Importance of Managing Diabetes and the Risks Involved

When there is excess glucose in your body then it means that you are diabetic. There are two types of diabetes; type-1 diabetes means that your body is unable to make enough insulin and type-2 diabetes means that your body does not use insulin properly. Type-1 diabetics need to inject insulin into their bodies once the blood sugar levels drop. Type-2 diabetics can manage their blood sugar levels through lifestyle changes. Diabetes is a serious problem that can result in serious health damage if goes untreated. It needs to be well managed as it is a lifelong disease. 

How important it is to manage diabetes?

Even though it is a serious disease, it does teach you about self-control. There are many important things that we can learn from diabetes.

  • Self-control

When you are a diabetic, there is a strong need to urinate more often. The bladder is constantly full. Since the patient becomes tired due to less energy storage, it results in hunger pangs and thirst. These symptoms can be reduced once you keep a check on diabetes. 

  • Quick healing process

Once you take control of this condition, your healing process quickens. In a diabetic patient, even small wounds take time to heal due to high blood sugar levels. The foot ulcers are the worst which take the most amount of time to heal. Keeping blood sugar levels in check can improve the healing process.

  • Reduced susceptibility to infections

Being diabetic can affect the skin, urinary tract, and genitals. Once you keep your glucose levels in check, there is a lesser chance of getting infections in the main organs.

Major health problems caused by diabetes

If diabetes is not managed well then the patient can have major diseases along with it. These diseases, if left untreated can result in serious consequences.

  • Heart disease

One out of every third diabetic has blood pressure as there are blood clots developed by stiff arteries. The blood is unable to reach the brain causing a heart attack or a stroke. These cardiovascular diseases are extremely dangerous which may result in death. 

  • Nerve damage

Diabetes mostly affects the legs and feet. The central nervous system is unable to work properly due to stiffness in arteries. Feet ulcers, infection, and joint pain are the most common problems caused by diabetes. To treat these symptoms, there are some medications available from good pharmacies like 90daymeds which is a Canadian pharmacy that specializes in selling authentic medicines at affordable prices. Ozempic is a medicine that is mostly prescribed by doctors. You can check Ozempic cost online by logging onto their website. 

  • Kidney damage

Kidneys are the earliest affected organs when you are first diagnosed with diabetes. People resist and procrastinate to empty their bladders when they have a strong need to urinate. This puts pressure on the kidneys which affect them greatly. Kidney damage can be prevented by managing the glucose levels on the go. Keep your glucose meter handy wherever you go. 

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