LeanFire XT: A Weight Loss Supplement That Burns Fat (2019 Favorite)

Losing weight can be hard, even if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. The experts at Force Factor have formulated a weight loss supplement called LeanFire XT to help people like you achieve their ideal body weight, and it’s backed by the power of science.

Should You Add LeanFire XT to Your Daily Routine?

LeanFire XT facilitates thermogenesis, which means it raises your body's internal core temperature to increase your metabolism to literally burn away unwanted fat.

It also amplifies mental clarity and focus, allowing you to concentrate on your set at the gym. Finally, it helps suppress your appetite so that you do not as easily consume too many calories and let hunger get the best of you.

Any of those attributes would make for a viable weight loss supplement on their own, but they are most effective when combined into one package. You'll feel energetic, making it easier to head to the gym after a day of work. You'll also actually see results, as LeanFire XT supports lean muscle mass.

Most importantly, you get these benefits without some of the adverse side effects associated with other products on the market.

What Makes LeanFire XT Such a Powerful Fat Burner?

The ingredients in LeanFire XT are divided into three categories based on the benefits they provide. The first is the Fat Incineration Weight Loss Blend. It contains Verilean® (a proprietary extract from green coffee beans) that helps encourage the body to burn ugly fat instead of lean muscle mass. In fact, one clinical study revealed that Verilean doubled weight loss versus placebo – pretty wild. This blend also contains cayenne pepper to jump-start thermogenesis, L-carnitine to help speed up fatty acid oxidation, and green tea extract as a fat-burning antioxidant.

Next up is the Pure Energy Complex. It contains TeaCrine® and DMAE to increase energy while enhancing the efficacy of the Fat Incineration Weight Loss Blend. It also contains Yohimbine (sourced from African evergreen trees) to increase resting energy expenditure, helping to speed your metabolism even when you're not working out.

Finally, the Metabolic Mind Matrix is responsible for improving mental clarity and providing energy. Caffeine is the star ingredient here for its well known ability to improve energy and mood. Some studies suggest that it may also help suppress appetite. L-Theanine is included to blunt the side effects of caffeine, including the jitters and a debilitating crash once the positive effect wears off.

Force Factor calls this relationship "thermovigilance" and cites it as one of the most important components of LeanFire XT, as noted in various publications online.

Can You Find LeanFire XT in Stores?

Absolutely! LeanFire products are available for purchase at Walmart stores and GNC retail locations nationwide. You may also purchase LeanFire XT directly from the manufacturer at ForceFactor.com.

Each bottle contains a one-month supply and sells for $69.99 (though Walmart often has it cheaper).

We Give It Five Stars

We’ve personally tested the product for this review, and are proud to report that it worked as intended. During the period we used LeanFire XT, we lost weight while building lean muscle to improve our physiques.

We also noticed improved concentration, making us more productive at work, while also making it easier to make good dietary choices. Most importantly, there was no "caffeine crash" at the end of the day, suggesting that thermovigilance really works!

There are plenty of weight loss supplements out there, but we haven't tried many that work as well as Force Factor's LeanFire XT. We are proud to recommend this product to anybody interested in losing weight in pursuit of reaching their 2019 diet and fitness goals.

Guest post by Wahab Ullah​ Amjad

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