How To Train With a Punching Bag

We’re not going to waste time today telling you why you need a punch bag.

The benefits of training with a heavy bag are tried and tested. You’ll get an exceptional workout while drilling a range of different moves.

From speed and agility through to strength and endurance, a vigorous session on the punch bag is hard to beat.

Preparing For the Punch Bag: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

preparing for puch bag

Preparation is crucial if you want to make your workout safe and productive.

Wraps for your knuckles and wrists are essential. Over time, training on a bag unsupported can lead to serious injury.

Add a great pair of boxing gloves and you’re good to go

5 Steps to Training With a Punching Bag

Once you’ve got your safety gear in place, it’s time to get straight down to business.

Mix it up with a variety of drills.

Organize your rounds on the bag to focus on different punches or techniques.

1) Warm-Up

warn up

As with any kind of training, easing in gently is key.

Stretch and then run in place for 3 minutes. Use a skipping rope if you prefer.

Finish up with some joint rotation exercises and some shadow boxing.

2) Jabs and Crosses: Power and Movement

Start by walking around the bag and firing off some long shots.

A light 2-minute round is a good way to get going on the punching bag.

Your key goals at this stage are to establish your punching range and maintain proper stance and excellent technique.

A jab is thrown by your lead hand. Throw off a few jabs as you continue to circle the bag. Take it steady. You should be operating at about 50% of your capacity.

A cross comes from your rear hand and acts as more of a knockout punch. Start introducing some cross punches.

Finish up the warm-up round with some jab-cross combinations. After throwing a jab, retract it and follow it up with a cross.

Keep your guard up at all times. Avoid extending both hands as this leaves you vulnerable.

3) Add a Hook or an Uppercut: Combinations

Now you’re fully warmed up and finding your range nicely, it’s time to jack up the combinations.

Treat the bag exactly like a real opponent. Take no prisoners.

Stepping up the pace so you are starting to punch at around 80% of your limit, go for some jab-cross combinations.

As you are punching, make sure you land some really hard shots from time to time.

A hook is a wicked, curved punch that generally targets the side of your opponent’s head. An uppercut strikes him under the chin. Practice going in and out of range by introducing some hooks and uppercuts into the equation.

Focus on getting maximum power by harnessing both technique and breathing.

Great footwork is something to strive for.

4) Heavy Blasts: Speed

The number of rounds you’ll do depends on your level. At this stage on the bag, it’s wise to throw in a couple of rounds concentrating on speed.

Forget power or technique here, you have the simple goal of getting quicker in mind.

Work in bursts of 15 seconds throughout the rounds.

You should put fast breathing and rapid contractions uppermost and go all-out in a great way to practice being more explosive in the ring.

Throw some big punches. Whether they are straights or hooks, batter the bag with your best finishing moves.

5) It’s All About Endurance

If the previous flurry of knockout punches has you on your knees, warm down and call it a day.

For anyone looking to really amp up their endurance, a final round is the perfect opportunity to unleash all you’ve got and finish strong.

Small, short punches will keep your muscles activated.

Think about maintaining your balance and breathing correctly.

And… You’re done.

Warm down however you find easiest and that’s how to train with a punching bag.

Video Guide:

See the below Video by Everlast Nutrition  on how to hit the punch bag then let' s start throw some punches! (thank Everlast Nutrition for this great guide!)


We hope you enjoyed this brief look at how to train with a punching bag.

Pounding the heavy bag has been the mark of champions since the advent of boxing. Using one effectively also gives you an incredibly intense workout.

Feel free to contact us with any queries or feedback. We are always happy to hear from our readers.

Now go and get your gloves on and hit that bag hard.

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