How to use Spin Bikes Effectively to Gain better Results

Spins bikes are one of the most common forms of an indoor workout routine. It helps to provide you with a low impact but a high intensity workout regime to improve your cardiovascular fitness and also improve your muscular strength and endurance.

You will find a number of different models and manufacturers of spin bike. Some of the most common forms of a spin bike include street bikes mounted on a frame, an upright traditional commercial bike and a recumbent bike. However, to use the spin bike effectively and getting the most from your routine, involves the machine to be set up properly and a proper routine to be followed.

Adjusting the Saddle Angle

Set up your spin bike in such a way that the angle of the seat should be level enough to fully support your whole body weight. Make sure it also allows you to be able to move around when necessary. If given too much upward tilt to the seat, it can result in putting pressure on your joints while a downward tilt can ensure you slide forward during the routine putting extra pressure on your arms.

Adjusting the Seat Height

To properly adjust the seat height of your spin bike, place your feet on the pedals and start to pedal backwards. Make sure your knees fully extend in each movement. If your hips are rock sideways during the routine, the bike seat is set too high for you. Get down and adjust it.

Adjusting the Handlebars

Make sure the handlebars are at a proper reach from you for an effective workout. It allows us to comfortably reach all positions on the handlebars and to effectively bend our elbows during the routine. One of the general rule of thumb you will find is that the handlebars of the spin bike should obscure the wheel axle on the front. However, this is not something to be followed very rigorously. The effect of raising the handlebars to a higher position can be easily noticed as it reduces the amount of stress on your neck and lower back.

Adjusting the Pedal Clips or Straps

You will mostly find straps holding your feet in the right place on most of the stationery bike pedals. However, spin bikes have clip-in pedals instead of straps which allow cyclists to "clip" into the pedals tightly for a secure fit. This is very much important as when your feet are strapped to the bike pedals, it allows you to pull up and push down the pedals in a much more circular motion. It helps to create a smooth and effective pedal stroke.

Adjusting the Resistance

Once you are set-up with your spin bike, all you need to do is to manually control the workout intensity, speed of the pedal and the resistance offered according to what you desire. The benefits of adding workout resistance enables you to simulate the amount of work you need to do during hills and inclines ride. It helps to engage your hamstrings and lower body in a much more effective way than riding on low resistance.

Designing a Safe Workout Routine

Once your Spin Bike is properly set, you can easily use it to implement your workout routine. It is very important to design your workout routine in such a way that it helps you to achieve your goals – whether it is too burn calories, lose weight, improve fitness training and health or as an aerobic exercise. Setting the right components up such as intensity of your workout, distance travelled, frequency at which to ride, how many times to ride in a week will create the perfect foundation for you to achieve whatever goals you want to achieve from the spin bike workout routine

The Bottom Line

Spin Bikes are one of the most effective ways to tone your legs and keep your body in shape. A 30-minute workout allows you to lose up to 500 calories if done with the right intensity and some resistance. Besides, spin bikes do not even put too much stress on your back and legs. However, for your workout to be fruitful, make sure you effectively plan your workout routine well in advance and tune your spin bike in a way it suits your routine.

Guest post by Travis Graves from Fitnesstep1.

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