How to Master the Lunchtime Workout?

Working out during your lunchtime is a great way to reduce stress, enhance your productivity at work, and free up your evenings, so you can dedicate the time solely to yourself at home or hang out with your friends.

However, most people dread lunchtime workouts because they seem impossible to accomplish in such a short period. Moreover, smelling nice and fresh after a workout may be a challenge for some, but that’s really not an issue since you can freshen up yourself with a long-lasting natural deodorant balm quickly.

Nevertheless, we will mention some practical tips in this article to help you master your lunchtime workouts. Read on to discover!

1. Plan Your Outfit

On days that you want to work out, you may have to dress for work accordingly. The first option is to wear your gym clothes under your office clothes. You can even put on a blazer or loose trousers over your sports bra or moisture-wicking leggings. This way, you will save a lot of time.

On the other hand, you can keep a training bag ready with you, which would include your workout clothes, shoes, socks, towel, etc. You can even keep your bag under your desk or in your car and be ready on the go.

2. Pack Your Lunch

When you have lunchtime workouts on certain days of the week, you will save money and boost your overall health with homemade lunch. You also won’t have to fret about wasting time in the long queues of a restaurant or café to get your lunch.

An hour before hitting a workout sesh, you should have a light snack such as a fruit bowl or yogurt. After your workout, you should have a proper meal packed with carbs and proteins to give you a boost of energy.

3. Schedule Your Workouts

It’s better to schedule your workouts before kickstarting your work week, such as on Sundays. While scheduling, it’s imperative to consider the work obligations you’ll have for each day. Picking workouts for less hectic days will help you focus better and make it easier for you to exercise.

Here, you can also plan what kinds of workouts you want to complete on a particular day. For instance, do you want to do cardio or strength training? Or, do you want to plan a day when you work out just to relax?

4. Shorten Your Shower

Lunch breaks are usually not that long. Therefore, you can easily shorten your shower time by not washing your hair and leaving them to wash in late evening or night. This will save you plenty of time. You should always keep a reusable shower cap to ensure your hair doesn’t get wet.

After taking a shower, you can spray dry shampoo on the roots of your hair to give it a fresh and clean look. If you don’t have time to shower, you can use deodorant wipes to cleanse and deodorize your chest, underarms, arms, legs, and back. You will be ready to go on with your day with a shower-inspired scent, and you can take a shower while you get back home, however, we strongly recommend showering after workouts.  

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