Poland Dental Tourism: What Is It & Why Do People Love It?

Poland is a country known for its pierogi and potatoes. However, do you know that Poland is also very popular for its dental tourism?

Yes, you read that correctly. Poland tops the list of dental destinations. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, this article should be your savior. Below, we have put together a detailed article featuring all the essential information on this topic. So, join us in exploring Poland dental tourism!

Overview Of Dental Tourism In Poland

Why is dental tourism popular in Poland?

Poland is the top pick for dental tourism—and it is not without good reasons. Here are the three most commonly cited answers to why dental tourism is so prevalent in Poland:


The quality of dental care in Poland is unmatched. The standard for services is high because all dentists must reach high bars for qualifications.

To become a dentist in Poland, one has to complete a five-year graduate course and earn specialization degrees. In addition, every dentist is registered under the Polish Chamber of Physicians, which ensures that performance is always satisfactory.

On top of that, every five years, Polish dentists are required to renew their license to practice by proving that they are aware and up-to-date with new procedures, technology, and standards in their specific field.


Apart from equipped dentists, Poland has healthy investments in dentistry as a field. At least two medical universities (The Medical University in Lublin and the University Center of Dentistry in Warsaw and the) dedicate time and resources to over 280 dental units.  

EU funding is available to dentists to improve and modernize their practices. These are accessibly allocated through regional programs for SMEs. By the same token, the introduction of new technology and treatments are rapid.

In essence, quality is apparent in dentists’ expertise, the level of advance in procedures and technology, and the modern facility and short waiting time in most, if not all, Polish dental clinics—what more can you ask for?


Despite being a private sector development, this area of medical attention in the country is not overpriced concerning its offered quality. You can have access to high-quality treatments, such as dental implants and dental crowns, at an affordable price.

Undoubtedly, the combo of quality and affordability is enough to explain the surging demand for Polish dental care, both domestically and internationally. But it doesn't stop there. You can expect more perks in you traveling to Poland for dental care. Find out by continuing to read!

What can you expect of dental tourism in Poland?

Dentists and other associative medical personnel are friendly. Therefore, you can expect to be welcomed warmly. These people will go out of their way to guarantee you the best dental experience.

The crime rate here is low, which is very safe for tourists. As such, you do not have to worry about comprising security while you treat your root canal.

Dental clinics and centers are located in the big cities, where top-tier accommodations are promised. You can explore fascinating attractions and destinations during your dental holiday in Poland.  

People in the area know how to speak English. So, language barriers are the least of your concerns. The A to Z communication process will be hassle-free, which helps a lot with your dental consultation.

Where Can You Avail The Best Dental Tourism Service In Poland?

Krakow, located in southern Poland by the border of the Czech Republic, is among the best cities where you can seek dental tourism services. You can easily reach Krakow by plane. Fun fact: Krakow was Poland's official capital until 1596!

It is one of the biggest cities with a lot of English-speaking people. Here, you can rest assured that the quality of dental care is up-to-bar, from the dentists giving you treatment to the facility where it takes place.


What's great about having your dental holiday in Krakow is that you can simultaneously enjoy some of Poland's most sought-for and iconic attractions. The city packs centuries-old culture into invaluable cathedrals and castles. For this reason, a quick Google search will take you to at least 47,900,000 sites.

Check out one of my favorite Poland dental tourism in Krakow.

What Else Should You Consider With Dental Tourism In Poland?

It is best to plan your trip around the clinic or center that you are seeking service from. You should spare time researching all the options. Look through the reviews, accreditation, and reputation of the dental unit you intend to go to.

Check the dentist’s specialism, training, and qualifications, among others. Also, do not forget to think about any aftercare arrangements, such as accommodation and transport. Not all clinics will offer this, but many do.

You can craft your plans and make all the bookings yourself. However, if you do not have the time or are uncertain about the process, we suggest you avail of package services from reputable Polish dental tourism providers.

The best that we can recommend is IndexMedica. They are the experts that you can rely on.

IndexMedica will arrange a complimentary taxi pick up for you from the airport (No worries, the driver will speak English!), book accommodation at designed hotels, and visits in-and-around the city for you during your stay.

Moreover, you can expect 24/7 assistance from a qualified crew of clinic representatives and a hand in insurance document preparations.  

What Are Some Interesting Facts On Dental Tourism In Poland?

Now, we will leave you with a few facts about Poland dental tourism that is worth knowing.

The Polish medical tourism in Central and Eastern Europe grows by approximately 12% to 15% every year.

Some 400,000 foreigners seek Polish medical attention and services annually. Among these are Scandinavians, Germans, and Brits.


With all the above information, you have reached the end of our article on Poland dental tourism. Are you planning to book tickets for a dental travel trip right after reading these closing remarks? If yes, do not forget to share with us your experience afterward in the comments.

Please feel free to ask any follow-up questions. We are always delighted to hear from our readers.

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