Is Hormonal Therapy Right For Your Weight Loss Journey?


The basic rules of weight loss are very complicated. Get plenty of exercise and eat the right foods for weight loss

The problem arises for people when they do the right things and still find themselves overweight and feeling hopeless. This can be true for anybody but is especially the case as you get older. 

There could be a number of physiological reasons for this that are beyond your control. One of them may be a hormonal imbalance. An imbalance affects how your body regulates your body weight.

There is a Medical Weight Loss Program called hormonal therapy that might be the way forward for you to break through that obstacle keeping you from losing weight.

How hormones affect your weight

Hormones are like messengers within the body. They are produced by glands that then get sent out to organs with signals about how they should behave and function. Aging affects our hormone production so sometimes our organs don’t get the right message. 

One thing that often happens is that our metabolism slows down since the hormones are not communicating well with our body. This slow down ends up creating a scenario where our body begins to store fat. 

What hormones make you lose weight?

There are a lot of hormones that control your weight which makes it apparent how having a therapy available makes sense. This list is by no means exhaustive and yet illustrates how difficult it would be to try to manage these hormones on your own through diet and exercise alone.

Testosterone - Though it is often thought of as a male hormone, both men and women have and need testosterone. It is responsible for blocking fat storage, particularly in the abdomen. Not enough testosterone leads to the body storing more fat than it needs.

Estrone - This is a form of estrogen found in women and controls cravings. If it seems that women have more food cravings than men, then it is due to this hormone being overly present.

Progesterone - This sex hormone is responsible for the body using stored fat to turn it into energy. When this is low, more of the stored fat stays that way.

Insulin - Your metabolism is directly linked to your insulin in your system and it is also responsible for helping glucose get absorbed by the liver and muscles. When this is out of balance it can also create the urge to eat more.

How it works

When consulting a professional, they will analyse your hormone balance and determine which ones may be causing the problem. After which, they will put you on a regimen to promote certain ones and limit others. 

The most likely culprit in men will be from low testosterone. The doctors will put him on a therapy where the testosterone is boosted and soon after the weight loss will follow.

How long the therapy takes depends on a number of factors but results should be seen after a short time. And if therapy is stopped, in some cases the results will be reversed.

As an alternative, you may also want to consider gastric bypass surgery which has shown to be another successful method to help people lose weight.

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