injury recovery.

On the other hand, choosing the best ankle support is often like choosing a car. The options have become limitless and as a result choosing an ankle brace has become difficult. While you are likely to spend several weeks researching dozens of ankle supports, comparing aspects such as level of support, comfort, quality, and functionality among others, we have narrowed it down to the top five which you’ll compare in order to make the best choice for your needs.

Best Ankle Support Why Do You Need A Good Ankle Brace?Tendinitis/ Ankle Sprains Achilles TendinitisPlantar FasciitisTypes of Ankle Braces Available for You Compression Braces Semi-Rigid Brace Hinged Braces Rigid Braces Top Five Best Ankle Support for Jogging ASO Ankle Stabilizer Physix Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis Socks With Arc Support McDavid 195 Ankle Brace Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks Sleeve Stars Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve with Ankle Brace Strap Winner of the Round-Up

Why Do You Need A Good Ankle Brace?

When you injure your ankle or engage in an activity that requires fast-paced weight changes, some extra support can ensure that your ankle stays protected at all times. This is where an ankle support comes in.

There are numerous ankle braces in the injury recovery market and you can select one based on the amount of support required or your level of injury. Here are some common reasons why you need a good ankle support:

Tendinitis/ Ankle Sprains

An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle muscles and ligaments are exposed to a rapid impact when they are not ready for it. What happens in such a case is that the ligaments tear and as a result, an inversion injury is likely to occur.

However, the most common sprains occur when the foot rolls underneath the leg or ankle. Ankle braces are used to aid in recovering from a sprain or preventing it from happening.

Achilles Tendinitis

Also known as Achilles Heel, Achilles Tendinitis is an overuse injury of the Achilles tendon, the band of tissue connecting calf muscles at the back of your lower leg to the heel bone.

Normally, this overuse is usually gradual in time and can result from simply walking and running. This injury results in stiffness and pain at the back of the heel and can be treated with compression ankle braces.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. This kind of injury involves the inflammation of the thick band of tissue that runs through the bottom of your foot and connects your toes to the heel bone.

In most cases, this injury is as a result of excessive running, walking, standing or any other activity that involves being on your feet for a long period of time. People who are overweight and those who wear poorly cushioned shoes are at a high risk of plantar fasciitis.

Types of Ankle Braces Available for You

Compression Braces

Elastic or neoprene compression braces are used in aiding the treatment of tendinitis and mild ankle sprains. In most cases, elastic braces consist of a light weight stretchable material and give the ankle joint compressive support. Compression enhances joint support and balance, while still facilitating the motion necessary for sport activities and daily functions.

The advantages of compression braces include:

Decreases muscle stiffness and keeps the ankle area warmProvide compression which minimizes the swelling associated with ankle injuriesThey are a universal fit for either the left or the right ankle

Semi-Rigid Brace

The lace-up ankle brace is the most common type of semi-rigid ankle brace. Semi-rigid ankle braces are used for mild to moderate ankle sprains or for the prevention of repeat ankle sprains that occur with strenuous foot activity.

Lace-up braces are designed to prevent the ankle from rolling side to side as well as the up and down ankle motion, typically providing full ankle support.

These braces come in various types, including those with and without figure-8 strapping systems. Braces with external straps provide a figure-8 strapping system that permit quick tightening without having to re-lace the entire brace. These braces need more time to take off and put on, particularly those with the figure-8 strapping system.

The benefits of lace-up braces are:

Provide more support than compression braces and fit in most shoesThe combine durability with a comfortable, lightweight feel.

Hinged Braces

Hinged ankle braces are a type of semi-rigid braces that are designed to prevent rolling the ankle from side to side without affecting the up and down motion of the ankle.

Most of these braces feature padded sides for optimal comfort and either one or two Velcro straps for quick adjustment and easy on and off application.

The benefits of lace-up braces are:

Increased side to side support compared to compression bracesThese braces are designed to fit in most shoesThey are constructed to fit contour of the left or right ankle

Rigid Braces

The rigid stirrup ankle support is perhaps the most widely used brace in sports today because of its effectiveness and versatility in treating stress fractures, ankle sprains and chronic ankle sprains.

A stirrup ankle brace is made of a hard plastic shell that extends up both sides of the ankle and is strapped into place with easily adjustable Velcro straps.

Although rigid braces provide more side to side support that semi-rigid braces, they may be difficult to fit with some shoes.

Some of the benefits of rigid braces include:

Better side to side support compared to semi-rigid bracesProvide compression which reduces the swelling associated with ankle injuries.

Top Five Best Ankle Support for Jogging

Although there are hundreds of ankle supports that are reliable and durable, each comes with a unique design that’s created to fit particular needs. Some ankle supports come with lace-up braces while others come with stirrups. You can even find traditional braces or ankle wraps.

Whatever your preference is, I am positive you will find a pair in this list that is a good fit for you. So without further ado, here are the top five best ankle supports that you can get online today:

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

via Amazon

This ankle brace is the ankle support choice for most professional athletes. What makes this ankle support a force to reckon with is its ability to combine support, comfort and durability in a since product. What’s even more is that this ankle brace protects the feet from injury, shock or discomfort that might result from prolonged walking, sporting or other activities that may pile up pressure on the ankle.

Another reason to love the ASO Ankle Support is that it slides into your foot just like a sock with extra straps and modifications. The laces help you tighten the brace so that your foot will not slide out, without cutting off blood circulation. The brace’s stitching is solid and well-constructed, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart even with prolonged use.



Has good side stays for supportQuick and easy to put on without causing any painEffective in relieving pain from muscle aches and workoutsThis brace fits snug enough to fit under your boots


The laces easily loosen up if not well fastenedThe comfort level is quite low

Physix Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis Socks With Arc Support

via Amazon

Are you suffering from Plantar Fasciitis in one or both feet and can hardly walk? Worry not because we have the solution. These remarkable foot sleeves will give you all day relief from the throbbing foot and heel aches.

The comfort level of these socks is just exceptional. Made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, these braces will hold your foot and ankle at the correct angle with the right level for healing compression.

This ankle support sleeve is not only lightweight but also lightweight and durable, all thanks to its innovative fabric. What’s even more interesting is that this ankle support will remain dry even during your toughest and most sweaty workout.



These socks are very comfortable to wear and increase blood circulationThey do not lose their shape and compression even after months of steady wearProvide optimal comfort and relief for a nagging foot painSlim design which ensures they fit neatly under clothing


The fabric is weak and can rip off in just a few weeks of wearThe compression might not be enough to support a severely injured ankle

McDavid 195 Ankle Brace

via Amazon

This popular ankle brace is the epitome of solid construction and it incorporates thick wrapping bands in a figure-6 style. This brace comes in an array of sizes so you should not have trouble finding one that suits all your needs. Besides, the exceptional design of this brace simulates the functions of an athletic tape.

This brace is made of a single-layer nylon fabric that makes this product a lightweight, breathable and durable ankle brace. Designed with a universal fit, the McDavid 195 boasts of a built-in anatomical arch that keeps your foot comfortable all day long. The stabilizer strap is made of an elastic fabric so you can adjust the tightness to your liking, giving you a customized fit any time you want to have it on.



This brace is fully adjustable without removing or unlacing your shoesLightweightGives plenty support while allowing you to engage in different activities


It is bulkyCan only be used to prevent injury, not when you’re already injured

Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks

via Amazon

Combining truly effective compression and an anatomically correct design, this ankle brace from 1st elite is not only the ultimate solution for your ankle and foot pains but also a perfect training accessory to aid you in getting the most out of your feet with minimal pain.

With a pair of these socks, you will enjoy breathability and improved relief. Plus, the low profile of these socks makes them perfect to put on with any footwear.

These compression socks also come in electric blue, hot pink and classic black colors that are just irresistible. This 1st Elite product is an excellent relief for your plantar fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, ligament tears and sprains.

Whether you use them while you hike, run, bike or when you go to bed, you are assured of optimal comfort and your feet will thank you.



These socks are great to run inSpeeds up recovery from sprains, Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar FasciitisExcellent foot comfort


Compression behind the toe area is extremely tightCan cut off circulation around the ankle

Sleeve Stars Plantar Fasciitis Foot Sleeve with Ankle Brace Strap

via Amazon

The sleeve stars plantar fasciitis foot sleeve presents the ultimate solution for weak, stiff, sprained or injured ankles. If you want to recover faster and reduce the swelling, discomfort or pain, then the Sleeve Stars ankle support is what you need.

This sleeve offers superb ankle support while also accelerating recovery and minimizing joint, tendon and muscle inflammation, soreness or pain. This strap offers extra support and compression, which are both vital for times when you’re active and aid in preventing new injuries.

What’s even more breathtaking is that this ankle brace is made of a high-quality fabric that’s quick at absorbing sweat thus keeps your feet odor free and dry. The fabrics inner texture also gives you a soft and smooth touch feel.



Machine washable and easy to care forThis is a unisex braceDoes not limit your range of motion


It’s hard to get this sleeve on comfortablyThe strap can irritate plantar fasciitis if it is too tight

Winner of the Round-Up

Although the products on our list are equally excellent, the ASO Ankle Stabilizer wrestles them all. This ankle support has the right balance of movement and support to keep you active while protecting your ankle. It also has an invisible seam to offer superior comfort.

Besides being made from a crisp yet light material that makes it less clunky, this brace has a minimalist strapping configuration that makes it easy to take off after a long, tedious day. With that in mind, the ASO Ankle Stabilizer is sure to help your ankle recover from a sprain or fracture in the shortest time possible.

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Best Ice Packs For Injuries Reviews and Buying Guide

Exercising takes on many forms.

Whether you like MMA or basketball, weight training or rugby, the discipline might vary but there’s one common factor…

However you train, you’re likely to pick up an injury.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best ice packs for injuries.

If you can remember your mother getting out a bag of frozen peas to act as a makeshift ice pack, you’ll be aware of the benefits of cold therapy. We’ll look today at how to use an ice pack and why to use one in the first place. After that, we’ll show you 5 of the best products on the market to make your job easy.


Why bother to use an ice pack for your injuries in the first place?

Best Ice Pack for Your Injuries Comparison Among 05 Best Ice Packs Why Use an Ice Pack for Your Injuries? How To Use an Ice Pack How Often Should You Use an Ice Pack? When Not To Use an Ice Pack What To Look For When Buying an Ice Pack For Injuries SizeMaterialHow Long Will It Work?Does It Work as a Hot Pack As Well?Frequency of Use and UserBudget 5 Best Ice Packs For Injuries Reviews Chattanooga ColPac Cold Therapy Ice Pack NatraCure Universal Cold Pack Ice Wrap FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack Ohuhu Hot Cold Ice Bag 3 Pack Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap Wrap-Up

Comparison Among 05 Best Ice Packs

Why Use an Ice Pack for Your Injuries?

Extremes of temperature have been used for many years to deal with pain and to bring down swelling.

Icing, also known as cryotherapy, has a number of applications. Full body cryotherapy is continuing to gain popularity.

In its most simple form, ice packs and compresses provide welcome relief for a number of painful knocks and strains.

In general, if you have a soft tissue injury with swelling, an ice pack is the obvious choice.

Regardless of any long-term results, ice really helps with pain management in the immediate aftermath of an injury.

With any bruising, strain or sprain, it’s only natural that there will be a degree of bleeding to the underlying tissues. Swelling along with pain ensues. By treating the area with ice, you can bring down that swelling while enjoying some temporary relief.

Using ice will:

Minimize bleeding into tissuesBring down swellingSoothe inflammationLessen muscle painReduce spasmNumb the area to manage pain

Once this stage of the injury has been dealt with, the object of therapy changes…

With the pain and swelling in check, you want to get back to normal functioning. Alongside exercise, ice therapy can still be helpful.

How To Use an Ice Pack

It’s a smart move to rub some oil on the area of skin where you’ll place the ice pack. Cooking oil will doDo NOT use oil if you have stitches or broken skin. In the event of these situations, cover the area with a plastic bag. This will help prevent the wound from getting wet If using oil, pop a wet flannel over the top of the oilPlace the ice pack on top of the flannel (or plastic bag)Wait 5 minutes then check the color of your skin. If it’s red or bright pink, remove the ice pack. If your skin is not yet pink, replace the ice pack for 5 minutes then check againLeaving an ice pack on your injury for 20-30 minutes is fine. After that, it’s a case of diminishing returns. Beyond that, you risk damaging your skin and negatively impacting the healing process. Less is moreApplying gentle pressure throughout can make the process even more effective

Note: Oil, a wet flannel or plastic bag help to minimize any chance of frostbite from the ice pack. Make sure you bear this in mind.

How Often Should You Use an Ice Pack?

First thing’s first, try to get the ice pack onto your injury within 10 minutes of it happening. Getting in early will help.

You can repeat the ice pack procedure every couple of hours for the first 48 hours.

For the first 48 hours, the aim is to restrict bleeding and swelling. After that point, you want to stimulate the tissue through exercise and stretching.

When Not To Use an Ice Pack

An ice pack is not for everyone.

Steer clear of heat or ice treatment in the following situations…

On any areas with poor circulation On skin in poor conditionIf you suffer from diabetesWhen there is any infection presentOn areas with limited hot/cold sensationAround the left side of your neckOn the left shoulder if you have a heart condition

In all other cases, ice therapy is well worth trying out.

What To Look For When Buying an Ice Pack For Injuries

As with any product, there are a few standard things to watch out for when looking for the best ice pack for your injuries.


Before thinking about the size of the ice pack, consider its intended usage.

If you’re likely to be using it on your hands or knees, there’s obviously no need to buy a huge pack. For relief on larger body parts, the arms and shoulders for example, you’ll want something beefier.

Make sure the ice pack you have in mind will fit around the body part completely.

Err on the side of a larger pack rather than getting something that’s not fit for purpose. That said, don’t go for something unnecessarily heavy.

You’ll be keeping it in the freezer so think about storage logistics as well.

If you take these factors into account, it’ll be self-evident which size ice pack would work best for your needs.


You need to look for ice packs that are rugged and very flexible.

Seams are obvious weak points. Look for build quality that won’t let you down.

If there is any gel inside, check user reviews to make sure there’s no feedback about this leaking onto clothing.

How Long Will It Work?

The most common complaint with ice packs is that they don’t stay cold for long enough. This is another area where it pays to scour some user reviews and do some research online to make sure you don’t buy something that will run out of steam.

You’ll want an ice pack that will stay nice and cold for at least 20 minutes, ideally for half an hour.

Does It Work as a Hot Pack As Well?

If you think you’ll also make use of a hot pack, some of these ice packs serve double duty…

Simply toss it in the microwave and you’ll be good to go.

Think about this. Only you know if this is something you’d find useful. Look at here for more benefits of it.

Frequency of Use and User

Is this an ice pack for a single use or do you plan to press it into action on a regular basis?

Ask yourself who in the family will use the ice pack and buy accordingly.


Price is always a factor in any buying decision. The important thing is that it should not be the only factor.

Ice packs are not expensive. You’re much better to invest in a decent pack that will deliver results.

Rather than being motivated purely by the bottom line, remember this old saying…

Buy cheap, buy twice…


Now you have a good idea about the basics of ice pack therapy, we’ll quickly walk you through 5 of the best ice packs for injuries so you can get back to full fitness in no time without breaking the bank.

Since these are such basic products, we’re not going to waste your time with needlessly long reviews. We’ll simply outline the benefits of each ice pack to save you the time of hunting high and low for the market-leading products.

Time for the reviews…

5 Best Ice Packs For Injuries Reviews

Chattanooga ColPac Cold Therapy Ice Pack

via amazon

The choice of trainers and physios, Chattanooga has been making professional ice packs for years so you are in safe hands.

Inflammation can strike at any time. Ice therapy is a smart move to bring swelling down and soothe inflamed areas.

Whether you need relief from fever or bruises, strains or sprains, the Chattanooga ColPac in blue vinyl takes some beating.




11 x 14 inches offering superb coverage30 mins of ice more than adequateUser-friendly: just freeze when flat then applyDurable blue vinyl is latex-free and built to lastFilling stays flexible even when frozen


NatraCure Universal Cold Pack Ice Wrap

via amazon

NatraCure make use of biodegradable products and manufacture some first-class ice packs for injuries.

This clay cold pack will stay colder for longer than a regular ice pack. It’s very comfy to wear while still delivering outstanding therapeutic benefits.

This pack is also great for people with plantar fasciitis and Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Check it out today for outstanding ice therapy at a price you’ll love.




5 x 10 inches so suitable for smaller areasGets cold in less than an hourWashable and removable for complete convenienceSimple to replace ice packVery soft and flexible for comfort and results



Slightly small and thin for a heavy duty bag so be honest about your size

FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack

via amazon

One of the consistent best-sellers when it comes to ice packs, FlexiKold offer a number of sizes. We checked out the Standard size.

The gel ice pack stays freezing cold for longer than most competing packs.

This pack is pretty thin with a little gel double-sealed inside. The lack of gel adds to the flexible and supple nature of this pack.

Although it’s more expensive than some other ice packs, it’s still extremely cheap so don’t let that put you off.




10 ½ x 14 ½ inches for generous coverageMaterial super-simple to keep cleanConvenience of multiple sizes: something for everyone Tailor-made for back injuriesDurable and built to stay the distance


Ohuhu Hot Cold Ice Bag 3 Pack

via amazon

This 3-pack of hot and cold bags from Ohuhu offers a versatile therapy solution.

You have 3 sizes to choose from ranging from the dinky 6-inch pack through to the much larger 11 incher.

Whether you’ve got swellings or strains that need icing or a headache and soreness that demand heat therapy, you’ve got all bases covered.




6, 9 or 11 inches for all your therapy needsExtremely rapid reliefLeak-resistant cap for ease of fillingIncredible value for moneyAdded bonus of heat therapy


Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap

via amazon

The last ice pack on offer is from Koo-Care, a name you can trust when it comes to ice therapy.

A sizeable 11 x 14 inch pack, you can use it comfortably on any part of the body that’s feeling the strain.

Equipped with comfy and supportive straps, you’ll have no problem with your ice pack toppling off.

Check out the Koo-Care today and make sure you’re protected when things go wrong.




11 x 14 inches for substantial coverageNon-toxic gel pack for performance and comfortSoft bands and straps to keep ice pack snugly in placeVersatile and great for all body partsBrand you can trust while still affordable



We trust you’ve found these ice packs for injuries reviews have been useful and informative.

If you strain yourself when you’re training, proper recovery is essential. You need to do the best you can to get back to fitness as soon as possible without any lasting harm. The best ice packs are a superb weapon.

Contact us with any questions or feedback at all. We love to hear from our readers and we’re always more than happy to help. You’re welcome to share any of our articles on your social media.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all.

You’re also always welcome to share our articles on your preferred social media channels.

Now go and rest up!

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Cardio Training

Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors: All You Need This Year


In an era where most of us are overscheduled and overworked, it’s an unfortunate reality that healthy things such as frequent exercise sometimes get dropped from your schedule. As a result, our waistlines are expanding rapidly as the obesity levels keep rising as well.

The solution to this problem so prevalent in our seniors lays in a workout machine that has been around for more than a decade. You can tone your muscles, burn calories and make your cardiovascular system more robust with a solid workout if you turn to an exercise bike. Making a choice on the best recumbent bike for seniors can be difficult since there are many products in the market, all with unique features, but our review can be helpful.

Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors Introduction Why Purchase a Recumbent Bike? Perfect training companionA Superb Form of Exercise for Almost All Age GroupsPrevent Heart DiseaseImprove Brain Power Attributes To Look For Before Buying a Recumbent Bike Workout Control Features Fitness Tracking Extra Features Reviews of the Top Five Recumbent Bikes for seniors Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise BikeSchwinn 230 Recumbent BikeSchwinn 270 Recumbent BikeExerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent BikeExerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent BikeThe Verdict

Why Purchase a Recumbent Bike?

Perfect training companion

Whether your desire is to intensify your cardiovascular workout, exercise in the comfort of your home or to enjoy biking during the chilly winter months, a recumbent bike is a perfect training companion. These bikes can be used for vigorous body workouts, and they do not take up lots of space in your home gym.

A Superb Form of Exercise for Almost All Age Groups

Besides, cycling is a superb form of exercise for almost all age groups but is highly recommended for seniors. It is a low impact exercise that does not strain your joints, shoulder and back muscles like other exercises, such as running. When cycling, you exercise most of your leg muscles which is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Prevent Heart Disease

Regular cycling aids in lowering your blood pressure which in turn minimizes your risk of suffering from heart disease. In fact, studies have revealed that cycling improves your brain power by triggering the growth of new cells in the part of the brain responsible for memory.

Improve Brain Power

In fact, studies have revealed that cycling improves your brain power by triggering the growth of new cells in the part of the brain responsible for memory.

Modern recumbent bikes are sophisticated machines that offer a lot of different features. In this guide, we have put together crucial information that can help you in finding the right bike for your beloved seniors.

Attributes To Look For Before Buying a Recumbent Bike

Before purchasing a recumbent bike, you need first to have an idea of what your fitness goals are. Try to think of how often you will use this machine and how hard you want your workouts to be. It can be very disappointing to buy the most expensive bike only to realize later that you are not making the most out of its full potential. So what attributes should you pay close attention to?

Workout Control Features

Most recumbent bikes often include settings that you can adjust to control the intensity of your workout. Here are the essential controls to look out for when selecting the best bike for you:


via Amazon

Exercise bikes create workout resistance in two ways, with the most common way being through magnetic resistance and an exercise bike can be set to different resistance levels. The higher the resistance, the more difficult it becomes to pedal and thus a more strenuous workout.

It is for this reason that you should always consider the bike’s resistance range. The resistance ranges for most consumer recumbent bikes varies between 10 and 16 levels. However, a few bikes have a range that exceeds 20 levels.


via Amazon

A huge number of modern recumbent bikes can adjust to meet your particular body type and workout needs. Depending on your height and the exercise you want to perform, some bike models are fitted with seats that can adjust horizontally or vertically.

Besides, some exercise bikes allow you to change the position of the handlebars for perfect grip during the ride. What’s even more exciting is that you can also adjust the bike’s console position so that you can easily view your workout statistics.

Preset Workouts

via Amazon

Most of the best recumbent bikes for seniors include preset workouts that are usually programmed into their systems. Often designed by fitness trainers, these programs help diversify your daily workouts, and they all have a specific focus in mind.

For instance, a particular preset workout may be intended to maintain a target heart rate, burn calories or build endurance

Fitness Tracking

Fitness tracking features are equally important because they give you all the information you need to get the most out of your cycling session. Even the slightest data can make your workout more productive and fruitful.

Display Console

via Amazon

Almost all recumbent bikes possess an electronic display console that holds and displays all of the bike’s settings and controls. These consoles have buttons you can use to increase the resistance level, or you can press them to select from the preset workouts. Most electronic consoles also display your fitness tracking data, such as calories burned, speed, time elapsed, heart rate and distance traveled.

Pulse Monitor Grips

via Amazon

Some of the most advanced recumbent bikes have powerful heart rate monitors that keep track of your heart rate during the entire workout, and they are usually fitted on the handlebar grips.

Other bikes come equipped with heart rate monitor straps that you wrap around your chest. Although uncomfortable, these straps provide an accurate measure of your heart rate readings than the ones fitted on the handlebar grips.

Extra Features

The seemingly minor features on a stationary bike can make a huge difference in your workout. While some are standard features included in most recumbent bikes out of the box, you may have to purchase others separately and fix them onto your bike.

Water and Media Holders.

via Amazon

It is essential to keep water close at hand when you perform strenuous exercises because it’s inconvenient to have to pause and jump off your bike to quench your thirst. Most exercise bikes come equipped with a water bottle holder so that you can stay hydrated during your training session.

Depending on the model, you can have the water bottle holder on the front bar, in the console or behind the seat.Keeping your motivation up and staying entertained while you work out is essential.

Watching a movie or listening to music are excellent forms of entertainment while you work your legs and some bikes come with tablet holders to hold your gadget safely and steadily even during your most rigorous cycles.

Reviews of the Top Five Recumbent Bikes for seniors

After intensive research and rigorous testing, we have chosen the five best recumbent bikes that will help you ride far and achieve your fitness goals without leaving your home.

Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

via Amazon

If you’re looking for an excellent way to increase your cardiovascular endurance and at the same time reduce your waistline without sacrificing your floor space, then the Marcy ME 709 is the answer. This exercise bike features eight preset resistance levels that can all be tested in a comfortable seating position.

For you to better regulate the intensity of your workout, this machine has an easy-to-adjust knob that can help you exercise on different fitness levels.

Besides having a compact design, this exercise bike has an easy-to-read display console that shows the distance you’ve covered, the calories burned, the time spent and speed at which you are working your legs.

This bike also boasts of a comfortable padded seat that offers optimal support and comfort while pedaling. Its counter balanced pedals with well-fitted foot straps not only keep your feet in the right pedaling position but also prevent them from slipping when cycling at high speed.

Learn More About It On


Built with a compact designEasy-to-use consoleCompletely quiet and easy to move aroundEasy to assemble


ConsYou might not reach the pedals if you are shortThe tension does not adjust appropriately

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

via Amazon

The Schwinn 230 is a basic recumbent bike that features an electronic display console, ergonomically placed heart rate monitors, acoustic chamber speakers and a built-in fan to keep you cool through your most intense workouts.

This exercise bike provides over 20 levels of resistance and 22 pre-set workouts that you can choose from to add intensity and variety to your exercise. The bike’s design is ideal for the elderly with joint problems since you can slide the seat forward or backward to adjust the user’s height.

Also, this bike is designed with two integrated levelers and a firm frame support that offers a robust workout platform. It is also fitted with transport wheels that make it easy to move around.

Learn More About It On


Very stable due to its oversized crossbar tubingSeat can be adjusted easilyComes with a full operational manualVery robust and sturdy when assembled


The hard plastic seat is uncomfortableThe electronic console isn’t very intuitiveThe heart rate monitor is not always accurate

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

via Amazon

The Schwinn 270 has almost everything that one needs to have an excellent bike, an intense exercise session, and fun workouts. This one-of-a-kind bike keeps you connected to the outside world with its Bluetooth connectivity and great media shelf.

Besides having a dual track LCD window that lets you monitor a total of 13 different display feedbacks, this exercise bike boasts of 29 programs and up to 25 levels of resistance for a broad range of workout intensity.

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is excellently built, and it will stand up to even the most rigorous workout you perform. The high-inertia, high-speed perimeter weighted flywheel keeps this bike rooted to the floor, and its oversized pedals offer a comfortable biking motion.

This recumbent bike features a large vented, padded seat bottom that makes your workouts comfortable and relaxed. Also, the sealed acoustic chamber speakers, 3-speed fan, and a side-mounted water bottle holder are just among the extra features that make this exercise bike an irresistible machine.

Learn More About It On


Comes with excellent directions for each assembly stepVery comfortable seatIts operation is smooth as glassAttractive designCan be adjusted on the base for uneven flooring


Fan is weak even at maximal strengthArmrests and grips are poorly positionedCan be too hard to pedal

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

via Amazon

At first sight, one may think that this lightweight bike that folds up with narrow stabilizers isn’t robust enough to support you but surprisingly enough, this exercise bike remains stable when you ride, all thanks to its steel tubing frame which makes it sturdy.

This machine features a semi-recumbent design which makes it easy for one to get on and off the bike without much hassle. It is designed with a large, well-cushioned seat and backrest which make it ideal for users of any size.

The bike’s 8 level magnetic tension system allows you to adjust the cycling tension level for an easy or challenging workout. The hand pulse sensors are strategically positioned on the handlebars for better heart rate monitoring.

And now to its mechanical design, this bike boasts of an excellent three piece cranking system that provides a smooth and consistent pedaling motion. What’s even more exciting is that the machine’s proper functioning will not interfere with listening to music or watching TV.

Learn More About It On


It is foldableEasy to get on and offHas a great functionalityThe resistance can be adjusted manuallyYou can exercise while leaning back or sitting uprightThe price is reasonable considering the machine’s quality


It’s awkward to move when folded upThe handlebars are out of reach for people with short arms

Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike

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If you are looking to perform the ultimate spin workout in the comfort of your office or home, then the Exerpeutic 900XL is the exercise bike for you. This recumbent bike offers a challenging cardiovascular workout while reducing the stress on your back and joints.

The bike’s 8-level magnetic tension control system lets you customize your ride to either something challenging or just an easy workout. The Exerpeutic 900XL boasts of an extended weight capacity that can support up to 300 lbs. in addition to a “step through” design that provides an easy on and off capability for an effective and comfortable workout.

The easy-to-read LCD lets you keep track of the distance covered, calories burned, workout speed, time spent and heart rate. Another impressive feature yet about this bike is that it is fitted with transportation wheels right below the frame for easy relocation and mobility after your workout.

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It comes well packagedHas a thoughtful designLarge foot pedals that can accommodate a wide range of users


Some of the bolts come loose frequently and need re-tighteningThe bike starts making squeaking noises with a few weeks of useThe assembly is poorly documentedThe display is not backlit hence the bike cannot be used in a dark room

The Verdict

After reviewing some of the best recumbent bikes in the market, we had a hard time settling on a winner since all our products had impressive features that would make one want to ride more and more. Even with that said, the winner of this roundup would have to be the Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike.

This foldable recumbent exercise bike is portable and foldable which makes it ideal for people with small living spaces. Its precision-balanced flywheel and the double drive system make for an incredibly smooth and quiet workout, just what everyone would want.

This recumbent bike is also very easy to assemble and position all thanks to its compact size and comprehensive directions. You will assemble it with little fuss, and in under an hour’s time, you’ll be ready to make your debut on this machine.

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6 Cheap Home Fitness Equipment Pieces to Invest in 2018

Whether you’re trying to shed some unwanted holiday weight during the dead of winter or trying to improve your summertime beach body, there’s no better time to start investing in fitness and exercise equipment. If you don’t feel comfortable going to a public gym to work out in front of others, you don’t have to. You can choose to invest in a set of affordable and effective workout equipment for your home gym.

1. Ankle Weights

Leading our list of the cheapest pieces of workout equipment in which you should invest are small but effective pieces of strength training equipment known as ankle weights.

Ankle weights are a popular piece of workout equipment worn by athletes and self-motivated fitness gurus worldwide. Their desired benefits lie in their ability to strengthen your leg muscles while doing seemingly ordinary tasks such as walking, jogging, or running.

Ankle weights boast a simplistic design in that you merely attach them around your ankles for a desired period of time. The weight they add to your ankles cause you to exert more effort when you move your legs. This added effort is what causes an increase in muscle mass in your legs and glutes.

In addition to all of these benefits, ankle weights are also incredibly affordable and can be used in the comfort of your own home.



2. Treadmill


Treadmills have been a favorite household piece of workout equipment for decades. Companies that develop and manufacture treadmills have made great strides in the technological advancement of treadmills in the past decade.

Not only can treadmills provide the usual health benefits of regular exercise, cardiovascular strengthening, and calorie consumption but they are also equipped with advanced monitoring systems that read your health status and provide you with detailed data derived.

This monitoring system can help you by allowing you to tailor your workout in a more precise manner to hit certain calorie burn goals, heart rate goals, or distance walked goals. Many modern treadmills also allow you to adjust the incline which provides resistance exercise in addition to the endurance workout of walking or running on a normal treadmill.

A simple search online will provide you with many affordable treadmills to suit your financial and fitness needs.


3. Resistance Bands


A continuing trend among fitness enthusiasts is a little miracle item called a resistance band. These small bands are workout powerhouses that are incredibly versatile, can be transported easily, stored in minimal space, and provides a myriad of different exercises and training benefits. The type of exercise a resistance band provides will be dictated by its structure, shape, and size.

Before you begin a resistance training routine with your bands, you should read the instructions carefully. Every piece of workout equipment will come with a heavy list of benefits and a list of precautions. Resistance bands are very affordable and can be found in most department stores or online retailers.



4. Stationary Exercise Bicycle


A staple piece of exercise equipment that has been found in homes spanning the past few decades is known as the stationary exercise bicycle. This piece of at-home workout equipment affords you the myriad of health benefits of a regular bicycle but allows you to exercise in the comfort of your own home.

While riding a normal bicycle outside will provide many other additional benefits, including beautiful scenery, fresh air, sunlight, and wilderness therapy, there are just as many benefits to using a stationary bicycle instead.

A stationary exercise bicycle is just as affordable as a normal bicycle and can be equipped with modern technological analytic devices such as a heart rate monitor, calories burned counter, and an exercise timer.


5. Gymnastic Mat


Although this may not seem like an impressive piece of workout equipment immediately, you’ll be surprised to learn just how versatile a gymnastic mat can be when you set out to begin exercising at home.

A gymnastic mat can provide you with a comfortable layer of cushioning should you begin to perform stretches before starting your daily workout routine. It can also assist you with your daily yoga sessions.

Many different types of workout exercises require you to either lay on the floor, jump on the floor, or kneel. These types of exercises can be excruciatingly painful if you don’t provide yourself a cushioning buffer between your body and the hard floor.

That’s where a gymnastic mat comes into play. It is perfect for crunches, jumping jacks, yoga, sit-ups, leg stretches, and jumping rope. Best of all, it’s incredibly affordable, compact, light-weight, and easy to store.



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The Best Treadmills Under 500: All You Need to Know

Home is gradually turning out to be the most comfortable place nowadays, and as a result, a majority of people now prefer to work from home and work out from the comfort of their home. Having a home gym is the best way to train at any time and keep your body fit even with the tightest of your schedules, and the treadmill machine is one you want to have in your home gym.

As you browse the best treadmills under 500 in our review, including our top pick, know that we’ve considered and tested an array of exercise tools and equipment to aid you in realizing your overall exercise and fitness goals. Let’s get started!

Best Treadmills Under 500 The Benefits of Using a Treadmill as Part of Your Fitness Program?Bone HealthCardiovascularEmotional and MentalMotivationWhat Should You Look For When Choosing a Treadmill? Performance Workout Features Inclusions/AccessoriesThe Best Treadmills under 500 ReviewsSunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric TreadmillProGear 350 Power Electric TreadmillSunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 TreadmillExerpeutic TF1000 Electric TreadmillProGear HCXL 4000 Jogging Electric Treadmill with Heart Pulse SystemOur Best Pick

The Benefits of Using a Treadmill as Part of Your Fitness Program?

The treadmill is a favorite exercise machine that stimulates the most natural and basic aerobic exercise, walking, with options to either slow or quicken your pace depending on the fitness goals you’ve set or how you feel.

Better yet, the treadmill machine offers versatile, indoor exercise options which can provide a venue for either walking or running. The benefits of using a treadmill as part of your fitness program are wide-ranging and here are a few of them:

Bone Health

Weight-bearing exercises, like walking or running on a treadmill, can increase the density of your bones. An increased bone density strengthens the skeleton and minimizes your risk of suffering from bone-thinning diseases such as osteoporosis.

Besides, research has revealed that regular endurance training on a treadmill has significant benefits on the bone quality of people above 50 years of age. Better yet, treadmills play a significant role in the development of healthy bone material.


Just like any other aerobic exercises, running on a treadmill has lots of cardiovascular benefits. The single action of treadmill walking or running requires that you repeatedly move the major muscles in your arms, legs, and hips.

As a result of this physical effort, your heart rate and breathing increase, and blood flow between the muscles and lungs increases. In the long run, aerobic exercises will strengthen your heart, improve your resting circulation, and keep your arteries clear thus minimizing the risk of stroke or a heart attack.

Emotional and Mental

Apart from its excellent physical benefits, treadmill training has several benefits relating to your emotional well-being and mental health. Aerobic exercises performed on a treadmill prompt the release of endorphins that give you an overall sense of well-being.

Besides, treadmill training can help you to relax and alleviate the symptoms of depression. If you are constantly battling mental tension and anxiety, treadmill training at an aerobic level of intensity can mitigate these symptoms.


A treadmill’s running surface provides you with a low-impact option for jogging or running as compared to a rough, outdoor surface. If unsupervised outdoor training is unsafe for you due to health concerns such as seizure disorders, morbid obesity or heart disease, the treadmill machine allows you to perform aerobic exercises in a safe indoor environment.

What’s even more exciting about the treadmill is that it gives one the ability to control the climate, incline, and speed during a workout, which may increase your motivation to do more treadmill workouts.

What Should You Look For When Choosing a Treadmill?

When selecting a treadmill, the three most important aspects to consider are: the workout features include, how the machine performs, and accessories of the treadmill. The workout features include the treadmill console and options to break up the monotony of your exercise.

The performance focuses on crucial design aspects that make maximize your workout experience whereas the special accessories/inclusions make your overall workout experience more enjoyable. Read on for insight on the standout details to look for in a treadmill.


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Incline Level Options.

A good treadmill should offer the option to adjust the incline level of your workout area to make your workout more challenging. The greater the slope, the more strenuous your workout will be and thus a great option for losing weight.

Depending on the treadmill model, the incline can go to about 12- 15 percent for more significant workout challenge. Some treadmills also provide the ability to decline the exercise area by 3 percent to simulate a downhill walk.

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How Fast The Treadmill Can Go.

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This is another important factor to look at, and although it is not a big deal if you’re walking, it is essential if you want to run, particularly if you’re training for a foot race or a marathon. The average human being moves at a pace between 6 and nine mph so a treadmill with a top speed of 12 mph can be a good choice.

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The Length of Running Surface.

However basic it may sound, this is an aspect shouldn’t be ignored. People taller than 6’5” typically have long strides hence they need a longer treadmill surface to comfortably run or walk on. A treadmill with 60 inches of surface length will accommodate tall persons perfectly.

Workout Features

Preprogrammed Workout Features.

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The preprogrammed workout features of a treadmill are just as essential as the performance because they let you maintain consistency in your workouts depending on the selected setting.

For instance, a steady pace is enough for basic weight loss, but more challenging routines can be achieved with programs such as cross-country, aerobic options, and hill climbing. The more presets your treadmill has, the more versatile it is.

Heart Rate Monitors.

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It is crucial that you keep track of your heart rate as you work out, so look for a treadmill that includes a heart rate monitor on the hand grips and a console that tracks and records your heart rate. Some more advanced treadmills have chest straps that help you monitor your heart rate wirelessly.


Preprogrammed Workout Features.

For the best workout experience, a treadmill should have a water bottle holder and book rest. A few other aspects that help a treadmill stand out above other basic machines include web browser for sharing your workout results online and touch screen consoles.

The Best Treadmills under 500 Reviews

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill

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Driven by a powerful electric motor, the Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill is the best deal for serious runners. The design of this workout machine is one that no one can resist, not forgetting its easy folding system that helps you fold and unfold it quickly and effortlessly. This machine also boasts of 3 levels of incline which help simulate a full scope of terrain training.

This treadmill also boasts of meticulously built handrail controls that allow you to stop, start or adjust the treadmill speed. The heart rate pulse sensors are also conveniently located on the bars for better heart rate monitoring.

If you like to vary your workouts, this treadmill gives you every reason to smile all thanks to its nine built-in user programs which help you to find the right intensity for different fitness levels easily.

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It’s foldableDoesn’t wobble while you work outVery quietEasy assemblySimple and user-friendly


The belt speed is jerky and inconsistentThe machine is too narrow to run aggressively

ProGear 350 Power Electric Treadmill

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If you’re looking for a way to burn the extra calories and achieve a healthy lifestyle all in the comfort of your home, then the ProGear 350 Electric Treadmill is the right machine for you. With a maximum motor speed of 6 mph, this treadmill lets you at a high speed for optimal body fitness. With its quiet motor drive, this treadmill lets you enjoy your music or TV shows without any sound interference.

Better yet, this electric treadmill has an intuitive display window that shows the elapsed time, the calories burned, distance walked, speed and heart pulse for better fitness tracking. This treadmill’s extended handlebars guarantee a stable and safe workout. Also, the safety clip lets you stop the machine when need be.

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This treadmill’s price is fairIt’s designed to be light without compromising qualityExtremely portableHas a smooth operationEasy to fold up and relocate


It operates with a natural inclineComplaints of a few manufacturer defects

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill

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If you’re looking to take your home fitness standards to a whole new level, this treadmill from Sunny Health is all you need since it provides a variety of necessities that come in handy for a fantastic cardio workout.

To begin with, this machine features a soft drop system for safe, hassle-free folding and unfolding in addition to built-in transportation wheels for convenient relocation when the need arises.

Regarding technology, this treadmill boasts of handrail control keys designed with the latest technology for you to easily control your workouts with your fingertips. As if that’s not enough, the easy-to-read display console comes with nine programs to choose from, a safety lock function, and power saving function for the best workout experience.

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It’s foldableDoesn’t wobble while you work outVery quietEasy assemblySimple and user-friendly


The belt speed is jerky and inconsistentThe machine is too narrow to run aggressively

Exerpeutic TF1000 Electric Treadmill

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The Exerpeutic TF1000 electric treadmill gives you an effective way to shed extra calories and realize a healthy lifestyle. Even if you like having an outdoor job once in a while, this treadmill boasts of excellent shock absorbing qualities which will see you prefer an indoor workout with this machine.

Also, this machine’s 1.5 HP high torque motor uses ‘Quiet Drive’ which means you’ll not have to deal with unbearable noise when working out.

This machine also has a treadmill belt widened to a fitness club size for security and safety as you exercise. The extra-long safety handles also incorporate Heart Pulse Pads and speed control buttons that let you target your heart rate and conveniently adjust your speed respectively.

This treadmill can also accommodate a staggering 400 pounds of user weight capacity so no need to worry about it wobbling as you work out.

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The reinforced frame gives it the ability to accommodate a high weight capacityLCD helps you track your workout progress easilyIts 20-inch wide belt makes it extremely safeFolds easily for storageSide rails are longer and very strong for added support


The assembly instructions are a bit complicated.Has a short life when used regularly.Complaints of poor customer service from the manufacturer.

ProGear HCXL 4000 Jogging Electric Treadmill with Heart Pulse System

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The Pro Gear Electric treadmill offers you the option to send less and stay fit. It comes equipped with 18-inch long safety handles that include heart pulse sensors that let you measure your heart rate as you work out.

This treadmill is one you cannot punish with your weight because it can withstand up to 400 pounds of weight. Besides, this machine boasts of a 2 level manual incline feature that lets you adjust between easy and challenging workouts.

Regarding aesthetics, this electric treadmill has strategically placed speed control buttons that help you adjust your running speed by increments of 1/10’s miles per hour up to 4 mph. The treadmill belt is also extra wide for security and safety as you perform various aerobic exercises.

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The design is smartMoves around very little during useGrab bars are nice and longIt’s quiet and comfortable


It takes a lot of time to unpack this machineThe two pockets in the console are not deep enough to hold a water bottle or TV remote

Our Best Pick

If you’re on a budget below $500, you cannot go wrong with any of these treadmills. From space-saving design to simplicity, these machines offer almost everything that a starter machine under $500 would have.

However, if you are looking for something more robust, easy to assemble, and safe to tread on, then the Sunny Health & Fitness Motorized Treadmill is the best sub $500 machine, and it scoops our best pick for this category.

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The Best Mini Stepper Gadgets for Anything You Need to Do in 2018

Do you want to achieve optimal body fitness but don’t have time for the gym? Then you need the best mini stepper gadget that’s ideal for home use. This gadget provides a low-impact equivalent to climbing a flight of stairs.

What’s breathtaking about most step machines is that they let you control the intensity of your workout, thus allowing you to adjust for your specific fitness level. Despite their excellent benefits, mini stepper machines are not always good for people with knee problems, as the motion of the machine can put stress on the joints.

Mini stepper gadgets can provide various health benefits depending on your level of intensity. The climbing motion can help burn high levels of calories and build your lower-body muscles as well. Besides, these machines can provide a sufficient cardiovascular workout when used regularly.

To help you narrow down your options, we provide the top five mini stepper reviews that are guaranteed to help you achieve your desired fitness goals.

The Best Mini Steppers The Benefits of a Mini Stepper MachineHelps Strengthen or Tone Your MusclesWeight LossLow Impact WorkoutsEasy To UsePortableMini Stepper Machine: What to Look ForCapacity and General Construction​Adjustable ResistanceFitness MonitorComponents to Hold While StandingPedal Size and TextureTop 5 Mini Stepper Reviews1. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands2. Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer3. Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper4. Wagan EL2273 Mini Stepper Master5. Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Polished AlloyWinner of the Roundup

The Benefits of a Mini Stepper Machine

In spite of their size, these little contraptions are an excellent way of performing an aerobic workout just about anywhere or in the comfort of your home. By performing regular exercise, there are several benefits that you are likely to reap and here they are.

Helps Strengthen or Tone Your Muscles

The main appeal of a stepper machine is that it targets the lower body and is a very effective tool for toning your legs since it targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, glutes and calves. Pretty much all the muscles in your leg!

You can purchase a stepper gadget with a hand bar attached to it, however most don’t have one meaning that you must balance and engage your core which helps define your abs.

Weight Loss

Since this machine targets pretty much all the muscles in your legs, it burns a lot of calories. An individual averaging 155 lbs. can burn 450 calories in an hour. You can also increase the calorie burn by increasing the intensity of your workout.

Low Impact Workouts

One magnificent aspect of mini stepper machines is that they are very low gadgets and you will not experience any jarring shocks that could injure your joints. All the same, some models of this gadget incorporate a gentle twisting motion in each step to help relieve some stress of the knees.

Easy To Use

Even if you’ve never used an exercise machine before, you’ll realize that the mini stepper is a straightforward piece of workout equipment. Just place one foot on each pedal, step downwards with one foot as you allow the other to rise simultaneously; repeat and it’s as simple as that.


Just as the name suggests, you know a mini stepper isn’t hard to take with you. Their light-weight nature combined with a trim size makes the mini stepper easily packable. Whether road-tripping or jet-setting, the stepper can come along for a ride.

Mini Stepper Machine: What to Look For

Mini stepper machines come in a variety of intensity levels and designs. Some feature handrails for added stability while others have levers that work the arms. Consider these options while searching for a mini stepper for your next workout.

Capacity and General Construction


Weight Limits:

A majority of home-use model mini steppers are built for people who have a body weight of 250 lbs. or less. Some of these gadgets are rated less while others have a higher weight limit. These stepper machines would go out of business if they were bulky and unstable under the weight.

Component Materials:

Fabricated steel is the most popular material used for the stepper machines structure. Besides being strong, stable and durable, the component materials must also be light weight and easily moved around.

​Adjustable Resistance

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Not all mini steppers are able to adjust the effort needed to “step it out” or the resistance levels. This isn’t a bad thing; it just implies that you’ll be unable to begin your workouts at a lower level and work up to more aggressive routines.

Fitness Monitor

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A fitness monitor can keep track of the exercising intensity and cardiovascular intensity during your workout. Most stepping machines come with a digital monitor that displays information such as stepping speed, calories burned and even the heart rate.

Components to Hold While Standing

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This is a feature to look for if you are not steady standing upright with nothing to clutch onto in the beginning. Some stepping machines have adjustable elastic bands with handles. Although the elastic bands are not essentially steady aids, they are meant to exercise the arms while you exercise your legs. Using the elastic bands males the workout an all-of-body session.

Pedal Size and Texture

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With this regard, it is advisable to go for a mini stepper with oversized and textured foot pedals because they guarantee a sturdy and non-slip footing. Irrespective of how fast or hard you pedal, the textured foot pedal surface will keep your feet secure thus preventing any slips during the workout.

Mini steppers offer an excellent workout if you want to improve your cardiovascular health and strengthen your lower body. It is best to take into account all of the features and options before choosing the best gadget for your needs.

Top 5 Mini Stepper Reviews

1. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

via Amazon

This mini stepper is an essential yet irresistible low impact fitness device. Its lightweight and compact nature makes it a machine good enough to give you a full body workout in your office or at home. The steps work to strengthen the lower body (hips, thighs, calves, etc.) while the resistance bands work your upper body.

This mini stepper incorporates an adjustable tension knob that you can use to switch up the intensity of your workout. With just a simple twist, you can decrease or increase resistance so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness session.

Tracking your progress with this machine is also simple thanks to the LCD console that displays your step count, speed, time and calories burned. With a convenient scan mode, you can opt to have these features continuously repeated to keep up with all calculations.

The extra-large textured foot pedals ensure a solid, non-slip footing hence no need to worry about losing your footing.



It has a rust resistant industrial grade steel that offers lasting durabilityIt is portable and easy to storeOffers resistance adjustment through a tension knob and resistance bands


This mini stepper has some problems making unwanted noise

2. Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

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Since the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer can be used standing, sitting or by pedaling in reverse-motion, it is easy to get the convenient yet versatile workout you need. In the sitting position, you will engage your lower body and in the standing position, you will solely target your core as you remain balanced on the pedals.

Whether you are reading a book, watching television or working at your office desk, you can carry this elliptical trainer anywhere you go. Besides, you can track the progress of your workout with the multi-functional monitor which displays your strides per minute, total workout time, total strides and calories burned.

This elliptical trained also supports forward and reverse motion which can help target different muscles in your legs. Besides, sometimes it is nice to change it up.

If you want to express your vibrant personality, this mini stepper comes in bright orange and lime green color options so that you can pedal in style.



 This elliptical trainer has non-slip textured pedalsIt’s built with a multifunctional fitness monitorCan be used while in a standing position, sitting, or in reverse motion


Gives an annoying squeakThe pedals are not firmly secured on the machine

3. Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper

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The Mini Stair Stepper from promises to provide a low-impact workout session while you’re on the go. This gadget doesn’t look and cost like you would expect one to cost since it’s basically two oversized, rubber pedals mounted on hydraulics.

This stepper boasts of an LCD display which you can use to create fitness goals and to achieve your target fitness level. Besides, this machine has resistance bands that help promote stepping balance while toning and strengthening your upper body.

This inexpensive exercise gadget is small and portable, a trait not so common among stepping machines. With its adjustable incline levels, this device still promises to offer an intense workout.

This exercise gadget from Sunny Health and Fitness has a simple, low-profile design that lets you store the machine or carry it along as you travel.



It’s built with twist action and elastic bands for versatilityReasonably pricedThis aerobic stepper incorporates an efficient designHas a bright LCD display with a counter that keeps track of every step you take


The arm bands don’t snap back soon enough after they’ve been stretchedProlonged use can cause the hydraulics to overheat

4. Wagan EL2273 Mini Stepper Master

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The Wagan Mini Stepper is a compact exercise gadget that’s designed for minimal space coverage or for carrying along on your travels. Thus stepping machine from Wagan Tech features an impressive compact design, a sturdy frame and it operates quietly.

This piece of exercise equipment has a multi-function meter between the handles. Using a common AAA battery, this meter keeps track of your exercise routine i.e. calories burned, time taken and steps which are displayed on an easy-to-read LCD display.

This mini stepper is the epitome of universal usability because of the ability to adjust the step height of the pedals. For individuals with a limited range, the pedal travel height can be easily adjusted with the turn of a knob.

Made from soft and resilient foam, the handles of this aerobic stepper machine are firm and ergonomically placed to provide stability and optimal comfort respectively. You can choose where to position your hands (either horizontally or vertically) to ensure firm control of the mini stepper.



This mini stepper is easy to assembleHas a sturdy frame with steel tubing fabricationPerfect machine fir a lightweight workout


It can be super squeaky over time

5. Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Polished Alloy

via Amazon

The Aerobic Trainer by Xiser is the main means to maintain optimum physical health, mental health and look younger. If you can afford an expensive and at the same time want something compact so that you can carry it anywhere, then this mini stepper is what you need.

This exercise gadget works quietly and smoothly, all thanks to its superb hydraulic system and silicone fluid. Besides, the machine’s adjustable resistance allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout depending on your fitness goals.

This machine is a beauty and the polished alloy look promises nothing short of terrific performance. It lets you perform CrossFit and spinning exercises, among other high intensity interval training. This trainer won’t trip and it will withstand anything you throw at it.

Whether in a sitting or standing position, this aerobic trainer can withstand a maximum weight of 400 pounds. Besides, you are assured of its long term use since the manufacturer gives a 5-year consumer warranty.



This trainer runs smoothly and quietly It can bear 400 pounds of weightIt’s cast airframe-grade alloy makes it tough and portableComes with a 5-year warrantyThis machine has an excellent hydraulic system


It’s very expensive compared to other mini steppersIt lacks a digital display to track your workout progress

Winner of the Roundup

Considering that our selection already had many amazing, high-quality mini steppers, it was a very difficult decision to make when it came to choosing the winner. However, ultimately, we have decided that the Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper (#3) did the trick.

Being a compact and surprisingly versatile, this home fitness gadget is highly portable and an excellent option for all your resistance training needs. Its heavy-duty steel construction offers years of reliable use while the oversized, slip-resistant foot plates keep you firmly rooted during workout.

Happy muscle toning!

Core & Abdominal Trainers

An Ultimate Guide To Purchasing The Best Ab Machine

When on the journey to get fit, you will need to make sure that you do the correct exercises to reach your goals. If you want to get the muscles and abs for bikini season, then the best ab machine will help you. In this article, we will show you the ultimate guide to purchasing the best ab machine.

An Ultimate Guide To Purchasing The Best Ab Machine Why Should You Purchase The Best Ab Machine? Compact and Lightweight Piece of Gym EquipmentA Versatile or All-around Equipment.Help Guide Your CoreAb Machine at Home - Time & Money Saving How to Purchase the Best Ab Machine Good Design and BuildFeatures and VersatilitySizeCustomer ReviewsPrice How to Use an Ab Machine Follow the instructions and focus on the formSlowly move your way upFollow a good routineRest when neededTop 5 Best Ab Machines XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Weider Ultimate Body Works Marcy Roman Chair Body-Solid GCAB360 CAM Series Ab/Back Machine Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB Board In Conclusion

Why Should You Purchase The Best Ab Machine?

You may be wondering: Why should you purchase the best ab machine? Isn't it simpler to do bodyweight exercises at home, or to sign up for the gym? Contrary to what you think, there are a lot of benefits which this piece of gym equipment has to offer. Here are the advantages you can reap when investing in the best ab machine:

Compact and Lightweight Piece of Gym Equipment

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An ab machine is a compact and lightweight piece of gym equipment, so you can easily place it in your home. You can put it in your garage or room without it taking up too much space.

It is very easy to setup as well, anyone will be able to assemble and use it without hassle.

A Versatile or All-around Equipment.

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You will get to work on your abs without feeling like death! Having an ab machine will focus on your core and give it much more intensity as compared to doing bodyweight exercises that can only do so much.

There are ab machines that can work your arms and legs as well, making it a versatile or all-around equipment.

Help Guide Your Core

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Using an ab machine will help guide your core. You will have better form when using the machine, as well as more comfort.

The ab machine puts the right amount of stress on your core without injuring it but giving you the results you expect so long as you follow a good routine.

Ab Machine at Home - Time & Money Saving

With an ab machine at home, you save a lot of time and money from going to the gym. Instead of spending on transportation expenses and gym memberships, you can workout in the comforts of your own home and without the need to hassle yourself for going to and from the gym.

You can workout anytime and make up your own schedule. Plus, you'll have no excuse to NOT workout, which makes you more motivated.

How to Purchase the Best Ab Machine

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Purchasing the best ab machine may be a bit confusing, especially if you're one who doesn't know a lot about gym equipment. Are you wondering how we chose the top five ab machines? Here are the factors to take into consideration when choosing what's right for you:

Good Design and Build

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Find an ab machine that is made out of the strong tools and materials to withstand intense workouts for years to come. Also, choose the type of ab machine you need, one that either focuses on crunches, free weights, or whatever you prefer according to your suitability and workout regime.

Features and Versatility

Look for an ab machine that is flexible and that can work other parts of your body as well. There are many ab machines that can help your arms and legs.


It's important to find an ab machine that suits the room you have to consider its weight and dimensions.

Customer Reviews

It's best to focus on popular brands when looking for an ab machine. You'll be able to find customer reviews and recommendations from reputable websites or your local stores. The more positive, the better.


Make a budget based on average prices on good ab machines. Don't break your savings account, but don't scrimp either! This is to get a quality ab machine without spending too much.

How to Use an Ab Machine

Using an ab machine isn't rocket science, but it may look complicated for those who have just started their fitness journey. If you're wondering about the basics of ab machines, then here are some tips on how to use them:

Follow the instructions and focus on the form

There are different types of exercise machines, and all of them come with a set of instructions you should follow to avoid injury and to get effective results. Follow them carefully and make sure to focus on proper form rather than your speed or amount of repetitions.

Slowly move your way up

Make sure that you start off slow, especially if you're a beginner. Increase the intensity slowly to avoid losing motivation or injuring yourself along the way.

Follow a good routine

Have an effective workout routine that focuses on the ab machine and a good amount of cardio. This is to blast fat and get good results in no time.

Rest when needed

It's important to have your rest days so you won't burn yourself out too much. Not only does constant workout discourage you from exercising, but you may also end up injuring yourself without getting the results you expect. Have at least one or two rest days.

Top 5 Best Ab Machines

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, however you can also click the links above to see current prices and customers's reviews on Amazon.

Based on our research, testing, and customer reviews, we give you our top five picks on the best ab machines to invest in:

XMark 12 Position Ergonomic

via Amazon

What we love about the Total Gym XLS Plus is the fact that it's the total piece of gym equipment suitable for anyone

It's one of the home fitness chairs that any fitness buff will surely appreciate. Kids as young as 10 years old will be able to start training.

Learn More About It on


The ab bench comes with twelve vertical height adjustments for you to do various moves. It has leg rollers to reduce back strain and make your workout free from any injuries. The bench also has a support handle to easily mount and dismount.It's durable, made out of a 14-gauge steel mainframe construction. Not only are you assured a piece of equipment that lasts for years, but also one that will remain looking new with a scratch-resistant powder coat finish.The high-density cushion and double-stitched, tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl will keep you comfortable without any chance of wear and tear.Can take over 300 pounds of weight and those who are up to 6'2 in height.


The board length may be a bit of trouble for those who are over 6'2.

Worth It?

It comes at an economical price for an ab machine. You'll be able to save oodles on gym memberships because of its durability and usefulness. You have a simple ab machine with fair features worth its price. Plus, the whole household will be able to use it.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

via Amazon

The Weider Ultimate Body Works machine is one of the most versatile ab machines we can find. It not only works your abs, but it will be able to work your arms, back, and legs as well.

It's what makes it one of the best ab machines to invest in.

Learn More About It on


It comes with resistant bands with the option to increase its weight. You have more intense workouts this way. You have a better range of motion with its cable and pulley system. The more exercises, the better you can work your body and push it to the limits.It has an adjustable incline bench to increase the weight resistance.Set up will take only about an hour. You only need a bit of common sense to assemble itIt can take up about 300 pounds of weight, so anyone will be able to use it


The machine is a bit heavy and will need two people to carry it around.Can be a bit unstable with certain exercises.

Worth It?

It comes at a very affordable price, making it a perfect addition to your home gym. With a durable body and many uses and exercises you can do, it's definitely something to consider investing in.

Marcy Roman Chair

via Amazon

What we love about the Marcy Roman Chair is the fact that it works on all parts of your ab and lower body.

From your lower back, glutes, hamstrings and abdominal muscles, you will be able to get the flat stomach you need with its constant core contraction.

Learn More About It on


It gives an intense workout and will make you feel the burn around your core and legs. With its simple construction, it gives you better posture and movement, making you effectively work your core in proper form. You can do a variety of workouts with its adjustable height ankle pads. It's very easy to set up and won't take up much room, making it a perfect addition to your home gym.It's made out of a heavy duty frame and durable powder coated finish, which ensures lasting for years to come. It can take up to 300 pounds of weight.The design has assist handles for good grip and a comfortable pad to avoid any injury as you workout.


Some users have complained of missing parts or getting rusted nuts and bolts upon receiving the package.

Worth It?

Because of its heavy-duty steel frame body and intense features, we can definitely say that it's worth the purchase and will have you working intensely for years to come.

it's perfect for anyone on their journey to fitness, either they are starting or in the middle of it.

Body-Solid GCAB360 CAM Series Ab/Back Machine

via Amazon

What we like about the Body-Solid Machine is that it works both your ab and back. With this unique feature and construction, you can feel the burn from your major core muscle groups and get the desired results without any risk of injury. It also comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty!

Learn More About It on


You'll be out of the uncomfortable floor. Instead of doing crunches or Russian twists, you get to work on a comfortable cushion and avoid injury on your back. It has the strong frame built to last. It's great for any man or woman, no matter how tall. It can take up to 300 pounds.Take note: It has a slanted seat in order to give off more resistance.


The machine may be difficult to set up at first. It can take over an hour and some helping hands.

Worth It?

For a dual-function gym equipment that has the strong body to last for years of intense workouts, we can definitely say it's worth the investment. You can control your exercises without the need to worry about it breaking anytime soon.

Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB Board

via Amazon

This is one of the most versatile ab machines at an affordable price. What makes the Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB Board a great buy is its smile design that can have you design a lot of workout routines to work your core.

Learn More About It on


You can adjust it to twelve positions, and it's very easy to change its settings. It comes with a DuraFirm extra thick padding to have your whole body comfortable while working out.


It uses materials at low price. Not very durable as compared to other ab machines, but will last for a long period of time.

Worth It?

Being one of the most affordable ab machines out there, we can definitely say that it's worth the purchase. It's a sturdy piece of gym equipment with a lot of possibilities and exercises to choose from. It's perfect for beginners and those who want to save up but still want a good ab machine to help them reach their goals.

In Conclusion

If you're the one who wants to focus on fitness and getting leaner, then it's important to have the right amount of exercise. One of the most popular goals men and women want to achieve today would be to get the abs to show off for summer. The best ab machine will help you get to that goal efficiently, giving you the results you want with consistent exercise and motivation.

We chose the XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1 as the best ab machine to invest in because of its ease of use and the fact that beginners and advanced fitness buffs can take advantage of its features. It comes with everything you need to build your core. It will definitely have you feeling the burn while loving the whole exercise.

The chosen product has everything you need and more when reaching your weight loss goals, which is why it's a must-have item. You save money from gym memberships and work your body the way you want , right in the comfort of your own home.

Did you enjoy the article or have any other suggestions on the best ab machine? Then comment down below! We'd love to hear what you have to think.

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Top 05 – Best Waist Trimmer Belt and Here is How to Flatten That Tummy Top 5 Best Olympic Weight BenchHow To Do a Perfect PlankTop 5- Best Adjustable Weight Bench
Top 05 – Best Waist Trimmer Belt and Here is How to Flatten That Tummy

Popularly advertised as an invaluable tool for weight loss, the best waist trimmer belt has earned its status as a popular alternative for cutting down the extra calories and shedding more fat. The belly is one part of the body where lots of fat is stored and depending on your body type, the belly can be the most challenging areas to slim.

A waist trimmer belt is a natural way to tone down your abdomen. Using heat and compression, a waist trimmer belt also promotes natural weight loss as you go about your daily activities. You’re probably wondering, do waist trimmer belt works? Well, consider yourself lucky because we have the answers to your question. Let’s get started.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet What Is a Waist Trimmer Belt? What Are the Benefits of Using a Waist Trimmer Belt? Back SupportMakes You Look SlimmerGives an Improved PostureGood Weight Loss What Should You Consider When Buying a Waist Trimmer Belt? The Material.Body Shape.Durability. Your Goals. How Can You Get The Most Out of A Waist Trimmer Belt? Top 5 Best Waist Trimmer Belt ReviewsSweet Sweat Premium Waist TrimmerSweet Sweat Waist Trimmer (Pink Logo)AZSPORT Waist TrimmerTNT Pro Series Waist TrimmerMcDavid Waist Trimmer Ab BeltWinner of the Roundup

What Is a Waist Trimmer Belt?

via Amazon

In simple layman, a waist trimmer is basically a belt that’s made of a special fabric that does not allow room for breathing. In most cases, a waist trimmer belt is made of a thick, comfortable, durable and lightweight neoprene fabric.

This belt should be worn around the abdomen when you engage in your daily workouts. This workout accessory aids in trimming the abdominal region by retaining the heat from your abdomen and thus facilitating profuse sweating in the tummy.

Apart from its irresistible calorie burning properties, a waist trimmer belt makes for an excellent accessory to cradle and support the abdomen. However, it should be remembered that a waist trimmer belt is not a magical bullet that will make your flabby tummy vanish overnight.

This weight loss accessory should be treated as a complement to regular exercise and proper diet for optimal results.

Now that we are familiar with a waist trimmer belt, let’s take a quick glance at the benefits of using a waist trimmer belt.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Waist Trimmer Belt?

via Amazon

The cheapest, easiest and most effective way of treating flat foot problems is wearing the right footwear. This is an extremely important step forward for an individual with fallen arches. However, the question is; why do runners with flat feet need this kind of footwear? Here is what the experts have to say.

Back Support

via Amazon

Individuals who also always victims of spine trauma and back pain are often advised to wear compression bandages and waist trimmer belts to support their lower backs and develop a good posture for quick healing.

Since compression is an important physiotherapy aspect of recovery, wearing a waist trimmer belt can be extremely beneficial to individuals with poor posture and bad backs.

Moreover, if you’re always struggling with lower back issues, the best waist trimmer belt may offer extra support you require to sit upright and relieve pressure off the back.

Makes You Look Slimmer

A waist trimmer belt is meant to trim your tummy and abdomen. Belly fat doesn’t go easily even if you commit to a daily workout routine and until the unnecessary tummy fat is gone, a waist trimmer belt can help you appear slimmer.

When worn under tops and shirts, a waist trimmer belt gives a tighter and straight look. If you don’t want your friends to see your unattractive tummy popping out, you can wear a waist trimmer all the time.

Gives an Improved PostureGood

via Amazon

Good body posture is important when you’re exercising, working out or just standing. If you don’t have the right posture, numerous workout routines might not be as effective as they would be with a straight posture.

Waist trimmer belts give you improved and better posture especially when you’re standing upright. Moreover, the extra waist and back support goes a long way in improving your posture when you work out or conduct your daily chores

Weight Loss

via Amazon

One excellent benefit of wearing a waist trimmer belt is its effect in reducing belly fat and as a result, weight loss. A waist trimmer belt works by compressing the waist area, retaining heat in the abdominal area thus helping the body melt the extra tummy fat.

For optimal weight loss results, a waist trimmer belt should be used as a supplement for a controlled diet and proper workouts.

From back support to improved posture, weight loss to making you appear slimmer, there are many benefits you can reap from wearing a waist trimmer belt.

Now here comes the difficult part; what should you look for in a waist trimmer belt? Keep reading to find the answers.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Waist Trimmer Belt?

The Material.

Before buying a waist trimmer belt, be sure to check the material used to make the waist trimmer choice you prefer. Is the trimmer belt smooth and comfy? Moreover, since many people use a waist trimmer belt directly on their bodies, a rough, irritant material won’t work well for you.

Still on the material used to make a waist trimmer belt, it is advisable to look for a waist trimmer with a moisture repelling lining. This lining ensures that your sweat is not absorbed into the belt which could result in a harbor of bacteria.

Body Shape.

via Amazon

via Amazon

Are you a plus size or a petite woman? Do you have a short torso or a long torso? The shape of your body determines the kind of waist trimmer belt you should purchase. For instance, if you’re a plus size lady, don’t buy a short waist trimmer and if you have a long torso, don’t buy a short, compact waist trimmer belt.


The waist trimmer material should also be durable and able to cradle your abdomen well while in use. The waist trimmer belt you choose to buy should be in a position to take a beating outdoors and indoors.

For instance, when you’re working out a waist trimmer belt stretches and bends to the point of tearing. This means that you should look for a waist trimmer that can withstand such abuse.

Your Goals.

How do you intend to use your waist trimmer belt? For some, a waist trimmer belt could be for weight loss while for others it could be for support or temporarily trimming their bodies.

For weight loss purposes, a tight-fitting, water proof fabric will be the best whereas lightweight and concealable brands are best suited for temporary slimming and hiding flaws.

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How Can You Get The Most Out of A Waist Trimmer Belt?

If you want to get the most out of your waist trimmer belt, here are some tips that will come in handy:

Use a waist trimmer belt that fits properly. It should pull your waist enough when you close its hooks. Moreover, there should be no bulge when you close it. Always ensure that your waist trimmer belt doesn’t interfere with your breathing (inhalation and exhalation). This means that you should not feel pain while using a waist trimmer.Sometimes, the waist trimmer material won’t be comfortable until you’re used to it hence there is need to gradually increase the amount of time you use the trimmer belt.

Top 5 Best Waist Trimmer Belt Reviews

Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

via Amazon

Just as its name suggests, this waist trimmer belt promises increased sweating in your abdomen giving you a chance at toning your belly. This waist trimmer supports a unisex design and boasts of contoured pads that automatically adjust to fit your body shape.

In addition, this trimmer incorporates a latex-free Neoprene material that is bacteria-resistant and moisture repellant.

The extra-wide Velcro pads are securely held and will never fall off in the middle of your workout, however rigorous it is.

The belt’s inner grid lining prevents it from slipping, which allows you to focus on your exercises without worrying about the trimmer’s position. As a bonus, this waist trimmer comes with a free breathable carrying bag and Sweet Sweat’s best-selling gel to use along with the trimmer.

Learn More About It on Amazon


This trimmer perfectly mimics a saunaIt doesn’t slip with exerciseVery comfortable to wearEasy to cleanHeavy duty materialDoesn’t have the awful latex smellIncreases sweat production during your workout


Doesn’t wrap too strongIt isn’t very wideThe sizing is a bit offFeels very itchy and hot

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer (Pink Logo)

via Amazon

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who’s looking for a waist trimmer belt that is naturally flexible and contoured to fit around your waist comfortably, look no farther than the Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer.

This Neoprene-made waist trimmer increases your core temperature during any exercise thus improving your sweating for optimal water weight loss. Better yet, the materials flexibility ensures that this waist trimmer belt adjusts to your body size and shape.

The trimmer’s latex-free material boasts of superior heat insulation qualities. In addition, its grid inner lining repels moisture absorption thus limiting slipping and bunching as you perform various workouts.

This product also comes with a breathable carrying bag and free Gel that can be used along with the waist trimmer to enhance your workouts.

Learn More About It on Amazon


Made of high grade qualityNot bulky under the clothesOffers great value for your moneyThe Velcro closure doesn’t slipYou can easily adjust how loose or tight it fitsCreates a lot of sweat


The size chart is not accurateCauses a rash on the skin if you have sensitive skinSlides down even when tightThe trimmer is not supportive

AZSPORT Waist Trimmer

via Amazon

Are you in possession of a low-quality waist trimmer that’s deterring you from achieving your workout goals? Well, it’s time to switch to the AZSPORT Waist Trimmer.

Whether you like performing ab exercises or cardio, this waist trimmer belt can maximize belly fat loss by preserving abdominal heat and facilitating profuse sweating to remove the excess water weight.

Apart from being comfy and lightweight, this Velcro fabric waist trimmer belt provides maximum compression to support the abdominal and lower back muscles. By acting as a compression binder around the waist, this workout accessory not only offers excellent lumbar support but also creates the best posture for your workouts.

Learn More About It on Amazon


Lightweight and comfortableHas enough flexibility to stay in placeSufficient adhesion not to come looseProvides excellent back supportThe Velcro material is crazy strong


It’s not very tight around the waistDoesn’t give good waist coverageComplains of the belt ripping apart with only two weeks of useCauses very little sweatingPoorly designed

TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer

via Amazon

If you’re looking to turn your body into a personal hot sauna, then the TNT Waist Trimmer is a product you should consider investing in. The secret behind this waist trimmer lies in its unique heat insulating Neoprene rubber in the inside of the belt. The rubber aids in trapping body heat and turns your metabolism into a fat shredding machine.

There are many reasons why you’ll love this waist trimmer belt. To begin with, this waist trimmer uses an anti-slip technology so you don’t have to worry about slippery and smelly waist trimmers.

It also boasts a premium grade construction all thanks to its 100% latex free Neoprene that makes for a comfortable wear. This waist trimmer is also tough enough to withstand even the most rigorous conditions.

Learn More About It on Amazon


Lightweight and comfortableHas enough flexibility to stay in placeSufficient adhesion not to come looseProvides excellent back supportThe Velcro material is crazy strong


It’s not very tight around the waistDoesn’t give good waist coverageComplains of the belt ripping apart with only two weeks of useCauses very little sweatingPoorly designed

McDavid Waist Trimmer Ab Belt

via Amazon

Whether you want to enhance your weight loss efforts or relieve some minor back pain, the McDavid Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is an excellent choice.

This workout accessory compresses, supports and cushions the abdominal and lower back muscles while at the same time retaining the therapeutic heat required to facilitate belly fat loss. This means that besides trimming you tummy, you’ll also relieve sore muscles.

Made of a 100%, latex-free neoprene this waist trimmer belt features an irresistible contoured design for optimal comfort.

Even more exciting, the belt’s fully adjustable Velcro enclosure ensures a perfect fit on waists of 40 inches. It is advisable not to use this product if you are allergic to neoprene or susceptible to dermatitis.

Learn More About It on Amazon


This is an inexpensive yet effective brandIt’s like wearing a little sauna around your waistExcellent heat retentionEasily sizeableNot noticeable under clothesDecent back support


The outer materials attracts lots of hairWears on the skin like a rug burnThe outer layer of the belt easily rips when hand washedNot wide enough for a man’s torso

Winner of the Roundup

All in all, the winner of thing roundup of the best waist trimmer belt goes to Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer.

What makes this waist trimmer belt ever so special and well-deserving of winning this roundup is due to the fact that it went far above and beyond with complete, 100% later-free Neoprene material for superior heat insulation, comfort and flexibility along with its moisture-repellant inner lining to prevent slipping and bunching during the most rigorous workouts.

Finally, it comes with a free breathable carrying bag and Sweet Sweat Gel to enhance the trimmer’s effects during your workouts. Besides, it’s simple to use; just stretch it around your abdomen, secure the Velcro closure, and you are set for a workout.

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Boxing & KickBoxing

5 Best Speed Bag Platform for the Best Workout You’ll Ever Have

Imagine this: you start your training session with such passion and excitement, delivered the best warm-up session, and proceeded to the speed bag. You throw several punches and bam! Bag flies away because the platform cannot handle the pressure.

This is the perfect reason why you have to invest in buying the best speed bag platform on the market.

5 Best Speed Bag Platform What You Need to Know about Speed Bags and Platforms Things You Should Consider When Buying the Best Speed Bag Platform Stability and Durability of MaterialsEasy to AssembleYour BudgetAccessories IncludedTop 5 - Best Speed Bag Platform Review Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7") Conclusion



Our Rating

More Infor

via Amazon

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

90% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

90% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

95% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

100% Highly Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7")

88% Fair Check It On Amazon

What You Need to Know about Speed Bags and Platforms

I am not going to lie to you; I am obsessed with the rhythmic sound of someone doing punches with the speed bag. It awakens my energetic aura as soon as I enter the gym.

Check this video for some speed bag action:

The speed bag does so many things than giving you the psychological push to exercise. It is great in improving your eye and hand coordination. This bag allows you to follow a certain beat that could regulate the speed and power of your punches. Through this exercise tool, you will enhance the muscles that keep your hand elevated – a necessary posture to protect the boxer.

With all of these being said, it is hence very important for it to have a reliable platform.

But how are you going to find the best platform for your speed bag? Let me discuss it with you one by one.

Read more: How to use a speed bag

Things You Should Consider When Buying the Best Speed Bag Platform

Stability and Durability of Materials

Remember the scenario I have given you at the beginning of this article? Well, that is one thing you have to focus on when it comes to buying platform. Thou shall pick a product that will not make your training counterproductive.

Speed bag platforms are commonly made of wood. The color of the lumber does not affect the workout; the quality does. Getting a platform that is made of high-density wood may be expensive; however, it can guarantee longer life span compared to others. It will, therefore, give you more value for your money.

The width of the wood should also be taken into consideration. A thin one will crack faster than expected. It is advisable for your platform to have a thickness of 1 inch or more. This measurement will ensure that the punching bag, as well as the brackets and beams, can be attached efficiently.

Another thing that you have to evaluate when you are going to buy speedbag podiums are the frames. Check if the metals are coated as you do not want it to rust sooner or later.

Make sure that it can hold the bag in place by ensuring that the nuts and bolts are complete and properly secured. If this is not the case, make sure to prepare yourself to get frustrated.

Easy to Assemble

For practicality reasons, I believe that there is a huge chance that you will be installing your own speed bag corner by yourself. If so, I highly encourage you to make sure that the product is user-friendly. Assess if it comes with the tools necessary for setting it up.

Do not forget to check the manual and follow the manufacturer’s instruction. This will warrant lesser time, effort and stress spent as you do the job. On top of that, it will also ensure safety during and after the installation process.

Another thing that is very significant to look at is its mobility. Some platforms can be modified according to the height of the user. Although a bit expensive than the others, just think about the convenience it can give to you. Evaluate how you can fine-tune the height. Do you have to remove everything and start from scratch? Can you adjust it by simply tweaking some levers?

Your Budget

There are so many available platforms for speed bag in the market; but, our choices are sometimes limited because of our finances. Worry not as there will always be that product that will meet your needs within your specific budget.

Every now and then, one product is pricier because of what it is made of. Other speedbag platforms carry well-known brands and that makes it expensive as well. Occasionally, the design of the product can also influence the value.

Bear in mind that although they say you have to invest your money in high-quality products, expensive price tags does not always guarantee satisfactory results.

Accessories Included

The prices of speed bag platforms range between $50 and $300. The rate differs depending on the accessories, materials, and features. Some platforms have complete accessories: they would include stands, screws, mounting fixtures and even spare tacks. Please check the added accessories carefully.

Metal mounts are highly recommended compared to wooden ones as they will surely last longer. This is most especially true when a number of powerful punches are expected to be given by multiple users.

I know you’re getting excited... and without further ado, let us start comparing the chosen speed bag platforms one by one.

Top 5 - Best Speed Bag Platform Review



Our Rating

More Infor

via Amazon

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

90% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

90% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

95% Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

100% Highly Recommended Check It On Amazon

via Amazon

MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7")

88% Fair Check It On Amazon

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

via Amazon

Without a doubt, there’s this distinguishing impression when it comes to boxing products made by Everlast; and this speedbag platform will prove that right once again. It does not matter what size of speedbag you have because its 24-inch diameter podium can accommodate it without a problem.

The strike board is 1-inch thick; it proficiently absorbs punches with great forces. What I like about this product is that you do not have to look for the perfect hardware such as braces, swivel, and padding as all these tools are included already.

It may not be as attractive as the others but this adjustable yet affordable speedbag platform can deliver superb performance. Unfortunately, upon using it, I noticed that the vibration is quite strong. I decided to place a sandbag on top of it which fixed the issue.

There is also a concern I would raise about the accessories that come with the product. First is that the swivel creates too much noise while being used. Second, tightening it seems to be as complicated as mounting the product.

Lastly, you have to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions or else you will end up getting stressed with the product. Unfortunately, you will still have to purchase four 5/16 3” wood screws to install it.

Learn More About It On Amazon


Adjustable platform but is surprisingly affordableWell-made product from durable materialsThis is a perfect platform for beginners


It is noisier compared to others (probably caused by loose-fitting swivel)Instructions may be complicated to followScrews that come with it are not sufficient to properly install Buy It Now!

XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

via Amazon

Why do you need to enroll in an expensive gym when you can practice your boxing skills at home? The primary thing that I love about this product is that it can cater different height alterations with its 15 inches adjustment.

This wooden platform’s diameter is 24 inches, allowing different kinds of sizes of speed balls to be easily accommodated. The thickness of 1 and a half inch also enables fitness fanatics to use it without too much vibration. The characteristic of the entire podium maximizes the training time with its rebound boost.

The entire product weighs 53 pounds giving great stability to the bag as you use it. The mainframe also adds to the overall efficacy of this training product. You might have noticed that XMark XM-4441 have a hefty price tag; however, it gives you the kind of service that will make you say “it’s all worth it”.

On the negative aspect, this platform shares the same issue about the swivel with the aforementioned product. Although it is useful, it can be further improved.

Learn More About It On Amazon


Installation can be done easilyPlatform is heavy enough to enhance bounce and lessen throbsIncludes 11-gauge steel slider part


Swivel needs improvementIt is a bit expensive compared to others Buy It Now!

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform

via Amazon

If you are thinking about having your own home gym, this product might be your best bet. I personally like the fact that they offer clients 3 colors to choose from. If you are tired of the typical black metal mainframes, you can just set aside the Champion Black option and choose Contender Yellow or Knockout Red.

Inclusions for this product are 11 gauge steel tubing, 1.25” wood drum. This platform’s mainframe is well-known for its unique design. I can still recall how someone opted to buy this just because he believes that the V-frame makes it sturdier compared to others.

Any family that is sports or fitness-oriented would appreciate this product. Whether the tallest son or the youngest daughter is the one who wants to use the speedbag, it will not be a problem. You do not have to worry about changing its height because Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform has 12”adjustability. You can modify it with few easy steps.

This product will not only impress you with its quality; as its physical appearance is also pleasing to the eyes.

Learn More About It On Amazon


Powder-coated and glossy appearance makes it extra classyGuarantees stronghold with its convenient lock knobsCommendable vibration control and rebound quality


The platform can still be improved (thicker would be better) Buy It Now!

TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

via Amazon

One of the heaviest platforms around, this Title Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform has an unquestionable stability. It will allow you to bang the drum multiple times with full force without damaging it a bit. If you want to know the exact dimension, well it has the thickest drum, with a measurement of 2 to 2 and a half inch. The diameter of its platform, on the other hand, is 24 inches.

With that being said, there is no question that you will definitely need a help from someone to install this.

It has a very elegant exterior with an all-black tint. You can have that professional boxer feel even when you are just sweating at home.

This platform’s height adjustment is also easy to alter. This feature makes it beneficial especially when you are going to use this product in a fitness center or gym, or when the entire family is planning to work out.

You may like: An Intensive Look on Calisthenics Equipment For Home Exercises. Learn More About It On Amazon


Very durable material and builtThickest drum that optimizes bounce and limits vibrationNo stress height adjustmen


Problematic swivel Buy It Now!

MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit 24" + Speed Ball (10" x 7")

via Amazon

Should you want the complete set with speed ball included, MaxxMMA would be the best choice for you. Imagine the hassle you will be spared from when you already have everything you need within the box.

The 24-inch platform makes it impeccable even if you decide to level-up the speed bag (perhaps to a smaller and lighter one). This product might need a help from a sandbag to help improve the spring back of the bag and reduce the vibration from punching since it only is only 1 and a half inch thick.

Learn More About It On Amazon


Comes with a 10” x 7” premium synthetic leather speed ballIncludes most of what you will need during installation


Unfortunately, the ‘comes with everything’ part seems questionable as the wall-mounting gadgets are not included.The bag is not as tough as expected Buy It Now!


Finding the best speed bag platform does not have to be that tedious. I may have given you lots of pointers and it could be overwhelming. What I want is for you to actually be guided on how to pick the perfect one for you because I do not want you to waste your hard-earned money.

With all the given characteristics above and putting the factors mentioned into consideration, I would highly recommend TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform. I gave the product 5 stars because of knockout consequences you can get from using the platform itself. Being the thickest and heaviest one in the list, it surely deserves a spotlight.

That is not all; The TITLE Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform is indeed worth your money because of its highly durable material. It may look sophisticated and make you feel intimidated and you should! Not just because of its appearance but because of the outstanding quality you can derive from it.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to write them below.

Best Punch Bag For Home Reviews and Buying Guide

Go to any performance-based, traditional gym and you’ll find plenty of punch bags.

For speed, strength, conditioning and cardio, a vigorous session on the bag takes some beating.

Striking a punch bag is therapeutic as well. It’s a great way to vent any frustrations in a harmless and productive fashion.

Beyond these general benefits, a punch bag is essential for boxing, MMA and many other forms of fight training. You can practice at home rather than being limited to the gym and you won’t need much space either.

We’ll look today at how you can get the best punch bag for your home without breaking the bank.

First thing’s first, though…

Let’s explore some punch bag basics so you can buy with complete confidence.

Best Punch Bag For Home Reviews Why Use a Punch Bag? Key Benefits of Using a Punch Bag Types of Punch Bag What To Look For When Buying a Punch Bag MaterialsFilled or Unfilled?Size5 Best Punch Bags For Home Reviews Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit Century The Original Wave Master Freestanding Training Bag Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains RDX Punching Bag 14PC Martial Arts Set Ringside 100 lb Heavy Bag Wrap-Up

Why Use a Punch Bag?

Before we get started you can watch this video on The Heavy Bag for Beginners

A punch bag, also commonly known as a heavy bag lets you practice a variety of styles and techniques. From jabs and crosses at long range through to a flurry of shorter-range uppercuts and hooks, these bags offer you total versatility.

For any kind of martial art, it’s also a fantastic way to master kicking as well as punching.

You can switch up your strike rate and style so you can work on speed alongside strength and endurance.

Whatever your chosen fighting discipline, a punch bag is indispensable.

Key Benefits of Using a Punch Bag

Hone your reflexes and reaction speedImprove your timingPerfect for punches or kicksIdeal for movement and footwork trainingEnhance the accuracy of punches and kicksCo-ordination trainingTeaches the importance of spacing and distanceSuperb for cardio and conditioningExcellent way to practice combinationsConditioning: strengthen your knuckles and shins

See Heavy Bag Workout:

Types of Punch Bag

Heavy Bag: A traditional heavy bag usually hangs from a bracket on the wall. Chains are preferable as straps can rip and render your bag useless. Heavy bags can also be freestanding. These bags are usually leather and tightly packed with deconstructed fabric. This gives a realistic impact when you strikeTear Drop/Maize Bag: Small (15kg) or large (30kg) bags shaped like a tear drop and stuffed with maize allow you to practice powerful strikes. The bag absorbs the power of a heavy blow without the bounce-back you’ll get from a regular heavy bag. If you want to extend your repertoire, get one of these in addition to a heavy bag. If you only have the space or budget for one bag, roll with a heavy bag insteadWall-Mounted Systems: In general, these wall-mounted pad systems are better left for the gym. These solid devices allow you to brush up your footwork while varying your punches and working on dynamic body movements. These are not ideal for prolonged round workFree-Standing Systems: With the bag mounted on a pole in a heavy base, free-standing systems are great space-savers. The principal drawback is not getting the “swing” from the bag which is a core part of the workout

What To Look For When Buying a Punch Bag

If you’ve narrowed down the style that best suits you, there are a few key factors to bear in mind when you’re looking for the best punch bag.

Price v Quality

Whenever you are searching for a product, the temptation is to go for the cheapest option. This is not always wise.

Generally, you get what you pay for. Get a bargain basement bag and it is likely to feel more like a toy than a serious piece of training kit.

Rather than focusing purely on the bottom line, think about overall value for money. Consider your punch bag as an investment rather than a niggling expense.

Once you have a fixed budget in mind, this alone will reduce your options to a more manageable level and simplify your buying decision.


One of the main differences between bags after the style is the materials they are made from.

Leather: The most expensive bags are made from genuine leather. This provides you with comfort and durability and also has a lovely feel. There’s little doubt that leather bags are the best option if your budget will stretch to itSynthetic Leather: While not as effective, synthetic leather is slightly cheaper while still remaining highly functional. Even the top brands offer synthetic bags since this allows them to target various price-points without compromising on qualityPlastic: This is not a particularly common material and is usually reserved for specialty bags designed to hold water. Plastic bags are not recommended unless you really need this kind of specialized equipment Canvas: A canvas bag remains the cheapest option at your disposal. They are normally unfilled and do not feel good when you hit them. To be avoided

Filled or Unfilled?

The vast majority of decent punch bags come pre-filled.

That said, some premium bags come unfilled. This allows you to personalize the filling so you get the very best bag for your needs.

Most bags are filled with ripped fabric. Due to the air pockets in between this material, a new bag often feels too loose. Once you start striking it, the fabric will soon squeeze together and harden up.


Size matters and this also holds true with punch bags.

Think about your intended purpose and who will use the bag. If it’s something for your little kids to practice on, a small and light bag is adequate. An adult practicing hard punches and kicks will need something much more heavy-duty.

Space constraints at home will also affect your decision so ponder all these factors before rushing in and getting something inappropriately sized.

Overall, the regular heavy bag at about 4 to 5 feet long is an all-purpose bag that won’t annoyingly swing around too much between punches and kicks.


Now you have an idea about what to look out for when buying the best punching bag for home, check out our reviews so you can choose the right bag for your requirements…

5 Best Punch Bags For Home Reviews

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

via Amazon

Everlast is a hard-hitting brand in the world of boxing and fight training. This reasonably priced heavy bag allow you to buy into this brand heritage without needing a bank loan.

As outlined above, the regular 70-pound heavy bag works well for pretty much all training.

Made from synthetic poly-canvas and stuffed with a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, this bag is built to last while also providing superb shock absorbency.

The construction means there’s plenty of give when you strike this bag. If you are practicing MMA or another discipline with lots of kicking, the forgiving nature of the bag really comes into its own.

Since it’s a hanging bag, it acts like a moving target. For footwork and accuracy, range and timing, you can get into fighting shape fuss-free.

With gloves and wraps thrown in, this is an affordable punch bag that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

If you’re a highly accomplished fighter or particularly heavy, this bag will be too light. If you strike it with real force, it will swing about too much so bear this in mind.

For recreational users, though, the Everlast bag comes into its own.

Read More On Amazon

I Like

70 pound heavy bag versatile enough for most training requirements Gloves and wraps included for your protectionSuperb filling: mix of sand, natural and synthetic fabrics for perfect feelTweak the height easily by adjusting the chainHandy bungee cord lets you add resistanceForgiving feel tailor-made for kicking

I Don't Like

Straps liable to break so watch out for this weak pointNot designed for advanced fighters or anyone very heavy

Century The Original Wave Master Freestanding Training Bag

via Amazon

Next on our list of the best punch bags is a freestanding model from the highly reputable Century. The Wave Master is a consistent best seller that doesn’t cost the earth.

Covered in heavy-duty vinyl, you might not get the raw quality of a leather bag but this is more than fit for purpose. The advantage of vinyl is that it’s built to last and won’t rip easily.

The freestanding design means there’s no need to worry about hanging your bag.

One thing to watch out for is a lack of padding. Ease in gently until you get accustomed to the feel.

In common with most punch bags designed for home use, this is not cut out to be hammered by a pro fighter so be realistic about your expectations.

For a no-nonsense freestanding bag that gives you reliability and affordability alongside performance, the Wave Master is well worth popping on your shortlist.

Read More On Amazon

I Like

Great value for moneyFully height adjustable so suitable for most usersRound base can be easily rolled away for storageVinyl cover is durable and highly resistant to tearingFoam filler makes bag nicely absorbent

I Don't Like

Slightly small and thin for a heavy duty bag so be honest about your size and performanceNot stable for extremely tall usersPretty noisy in action

Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

via Amazon

We always try to check out a wide range of products so there’s something for everyone. Next is an unfilled bag from Last Punch giving you the flexibility to use whatever filling works best for you.

You should know straight off the bat that this bag is not suited for advanced fight training. If, on the other hand, you want something for your teenagers to mess around with or you are a smaller adult just starting to train, this bag should serve you well.

At 33 inches long, you hang this bag using chains. By varying the length of them, you can adjust the length as far as 55 inches so it’s adaptable punch bag in terms of sizing.

As with most punch bags you buy online, you can opt for professional assembly but this comes at a steep cost so it’s not advisable unless you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing and you can’t enlist help from friends or family.

For an entry-level punch bag suitable for novices, this makes a great starting point for your training.

Read More On Amazon

I Like

Design of bag is best for boxingExtremely cheap so good for all budgetsLength suitable for beginners and teenagersBest for users between 5 foot and 5 foot 7 in heightFlexibility of being able to fill with any material

I Don't Like

Need lots of fabric of material to fill the bagNot strong enough for intermediate or advanced fighter Light weight and can rip easily

RDX Punching Bag 14PC Martial Arts Set

via Amazon

RDX offer a comprehensive punch bag set marketed at martial artists. The bag also works well for boxing.

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, this bag will take a fair amount of punishment without letting you down.Bundled with wraps, gloves, a rope and various other accessories, the set delivers great value along with performance and durability.

The Rex leather exterior is rugged and waterproof while also feeling good. The inside is stuffed with ripped fabric so it absorbs force. This filling is prone to sinking down the bag so keep your eye on this.

This hanging bag is a superb investment for boxers or martial artists regardless of level. Check it out today and you won’t be disappointed.

Read More On Amazon

I Like

Represents outstanding valueMultiple colors to suit all tastesPair of boxing gloves, jump rope and wraps thrown inMulti-purpose bag suitable for boxing, karate, kickboxing or Muay ThaiSynthetic Rex leather hardwearing and waterproofShredded textile filling highly absorbent

I Don't Like

Filling tends to sink toward the bottomSwings rather too freelyWatch out for chain disconnecting

Ringside 100 lb Heavy Bag

via Amazon

We’ll round out our best punch bag reviews with a long, 100 lb heavy bag from the legendary Ringside.

Whether you’re a boxer or a mixed martial artist, this bag will take everything you can throw at it. From hard combination punches to a flurry of kicks, the bag absorbs it all.

Although straps can be a weak point on hanging bags, Ringside uses double stitching and some solid rivets so it should keep going for years to come. The 10-year warranty shows how much confidence the manufacturer places in their product.

Made from Powerhide with a soft filling just below the synthetic leather surface, punching this bag feels more like hitting an opponent than colliding with a brick wall.

For a long-lasting, professional punch bag that will not let you down, think long and hard about this great 100 lb model from Ringside.

Read More On Amazon

I Like

Exceptional brand heritageCross-stitched straps and metal rivets will last the distancePowerhide construction for maximum durabilityPerfect for boxing or a range of martial arts10-year warranty for complete peace of mind

I Don't Like

Slightly slippery


We hope you’ve enjoyed these punch bag reviews. Hopefully now, your buying decision should be straightforward.

If you think carefully about exactly what you want from your punch bag and stay on budget, finding something suitable is really not so tough.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions at all. You’re also always welcome to share our articles on your preferred social media channels.


Happy punching!

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5 Tips on Buying the Right Boxing Gloves – Top #05 Boxing Gloves

The right boxing gloves are more elusive than a boxing championship. Boxers search high and low to buy the gloves that are a perfect fit and offer the correct combination of safety, comfort and balance.

Most new fighters don’t know this but there are some factors that go into selecting boxing gloves. For that purpose you need tips that can help you find gloves that are an extension of your hands.

Tip no 1 – Select the right size

Boxing gloves are made differently for men, women and children, and there are also a size difference within these categories; small, medium and large.

If you don’t know what glove size fits you properly, then you should give a few of them a try.

The problem is that different brands also make the sizes differently.

The glove should not be too snug, as it will loosen up after usage. Also, you will be wearing hand wraps under the glove so you have to have room for that. So your glove needs to be roomy enough for the hand wraps.

When buying a leather glove remember that leather stretches over time, more than other materials.

You don’t want gloves that will fly off your hands when you throw punches and shouldn’t be too tight, which could compromise the safety of the gloves.

Tip no 2 – The weight has to be right

The amount of protection that a glove has adds to its weight. Heavier the glove, the more safety it will provide to the boxers.

The gloves can weigh between 8 ounces to 20 ounces. The use that the gloves are put to also determines which weight you should buy; more on glove usage later.

Boxers who are new to the sport, and some fitness enthusiasts, prefer heavier gloves because they are safer. More experienced boxers go for lighter gloves.

When you enter boxing competition, they might restrict the glove weight for specific weight classes. You have to keep that in mind when shopping for gloves.

Tip no 3 – The material matters

Two main materials that are used in the manufacture of boxing gloves are leather and vinyl.

Vinyl gloves are cheaper, the material is less breathable and it is prone to quick wear and tear.

Leather is more sturdy and expensive. It is also more breathable than vinyl.

New boxers don’t have to purchase leather gloves at first. They can opt for vinyl for their training and buy leather gloves when they have progressed as fighters.

Tip no 4 – Velcro, then laces

The closure mechanism for every brand of boxing gloves is of two types; Velcro and laces.

Laces offer a more secure closure, they can be laced up just like a shoe.Velcro is slightly less secure but it is easier to operate.

The simple science to this is that you should have a pair with Velcro at first, because you will be working out on your own in the beginning and Velcro would be easy to handle. When you have to enter a fight, then you can get a pair of gloves with laces.

Tip no 5 – Training or Fighting

A lot of people take up boxing just for fitness; they would be fine with less expensive vinyl gloves.

Boxers on the other hand actually require 2 pairs of gloves that are both durable and offer a high level of protection.

The first pair should be for training only. These gloves are heavier because you will be training with heavy bags.

The second pair should be for fights only. They will be lighter so you can punch faster.

Both pairs can be vinyl if you are just getting into boxing. More serious boxers should swing for 2 pairs of leather gloves.

Price is of obvious importance for boxers when they are out buying gloves. It shouldn’t be.

If you are only looking for gloves to help you in your daily fitness routine, then a cheaper vinyl pair will do.

Serious boxers need gloves that can last them a long time and more importantly it should have proper protection. Hand safety trumps price any day. Boxers should utilize the information above to buy the glove that fits right, feels right, has the right safety and is just perfect in every way.

Guest Post by Nicola Anderson

Nicola Anderson is a 25 year old sports journalist based in UK. She loves watching MMA and boxing when she is not writing for various websites and blogs on sports, fitness and nutrition. She is a metal head and works out to tracks by Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, AC/DC and Slayer.

Best Home Boxing Gym Reviews and Buying Guide

Boxing may experience peaks and troughs of popularity but the sport endures and continues to grow.

There’s something primal about boxing that it’s easy to become drawn to.

We’re going to look today at what you need to equip a decent home boxing gym.

Whether you want to get in shape before attending a boxing club or you are already training and want the added flexibility of a space at home, getting a worthwhile gym in place is easy and not particularly costly.

Today, we’ll explore what you need to get started. We’ll review some of the essential gear so you can make the right choice first time. After that, we’ll point you in the direction of some extra equipment to really round out your gym.


Firstly, it’s time to consider a few simple factors before you get down to the business of gathering equipment…

Best Home Boxing Gym Reviews and Buying Guide Home Boxing Gym: Getting Started Space General Fitness EquipmentThink About The Noise Essential Home Boxing Gym Gear Boxing GlovesVenum Elite Boxing GlovesHand Wraps or Bandages Everlast Professional Hand Wraps Heavy Bag Everlast Powercore Nevatear 100-Pound Heavy Bag Exercise Mat Everlast 2 x 6 Folding Mat Mirror Fab Glass and Mirror: Activity Mirror With Safety Backing Optional Home Boxing Gym GearRound TimerFocus MittsMaize BagWrap-Up

Home Boxing Gym: Getting Started


You’ll need a reasonable amount of room for an effective home boxing gym. Split the area into 2:

Bags: Make sure you have space to hang your heavy bag leaving have ample room for maneuverOpen Space: Perfect for strength training along with interval training and endurance

Try to set up equipment so you’re able to move round in a circle.

If you are limited by the constraints of a garage or basement, simply make the very best of the space at your disposal.

20 square feet should be more than enough.

General Fitness Equipment

Do you use dumbbells, bar bells and kettle bells? If so, drag them into your new gym so you’ve got everything you need at hand.

Everyone has different training needs so stick to what works for you.

Think About The Noise

You can’t really escape the noise that comes from boxing training.

If neighbors are an issue, think about sound-proofing your training space.

You can get some privacy by using blackout shutters over windows. This will still allow you to let in some natural light while enabling you to train away from prying eyes.


Now you’ve thought about the overall logistics of building a home boxing gym, it’s time to think about the specialist equipment you’ll need.

We’ve divided the equipment into 5 absolute essentials and then some optional extras to really ramp things up.

Essential Home Boxing Gym Gear

First up, we’ll run you through the 5 essentials that form the cornerstone of any home boxing gym:

Boxing GlovesHand Wraps or BandagesHeavy BagExercise MatMirror

A jump rope should also be included here but it doesn’t merit further explanation. Just get one. Now!

On with the equipment and reviews now…

Boxing Gloves

Evidently, you need a sound pair of boxing gloves that will be comfortable and durable without costing you a fortune.

Gloves come in a range of sizes from 8oz up to 18oz.

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to gloves. Indeed, there are several factors that will influence what gloves you need…

Use: Will you be using your gloves for sparring, bag work or fighting? Obviously, if you’re doing an occasional half hour of light bag work, you’ll have entirely different requirements to someone competing or fighting seriously. Think about what you want from your gloves and buy accordingly.Your Weight: 16oz gloves are generally good for anyone 150 pounds and upwards. Below that, experiment with smaller gloves Budget: You generally get what you pay for in life. That holds true with boxing gloves. Extremely cheap gloves will not last the distance and they won’t protect you properly either. Spend what you can afford without focusing purely on the bottom line

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

via Amazon

Gloves are absolutely crucial for any home boxing gym. This is one area where it’s worth trying to economize.

Handmade in Thailand, these Venum Elites are perfect for sparring or heavy bag work.

They are available in a full range of sizes from 8oz through 16oz. We tried the heaviest ones and they feel nice and substantial without being a burden.

The pair we tested looked mean in white on white. If you want more color, there’s a staggering array of options to suit all tastes.

Although they feel light, these gloves offer plenty of protection with the palm nicely reinforced. If you’re sparring, the Skintex leather means is soft enough that the gloves won’t scrape up your partner.

Long cuffs mean superior wrist protection. You can adjust the Velcro strap to ensure your hands stay nice and straight as you punch.

The mesh panel means these gloves are nice and breathable.

While boxing gloves are always a matter of personal choice, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of Venum Elite.

Check It Out on Amazon

Hand Wraps or Bandages

Although it might be tempted to give the punch bag a couple of quick jabs as you walk by, it really is best never to hit the bag unprotected. You can seriously injure your knuckles, all the more so if you’re not used to the impact you get from punching.

Protecting your hands doesn’t need to cost much so there’s no excuse not to take care of it.

There are 3 main choices for hand protection:

BandagesHand WrapsGel-Filled Under Gloves

Crepe bandages are the old faithful. You can buy them cheaply at any pharmacy.

The gel-filled under gloves became very popular in MMA and to a lesser extent in boxing.

We’ll look now at some of the best hand wraps you can get for your boxing gym at home…

Everlast Professional Hand Wraps

via Amazon

If you want to harness the effectiveness of hand bandages while stepping up a gear, check out these professional hand wraps from Everlast.

You know you’re buying into a brand with real boxing heritage and these wraps are priced extremely competitively.

Available in 9 different colors, these synthetic wraps give you a winning combination of comfort and protection.

Treated with Everfresh treatment to fight against bacteria, you’ll keep bacterial growth and any offensive smells at bay fuss-free.

To protect your joints, tendons and muscles from injury, adequate hand protection is a must. These Everlast hand wraps deliver in fine style without costing a fortune.

Check It Out on Amazon

Heavy Bag

Once you’ve got your hand protection sorted, you’ll need to think about the other staple of any boxing gym: the legendary heavy bag.

Whether you want to enhance your strength, speed or endurance, a heavy bag is indispensable. It’s also a great way to relieve stress.

There are several different varieties of heavy bag:

Hanging Bag: The old classic. These bags are hung using a wall bracket or existing beam. Use only recommended fixings and make certain it’s fully secured. Look for a bag with hard-wearing hide. It needs to be heavy enough not to move too much with a single shot but with enough give to avoid degenerative problemsWall-Mounted System: These wall-mounted pad systems are effective but best for gyms with plenty of space. Pad systems encourage nifty footwork but don’t have quite enough give for prolonged sessionsFree-Standing Human Target: This type of target is a luxury and offers little advantage over a standard heavy bag

We’ll look now at a strong contender for the best heavy bag on the market… (Read more on Best 05 Punch Bag For Home)

Everlast Powercore Nevatear 100-Pound Heavy Bag


Whether you’re a beginner or a trained fighter, this 100-pound heavy bag from Everlast is a smart choice.

Made from synthetic leather and vinyl with a specially blended filler, you’ll get a durable punch bag that doesn’t compromise on comfort.

The Powercore in the center of the bag is a row of four 5-pound sandbags. This allows the upper section to have a little give without causing the bag to start swinging around wildly. Stability is first-rate although prolonged use makes the bottom of the bag as solid as a rock. Avoid contacting this section of the bag.

There’s an adjustable chain and straps to ensure everything is secure. You can also anchor the bag at the base for increased resistance.

For an affordable heavy bag that will last for years, check out the Everlast Nevatear. It might just be the last punch bag you buy.

Check It Out on Amazon

Exercise Mat

Interlocking tiles are a great solution. If you don’t have this type of flooring in your home boxing gym, though, you might want some exercise mats.

Calisthenics and body weight exercises are part and parcel of boxing training. Make sure you have something nicely protective to hand.

Everlast 2 x 6 Folding Mat


This mat is extremely thick and durable with bonded foam for support and comfort in one attractive package.

The shell is non-absorbent so it will stay cleaner for longer and wipes down easily. The last thing you want is a mat that wicks in sweat and spills.

If you need to move your mat around, it folds down neatly and comes with carrying handles for your convenience.

Don’t stint on the best exercise mat. This 2 x 6 effort from Everlast represents superb value for money and it’s built to stay the distance

Check It Out on Amazon


Rounding out the essential section of our guide to home boxing gyms is a mirror.

Don’t be fooled into thinking a mirror is a vanity purchase. You can shadow box effectively using the mirror as your opponent. You can make sure you follow proper form, whether drilling or carrying out ground work. Watching yourself can also be pretty motivational.

Opt for a mirror that can be fixed to the wall and incorporate some form of backing.

Fab Glass and Mirror: Activity Mirror With Safety Backing


Although it might seem fairly costly, you can’t really put a price on safety.

Installation is straightforward and this safety-backed mirror is suitable for both home and commercial use so it’ll be rugged enough for any home boxing gym.

Available in several sizes, we tested the 36 x 72 inch model which should be more than generous enough for most home set-ups.

Pop this up on the wall and the essentials of your home boxing gym are all in place.

Check It Out on Amazon


Now you can think about a few optional extras. This time, we won’t review specific products but will just give you a quick snapshot of a few pieces of equipment to take things to the next level.

Optional Home Boxing Gym Gear

Round Timer


Whether you want to buy a dedicated timer, a kitchen alarm clock or an app on your smart phone, you need some means of keeping accurate time.

Timing can help you to maximize the effectiveness of your training. If you want an aerobic workout, opt for 3-minute rounds followed by 1-minute rest periods. For an anaerobic workout, go for 1-minute rounds at full tilt with a 15-second rest period.

Opt for your preferred method of keeping time without it costing the earth.

Focus Mitts


If you know you have a sparring partner, it’s worth investing in some focus mitts.

These pads allow you to emulate fighting conditions without resorting to head shots.

Smaller focus mitts work well and prices vary considerably.

Find a pair that you’re comfortable with and enjoy bringing an element of real combat into your home boxing gym.

Maize Bag


A maize bag is a teardrop shaped heavy bag generally available in 2 sizes:

Small: 15kgLarge: 30kg

This type of bag is much more solid than a traditional heavy bag. It also allows you to practice a greater selection of uppercuts and hooks.

Maize bags work well as an addition to a heavy bag so if you can afford both, you’ll enjoy increased dynamism in your training.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at how to set up a home boxing gym without breaking the bank.

There’s no need to rush in and get everything in place at once. You can start slowly with just a heavy bag and some gloves and work up from there if budget is an issue.

If you’ve got any queries or feedback, feel free to get in touch. We respond promptly and we’re always delighted to hear from our readers.

Now go and get those gloves on and hit your home boxing gym hard!

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The Best Sauna Suit for Your Workouts: What You Should Know

From immune boosting to weight loss, the health benefits associated with sauna use are a clear indicator that science is on the side of this heat-based therapy. Better yet, sauna use is a natural yet effective way to achieve optimal body health and longevity. While we cannot all afford a monthly membership to a spa, it is possible to harness all the health benefits of a sauna in the best sauna suit.

Whether you’re pro-sauna suit or against the sauna suit, we cannot deny that the merits outweigh the negatives, that’s if you use your sauna suit correctly and take all the necessary precautions.

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Before we can delve in any individual sauna suit, let’s first look at the value they add to your life. After that, you are free to browse through the list of what we consider to be the top five best sauna suits.

The Benefits of Wearing A Sauna Suit

The sauna suit is a popular product that many people use to enhance their workouts. From the father of two who is trying to shed some little belly fat to the professional athlete who is trying to cut weight, there are several reasons why one may want to wear a sauna suit while working out. What are the benefits of a sauna suit?

Amplifies your Metabolic Rate

Just like stepping into a sauna, studies have revealed that a sauna suit triggers an elevated metabolic rate. A sauna suit is designed to offer you the benefits of a real sauna and as a result, wearing it can aid in boosting your metabolism which is helpful in losing weight.

It Contributes to Fast Weight Loss

It’s not a surprise for an individual to work out for an hour in a sauna suit and shed 5 pounds. Sauna suits work by raising your metabolic rate and increasing perspiration, both of which help burn calories. The more you sweat, the more water your body loses, which results in weight loss.

Increases Blood Circulation

While working out in a sauna suit, an individual’s pulse rate and metabolism increases, blood rushes to the skin surface, the blood vessels dilate and as a result, circulation increases. The beauty with this is that the body’s extremities benefit the most from better blood circulation. Better yet, blood is pumped away from the body organs.

Helps Flush Out Toxins from the Body

The armpits smell because they are one of the key centers for the body to get rid of toxins within the system. Since the body is constantly surrounded by bacteria and other harmful entities, a sauna suit offers the best tool to get rid of body toxins since it mimics a real sauna.

Cool Weather Workout Gear

What makes the sauna suit successful for weight loss also makes it excellent for use in the cold weather. When you work out, the body temperature increases and sauna suit helps maintain the high body temperature by retaining the heat and essentially providing a shell of warmth in the cold weather.

By now, you have probably made the decision to purchase the best sauna suit to support your daily workout and lifestyle goals but you have no idea of where to begin. Not all sauna suits are created equal so if you want to buy the best suit, here are some guidelines that will help you buy a product that outlives you.

What to Look for When Purchasing the Best Sauna Suit

The Type of Material

The three most common material types you’ll find in most sauna suits are Nylon, PVC, and Neoprene. While these materials appear to be similar at first glance, only one is ideal when buying a sauna suit.

PVC is a synthetic, low quality plastic material that’s susceptible to ripping and has a short lifespan.

Nylon, although tougher and more effective that PVC, is a great health hazard since it promotes spread of illness-causing bacteria.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material that can withstand extreme temperatures and high intensity workouts. Neoprene allows for a range of motion and flexibility and no other sauna suit material beats it.

Besides ensuring a longer shelf life, a high quality material is crucial for your safety and performance. To purchase the best sauna suit, you need to ensure that you don’t put your body at risk of overheating, which might be the case with Nylon and PVC.


Users of low quality sauna suits have been known to faint only a few minutes into their workout. Ventilation is an important factor to consider when buying a sauna suit because it ensures your body can safely increase in total body heat while at the same time cooling off just enough to avoid overheating.

Look for a suit that features several safety ventilation zones for proper exchange of air on the body surface.

The Size

The size of your sauna suit is another important aspect to consider since it applied to loose-style and close-fitting suits. When your suit is too small, it inhibits blood circulation and when it’s too large, it causes chafing while you work out.

Manufacturer’s Washing Guidelines

While shopping for a sauna suit, it should be noted that not all sauna suits can safely washed in your washing machine or dried in a drier. Most sauna suits require hand washing with warm, detergent water and air-drying. If you are an individual who prefers machine washing and drying, the chances are that you might end up with a damaged sauna suit.

For optimal weight loss, the sauna suit works wonders when used together with a waist trimmer. Waist compression and trimming are not new concepts and waist trimmers are accessories you need to buy along with your sauna suit.

Besides reducing the size of your waist, there sweat-inducing compression sauna swaths offer excellent back support and inadvertently remind you to adhere to a better diet and exercise more for healthy weight loss.

Top 5 Best Sauna Suit Reviews

4Fit Neoprene Sauna Suit

via Amazon

Losing weight can be more effective with 4Fit’s sauna suit that works perfectly for all. This hand-washable Neoprene sauna suit can be an excellent buy since it boasts of custom fit features and offers a quick way to lose weight.

One particularly attractive feature about this suit is that it offers a close body fit for unrestricted movement as you work out. Better yet, this suit is made of a 3mm thick Neoprene material that retains your body heat for serious sweating.

Besides being a unisex suit, the 4Fit Neoprene Sauna Suit is very easy to slip in and take off all thanks to its zip in the front. It is made of a super stretchy material enhances easy movement required in any kind of workout. What’s even more exciting is that this suit is hand-washable so there’s no need to take it to the drier.

Check It Out On Amazon


It is reinforced under the crotch and armsIt’s a unisex suitDurableComfortable to move around inThis suit looks good


The zipper is of a poor qualityThis suit has an unpleasant smellIt can be uncomfortable in the crotch area

Kutting Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit

via Amazon

If you’re looking for a sweat suit that will perfectly compliment for dieting and weight loss, then the Kutting Weight Loss Sauna Suit. This is a one-of-a-kind suit that features an innovative design that helps retain the heat around your core to better enhance the results of your workout.

What’s more exciting about this suit is that it has a comfortable fit and can be worn alone or under your usual workout wear. Designed to deliver incomparable water weight loss and intensify your sweat levels, this suit is a crucial tool for most of your workouts.

This suit boasts of a flexible 2.5mm elastic neoprene material with ventilation in the inner leg sections and underarms for breathability and comfort. Better yet, this sauna suit features a convenient front zipper with a protection flap and triple reinforced stitching for optimal durability and long-term use.

Check It Out On Amazon


This suit is a great fitOffers a soft textureVentilation zones in the inner leg and armpits sections allow for breathability and comfortHigh quality suitIt washes wellIt’s stretchy and comfortable


Sizing might be a problem so it’s advisable to take measurements prior to orderingThis suit feels heavy when one puts it onIt’s difficult to get on and almost impossible to get off

RDX MMA Neoprene Sauna Suit

via Amazon

This sauna suit from RDX offers a serious sweat loss of the excess pounds. Made from 3mm RDX Ultra flex neoprene material, this suit is easy to hand wash. Also, this sweat suit zip sup the front for a comfortable and easy wearing and removal. Better yet, this suit does not inhibit any of your body movement because it fits close to the body.

The suit’s super-stretchy, triple reinforced material permits for freedom of movement irrespective of your workout. What’s even more attractive is the suit’s flat-lock seams and anatomical cut that not only give freedom of movement but also supply a lot of warmth and offer excellent insulation capabilities for a warmer core. Its custom fit properties make it ideal for use by both men and women.

Check It Out On Amazon


This suit fits snug and makes you sweat a lotIt arrives within days of orderingThis suit adds much intensity to your workoutsYou sweat a lot in this suitVery well made suitIt is breathable and flexible


This suit is hell to get off since it’s very tightIt is a little tough to cleanIt usually has a funny neoprene smell when it first arrivesThe size chart is not quite accurate

Body SPA Light Body Sauna Suit (Pink, Large)

via Amazon

If you’re looking for a sweat suit ideal for both men and women and one that has sauna like qualities, then the Body SPA Light Body Sauna Suit is what you need. By mimicking an actual spa, this suit stimulates better perspiration and helps you lose your inches in no time.

One exciting aspect about this suit is that it is made of a light and comfortable material that is just perfect for any kind of workout that requires stretching. Better yet, this sweat swath can be worn under your clothes since it fits like a glove.

The super-flexible material makes this suit easy to exercise in and reduces the likelihood of injuries. The neoprene material increases ones perspiration levels making it easier to get rid of excess water and toxins.

Whether aerobics, boxing or MMA, this sweat suit can be used for any type of exercise. Besides, if you need to increase your mental and physical endurance, then this is the sweat suit to go for.

Check It Out On Amazon


Very comfortableCan be used through an array of exercisesIncreases flexibility thus minimizing the risk of injuryOffers good value for your moneyExcellent for workout support


The suit’s arms are tight thus moving your arms up and down can be strainfulThe sleeves slip off while you have it onPoor fitting in the shouldersIt gets loose in a very short time of use

Body SPA Light Body Sauna Suit (Purple, Medium)

via Amazon

If you need a lightweight sauna suit that will let you work out on right about any exercise, then look no further. Made from spandex, this sweat swath is comfortable, offers a great fit and allows you to stretch easily when performing any kind of exercise.

Besides, this suit boasts of excellent ventilation that helps improve air circulation while at the same time retaining your body warmth.This sauna suit aims at increasing your body’s metabolism, helping you sweat more and increase your physical endurance. Better yet, with its different sizes, you’re going to get a suit that is a perfect fit for you.

Check It Out On Amazon


This suit is very comfortableCan be worn under the clothes or by itselfIt fits true to its sizePerfect for water weight lossConceals sweat and smellThis suit is very light


The sleeves are so tight in the armsIt offers very little compressionNot durableIt cuts off circulation in the armsThe butt area isn’t neoprene

Winner of the Roundup

Although the race for the best sauna suit was tight, the number one tag of this roundup goes to Kutting Neoprene Weight Loss Sauna Suit. Well-crafted with a penchant to detail, this 2.5mm elastic neoprene fabric suit is the definition of ultimate comfort and flexibility.

The ventilation zones are on point for added comfort and breathability without losing body heat. The suit’s innovative design gives it a good outward appearance and we encourage you to give this sweat suit a go.

If you have any queries on sweat suits and waist trimmer products, let us know by dropping us a comment. Feel free to share this piece and we wish you a happy workout.

Sport Nutrition

Top 8 – Best Caffeine free Pre Workout Supplement

I have always loved working out. I can never imagine myself not spending a day at the gym. Working up a sweat not only keeps me healthy but keeps me rejuvenated.

I want to get the best gains out of my workout sessions. That is why I decided to use pre workout supplements, so I’ll have more energy to get me going. I know that I can become better.

I asked my friends, and they introduced me to pre workout supplements. They also use pre workout supplements so that they’ll have energy when they work out. They also shared with me some nutrition tips to balance my food intake along with the supplements.

I tried and tested many pre workout supplements. At first, I used those with caffeine thinking that they’d give me the boost that I needed. However, I had problems sleeping at night, so I still ended up feeling tired the next day.

One of my friends said I should try caffeine-free pre workout supplements. So, I researched and interviewed my friends who have been taking supplements. I compared their reactions as to the use of caffeine-free supplements versus those with caffeine.

I learned that caffeine gives you a quick boost but is not that effective. It’s like giving you an adrenalin rush which diminishes quickly. So, I ended up researching again to find the best caffeine-free pre workout supplement suited for my needs. I know that many of you can relate to my predicament, so I’d like to share with you my product recommendations.

Top 08- Best Caffeine-free Pre Workout Supplement My Recommended Products For You The Best Among The Rest The Next Best Thing My Recommend Budget Pick My Recommended Upgrade Pick Alternative Options For You Best Vitamin-Packed Caffeine-Free Pre workout supplement Best Value Caffeine-Free Pre Workout Supplement Best-Tasting Pre Workout Supplement Best Supplement for Bulking Up How to Choose the Best Caffeine-Free Pre Workout Supplement What Are the Effective Ingredients? What To Avoid Conclusion

My Recommended Products For You

I researched and tested plenty of caffeine-free free workout supplements. With that, I have decided to share with you these products that I have tried. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can decide which product is best for you.

Out of the ten products I have tested, these products are by far the best caffeine-free pre workout supplements

The Best Among The Rest

credit: Amazon

I chose the PEScience High Volume Caffeine Free Pump Pre Workout in raspberry-lemonade flavor as the best caffeine-free pre workout supplement. What I love about this product is that it contains essential vitamins. For example, it contains Vitamin C which helps fight sickness and boosts the immune system. Vitamin C is also great for repairing cells.

It also contains Taurine which is a brain vitamin that helps increase mental focus and concentration. I know that I need this so that I can concentrate on finishing my training. This product also contains Ferulic Acid which is an antioxidant and also protects against bone degeneration (1).

Therefore, the joints are protected from injury during strenuous exercises such as lifts. It also has a dose of L-Arginine which helps relax the blood vessels and improve circulation during a workout.

When circulation is improved, the muscles are more pumped up, resulting to bigger and stronger muscles.

Based on experience, when I started taking this I felt more motivated during workouts. I had enough endurance and strength and even had some energy afterward.

I didn’t feel sore or sluggish after my training session. I could do more reps and more complicated exercises. Before, I used to spend just an hour at the gym. Now, I can extend up to 2 hours. Coupled with a proper diet, I finally got what I wanted.


Caffeine-free but with energy boosters such as CitrullineContains Leucine which is a useful Branched-Chain Amino Acid that helps regulate protein metabolism which is essential for muscle regenerationLoaded with essential vitamins and nutrients as mentioned aboveAffordableFuels your body with energy to finish your workout for an hour or moreNo reported side effects


Taste is not too goodGood for only 18 servings or doses

The Next Best Thing

credit: Amazon

Next on the list is GAT PMP, Next Generation Pre Workout Powder for Intense Performance Gains contains essential vitamins.

This product contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Zinc which are all essential nutrients when it comes to energy, cell regeneration, and as an immune system booster. These nutrients help in repairing the body cells.

One unique component of this product is Alpha-ketoglutarate which contains the amino acid arginine. This ingredient helps boost athletic performance and endurance.

This product also contains testosterone that helps in bulking up and increases libido. Vitamin E is also known as the “youth” vitamin; it gives you youthful energy and performance.

I liked this supplement because it is rich in nutrients and is great in building muscles. However, I didn’t like the smell; it felt like I was taking medication. I also experienced an upset stomach when using this product.


More nutrition for musclesTestosterone is useful in building muscle massCan supply up to 30 servings


Some users reported headaches and upset stomachMade especially for men, may cause hormonal imbalance in womenSome say they did not feel added energy or libido

My Recommend Budget Pick

credit: Amazon

The next product is BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre-Workout Supplement with Creatine, Beta-Alanine, and Energy which is easy on the budget.

This product gives you 30 servings for a lower price which is easy on the budget.What I like about this product are essential nutrients that give enough power and endurance for a workout. For example, it contains Creatine that supplies energy to the muscles.

It is also very beneficial in increasing lean muscle and endurance. In fact, most of my friends who are bodybuilders swear by this product. Other essential nutrients in this product are Folate, Niacin, Calcium, and Thiamine. Folate, Niacin, and Thiamine are B-vitamins that facilitates cell and tissue growth.

B-Vitamins are also fundamental in fueling our body with energy. Calcium is best for strengthening the bones.

This product was a good deal for me, and I would have loved to use this product. However, I experienced some side effects particularly an upset stomach and bloating.


Packed with nutrientsProvides focus, strength, and powerPlenty of flavors to choose from


Users have reported allergic reactions such as skin breakoutsOthers have reported side effects such as diarrhea, sleep problems, bloating, and nauseaBland taste despite the many flavors

My Recommended Upgrade Pick

credit: Amazon

Next up is Genius Pre Workout – All Natural Nootropic Preworkout Powder & Caffeine-Free Nitric Oxide Booster with Beta Alanine and Alpha GPC. This product is expensive for only 20 servings but is also power-packed.

What I like about this product is that it has a healthy dose of Nootropics. Nootropics are cognitive enhancers and help improve mental concentration, focus, and motivation which are all needed for an effective workout.

A unique component of this product is Beta Alanine which is another essential nutrient. Beta Alanine is known to increase muscular endurance and prevents lactic acid buildup. Therefore, the muscles won’t easily get tired and bulk up faster.

It also contains Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) which is among the most active brain nutrients.This is another good product, but I found it too expensive and has too few servings. I also experienced the same side effects as the previous product (stomachache and bloating).


Effective in giving more energyNaturally flavored


Has only 20 servingsSome users reported allergic reactionsOthers reported bloating, sore throat, insomnia, and tingling sensations (due to Beta-Alanine)Bad taste

Alternative Options For You

I also found other products which are not as high quality as the above, but also have their best features. Feel free to try these other products should the above be out of stock.

Best Vitamin-Packed Caffeine-Free Pre workout supplement

credit: Amazon

If you want a caffeine-free pre workout supplement that is loaded with vitamins, try Onnit Total Strength and Performance - Stimulant-Free Pre-Workout Supplement in Strawberry Lemonade flavor.

This product is certified by the Banned Substances Control Group and used by athletes and bodybuilders, which means that it is all right to use it before competing.

In fact, professionals such as powerlifters, martial arts specialists, and football players highly recommend this product. This product contains testosterone as one of its active ingredients which is perfect for bulking up.

I have asked around, and most people I know use this product and were satisfied with the results. This formula is also safe to use for both men and women.

I asked my acquaintances about the taste, and they shared that you should mix it with natural fruit juice to make the taste bearable.

There was very few feedback about upset stomachs; they shared that it had something to do with how much food they ate before working out.


Safe for both men and womenCertified by the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) and is safe to use in competitionsContains B-Vitamins and Magnesium which are beneficial for energy and muscle growthFree from allergens such as eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat


Some reported bad taste, but still bearableSome reports of upset stomachs and diarrhea

Best Value Caffeine-Free Pre Workout Supplement

Credit: Amazon

High T Black Caffeine Free, Testosterone Booster Pre Workout Hardcore Formulation is unique because it comes in capsule form. You don’t have to worry about weird tastes or not being able to gulp it down.

What’s great about this formula is that it contains nutrients such as Vitamin E, B-Vitamins, and Zinc. Zinc is beneficial in improving immunity and hormone production.

Paired with testosterone, you can be sure that you’ll get bulked up with lean muscles in no time.

Despite being in capsule form, it has a chemical smell that lingers when you take it. The aftertaste is even there when I burp. It affected even the taste of the water.


Easy to take since it is in capsule formAffordable price, considering that there are 120 capsules in a bottleYou can easily bring it with you to the gym and take it before working out


Chemical smell that lingers with an aftertasteSome users reported side effects of headaches and upset stomachsIncreased dosage of testosterone may cause hormonal imbalance in women

Best-Tasting Pre Workout Supplement

credit: Amazon

If you want caffeine-free pre workout supplements without the bad taste, try Do Vitamins Pump Pills. This formula is not just caffeine-free, but also creatine-free. This product has been tested by Labdoor and is certified for Vegans, too.

I’ve also tested this, and I recommended it to my vegan friends, and they loved it! I prefer to drink supplements though because I am motivated to increase my fluid intake.


No bad taste, no chemical smell, no aftertasteAffordable productYou can bring it with you to the gym should you forget to take itSafe to use for both men and womenContains no allergens such as wheat, gluten, soy, and dairySuitable for vegans and vegetarians


Some reported upset stomachs after taking itFew people reported that it doesn’t work

Best Supplement for Bulking Up

credit: Amazon

Another alternative to guarantee the bulk is BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded Caffeine Free Thermogenic Recovery Formula for Lean Muscle Growth. This product is effective in burning fat and building lean muscle.

Since it has citrulline, it helps improve blood and oxygen flow and provides an energy boost. Therefore, your muscles are always pumping resulting in enhanced performance.

This product is rich in Branched-Chain Amino Acids such as Leucine and Isoleucine which aid in protein synthesis for muscle repair. Muscles get damaged during a workout, and BCAAs make their recovery faster.

I used this product a year ago, and it produced the same results. What I did not like about this product is the taste; it is hard to gulp down one serving. I felt like I was throwing away good money for something that I couldn’t bring myself to take. I ended up putting honey to make the taste better but to no avail.


Has an advanced form of BCAA for optimal absorption and utilizationAdvanced amino acids to avoid muscle breakdownCombination of Carnitine and Citrulline burns fat faster and allows you to perform betterUp to 25 servings


Some Users have reported a bad tasteDoesn’t have necessary nutrients such as B vitamins, brain nutrients, and immunity boosters

How to Choose the Best Caffeine-Free Pre Workout Supplement

When I was trying to find the best caffeine-free pre workout supplement, I did much research and interviewed many people. I wanted to make sure that the products that I use are efficient and safe. I understand that there are many people out there who have the same dilemma.

Therefore, I have decided to share some tips on how to choose the best pre workout supplement.

What Are the Effective Ingredients?

When you buy a pre workout supplement, the price is only secondary. You have to check for ingredients that really work and not just offer a placebo effect. You may also want to look for logos that show certification. Search for certifications from NSF, Informed Choice, or Banned Substance Control Group. This means that the products are safe to use even for athletes.

Here’s a quick guide on what you need to look for:

Creatine – Make sure that your pre-workout supplement has at least 3 grams of Creatine for added strength and enduranceBeta Alanine – Helps prevent lactic acid buildup; promotes muscle growth and enduranceVitamin D – Improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and fosters faster recovery from exerciseMagnesium – Promotes muscle contractions and muscle growthPeak ATP – Increases strength and power; promotes lean muscles and thicknessBeetroot – Increases muscle pump and improves enduranceCitrulline – increases energy and performance; aids in post-workout recoveryAlpha GPC – cognitive booster that enhances your focus, concentration, and overall performance

What To Avoid

On the other hand, there are also substances that you need to avoid. Your top clue is to stay away from products that indicate “proprietary blend.” Proprietary blends seem as if they have plenty of ingredients but are just placebos.

You may want to watch out for some of the ingredients below as these are dangerous and may cause adverse side effects. They may also cause serious complications such as cancer, cardiac arrest, and liver damage.

Here are some of the ingredients and their claimed effects:

Synephrine or bitter orange – this is a banned substance for athletes; it is a fat-burning supplement that replaces ephedrine. Among its effects are high blood pressure and resting heart rate.Heavy doses of caffeine – may cause danger if you have a heart conditionYohimbe – advertised for use on depression, weight loss, and low libidoGreen tea extract powder – used for weight lossDMAA – causes high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and tightening of the chest that may lead to a heart attack; it is especially dangerous when paired with caffeine


Based on research, interviews, and experience I have chosen PEScience High Volume Caffeine Free Pump Pre Workout in raspberry-lemonade flavor as the best caffeine-free pre workout supplement. Given the information above, not only is it an effective energy booster, but it also has essential nutrients.

What I like best about this product is that it has natural performance boosters and brain enhancers such as Taurine, Citrulline, and Arginine. It also contains Vitamin C which is effective in fighting sickness and infection.

You can also safely use this with a thermogenic product such as fat burners. It is also affordable even though one container only gives 18 servings. Furthermore, there are sporadic instances of side effects. These side effects are common among those who don’t follow required dosages and intake.

I hope that you have learned a lot from this article and were able to get an idea of what pre workout supplement is best suited for your needs. Please share this article with other fitness enthusiasts. We’d also love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

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Apple Cinnamon Protein Cereal Naked Nutrition Review

source: Amazon

Choosing the best cereal is quite a task since the market is full of different products from various companies. However, all available products offer different nutritional benefits. Organic products are most nutritious, and they offer ample health benefits to consumers.

One of the best organic products is Apple cinnamon protein cereal which offers a perfect way to start the day. The cereal contains pure natural products such as grass-fed whey, tapioca starch, dried apple pieces, organic brown sugar and also cinnamon.

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The difference Between Naked Nutrition Products and other Competing Products in the Market

Source: Amazon

Apple cinnamon cereal differs significantly with products from other companies in the following ways:

The cereal comprises grass-fed whey

Grass-fed protein powder originates from the freshest milk that comes from cows that feed on grass. Such cows that eat healthy produce products that are full of nutritional benefits and are suitable for human consumption.

Grass-fed whey contains naturally occurring amino acids which place the pre-workout cereal one step ahead as a sports supplement. The fact that grass-fed protein powder comes from cows that feed on fresh, green natural grass ensures that it does not lose its nutritional value even after production.

Grass-feeding cows that are allowed to roam freely produce milk with high levels of conjugated Linoleic acids (CLA fats) that are essential in burning excess fats and play a role in fighting cancer cells.

Grass-fed whey also contains vitamins A and E that play a role in muscle development and contributes to the skin collagen giving one a healthy glowing natural look.

Proteins from grass-fed whey are also rich in omega three fatty acids that are known for being anti-inflammatory and leads to reduced risk of contracting chronic diseases such as dementia and heart disease.

One way of acquiring healthy benefits is through consuming food that is rich in natural nutrients. For instance, eating the apple cinnamon protein cereal before exercise sessions helps the fitness enthusiasts perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.

Fitness enthusiasts engage in exercises to improve their overall body appearance, get rid of excess fats and to stay healthy. Intake of pre-exercise cereal helps them attain their goals since proteins enhance muscle development.

source: Amazon

The presence of high CLA levels in the cereal also helps in transforming fats into lean muscle which results in improved physical appearance.

On the other hand, Products from other companies originates from tainted milk from cows that feed on genetically modified food products. As a result, the cows produce milk that contains elements of chemicals that can be unhelpful or disastrous for human consumption.

The unnatural products also contain a high level of omega six fatty acids which are known to cause numerous chronic and degenerative diseases that are on the rise in modern society.

Intake of cereals made from products of cows that feed on corn or grain products leads to more harm than good. Such products may not offer enough energy to fitness enthusiasts for them to perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.

The presence of chemical elements is disastrous to human health since it can bring about some health complications.

No Artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors

Apple protein cinnamon cereal contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. Instead, the cereal contains organic sugar that offers ample health benefits. Natural sugar contains minerals and organic acids that strengthens many internal organs such as heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Organic sugar is rich in carbohydrates and iron that are known for boosting energy levels. Other companies use sweeteners, flavors or colors in their products to improve their cereals’ texture, flavors and extend their shelf life.

Sweeteners such as artificial sugar inhibit the production of GLP-1 (Glucagon-like peptide-1) hormone that controls blood sugar levels. As a result, one develops hunger cravings and stands at the risk of being diabetic.

Addition artificial flavors and colors to food products risk consumer's health since they cause obesity and cancer.

GMO-free, soy free, gluten free

Apple cinnamon protein cereal does not contain GMO (genetically modified Organisms) since it is made from naturally produced products. The cereal also does not have soy or gluten. GMO, soy, and gluten are common in unnatural products.

Health complications such as food allergy, toxicity, and congenital disabilities occur mostly to people who take GMO products. Soy contains high levels of chemicals known as oxalates which are known to cause kidney stones.

Soy is also known to worsen the condition of hypothyroidism it also increases the chance of blood sugars levels being too low in diabetic people under medication. Soy can also block the digestion of proteins.

On the other hand, intake of gluten is risky to human health since it causes diseases such as celiac, gut inflammation, and increased intestinal permeability.

Gluten also causes brain fog and fatigue which can lead to diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Dermatitis herpetiformis is another severe skin disease associated with the intake of gluten.

Growth hormone free, no rGBH or rBST

Unlike other kinds of cereals, apple cinnamon protein cereal contains no growth hormone, rGBH or rBST. Growth hormone is known to cause improved growth, stronger bones, and increased muscle mass.

However, intake of growth hormone for an extended period can cause more complicated problems such as acromegaly which results in enlargement of fingers, bones, and organs.

Growth hormone also causes the body to regenerate faster making all cells to grow. For instance, if a person has already existing cancer cells in the body, they too may grow.

The rBGH (Bovine Growth hormone) also known as rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin) occurs naturally in cows but it is also produced and fed to cows for increased milk production. It brings about adverse effects to consumers since it increases the production of insulin-like growth factor 1 which enhances cell division and growth.

The rBGH is presumed to lead to an increase of cancer though there are no proves to the theory.

Balanced composition of nutrients

Apple cinnamon protein cereal contains five different organic ingredients which include grass-fed whey protein, organic brown sugar, tapioca starch, dried apple pieces and cinnamon.

Each pouch of the pre-exercise cereal contains 120 calories, 5 gram carbs, 4 gram sugar and 1 gram of fat and cinnamon.

The composition of nutrients indicated on the pack allow consumers to take a balanced diet per serving and eliminates the hassle of making breakfast cereal diet with products of different nutritional values which they may do unprofessionally leading to errors.

Pros of taking Apple cinnamon protein cereal

source: Amazon

Rich in vitamins A and E that promotes muscle development and contributes to skin collagen leading to a healthy, glowing natural look.Clean and healthy for human consumption since it does not contain any chemicals.Contains CLA fats that are essential in the erosion of excess fats.Releases enough energy to help consumers perform at the peak of their physical capabilities.Rich in proteins that are good in muscle development and repair.The pre-exercise cereal is rich in omega three fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of contracting chronic diseases.All products that make up the cereal are organically produced and offers consumers ample natural nutritional benefits.The combination of different ingredients into one simple meal saves consumers from the hassle of making home-made cereals and also saves them time.Each pack weighs 32 grams while the whole package containing six packs weighs 192 grams make it highly portableApple cinnamon protein cereal is affordable to all.The cereal is third-party tested for purity, safety, and nutritional value.The cereal is crunchy and contains organic sugar that makes it delicious.


Once the sachet package is open, the cereals get exposed to the air which leads to loss of its crunchinessHaving it on a daily basis may bore your taste buds. This is commonly known as taste fatigue. It, therefore, requires that it be supplemented by other natural sources of protein and vitamins on alternate days.

Where to buy Apple cinnamon protein cereal

The cereal sells on various websites such as Amazon, Health & household, Healthy snacks & beverages, Sports nutrition, cereal and also on the naked website. The cereal is a product of the Naked Nutrition that produces pure supplements using natural products. Naked nutrition also produces other products that include powdered peanut butter, creatine monohydrate, and casein protein.




There are ample benefits associated with starting the day with a breakfast meal. For instance, various studies show that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight or obese than those who start their days with a meal.

The best breakfast meal should be rich in carbohydrates and should also contain high fiber. Cereals that contain organic ingredients such as apple cinnamon protein cereal offer ample health benefits than those that use artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Apple cinnamon protein cereal is a product of Naked Nutrition which is one of the best manufacturers of organic food products. Naked conducts thorough research on all ingredients before processing to ensure that they are nutritious and cannot cause health problems to consumers.



This post is sponsored by Naked Nutrition. The opinions and views are wholly my own… Annie Jones

And to be absolutely clear, this is my disclaimer: “I have been compensated to share my ideas on this topic. Sometimes it is in the form of products, or services or even money… It doesn’t matter what it is, or how much they are willing to give me if I don’t believe in it, It won’t be on my site. I won’t share anything with you that I don’t fully support. Seriously. You’ll just have to trust me on this.” 

Achieving Great Results With Sports Nutrition

Athletes dream of stardom and championship wins. They imagine being on top of their game while getting respect and admiration from devoted fans and peers alike. They go through a grueling training regimen to improve their performance and achieve the highest level of success. But never-ending workouts and determination are only part of the equation.

Sports nutrition plays an important role in every athlete’s life. Runners and jumpers, for example, need more carbs, because their muscles use them for energy. Fats and proteins, on the other hand, are converted to energy much slower and might make the body less energetic

What’s the best diet for an athlete?

An athlete’s diet is one of the essential components on the road to greatness. Eating right will increase energy and promote muscle growth. Eating wrong can be a serious setback.

Carbohydrates can make up to 65% of high-endurance athlete’s diet. Consuming proteins in 20g amounts 4-6 times a day is preferable. They will add up to 10-30% of an athlete’s daily calories. Unsaturated/saturated oils should constitute between 20-30% of daily calories. Fats should include a healthy balance between omega -3s/6s.

What about hydration?

The longer you exercise, the more you sweat, and the greater your need to replace those lost micronutrients. Less than an hour of high-intensity workout might require only water replacement.

Over 1-1.5 hours of exercise and your body will need mineral replacement and about 30-60 grams of carbs per additional hour. It also helps to drink 16oz of water before a strenuous activity. Vitamins B and C and a low dose of caffeine (70mg) have proven to be helpful.

Supplements for an athlete’s benefit.

Omega3 fish oils: Healthy blood flow and function of very small arteries are essential to exercise performance. Fish oils may cause blood thinning and allows red blood cells to carry oxygen into smaller blood vessels.

1g of DHE/EPA is sufficient to provide a healthy dose for improving blood flow.

L-Carnitine: L-carnitine is very important for muscle energy facilitation. During intensive workout, carnitine levels drop which is associated with impaired muscle function.

Creatine: Creatine increases strength between 8-14% in conjunction with muscle mass with resistance training compared to placebo. 0.1 g/kg of body weight is advised as optimal dosing, with initial dosing of 0.3g/kg. Damage to muscles, liver and enzymes is possible when used excessively.

Arginine: Arginine is an amino acid that increases amounts of cellular oxide as an ingredient for human growth hormone production. Arginine helps to dilate blood vessels and decrease vascular resistance.

Studies show that Arginine increases performance of cyclers in a 20 km race by 34 seconds, lowering oxygen consumption.

Taurine: Taurine is a non-essential amino acid. It can affect heart contraction and act as an antioxidant. During an intense exercise, branched chained amino acids and taurine may help delay muscle damage.

Ginkgo biloba: Ginkgo is a herb that stimulates blood flow in small vessels in aging people. It’s generally used to stimulate mental functions as well as increase blood circulation for anyone with peripheral artery disease.

Ginseng: This is one of the most popular herbal supplements and is known around the world. Although Ginseng has no significant benefits for trained professionals, it increases performance in untrained adults.

Vitamin D: Vitamin D levels are at their best in the summer time. The benefits include increase in strength and decrease in general discomfort for older people.

Vitamin B complex: Insufficient vitamin B might impair a person’s exercise performance. However, a moderate supplementation of B vitamins with normal blood levels shows no performance improvement.

Zinc: Zinc deficiency happens in cases of diets rich in carbohydrates. It may cause fatigue and loss of body weight. Zinc is a component in over 300 enzymes and some of them have direct impact on physical performance.

Finally, getting tested to find out which vitamins or minerals you are low on will help you get back on track to enjoy a healthy life.

An athlete’s path to success is never easy. It takes hard work, lots of sacrifice, focus and energy to get there. With the right sports nutrition, it can all be possible.

Stay healthy, eat right and be productive!

Author Bio- Franz Gliederer

​Franz Gliederer is a specialist in Preventative and Occupational Medicine and has additional training in Internal Medicine and Family Practice. He is one of the Health Care Professionals at pH Labs .Dr. Gliederer was awarded the MPH degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and his MD degree from the University of Vienna, Austria. Dr. Gliederer also was a research fellow at the Pulmonary Division of the University of California, Los Angeles.

How To Find The Best Pre Workout Supplement Without Creatine?

Creatine is one of the most useful ingredients in many pre workout supplements. However, there are also those who can’t take it.

If you’re one of those who can’t take the ingredient for some reasons (ex. you already have a separate supplement with it or you don’t want to experience some of its side effects like bloating) then rest assured that there are pre workout supplements without creatine in the market. To help you find the best pre workout supplement without creatine, we provide the top five reviews that are guaranteed to help you achieve your desired goals.

Best Pre-workout Supplements Without Creatine Reasons To Take Pre Workout Supplement Without Creatine What to Look for in a Pre workout Supplement Without Creatine? Tips for Buying the Best Pre-workout Supplement without CreatinePre-workout Supplements without Creatine ReviewsRed Leaf Pre-Workout EnergizerLegion PulseVintage Blast – Two-StageSHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide BoosterAlpha Gx7 Pre-workout – Maximized EnergyConclusion




Our Rating

Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer



Legion Pulse 



Vintage Blast – Two-Stage



SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster



Alpha Gx7 – Maximized Energy



Reasons To Take Pre Workout Supplement Without Creatine

Creatine is useful because it makes energy available for your muscles during a workout. This is a huge help in growing back failing muscles and making them much larger and stronger.

However, there are times when you need to let go of a supplement containing creatine as it also has negative effects on the body. Some of these secondary effects can even contradict your training goals.

While these effects are not extremely harmful to your health, some of them can prevent you from reaching your workout goals. One is that since creatine is quite hygroscopic, it also tends to hold and attract water.

This often results in less defined muscle and weight gain. That said, it would be wise to let go of pre-workout supplements containing it and go for those that don’t use it as one of their ingredients.

What to Look for in a Pre workout Supplement Without Creatine?

via Amazon

In your search for the best creatine free pre-workout supplement, it is necessary to check its major components. Here are just some of the many things you ought to look for in the supplement:

Strength and power boosters – Make sure to look for a pre-workout supplement containing ingredients guaranteed to boost your strength and power. Some of these ingredients are betaine and beta-alanine – both of which can help strengthen your muscles and increase their power.

Energy boosters – Your pre-workout supplement should also provide you with the energy that you need to perform your workout. Energy boosters can improve your endurance without overly stimulating your central nervous system.

Stimulants – Of course, you would want to take a supplement, which is rich in stimulants, especially if you want to take it prior to your workout. However, you need to avoid taking one, which can overstimulate you and your senses.

What you have to do is to find a supplement with genuine energy-boosting and strength-boosting nutrients. That way, you have an assurance that it won’t have any negative effects on you.

Muscle Builders – Some ingredients in a pre-workout supplement without creatine can also help build muscles. Look for those with ingredients that can build your muscles, increase your strength and speed up your recovery process after a workout.

Tips for Buying the Best Pre-workout Supplement without Creatine

Let go of those with too many ingredients – If you notice that a supplement contains too many ingredients, some of which you can’t even pronounce, then consider it as a red flag. Note that it could mean that their dosages are small, causing them to be ineffective.

Go for one that does not contain too many ingredients. Make sure that you are also familiar with the ingredients as this might indicate that it’s also an effective product.

Read reviews – Product reviews are the best sources of unbiased information regarding a certain product. Take time to read and consult reviews prior to trying a supplement.

However, make sure that these reviews are written by experienced lifters. The reviewers should be reliable enough that you can expect them to provide comprehensive and honest information about the supplement and their experience.

Check the seller’s information – Take time to research not only about the product but also its seller. If possible, choose to buy from a top seller, especially one who holds that reputation for a long time. It indicates that many people trust him, as well as his products.

Assess the Cost + Serving for Each Container – Always assess the cost per serving when shopping for a good pre-workout supplement without creatine. Note that this factor indicates how much a product genuinely costs.

Determine the number of workouts you need to perform weekly then compute the length of time the supplement will most likely last. Remember that there’s no need for you to take one on those days when you don’t train.

The most important tip in selecting the best pre-workout supplement is to base your final decision on your fitness goals and budget. Conduct research and use the knowledge you gathered to find the best product for you.

Study the labels of the supplement as well. Also, research about the experience of other people when using the supplement. To help you make the selection process even more manageable, we have clubbed in five of the best pre-workout supplements with creatine.

Pre-workout Supplements without Creatine Reviews




Our Rating

Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer



Legion Pulse 



Vintage Blast – Two-Stage



SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster



Alpha Gx7 – Maximized Energy



**Below, you’ll find more detailed reviews, however you can also click the links above to see current prices and customers’s reviews on Amazon.

Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer

via Amazon

Red Leaf Pre-workout supplement gains a lot of attention lately because it is well-formulated without the need for creatine. What makes it distinctive is its nice cranberry-lime flavor.

The flavor is in powder form, which you need to mix to mix with water, or any other beverage, so you can take it before your workout. One of the ingredients used in this product is beta-alanine, which is extremely useful in delivering carnosine into your muscles.

This is beneficial for both men and women as it aids in reducing fatigue while also intensifying their fuel, which is necessary for working out. It also contains amino acids – all of which can feed your muscles while also providing enough support for your workout and letting you recover fast.

The cranberry extract used in this product also increases its antioxidant properties, giving you enough protection. It also has green tea extract, which does not only increase its antioxidant content but also enhance the supplement’s fat burning ability.

Other ingredients used in the product are caffeine, which is useful in boosting your energy, and raspberry ketones designed to improve your body’s fat burning ability. As mentioned earlier, it is free of creatine.

Learn More About It on


Does not have any harsh stimulantsCaffeine is only around 40mg, which is not that excessiveLess expensive when compared to other pre-workout supplementsWorks for both men and women, although you can expect it to produce better results for womenProvides a healthy combination of nutrients and antioxidantsHas a better taste – expect it to have a nice cranberry-lime flavorDoes not cause overstimulation unlike other supplementsLessens muscle fatigue, allowing you to work out longer and harderPowder can be quickly mixed into water – no aftertaste and clumps as well


Does not work for everyone – Some users do not experience increase in energy or performance during their workout.Not that strong, so it is safe to say that it just seems like a pre-workout supplement for beginnersHas minor side effects, like itchiness, but these effects usually happen only at the beginning of taking the supplement Own It Now!

Legion Pulse

via Amazon

Legion Pulse pre-workout supplement promises to provide you with the energy and pump you need to perform your workout. It also helps provide your mind, muscles, and body the stamina and motivation they need to continue working out.

It also contains several useful ingredients. One is caffeine, which serves as a stimulant capable of boosting your endurance and muscle strength. Then there is theanine, which aims to relieve physical stress while also keeping your mind alert.

(Read more: Best Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplement)

It also contains ornithine, an amino acid that aims to reduce fatigue, especially when you are performing a longer workout. It is also a huge help in increasing the fat burning capacity of your body as well as the production of growth hormone.

This pre-workout supplement aims to reduce fatigue, improve blood flow and energy, sharpen your mental focus and improve your muscles’ endurance when working out. It is also designed in such a way that you will maintain your strength all throughout your workout.

It is 100% scientifically derived and it does not contain any artificial sweeteners, unnecessary fillers, and dyes. The energy that it provides is also long-lasting.

Learn More About It on


Capable of backing up their formula with reliable researchAll-natural supplement, which means that it does not have any unnatural and unnecessary ingredientsAll ingredients are designed to provide you with long-term energy and fight fatigueContains caffeine in just the right amount – stimulating you just right and increasing the strength and endurance of your musclesManufacturers provide a money-back guaranteeNo need to worry about crash, jitters, and rashesHas ornithine, which can improve your physical performance and capacity


A bit costly – It is more expensive than the other pre-workout mixes in the marketSome minor side effects during the first use – One is a tingling sensation that might affect your hands or face.Energy produced is often too high, causing some to not being able to calm down after taking their required dose for the day Own It Now!

Vintage Blast – Two-Stage

via Amazon

One thing promised by this pre-workout supplement is to give you your desired pumps, strength and energy. Being the first two-stage pre-workout supplement introduced into the world, this product aims to continuously provide you with ingredients that can improve your performance when working out.

You can also use it when you are planning to attend competitive events – some of which require strength and excellent physical performance. The product contains natural yet potent ingredients designed to boost pumps, energy, and strength via elevated levels of NO2.

It has several valuable ingredients namely beta alanine, L-citrulline malate, L-arginine and L-carnitine tartrate. The good thing about the ingredients is that their doses per serving are clearly indicated, making the product more trustworthy.

It also makes use of a 2-stage pre-workout matrix. The first one is the go-to performance stage composed of the ingredients mentioned earlier. The second stage involves the use of D-aspartic acid, as well as additional energy boosters.

Vintage Blast also has stimulants that are split between the two mentioned stages. As a whole, this great-tasting supplement can provide you with clean and nice energy with its clean and natural ingredients list.

Learn More About It on


Can help you produce a tasty and refreshing drink that you can use to pump up yourself for your workoutsIt easily mixes with water.Everyone can enjoy it even vegetarians.It follows a holistic approach – This means that it contains all-natural ingredients and does not contain GMO and other chemical solvents.Has a hint of sweetness, making it easier to drink – The sweetener used is the all-natural Stevia.It can provide you with energy from the start up to the end of your workout.In comparison to other supplements, it does not let you experience excessive high then intense low in an instant.It is not addictive.


You still need to mix it with water before consuming it.High chance of expiring because it is only possible for you to take it during a sports event or training session Own It Now!

SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster

via Amazon

SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster claims to have scientifically proven and potent ingredients designed to increase the production of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric Oxide is extremely useful because of its contribution to bodybuilding.

As one of the main components of SHEER N.O. Nitric Oxide Booster, it is no longer surprising why its manufacturers claim that it can produce significant muscle gains and improve strength and endurance. It also promises to increase energy for your workout, improve your heart health, and have higher sexual confidence and better erections.

One of the ingredients used in the product is the L-arginine HCL. This aims to improve your blood flow, allowing your muscles to receive enough nutrients and oxygen. It also has L-arginine AKG, which can improve your ability to tolerate arduous exercises.

The said ingredient is also known to help you work out longer and harder, increase your strength, build lean muscle and improve your circulation. Other ingredients used are beetroot extract and Citrulline Malate.

Another thing that you will notice from this supplement is its ability to boost male performance. The fact that it increases blood flow into your muscles can also help improve your sexual and male performance.

Learn More About It on


Focuses more on the production of nitric oxide, which is good for the bodyGood for the body as it helps speed up muscle growth, improves muscle pump and promotes a healthier heartContains arginine, which helps in improving blood flow while also reducing blood pressureRelieves fatigue and improves energy and endurance while you are in a gymContains beetroot extract, a powerful NO2 booster that works naturallyStimulates muscle growth and strengthImproves heart health and immunityEnhances sexual performanceComes with a money-back guarantee, which can provide you with more peace of mindSafe for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts


Effects are milder than other products – This makes it a better option for beginners.A bit inconsistent in terms of its effects Own It Now!

Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout – Maximized Energy

via Amazon

With its watermelon flavor, Alpha Gx7 Pre-workout Maximized Energy is probably one of the most flavorful pre-workout supplements in the market today. It also packs a lot of power because of its high beta-alanine and citrulline content.

The combination gives you energy within just a few minutes of taking it. Most, if not all, of the ingredients used in the supplement, are also designed to give you strength, focus, and drive.

The supplement seems to target energy, focus, stamina, pumps and a bit of recovery based on the formula it uses. It has a label saying maximized energy, and it seems like it can really deliver what it promises.

It also provides testosterone support. It is because it has a great dosage of standardized and high-quality Mucuna. The good thing about increasing testosterone is that it also aids in stimulating anabolic growth.

Only science-based ingredients are also used in the product – one of which is L-carnitine, which can’t only provide several exercise recovery benefits but also fat burning ability. There is also taurine, which is a powerful antioxidant for the brain.

Learn More About It on


Ideal for anyone wishing to achieve focus, strength, and intensityOffers testosterone supportHas a great flavor, making it a good choice for those who want to be motivated to take it regularlyGreat set of ingredients – The ingredients are also well-researched and guaranteed to provide you with the benefit you expectHelpful in increasing pumps and energy and boosting your energyFocuses on recoveryAvailable at a reasonable price


Provides just mild pumps, so there is a great chance that it won’t work exactly as advertisedSome of the premium ingredients are under-dosed, making it quite difficult to maximize their individual benefitsCan give some tingling sensation on the face Own It Now!


Based on the information presented above, Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer seems to be the best choice if you are in search of a good pre workout supplement without creatine. It makes use of a good formula, has a nice set of quality ingredients plus it delivers what it promises to its customers.

In fact, you can see a lot of positive reviews from the product. It is not also too expensive compared to other products. This makes it a good choice for those on a budget.

Still, the final choice is up to what you really need. Study the benefits you’d like to get, as well as some other factors, like your budget, to ensure that you pick a product, which really suits you.

Best Exogenous Ketone Supplements Review

Exogenous ketones have become hugely popular over the last few years. These supplements are being heralded as a revolution within the industry for the range of areas in which they can prove beneficial.

From weight-loss, physical endurance, mental clarity and productivity, these supplements are in hot demand across the market. For many however, there is still a lack of clear understanding on both what exogenous ketones are and exactly what benefits they provide to the end user.

The supplement industry is packed full of products which make grandiose claims to greatness and often fail to deliver. Exogenous ketones on the other hand are the real deal.

In this guide we will aim to both enlighten further on the purpose, application and benefits of the supplement itself as well as introducing several of the best exogenous ketone supplements available today.

Best Exogenous Ketone Supplement Reviews What are Exogenous Ketones?An Explanation of the Keto DietWeight LossIncreased EnduranceMental FunctionBest Exogenous Ketone Supplement Choices KETO BURST- (30 Servings) Chocolate KETO OS Onnit MCT Oil KetoSports KetoCaNa Final Thoughts

What are Exogenous Ketones?

To precisely answer this question and discover what makes these supplements so popular and beneficial, we must first understand what ketones are and their impact on our bodies.

When the human body encounters period of starvation, it will begin the process of burning fat to produce energy. This process is known as beta-oxidation and it is during this process that ketones are formed for use as energy.

Therefore, ketones are basically a chemical compound naturally produced by the body during times where the demand for energy is heightened and other methods of retrieving energy are depleted.

This can happen under a variety of naturally occurring situations such as after exercise, during periods of starvation or during a low carb diet which can intentionally recreate this bodily scenario.

When the body begins to break down fat for energy and ketones are formed, this is a process known as ketosis. This period of ketosis is the time during which your body is burning fat among a host of other benefits such as increased athletic endurance and mental optimization.

For these reasons, people want to achieve and retain this state of ketosis in the fastest and most effective way possible. This is where exogenous ketone supplements come in.

In fact, the body produces three types of ketones: Acetone, Acetoacetic Acid and Beta-Hydroxybutyric Acid (BHB). The predominant ketone which is used in supplements is BHB.

Ironically, of the three mentioned, BHB is technically not a ketone. However, it does provide all the natural functions of one and is the most efficiently converted and formulated for use in supplements.

Having analyzed the process of how ketones are formed in the body and how ketosis is achieved, we can see that it is a time consuming process.

Where the exogenous ketone supplements come in is to effectively speed up the body’s natural processes, meaning they can more quickly induce the state of ketosis and to maintain this state for a prolonged period and hence greater physical benefits.

Studies have proven that exogenous ketones can induce a state of ketosis which in turn delivers the variety of advantages to both physical and mental state when managed correctly.

Exogenous ketone supplements come primarily in two forms. Oil based or powder based. Both have their own unique advantages, depending on how sensitive you are to taste this can make a difference in your product choice as user report some exogenous ketones are notoriously difficult to consume.

An Explanation of the Keto Diet

A keto diet is essentially a low carb diet during which the body produces ketones. This could also be cloaked under the acronym of LCHF (low carb high fat) or a variety of other names, the end goal however is the same, to enter he body into a state of ketosis.

Since restricting your intake of carbohydrates will reduce both your bodies’ glucose and insulin levels this forces your body to use fat as its energy source. This, as we have already discussed, pushes the body into the natural metabolic state of ketosis.

A correctly managed Keto diet can help the individual attain a whole host of benefits which another higher carb diet may not provide.

Weight Loss

As more research continues to correlate obesity with illness and occupational injuries, individuals are more willing to try different diets to get their weight under control.

Multiple in-depth studies have shown the positive correlation between a keto diet and reducing weight. The results of a keto diet as expected, better than the majority of high-fat, low-carb diets.

This is due to the fact that the while on the keto diet, fat reserves are being reduced as opposed to carbohydrates being burned as an energy source.

Increased Endurance

The keto diet has been widely implemented among high performance endurance athletes. It has been shown that the burning of fat as an energy source during exercise is much more efficient for those athletes who are following a low-carb diet.

In fact a gap of up to 15% in terms of performance intensity can be gathered from this research. This can occur in athletes once the body has become accustomed to being a state of ketosis and burning fat as an energy source.

Mental Function

Fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 play a vital role in our cognitive functioning among other things. Our typical diets are often shown to be deficient in these key acids.

This is where the keto diet comes in. Being rich in these fatty acids helps ensure that we maintain a healthier than usual balance. In fact the Keto diet has even shown promise in the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy.

In reaching and maintaining ketosis, the most vital thing is the restriction of carbs. Therefore, you should expect that a keto diet will be extremely high in fish and red meat as well as natural fats from olive oil and butter with limited intake of vegetables and almost complete avoidance of any bread, potatoes and even beer.

Understandably, this can represent an arduous and often insurmountable challenge for many. Yet again, this is where exogenous ketone supplements are your friend. They act as an external booster for your ketone level.

The recommended ratio of 4grams fat to every one gram carbs can in many cases be equalized to 1/1 with the help of a ketone supplement. This means you do not have to be quite so disciplined in your approach, appealing to the masses.

Best Exogenous Ketone Supplement Choices

KETO BURST- (30 Servings) Chocolate

source: Amazon

Keto Burst offers a popular choice among customers with a jar containing almost double that of many competitors. Combining this with the delicious tasting chocolate flavor, they are off to a winning start.

This supplement is easily mixable with other liquids such as smoothies and shakes to ease any taste discomforts and pairs excellently with a keto coffee.

The recipe contains 12g of BHB salts and designed to rapidly achieve and maintain ketosis with a serving of just one heaped scoopful.

It can be easily consumed with or without food and is highly recommendable to those who desire a fast and effective boost of ketones without the hassle.

If you have a busy work or training schedule, Keto Burst would be the perfect supplement solution for you.

Made in the USA and with a 60-day guarantee to boot, you can rest in the knowledge that is everything is not to your satisfaction, solutions are just a phone call away.




source: Amazon

Keto OS is one of the fastest rising brands in the industry. Pruvit offers a multitude of serving sizes and types with Keto OS. From their 15 serving on the go pouch to their more traditional 30 serving tub in a variety of flavors, you can take your pick to suit your needs.

Keto OS comes in both caffeinated (Charged) and caffeine free varieties. This is very accommodating for buyers who have certain additional dietary restrictions or who simply wish to reduce caffeine intake.

One serving, three times per day is recommended as a refreshing, recharging boost into ketosis is reported by many users. Keto OS is one of the most natural products on the market and also boasts being both gluten and dairy free.

Overall, Keto OS proves to be a highly beneficial choice for those who are constrained by other dietary or health needs and as the fact it can be consumer on the go is an excellent advantage in today’s busy environment.


Onnit MCT Oil

source: Amazon

Onnit was one of the first companies to venture into the sector of performance enhancing ketone supplements. As one of the leading brands in the market, they are highly knowledgeable about the requirements of a premium supplement.

They offer a wide range of flavors and all of their MCT Oils are free of palm oil or additional additives or flavorings. Onnit MCT oil is both tasteless and odorless, making it very easily consumed in any number of foods or beverages.

Put it in a shake, a smoothie or even use it as a salad dressing, it is one of the most adaptable supplements available.

Its flexibility and ease of consumption make it the perfect choice for a new user or somebody who has difficulty to stomach the harsher tastes of some other powdered offerings.



KetoSports KetoCaNa

source: Amazon

Keto Sports offers a rather straight forward alternative supplement in comparison with its rivals. It comes in just one size offering of 305g and in one flavor which is natural orange.

With an impressive 11.7g of BHB salts delivered from each 19g serving though, the no nonsense approach can be seen to pay dividends.

As one of the original ketone supplements in the market, KetoSports know the market and product better than many competitors and bring an unwavering sense of reliability with their products.

This makes KetoCaNa a perfect match for a regular user who is happy with their routine and achieving their desired results.


Final Thoughts

The physical and mental benefits garnered from ketosis are both wide-ranging and remarkable. It is not often that science can be in such harmony with a relatively new discovery related to the human body. Adding to this that you can safely accelerate the process by using one of the recommended supplements and it is truly a win-win situation.

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Author Bio- John C

John C. is a physiotherapist student who also holds a BSc. in Kinesiology as well as a Master's Degree in Biomechanics. When he’s not studying or blogging over at Brace Access you can find him at the rink doing what all good Canadian boys do, playing puck

Balance Trainers

Best Balance Board for All Age Groups: Make Your Decision Now

The balance board has taken decades to make its way into the mainstream as an essential fitness tool. For many years, balance training has been a crucial aspect of advanced athletic training and physiotherapy. However, over the last few years, a majority of individuals in the fitness community have embraced the balance board as an excellent training tool for optimal body fitness, strength and injury prevention.

Buying this important fitness tool can be a hassle and to save you the agony, we’ve not only prepared a review of the best balance board but also some extra tips that can help you use this tool effectively.

Although there are various types of balance boards present in the modern-day market, almost all of them typically consist of a flat surface that sits on top of a central pivot point. For an individual to stand and maintain a balanced position on the board, they must distribute their weight evenly on either side of the flat top surface.

Best Balance Board What Are The Benefits of A Balance Board? Better Sports PerformanceDevelops Core StrengthInjury PreventionImproves Mental Focus Buying a Balance Board: What Options Do You Have? Rocker BoardWobble BoardRoller BoardBall Board What Makes a Balance Board Harder or Easier to Use? Surface Area of the Board’s Underside. Tilt Angle.The size of the Balance Board.The Top 5 Balance Board Reviews Isokinetics Inc. Brand Deluxe Board Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Board Fury Fitness Wobble Board ProFitness Wooden Balance Board Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board The Winner

Product Img

Product Name


More infor...

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Deluxe Board

90% Recommended Review Price on Amazon

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Board

88% Fair Review Price on Amazon

Fury Fitness Wobble Board

94% Recommended Review Price on Amazon

ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

100% Highly Recommended Review Price on Amazon

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

96% Recommended Review Price on Amazon

What Are The Benefits of A Balance Board?

As mentioned earlier, balance boards are flat platforms that are set on a hemispherical surface and need constant muscle engagement for you to balance on them. Although using this fitness tool can be more challenging than it seems, balance boards exercise many body muscles to keep you in good shape.

Here are some benefits of a balance board:

Better Sports Performance

Balance training performed on a balance board improves one's agility and aids you in changing direction quickly. Sturdy body balance gives you an edge during the quick volleys on the shifting sands in your beach volleyball game.

Besides, excellent body balance aids in fine-tuning your coordination by enabling you to have speedier and super reactions to rapid changes.

Better yet, proprioception will help stabilize you in yoga poses and keep your body upright and gliding serenely around the ice rink. Good body balance also allows you to tackle strenuous fitness activities with minimal risk of injury.

Develops Core Strength

Balancing on this fitness tool requires little muscle adjustments all over the body, including in the core. In most cases, balancing on this board requires that your core works harder to keep you in an incline position and as a result, it grows stronger. Excellent core strength is a prerequisite for better body stability and posture as well.

Injury Prevention

Building up body strength with your core strength and joints makes you less prone to injuries. People who easily sprain their ankles when they stumble can reap numerous benefits from a balance board since it ensures the body muscles are strong enough to resist any form of injury. 

Besides, doing lots of balance training means that you’re less likely to fall as well.

Improves Mental Focus

Good body balance requires that you focus your mind and let the proprioception system play its part. Research findings have revealed that training on a balance board engages both sides of the brain and as a result, its benefits are beyond the obvious ones.

Buying a Balance Board: What Options Do You Have?

Having learned about the benefits of a balance board, you are probably wondering which one you should purchase. There are different types of balance boards, each of which has a unique purpose and it’s, therefore, essential that you go for the type that best suits your needs.

Here are the various types of balance boards available in the market:

Rocker Board

via Amazon

The rocker board is identified by the presence of a central fulcrum that needs users to balance right or left. Better yet, this board is excellent for individuals who are just getting started with balance training.

Also, individuals who are beginning to get back into good body shape after an extended period of inactivity can reap much from this tool. It has a simple design that incorporates a simple flat board supported by a cylinder cut in half. Rocker boards can be made from durable plastic material or hardwood.

Wobble Board

via Amazon

This is by far the most popular and largely available balance board in the market, and just as the name suggests, this fitness tools functions by wobbling. Unlike the rocker board which only supports a back and forth motion, the wobble board supports a 360-degree rotation which makes it even more challenging to train on.

This balance board is highly recommended for individuals who are looking for an alternative that’s more fun than physical therapy. Besides, its 360-degree rotation makes it an excellent tool for working the calves, ankles, and feet.

Roller Board

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The roller board is a bit different from the two balance boards mentioned earlier because it comes with a special cylinder and wooden board which are not fixed together. The cylinder is not fixed, and it moves alongside the board.

The roller board is also harder to use than the two boards mentioned earlier because you have to control the board and its cylinder at the same time. This fitness tool is excellent for individuals who are training for water sports such as surfing, waterboarding and water skiing.

Ball Board

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This balance board combined the elements of the roller board and wobble board in a single unit. This tool has a sphere onto which the board is balanced on; tilts and rolls in all directions.

What Makes a Balance Board Harder or Easier to Use?

Three most important aspects determine how hard a balance board is to use and we've highlighted them below:

Surface Area of the Board’s Underside.

The bigger the size of the board’s underside that is in contact with the ground, the easier it is to use the balance board since there will be less wobbling.

Tilt Angle.

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The tilt angle is the largest angle that the balance board creates when you step and tip the board so that its edge touches the ground. The larger the tilt angle, the more difficult it is to use.

The size of the Balance Board.

A small balance board is relatively difficult to use as compared to a small-sized board.

The Top 5 Balance Board Reviews

Product Img

Product Name


More infor...

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Deluxe Board

90% Recommended Review Price on Amazon

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Board

88% Fair Review Price on Amazon

Fury Fitness Wobble Board

94% Recommended Review Price on Amazon

ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

100% Highly Recommended Review Price on Amazon

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

96% Recommended Review Price on Amazon

Isokinetics Inc. Brand Deluxe Board

via Amazon

All balance boards have the same concept, and this one from Isokinetics is not different. To begin with, this fitness tool boasts of a high-quality Polyethylene material that makes it durable and robust to withstand even the heaviest people. Besides, it has an impressively textured surface that offers an excellent grip for slip prevention.

For better balance training, this balance board is adjustable for two levels of difficulty: 10-degree angle and 15-degree angle. What’s more exciting about this board is its nicely rounded design for a smoother training experience and continuous floor feedback. Whether you want to perform balance exercises or ankle strengthening exercises, this tool can be a perfect companion.

Check It Price Now


Very portableIt has two levels of heightSolid construction for lifetime useEasy and safe to use


Difficult to balance even on a low settingThe half-moon on the underside could snap Own It Now! 90% Recommended

Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Board

via Amazon

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate some fun into your fitness routine, then worry not because the Sivan Health and Fitness Board is here for you. This 16-inch balance board boasts a smart design that fulfills the purpose of staying fit and remaining in good body shape.

The excellently-textured surface also gives you more grip and minimizes your chances of your feet sliding. This balance board is an excellent option for proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, an exercise that’s commonly used by physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers and occupational therapists.

This board’s excellent but simple design improves your balance and coordination by increasing your focus and strengthening your muscles.

Check It Price Now


Inexpensive gadgetSturdy and compactTakes up very little storage spaceIt makes no noise as you try to balanceIt’s easy to step on and off at your convenience


Not the best product for heavy persons (more than 180 lbs.)It has no instructions included for proper usage Own It Now! 88% Fair

Fury Fitness Wobble Board

via Amazon

Unlike other balance board models, this bad boy from Fury Fitness is extremely safe and can be used on almost any surface. Built with a high-quality, non-slip stepping surface and well-aligned bottom, you don’t have to panic about slips or falls.

This balance board boasts of 11 layers of high-quality, solid Birchwood that won’t crack or break unless you try to do a backflip on it. It’s been tested at 500 pounds, and it stands nicely.

Besides, the bottom comprises a thick round plastic that offers you a safe and perfectly balancing workout at any time.Whether you’re just a beginner or an advanced user, this balance board lets you perform an array of balance exercises from the most basic to the most advanced ones.

What’s even more impressing about this board is that it has a large diameter (15.7 inches) which makes it ideal for use by anyone, from your kids to full-grown adults. This balance board weighs only a few pounds so whether you’re going on a business trip or vacation, you can take it with you without.

Check It Price Now


This board looks goodHas a nice surface which makes it easy to use while in socksIt’s easy to useSupports up to 500 pounds of weightProduct quality is excellent


The board’s foot is a bit off the centerThe base is quite narrow and tallNot for individuals with leg problems Own It Now! 94% Recommended

ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

via Amazon

Are you looking to enhance your hip or back stability? Do you need some well-toned abs? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore since this wooden balance board aids in improving your coordination, balance, flexibility and core strength at a pocket-friendly price.

With its top-notch craftsmanship, this balance trainer boasts of premium wood and an excellent non-slip board that guarantees stability and safety when standing.

Still, on the design, this wobble board is lightweight and highly portable which makes it take your balance exercises anywhere you want, whether it’s at work or the gym.

This balance board is designed for both adults and kids, so you don’t have to panic when you see your 4-year old kid trying a few body balance stunts on it. This product also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee just in case you’re not impressed by what it has to offer.

Check It Price Now


It can be used for an array of exercisesPortableThe quality is on pointThere are different colors for you to choose fromKids love it tooThe product’s customer service is outstandingThe board is easy to step on and balance


The board is too hard for the feet Own It Now! 100% Highly Recommended

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board

via Amazon

This wooden balance board is an excellent option for those who want to take their balance exercises to a whole new level. This board boasts of an anti-skid pad that keeps your feet rooted securely on the board. Also, its 15.75-inch diameter makes it large enough even for those with the longest feet.

The board’s 15-degree tilting angle and 360-degree rotation make it an excellent option if you want to perform front to back, side to side and circular drills.

With its versatile, lightweight, compact and portable design, this board is perfect for rehabilitation, performance enhancement, strength and balance workouts, and home gyms. From beginner to pro, almost anyone and everyone can use this board without much trouble.

Check It Price Now


Made of solid woodHas an excellent gripToo easy to stand onComfortable to stand on bare feetThe quality of this product is worth the money


The board is a bit small for a good workoutIt comes with no instructionsThe base is somewhat off the center from the top, so you’re not sure where to put your feet for perfect balance Own It Now! 96% Recommended

The Winner

From our reviews, it is evident that the race for the best balance board was tight. In fact, the Yes4All Wooden Wobble Board and the ProFitness Wooden Balance Board were almost equally matched. However, after scrutiny and better review of all aspects, the ProFitness Wooden Balance Board proved to be on a level of its own, making it our best balance board.

From functionality to simple design, portability to excellent craftsmanship, this balance board is a product to envy. Whether you just want to build your core strength, recovering from Plantar Fasciitis or just seeking a fun way to perform balance exercises, this product will not disappoint. So what are you waiting for? Go for it now!


The 06 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet: What You Should Know

There’re already too many blockers to motivation when it comes to running – bad weather, expensive gear, lack of time or expensive gym memberships. Anyone who’s able to adhere to a regular running routine has harnessed some serious willpower. However, the worst de-motivator, the one that’s sure to put you out of your running routine, is flat feet. While flat feet can be a source of discomfort and affect your fitness routine, we have prepared a review of the top 06 best running shoes for flat feet.

The best running shoes for flat feet have individual features and structural profiles that enable normal running without pain. These shoes will not only keep your feet supported in the right position, but also offer excellent traction.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet What Are Flat Feet? Why do Runners with Flat Feet Need This Kind of Shoe? Stabilizing the HeelGood Arch SupportProper Midsole Foot CushioningFoot Motion ControlHelps with Injury Prevention Factors To Consider When Choosing A Shoe For Flat Feet Motion ControlStability ControlLevel of Arch SupportCushioningType and Quality of the MaterialBreathabilityTop 6 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews (Men and Women) Brooks Women Adrenaline Gts 17 Mizuno Women's Wave Running Shoe Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 15 Saucony Men's Echelon 5 Running Shoe ASICS Men's GEL-Lyte33 2 Running Shoe New Balance Men's Neutral Running Shoe Winner of the Roundup

What Are Flat Feet?

Flat feet is a postural condition where the arches of your underfoot have “collapsed” and as a result, the foot lacks a normal arch when standing. Individuals with flat feet more or less notice that their entire foot surface is in contact with the ground whether they’re running or standing.

Flat-footedness in many instances occurs as a result of an individual’s body not being able to develop the arches naturally or when the feet muscles are too weak to maintain the arches. This postural condition makes it very challenging for individuals to walk in regular shoes due to pronation.

Why do Runners with Flat Feet Need This Kind of Shoe?

The cheapest, easiest and most effective way of treating flat foot problems is wearing the right footwear. This is an extremely important step forward for an individual with fallen arches. However, the question is; why do runners with flat feet need this kind of footwear? Here is what the experts have to say.

Stabilizing the Heel

When one has fallen arches or flat feet, it’s essential that there is not much roll or play in the heel area while running. This implies that the heel area of your shoe must be firm, stiff and relatively closer to the heel edges.

Good Arch Support

Arch support is crucial for people with flat feet, particularly if they engage in a regular exercise routine. It’s no surprise, then, that the arch support offered by these running shoes is an important benefit for a majority of avid exercisers.

While flat-footed athletes are likely to reap the greatest benefits from the arch stability present in running shoes for flat feet, individuals with high arches can also benefit from the appropriate support.

Proper Midsole Foot Cushioning

Medical experts have revealed that midsole (the region between the heel and ball of the foot) foot cushioning is one of the most important benefits of a good pair of running shoes. The proper foot cushioning provided by good footwear can minimize some of the stress placed on your heels, toes and ankles during a 1-mile walk.

As a result, the activity becomes safer and more comfortable. Better yet, good cushioning can aid in alleviating or preventing hip, back and knee pain since it improves the body mechanics.

Foot Motion Control

Individuals with flat feet, particularly those suffering from over pronation, require these kind of shoes as they aid in foot motion control. Most running shoes for flat feet are designed with a hard-material bump in the arc area that not only locks your foot in the right position but also gives extra support.

The motion control feature of running shoes for flat feet ensures you make a perfect stride so that when your foot lands on the ground, it is in the right position.

Helps with Injury Prevention

In most instances, running shoes for flat feet can aid in preventing certain types of body injuries. The American College of Sports Medicine advises that arch support and midsole cushioning mentioned above can mitigate overuse injuries, such as joint pain, stress fractures and tendonitis. Good running footwear also reduces the risks of scrapes and cuts associated with barefoot running.

A good pair of running shoes keeps your feet in alignment and absorbs the shock of running. Besides, appropriate footwear promotes body balance which in turn promotes better muscle movement and blood circulation. Now here some the important factors to consider when choosing a shoe for your flat feet.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Shoe For Flat Feet

The last thing anyone wants is flat feet to be the excuse for poor body health. Besides, many people have jobs that require them to remain on their feet for several hours daily. It is for this reason that you must choose a shoe that’s designed for flat feet. Here are some crucial factors you need to consider:

Motion Control

With flat feet, the arches are not providing your feet with the support they require to prevent extra movement. This extra movement could mean that the ligaments or tendons in your feet stretch too much or the ankles slip out of place, which can result in greater pain especially when running for long distances.

It is for this reason that you need shoes with extra motion control to prevent the feet from slipping into such types of extra movements.

Stability Control

Stability helps your ankles and body at large to stay upright, which is essential when running for long distances. The best running shoes for flat feet will have a cushioning around the arches and ankles that aid in stability control. Better yet, stability control keeps the ankles in line, which helps prevent joint pain and keep the whole body in alignment.

Level of Arch Support

The pain experienced by individuals with flat feet is greatly contributed by inadequate support to compensate for the deformed foot arches. Arch support comes from both the profile of the footbed and insole, as well as the outsole.


Although walking has less impact to your feet that running, a well-cushioned shoe is equally important. Proper cushioning under the ball of the foot, heels and arches can result in comfortable running. Also, proper cushioning will support each of your running stance and prevent your feet from being sore the next day.

Type and Quality of the Material

A running shoe for flat feet is no frivolous purchase so you must get optimal value for your money. When buying a shoe for flat feet, be sure to confirm that the material used is durable and flexible. For a cushy feeling as you walk, look for shoes whose sole is packed with ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) foam.

For a better shoe quality, you can go for a shoe that lends EVA with polyurethane foam for a perfect synergy of cushioning and stability.


Another thing you want to consider on a good pair of running shoes for flat feet is the breathability. The simple fact of the matter is that your feet also need aeration and good air circulation to keep them cool and sweat free. Running in hot, sweaty feet can be a great source of discomfort to your already fallen arches.

For excellent breathability, look for shoes made with mesh on the outside. Such shoes are easy to identify since you’ll spot some small, thin holes on the outer material. It is through these holes that cool air circulates to keep your feet cool and sweat-free.

Top 6 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews (Men and Women)

*** Each product has both types for men and women. You can choose the one that fits for you ***

Brooks Women Adrenaline Gts 17

women MEN

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via Amazon

If you’re an enthusiastic runner who wants to be on top of your stride with the right balance of stability and cushioning, then the Adrenaline Gts 17 is what you need. Composed of a mesh material on the top and a rubber sole on the bottom, this shoe is the epitome of flexibility and breathability. Moreover, the interior’s fabric lining offers an excellent in-shoe feel for optimal comfort.

For a customizable and more secure fit, this shoe comes with an adjustable midfoot saddle that help lock your feet in position for proper motion control. This shoe also boasts a removable molded insole that offers light underfoot cushioning.


Excellent shock absorptionThis shoe fits perfectlyArc support is amazingVery comfortableEasy to slide inGreat stability


Not true to its sizeQuite narrow at the top of the footNot a lot of cushion

Mizuno Women's Wave Running Shoe

women MEN

via Amazon

via Amazon

If you’re in the quest to unlock the potential of every run even when suffering from flat feet, this shoe is the tool you need to take incredible strides forward. Offering a beautiful balance of cushioning fit and lightweight support, this shoe is excellent for high mileage running. From excellent shock resistance cushioning to reliable stability and a lightweight design, this shoe is a must-buy.

This shoe is the best combination of functionality and eye appeal all thanks to its attractive design which is inspired by the Japanese art. The synthetic sole also offers excellent stability irrespective of the surface you’re treading on.


Has an appealing designExcellent for people with Plantar FasciitisVery comfy fitVery attractive and eye appealing


The insole is too hardOffer no cushioning and arch supportVery narrow shoesToo heavy and too hot

Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 15

women MEN


via Amazon

For runners seeking a shoe that can withstand any condition and offers an excellent solid running experience, the Adrenaline Gts 15 is the shoe they need. Whether you’re on a hiking trail, road or athletics track, this shoe’s traction will cover you with no problems whatsoever.

This shoe cushion material features a DNA Midsole technology that offers excellent impact protection for the safest jogs.The shoe’s upper mesh material is extremely breathable to help wick away moisture, keep your feet cooler and drier during the hot summer days. Incorporated in its design are Omega Flex Grooves that permit for a more natural forefoot fluidity and movement.


Upper mesh keeps your feet cool and dryComes in appealing colorsRubber outsole offers excellent protection and tractionVery durableThere is plenty of cushionComfortable for long runs


Shoes are a bit heavyComplains of problems with sizingComplains of defective shoes on purchaseThe bottom is too hard

Saucony Men's Echelon 5 Running Shoe

women MEN

via Amazon


Do you want to own a shoe that’s among the most respectable names in running shoes? Well, the Saucony Men's Echelon Running Shoe is what you should have on your shoe rack. Since running on bumpy trails can be hazardous, this pair of footwear offers excellent cushioning for improved durability and impact protection.

This shoe also features a SAUC-FIT lacing system that offers excellent midfoot and arch area support.What’s even more exciting about this pair is that it’s wider and offers a more supportive fit to accommodate orthotics perfectly.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about running in the rain because this shoe has a run dry water-resistant outer lining that protects your feet from rainwater.


Water resistant outer liningInsoles are nice and cushionyThe arches are goodHas a wide sole for great balance and stabilityThe shoes come in a nice color


Complains of the soles shredding and separating in less than a monthThe shoe’s workmanship is lousyThe sizing is horrible

ASICS Men's Running Shoe

women MEN

via Amazon


Unlike other shoes, the ASICS Men's Running Shoe features F.A.S.T. technology that’s designed to help increase your running speed. This lightweight piece of footwear does not interfere with the natural motion of your feet and offers excellent GEL cushioning for shock absorption in the heel area.

Moreover, this shoe boasts a two-density midsole with an asymmetrical design that helps support and cushion your feet as you walk.This shoe will allow your feet to freely supinate and pronate as you walk.

This shoe design incorporates a synthetic and mesh upper part and a rubber sole as a bonus to its FluidAxis technology that lets the shoe respond appropriately to side-to-side foot movements thus helping promote superior running comfort.


LightweightThese shoes have decent stabilityExcellent cushioning for a soft, pillow-like feelExcellent for use with racing and speed work


Falls apart with little useComplains of poor customer service from the companyThey are flat and offer zero arch supportThe outsole is poor quality

New Balance Men's Neutral Running Shoe

women MEN

via Amazon


If you’re a dedicated runner who’s been rendered useless by flat feet, the New Balance Men's Neutral Running Shoe has come to your rescue. One reason to fall in love with this shoe is it’s beautiful yet simple design, just what you need to get going.

From excellent comfort to sufficient room, this running shoe ensures that your flat feet do not hinder your running.

Additionally, this shoe is designed with premium synthetic outer material, flexible rubber sole and a snug interior cushioning that gives your arch the support they need and for as long as you wish. With its overwhelming stability, this pair of footwear lets you run for miles without having to worry about injuries.


The styling is excellentVery lightweightCan be used on a hiking trail or treadmillWell cushionedOffer great value for your money


Shoes come apart with little wearComplains that the shoe us undersized at the tieThe shoe material is of a low qualityOne experiences an unbalanced feel while striding Buy It Now!

Winner of the Roundup

Although all the shoes we reviewed had irresistibly impressive features, the overall winner of this roundup goes to the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15. This piece of footwear is a user-friendly model that boasts of versatility as its best feature.

The shoe’s durable traction and underfoot tread, coupled with a versatile DNA midsole guarantee you the smoothest of all rides. Irrespective of your foot shape, the fit on this shoe is everything you need for a comfortable running experience.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 is a solid running shoe that offers an array of attributes to match your running needs as a flat-footed individual.

Books and DVDs

Jillian Michaels Program – How Many Calories Does 30 Day Shred Burn?

Losing weight and shredding excess calories can be a real daunting task for many. While a lot of people experience struggles in doing so, there are a few who actually sought efficient ways to achieve their fitness goals.

In the recent times, many considered that Jillian Michaels’ fitness program could be one of the most efficient and effective solutions to losing weight. This is only one of the many reasons why a lot of people are eager to know "how many calories does 30-day shred burn" in totality.

If you are not that familiar with the said fitness program, this quick guide may help you understand the 30-day shred. Similarly, this program could be the answer to your weight loss concerns especially when you are looking for other options.

30 Day Shred Burn What Is The 30-Day Shred?The Things You Need For The ProgramTracking Calories and WeightEffectiveness And Efficiency of Shredding CaloriesDetermining How Many Calories 30 Day Shred Burns

What Is The 30-Day Shred?

via Amazon

According to a Livestrong article written by Sharon Smith, the Jillian Michaels 30-day Shred is a fitness program that is home-based. The program is basically a daily 20-minute workout that includes cardio and other essential fitness routines.

In addition, the 30-Day Shred generally consists of three levels wherein the difficulty of the workouts intensifies as the level rises. Each level is done exactly in 10 days. As for the workouts and fitness routines, they majorly focus on cardio and strength training.

You could actually subject yourself to the program by purchasing the DVD copies of the three levels. You may want to check this if you don’t have any idea where to buy a copy.

Accordingly, you don’t need any personal instructor or special equipment since you only need to follow what is being shown on the videos.

As per Janelle Vaesa, the 30-Day Shred could ensure you positive results after strictly following the program in 30 days.

The Things You Need For The Program

Since the 30-Day Shred is a home-based fitness program, you only need to have your own space where you could move freely and do the workouts efficiently. While some of the routines may include lifting soft weights, you may use anything in your home that could work well with you.

Yoga mats can be helpful in this program too especially if you do have a hard flooring at home. If you do not have any yoga mat or anything of the like, blankets are fine as long as you could efficiently move and follow the routines.

When tracking and managing your improvements, a calendar and a tape measure are very much recommended. Personally, a simple calendar worked on my end very well since it enabled me to manage the schedule and track the days of my program.

As for the tape measure, it is largely essential since through this tool – you could efficiently measure your improvements. I find it really helpful aside from using weighing scales every after 5 to 10 days of following the program. Moreover, it quite helped me to get even more motivated.

Tracking Calories and Weight

You may be wondering "how many calories does 30-day Shred burn" in entirety.

In every 25 pounds of weight that you carry, you may burn 50 calories as an additional per hour.

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Apparently, there is no definite number of how many calories that you could burn after finishing the whole program. Although you could locate different trackers and weight or calorie calculators online, you could actually calculate it on your own.

Sparkpeople confirms that the calories burned in subjecting yourself to the program are very much relative. As per Jillian Michaels herself, the number of calories that you burn is dependent largely on several factors.

These factors include your age, height, weight, gender, health conditions, and a lot more. However, you could follow the general rule that she included in the program. In every 25 pounds of weight that you carry, you may burn 50 calories as an additional per hour.

You have to note that you can burn the whole 50 calories only when you do workouts on a consistent intensity for an hour.

Say for instance you weigh a total of 120 pounds, divide it into 25 and multiply it into 50. The total calories you will get must be divided into 60. The value you will get is the number of calories you can burn per minute provided that you are consistent with the workout for the whole 60 minutes

According to Jillian Michaels, a 150-pounder person could burn an average of 503 calories on the first level of the said program. Hence, you could lose even more upon reaching the second and third level which actually has more intensified workouts and routines.

Effectiveness And Efficiency of Shredding Calories

Although a lot of people nowadays find the 30-day Shred of Jillian Michaels quite effective, the results and aftermath vary for each. The results may be different from what you expect as there are a lot of factors you must consider primarily.

If you are targeting to lose weight and shred the excess calories that you have as of the moment, you may achieve this effectively just as long as you are well-disciplined and strict with the program. The amount of calories you will burn will largely dependent on your preferences.

The given values and numbers above are actually ideal. It is stated above that external factors including your personal data and condition could affect the end results of your program. Hence, the real effectiveness of the fitness program varies.

Today, many find the 30-day Shred program an essential starting point to reaching their fitness goals. It appears that a lot of first timers are happy and contented with the results they obtained from their hard work, determination, and perseverance.

You may want to access this tool for you to check some results of actual 30-day shred program enthusiasts, see this video:

This may help you inherit ideas and perspectives whether the said fitness program can largely help you in your fitness endeavors.

Determining How Many Calories 30 Day Shred Burns

In totality, you may actually burn enough calories by maximizing the 30-Day Shred program. Although the results may appear differently from what the others obtained, the number of calories you could burn will largely depend on your personal conditions and preferences.

If you think this guide is quite helpful and informative, you may share this with your friends and loved ones who are very much eager to learn the program and want to try other options in losing weight.

Your insights and reactions are highly appreciated. You may share them in the comment section below.

Piyo Diet & Workout Review

In a world full of fad diets and the promise of miracle treatments, the Piyo Diet came with a solid reputation and solid scientific principles behind. Created by fitness guru Chalene Johnson in 2014, the Piyo Diet and Workout 8-week program took the world by storm and today, many celebrities swear by it.

When it comes to weight loss, we would do about anything to lose some pounds and trim down belly fat, while we strengthen our bodies and reshape ourselves into excellent health. From this point of view, the Piyo Diet and Workout program makes some interesting promises. Today, we will see if the program also delivers the results that we expect.

What is the Piyo Diet and Workout Program?

The Piyo workout program is spiking the interest of people who want to lose weight. It represents a mix of Pilates and Yoga (hence the name) that put little strain on the body and suits people who are not experts in fitness. Chalene Johnson tailored the program on an eight weeks span. You can do it at home and all you need is a mat.

Since the Piyo workout mixes Pilates and Yoga, you can easily understand that the program is mild even for people with joint and muscle problems. It does not involve painful moves, strength training, or jumps, but follows the common principles of the two workouts: flow, breath, concentration, centering, precision, and control. In other words, you will use your own body to lose weight and shape your muscles.

How is the Program Supposed to Work?

If you want to follow the program, you should know it comes with workout DVDs and meal plans. When it comes to calories and eating, the Piyo diet follows a simple idea: each person needs to calculate his or her own unique caloric needs, as one size certainly does not fit all. A person who needs 3000 calories a day will starve and get sick by eating only 1200 calories a day.

From this point of view, the Pyio Diet takes dieting a step further: you can use the calculator to count YOUR caloric baseline and find out how many calories you should eat a day so you can lose weight without endangering your health.

Next, based on the foods (we will discuss this a bit later) you should eat during the program, you can tailor your own eating plan, depending on the number of calories you learned you need to eat each day.

In parallel, you should follow the DVDs and engage in the Pilates-meets-Yoga exercises to get into shape and have some fun as well.

The Science behind Piyo Diet and Workout

The two workouts are similar in many ways, and the Piyo workout brings the best of both worlds: the flexibility and stretching abilities promoted by Yoga and the muscle strengthening and shaping promoted by Pilates.

The Piyo diet works on a principle we all know already – and has positive results – calories counting, with a twist. According to recent studies, it is not enough to just count calories and keep them on the low side. The quality of foods you eat seem to matter more than the actual number of calories.

The new scientific answer to weight loss is that calories are not equal in your body, and they say nothing about the nutritional content and value of the food. The best approach to proper, long-term, healthy weight loss is proper diet and exercise, among other lifestyle changes, which may include smoking and alcohol quitting and stress coping mechanisms.

This is where the Piyo Diet and Workout program ups the ante of classic diets: the eating plan in the Piyo program follows the new nutritional and medical discoveries of our times. In other words, it focuses on the quality of foods as well, not only on the quantity.

The Piyo Diet proposes we consume a limited number of calories but ones that come from six main categories of foods:

Primary vegetables (leafy greens and low calorie vegetables);Secondary vegetables and grains (potatoes, rice, oatmeal, quinoa, etc.);Fresh fruitLean proteinHealthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut, etc.)Free foods (scented herbs, seasonings, spices, and unsweetened coffee or tea etc.).

Does the Program Work?

The short answer to this question is YES – but with a few amendments. In order to understand better the strengths and weaknesses of the program, we will talk in terms of pros and cons for some of its main components.

The Pros of the Piyo Diet

The diet has scientific merit by promoting healthy and high-quality foods instead of just imposing you to eat a limited number of calories;The diet is realistic for busy people who want to follow a diet/workout program at home;The diet works great with foods you can easily find at grocery stores and organic markets;You can even adapt your diet if you eat out at a restaurant, as you will surely find fish, veggies, and fruits on restaurant menus;You can easily count calories and track foods on a list you can print;The diet does not force you to count the calories to a tee, but round the numbers, being thus a little more realistic than other diets of its kind;The diet allows for a wide variety of foods to eat, the restrictions being negligible if you are serious about the weight loss;The diet teaches you plenty about your basic caloric needs, your maintenance calories, and the correct ways to calculate such parameters, offering you a long-term skill you can use and apply in the future as well;The diet is versatile in the sense that it offers various eating plans in accordance to your daily caloric threshold;You can prepare delicious meals for you and your entire family without feeling the frustration of more rigid diets;The eating plan has the potential to become a lifestyle and not just a diet plan.

The Cons of the Piyo Diet

The plan offers you one or two example menus, you being the one to decide what to eat, when, and how many times; many people prefer diets that clearly tell them what, how, and when to eat. In other words, you will have to make an effort in creating your menus and daily cooking plans.

The Pros of Piyo Workout

It mixes the benefits of Yoga and Pilates – exercises that you can do easily, without endangering the joints, muscles, or bones; as a corollary, the Piyo workout works well for all people of all weights and ages, as it is mild with the ones not versed in physical exercises and fitness programs.The program promotes the flexibility, mobility, and physical/mental benefits of Yoga;The program promotes the muscle shaping of thorough Pilates training;You will lose some weight if you follow the workouts as indicated;You will learn more than just some exercises, you can transfer them to your everyday life and turn them into a lifestyle; both Yoga and Pilates help you build resistance, relax, control breathing, tone, relax after a hard day’s work, and more.

The Cons of Piyo Workout

Some of the exercises may seem too mild and thus lacked efficiency if you want to lose a lot of weight very fast;If you would rather engage in vigorous training, with weights, fitness equipment, and hard training, the Piyo workout may not be for you.


The Piyo Diet and Workout program is a healthy lifestyle choice to weight loss and body toning. It works better for beginners in physical exercises, as well as for people who want to trim down moderate body fat. One of the greatest benefits of the program is that you can turn it into a lifestyle and continue working out and eating healthy calories even together with the family.

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