Carbs in Kratom: Is It Ok Taking Kratom on the Keto Diet?

Are you currently on a keto diet and wondering whether you can take Kratom or not so as to not ruin your keto diet? If the answer is yes, then you are here at the right place!

While Kratom has been in the market for some time now, more people have started to recognize this herb supplement due to its various benefits. Primarily, Kratom has been used as an opioid to control pain; however, this herb also impacts depression and serves as a serotonergic and dopaminergic drug. 

This legal and inexpensive herb is available in stores and can be purchased over-the-counter. Kratom is gaining rapid popularity because of its characteristics of promoting a legal high and clarity of mind. 

Using Kratom on a Keto Diet – Things to Know 

Now, if you have been using Kratom for a while and benefiting from it but started a keto diet, you will be naturally concerned about the carbs in Kratom and how they might impact your diet. 

So, let us have a look at the nutritional aspects of Kratom: 

The thing about Kratom is that the lack of scientific evidence has led to confusing statements about the plant. According to people who have used Kratom along with their diet and weight loss journey, there is nothing to worry about the calorie content of Kratom as they experienced weight loss and achieved their weight loss goals nonetheless without noticing any significant difference in their calories while on and off kratom use. 

A common understanding of the kratom plant is that it is a plant, and like most plants, it is a mainly indigestible fiber. The consumption of Kratom on a keto diet is more likely to be similar to consuming the leaf of any other plant.

There is excellent news linked between Kratom intake and weight loss for weight-watchers as Kratom suppresses food and water intake, subsequently suppressing body weight gain and resulting in weight loss. So, it is one of the benefits for people for whom obesity is a big problem. 

On the safe side, you might want to consult your doctor regarding your lifestyle and any potential supplements that you intend to take, including Kratom. 

How to get the most from Kratom when you are on a diet? 

While you might want to know where to buy Kratom, you should also know how you can get the most from it without affecting your keto diet. Many people who use Kratom swear that they render the utmost benefits when taking Kratom and drinking coffee right afterward. 

Taking Kratom with coffee increases its benefits – a lot. Suppose you took Kratom an hour ago and you are not feeling the effects, and you have a cup of coffee – it will bring back the effects that you have been anticipating from the beginning but weren’t experiencing. 

So, if you feel like it is safe for you, it is recommended to take Kratom with a cup of coffee while you are on a keto diet. Kratom is more likely to remain available as a low-carb and low-fat dietary supplement. 

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