Know All About Facial Contouring

The older you get, the more it shows on your facial appearance. Some imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin can really affect your face, but they can be treated with simple non-surgical treatments and home remedies. However, more serious facial imperfections such as underdeveloped chins or large, misshapen nostrils call for more complex procedures, such as surgical facial contouring. Facial contouring near Las Vegas involves selective surgical procedures that seek to provide a person with relatively balanced facial structures.

Why Facial Contouring?

Most people seeking facial contouring do so because they feel unsatisfied with the way their faces look. Whether non-surgical or surgical, facial contouring can go a long way in providing you with a rejuvenated facial appearance.

Facial contouring can also benefit people in need of reconstructive surgery to reshape their faces. Besides, it can give a patient a more youthful look. Whatever you may be aiming at, there are a number of cosmetic procedures that you can go for, as explained below:


The nose is at the forefront of the face, and therefore, many people with small, large, or an asymmetrical nose seek Rhinoplasty procedures to enhance their overall facial appearance. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that seeks to alter the shape and the size of the nose in relation to other facial features. The procedure can solve problems such as:

  • Large nose
  • Misshapen nose
  • Congenital deformities
  • Bumps on the nose tip
  • Breathing problems

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is a surgical procedure that seeks to restore volume and definition to sagging, flat cheeks using cheek impacts. This has the effect of making the cheeks look more youthful.

Chin Augmentation

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure that seeks to give patients a more defined jawline. During the procedure, an incision has to be made under the chin in order to create a pocket in which an implant is placed.

Jawline Augmentation

This procedure helps patients to achieve facial harmony by enhancing their asymmetrical jaws by the use of implants.

Benefits and Risks

The advantage of surgical contouring is that patients can achieve a more attractive and youthful appearance. On the other hand, like any other surgical procedure, facial contouring is not without risks. Some common risks associated with facial contouring include blood clots, infection, suppressed breathing, and allergic reaction to anesthesia. However, these risks are very rare when the procedure is done by the right people and in the right environment. Therefore, they should not stop you from achieving a facial appearance that you have always dreamed about.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that facial contouring is an excellent way of correcting facial imperfections that cannot be fixed by other common non-invasive solutions. However, you have to remember that, like other surgical procedures, facial contouring procedures involve some risks. Therefore, you have to ensure that you get the treatments from a qualified plastic surgeon. If you are looking for a reliable aesthetician, Star Body is the best facility to visit. Contact them today for more information about their practitioners and services.

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