Medical Tourism in Israel

In recent years, Israel has become one of the leading countries in the field of medicine. This has allowed medical tourism in Israel to reach a new level. Millions of patients are successfully treated in Israel every year, which proves the professionalism of Israeli doctors.

Despite the high level of services provided, prices for treatment in Israel remain lower than in many countries. Hundreds of modern clinics provide treatment to thousands of patients daily.

Benefits of Israel

Medical tourism in Israel is one of the best in the world. Reasons for this are the following:

  • Israel is among the leading countries in the world in terms of health care efficiency. Most clinics in Israel have Joint Commission International quality certificate. It confirms the qualification of doctors, high quality of provided medical services, and modern service level.

  • High level of service. All modern hospitals in Israel have departments for work with foreign patients. Each patient is provided with a personal interpreter and coordinator.

  • Application of modern equipment. In Israel, robotic systems for minimally invasive surgery (da Vinci robot) and stereotactic therapy (CyberKnife) are applied actively. These technologies make the treatment sparing and effective, as well as allow treatment of oncology at the most advanced stages.

  • Scientific development and clinical research. Israeli scientists are constantly implementing new treatment methods in oncology, neurology, and many other fields. Israel was the first country to develop and implement TOOKAD, a new method of treatment for prostate cancer.

Treatment in Israel

Israeli medicine is perfectly developed in all fields. Now we would like to highlight the most outstanding ones:

  • Israel is one of the leaders in cancer treatment. This is possible due to the availability of modern robotic systems. Thanks to these systems, surgeons perform minimally invasive operations, after which the patient recovers within a week. The technology of modern radiation therapy RapidArc is especially popular in Israel, which allows treating oncological diseases of any localization.

  • The huge merit of Israel is IVF. All types of artificial insemination are successfully performed in the country. Moreover, all embryos undergo genetic diagnostics. This helps to make sure that the child will be born healthy, without genetic defects. 

Prices for treatment in Israel

The cost of treatment depends on the level of the clinic where you will be treated, as well as on the type of treatment. Despite the high efficiency, the prices for treatment are approximately 18% lower than in European countries. The list of prices for the most popular treatment includes:

  • Radiation therapy for cervical cancer – 25,000 (€).

  • PSMA therapy for prostate cancer – 11,000(€).

  • Diagnosis of prostate cancer – 2,500(€).

  • Radiation therapy for breast cancer – 13,800(€).

Up to date hospitals

It is impossible to single out the best among modern clinics of Israel because all of them have a very high level of treatment. However, the most popular ones can be distinguished:

  • Assuta Clinic. The clinic is located in Tel Aviv and has years of experience in the successful treatment of all types of cancer. The hospital employs the most renowned Israeli surgeons. Awarded with the JCI certificate of quality, the hospital has 200 ultra-modern wards, as well as modern operating theatres and diagnostic centers.

  • Rambam Health Care Campus Haifa is the second most popular medical center in Israel. The clinic employs several thousand medical personnel. The center has also successfully passed JCI accreditation. More than two million patients are treated here every year.

How cost-effective is it to undergo treatment in Israel?

In order to receive treatment in Israel at the best prices, you should contact a medical tourism operator. The best of the best at the moment is Booking Health. Over the years, the company has successfully arranged treatment for many patients from abroad and has earned a high level of trust.

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