How To Use A Speed Bag – 3 Basic Speed Bag Techniques

The jury is out on speed bags.

While there is a body of opinion questioning their worth, for many there’s still nothing like hammering away at that distinctive small bag.

Today, we’ll show you how to use a speed bag even if you’ve never attempted to use one before.

What Is a Speed Bag?

These small, air-filled bags are anchored at the top to some form of rebound platform.

Training with a speed bag teaches you to keep your hands up. You can improve your hand-eye co-ordination and learn to shift the weight between your feet.

Why Use a Speed Bag?


There are several key benefits you can draw from using a speed bag…

  • Hone your timing and sense of rhythm
  • Practice your footwork
  • Improve your shoulder endurance
  • Increase your punching power
  • Work on hand-eye co-ordination

Apply yourself to the above skills while taking care to control the bag so it’s not flying around out of control.

Before you get started drilling, make certain your bag is properly secured.

Think About The Set-Up

If you want to hit your speed bag properly and work on your technique, correct set-up is crucial.

Get the height right. You want the bag place so you can look directly upward at the midpoint. This will enable you to face the speed bag face on and hit it with your elbows up.

3 Basic Speed Bag Techniques

Here are 3 easy ways to get going with a speed bag…

1) Keep Your Hands Open

If you’re just starting out with the speed bag, try not to clench your fists. Hitting with your knuckles is a surefire way to send the bag spiraling out of control unless you’ve got a bit of experience.

By beginning to strike the bag with open hands, you’ll develop more feel and get a solid grounding so you can advance to striking with your fists.

2) Hold Your Hands Close To The Speed Bag

You should always keep your hands close up to the bag. This lets you punch without putting undue burden on your hands.

The further your hands are from the bag, the quicker you’ll move to hit it. Punching the speed bag too hard is not what you’re looking for at this stage.

Keep one hand waiting just under the bag so you’re ready to strike.

3) Punch in Little Circles

When you’re using a speed bag, your hand should travel in small circles. Instead of a flailing back-and-forth of fists, these concentric circles make watching someone on a speed bag almost hypnotic.

This is a good skill to practice in the air as a form of shadow boxing. Putting in the hours until the movement is second nature will pay serious dividends when you jump on the bag.

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4 Simple Speed Bag Drills

Once you’re confident with the speed bag, it’s time to think about making it part of your training routine.

Here are 4 ways in which you can get the most out of your bag work and work on different core skills.

1) Speed Bag For Speed

When you’re using the speed bag, keep your hands up at all times. Punch from your fighting stance and you can practice your speed with this little workout…

  • Punch at medium pace for 30 seconds
  • Rest and repeat
  • Count how many times you strike the bag as you progress
  • Aim for 8 rounds adding 1 or 2 punches with each successive round

2) Speed Bag For Strength

You can also practice throwing power punches with a bit more pace. Follow this simple route to upping the ante…

  • Punch the speed bag hard counting as it hits the backboard
  • Keep hitting the bag 10 times with ease hand while aiming to keep getting the same number of rebounds
  • If you can make it rebound more, try to increase this will continuing with sets of 10

3) Speed Bag For Endurance

Use your speed bag to get a great cardio workout while strengthening your upper body at the same time.

  • Punch your speed bag at a steady pace for 1 minute
  • Aim for 5 sets resting for up to 30 seconds between sets
  • Increase the amount of time as you start to see your endurance levels climb

4) Speed Bag For Accuracy

It’s critical to land your punches just where you want them. A small speed bag is a wonderful way to focus on accuracy and precision.

  • Punch the bag dead center so it rebounds in a straight line
  • Experiment hitting different spots while keeping your rhythm
  • Continue punching while circling the bag
  • Go for 30 seconds round ramping up the intensity until you are too fatigued to continue

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We trust you found this glance at how to use a speed bag was useful and informative.

Although it’s an acquired taste, there’s no doubt that a display of quick-fire punching on the speed bag looks incredibly impressive!

Get in touch any time if you have any questions. We love to hear from our readers and we always respond promptly.

Happy punching!


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