How to Make a Wig Look More Natural and Real?

Synthetic wig or human hair wig, the moment you put on a wig for the first time, you experience an unprecedented sense of independence. There is no need to hold your breath for tablets and serums. You are no longer required to maintain a single hairstyle or hue. But if we’re being completely forthright, we wouldn’t want the world to know when we’re donning a wig.

The whole goal of wearing a wig is to feel as attractive and confident as you did when you had a full head of natural hair, and that’s difficult to accomplish if you’re constantly worried about people saying, “Is that a wig?” to each other in the checkout line or in the bank lobby.

The good news is that there are measures you may take to protect the secrecy of your wig. And no, that doesn’t imply you should run out and buy the priciest human hair wig money can buy.

While investing in a high-quality wig will help you achieve a more natural appearance, it will still look fake if you don’t know how to correctly attach, style, and care for it.

Read on, and you’ll learn the secrets to making your wig look natural. Spend less time messing with your hair and more time showing it off.

14 Tips To Make Your Wig Look Natural and Real

Find A Wig That Is A Perfect Fit For Your Head.

Wigs feel better when they are the proper size for your head, and when they are the right size, they look more natural.

Take out the measuring tape; you’ll need it to determine the correct wig size for you.

Measure from the front of your hairline, behind one ear, down to the nape of your neck, around to the other ear, and back to the starting point.

Make sure you receive the same figure each time you measure to ensure accuracy.

A friend’s opinion is worth asking for if, after multiple attempts at measuring, you’re still not certain.

Once you have your head circumference, consult this chart to find the best possible fit.

Verify That The Wig Is Made Entirely Of European Hair.

We can’t stress this point enough: the quality of the hair used in your wig will determine how natural the final product will seem. Wigs made entirely of human hair are widely considered to be superior. European hair is the most sought-after type because of its rarity and the widespread acclaim it receives for its luster, volume, and lifelike texture.

Actually, it’s not easy to get your hands on authentic European hair. Only Daniel Alain sells wigs, and he has access to a secret stash of high-quality European hair.

Searching for Remy or Virgin hair ensures you won’t get a wig with damaged hair. They will be more durable and appear more subtle.

Although synthetic wigs are versatile, they don’t last as long as natural hair and can’t be styled with heat.

You can compare the feel of synthetic hair to that of nylon or acrylic by imagining running your hands along a carpet or a pair of pantyhose. Not as luxurious as high-end European hair.

Try out Monofilament Tops and Hd Lace Front wigs.

Since hd lace wig is transparent, it will blend in better with your hair. As a result, your hairline will be practically invisible while yet giving off the idea of natural growth. UNice only uses the finest Swiss lace, which is soft against the skin and can be dyed to match your wig and skin perfectly.

A similar effect can be achieved by using a wig with a monofilament top. A monofilament top wig has its hairs hand-sewn in, as opposed to being applied mechanically. This gives the wig’s hair the freedom to move and lets you part it in any way you like.

Throw Out a Perfect Part

When a wig, or anything else, seems too good to be real. It’s a red flag that suggests the item is probably not real. It seems the wig industry has yet to catch on.

Most wigs have preset sections that are too perfect and immediately give them away as fake.

With a pair of tweezers, remove a few strands of hair off your new wig as soon as it arrives. Then trim a few strands with baby scissors, so they look like they’re just starting to emerge. Pick a few strands of hair and position them on the “wrong” side of the part.

Flaws have never looked so flawless.

Wear Your Hair Straight

Your wig will look and feel more natural if your own hair is as smooth as possible. The best method for smoothing out your natural hair will change depending on its length, thickness, and texture. A lot of ladies also like to wear a wig cap or a stocking cap to keep their natural hair in place. Braids, cornrows, and low buns are the most typical ways to style natural hair before a lace front wig installation.

Purge the Extra Hair from Your Wig

Most of the time, we need some time for our hair to grow out before we’re satisfied with a new cut. Get your wig razor-cut to create the appearance of layers and jagged ends to give it the impression of a more natural, grown-out style.

Customize the Lace to Your Unique Facial Features

Because the lace element of most lace front wigs is so large, it may certainly show through on your forehead.

The hairline will appear natural and sleek with a lace cut. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  • Have some length cut out of your hair to keep it out of the way.
  • You should use another clip to pull back the hair on top of your wig.
  • To determine where to make your lace cut, measure out half a centimeter from the hairline.
  • Make the lace fit your hairline by cutting it with a pair of sharp scissors in tiny zigzags.

Mix It Up

If you want to fake a natural hairline, lace front wigs are your best bet, but nothing can replace your own head of hair. It is possible to “mix” wigs hairline with your own if you happen to be blessed with any real hair.

  • First, push your wig back an inch or two from your regular position to reveal your real hairline.
  • Second, secure the wig completely.
  • Third, spray some dry shampoo along the section of the wig and in your hairline, and work it in with your fingers to blend the two areas.

Make Sure the Wig Is Flattering to Your Natural Hairline

It is shockingly simple to get your wig out of place. The following are three methods to guarantee a straight line when wearing your wig:

  1. Don your wig at the top of your head, in front of your eyebrows.
  2. Pull your wig down to cover your nape.
  3. Raise the wig to the point where it covers your eyebrows plus three or four fingers’ breadth.

The first time you put on your wig could be a little tricky, but after a few tries, you’ll have it down to a science.

Don’t Tuck In That Baby Hair

The wig will look more natural if you leave out the baby hairs and style them. Baby hairs are a common addition to wigs. If your wig does not have pre-cut bangs, you will have to trim them yourself.

Consider a Wig with Bangs

Hairline concealment and a natural appearance are both improved by the addition of bangs to a wig. Therefore, if you like to skip over some of the previously described procedures, a fringe is the way to go.

If your wig does not already have bangs, it is easy to create them with a pair of scissors. Cut your bangs very carefully, one tiny section at a time, so as not to remove too much wig hair.

Look for Rooted Colors

Your hair is probably not a single color unless you have naturally really black hair. The majority of people have hair that varies in tone all throughout.

Your hairstylist probably used the term “dimension” to describe those subtle tonal shifts. They’re the ones we blame for giving wigs dyed in a single flat color a false appearance.

Rooted color wigs, on the other hand, mix different hues to simulate the natural gradients found in bio hair.

Having trouble locating a rooted-color wig that you like? Try to find a wig that is a “blend” of two colors, or have a stylist add highlights and lowlights that are two tones different from the wig’s base color.

Make it Your Own

Personalize your wig, and change the way you wear it so that it complements your features and tastes. Add some character to it and make it stand out from the crowd.

Regularly maintain your wig.

Proper care of your wig is a crucial element of being a wig owner. Not only will your wig continue to look great, but its lifespan will be extended as well. Keep your human hair wig in pristine condition by following these steps:

Once every seven to ten wears, give your wig a wash. This might be as infrequent as once each month, depending on how often you use the wig. For best results, use wig shampoo.

Use a leave-in conditioner that contains water after washing your wig regularly to protect it from drying out.

Keep your wig in a sealed container when it’s not in use to keep it dry.

You should always keep a backup wig handy in case your main one has to be serviced or cleaned. There’s no way to keep your wig looking natural if you wear it every day.

Also, know when it’s time for a fresh do. In general, human hair wigs should be replaced every six months to a year. However, if you just wear it sometimes, your wig may last much longer.

To Sum Up

Now that you know some of our best techniques go ahead and put them to use in order to achieve the most realistic results possible when wearing wigs.

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