How to Take Charge of Your Total Health

Focusing on building your strongest body is great. You have got a goal to reach and a plan to match.

But, being in peak physical condition doesn’t just mean having incredible muscles as some fitness gurus will have you believe – in reality, what’s needed is a body that is healthy in all ways.

So, it’s time to ask yourself: are you truly at the top of your game when it comes to total health?

Have You Taken Care of Your Teeth Lately?

Taking care of your teeth is an essential part of health and hygiene. So, ask yourself whether you really floss everyday? Brush twice a day? And do you brush for long enough? Too many of us are guilty of not quite taking care of our pearly whites as well as we should.

A great body won’t look and feel as great when it’s got a good smile to match. If it is just something that slips your mind everyday, think about adding a reminder to your cellphone or smart watch to get you in the habit of brushing for a full two minutes.

Also, consider switching your traditional toothbrush to an electric one so you can sweep through your mouth with a more intense quick clean. Most even include a timer so you don’t under-brush.

Even if you brush like a pro, it’s vitally important to go to the dentist regularly. A professional cleaning schedule and someone to monitor and help you deal with cavities when they pop up can save your smile.

 Did you know that going to the dentist can reduce your risk for heart disease too? Gum disease can can actually cause heart disease. A dentist can help you make sure your oral health is always at 100%. To find your local dentist, do an online search like “dentist in Calgary NW” and get connected with a provider that suits your needs and location.

Have You Checked Out Your Eyes?

Most of us think of eye tests as something we do as kids and then never have to worry about again if we don’t need glasses or contacts. It’s true you don’t need to see an eye doctor the same way you should regularly see a dentist, but if you’ve noticed a problem you should definitely get checked out.

A problem with your eyes can be anything from blurriness, to a hard time focusing on objects, to something as simple as increased headaches. If you’re suddenly getting tons of headaches, it might be because you’re squinting or straining your eyes when you’re looking at or reading things.

Visiting an optician regularly and giving your eyes a regular break from screens are two of the best ways you can care for your eyes. Make sure every day you are limiting your screen time; and when you do use screens, you follow the 20-20-20 rule.

This means that for every twenty minutes you look at a screen, for twenty seconds afterwards you should look at something 20 feet away. Following this rule gives you eyes a healthy regular break from the screen and keeps your sight 20/20 for longer.

When Was the Last Time You Challenged Your Brain?

While we’re building strong bodies, let’s make sure to build strong minds too! Doing brain teasers or puzzles everyday is a fun way to keep your brain as active as your body.

A healthy brain and body work together to make us the peak version of ourselves. Every day make sure you are working out your brain, even with things as simple as reading a book or doing a sudoku or crossword puzzle in the paper.

Remember that going to the gym isn’t the be-all of building your best self. If you neglect these other vital parts of your body, having toned muscles won’t carry you through to a healthy old age on their own.

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