Increase Cardiovascular Performance with Trampoline Workouts

Having a little workout space at home can be frustrating. And when it comes to cardio, it can be a little daunting to find efficient and fun equipment that is best for your cardiovascular health. However, a rebounder trampoline can make all the difference in your workouts!

Also known as rebounders, mini trampolines offer you a fun and efficient workout experience. While you may think that they are a scam, these equipment have gained so much popularity over the past couple of years, with people signing up for trampoline cardio classes from different states.

How trampoline workouts increase your cardiovascular performance

Rebounder trampolines come in varying inches. They can easily fit in your home, and moving them around to a comfortable space is effortless. Ordering your rebounder trampoline from reputable sites such as leaps and rebounds gives you the chance to enjoy high-quality rebounder trampolines at a reasonable cost.

Trampolines are appealing tools for cardio.

Rebounder trampolines are low impact. Every time you bounce down, the mat absorbs all the shock on your system. That makes it easy for the joints than most cardio exercises such as running. Frequent jumps and bounces on the trampolines also help to raise your heart rate. And this increases your cardiovascular performance. 

Variety of workouts

With rebounder trampolines, you get to enjoy numerous workouts that help to increase your cardiovascular performance. Some of these could include:

Basic jog

The basic jog is one of the best rebounder trampoline exercises for beginners. It involves leaning slightly backward and lifting your knees in front of you as you jog in place. You can eventually progress to high knees and an advanced jog for a more intense workout session and better cardiovascular performance.

Jumping jacks

The exercise of a rebounder trampoline is not the same as the typical jumping jacks. When doing these on a rebounder trampoline, you might want to stomp down as you move your legs outwards and inwards. You should also have your torso forward and have your hands move in and out to your sides as you power down with your legs.

Various twists

With rebounder trampolines, you are not just limited to leg and arms workouts. You can work on your abs! Adding your twists to your bounces with your knee touches and moving your hands to touch your knees can help work on your mid-section.

You can also move your torso and bring your opposite elbow towards your knee as you continue with your bounce.


Once you have mastered the art of jumping and bouncing, you may incorporate weights for higher-intensity workouts. Start with light ones as you work your way up to heavier ones.

An exciting way of keeping fit and losing weight

Another way that trampoline workouts increase your cardiovascular performance is they offer a fun way of keeping fit. Recent studies have shown that rebounding workouts are sixty-eight percent more efficient than jogging for sixty minutes.

Rebounding on a trampoline is fun, and you don't need to get coerced to go back to the trampoline when you take a break. That means improved cardiovascular performance without stressing your metabolism.

As discussed above, trampoline workouts are some of the best activities to improve your cardiovascular performance. With a high-quality rebounder, achieving optimum results for your overall health should not be a challenge.

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