How to Get into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

You might be looking at the Jerome Le Banner record and wishing that was you. Maybe you’ve set yourself a goal to achieve the same things as he has in his life, whether it’s the same long list of accomplishments or his hefty bank balance.

To be successful in mixed martial arts (MMA), you need to have been training for years. It’s something that many of the professional MMA fighters have been practicing for years before they get good at it.

But if you’re willing to put in the hard work and time to perfect your MMA skills, there’s no reason why you can’t eventually reach the same success level as Jerome.

Here is a step-by-step on how you can get into MMA to become the next Jerome Le Banner.

Learn the Basics

The first step when you start any kind of sport is learning the basic movements. You can’t just jump straight into having your first fight without laying down the foundations.

Understanding the general principles of fighting and perfecting the main movements is essential to building your MMA knowledge. Being aware of the basic principles will keep you safe and free of injury when you eventually begin to fight other people.

Practice as Much as Possible

Practicing the basics over and over again will help them to become a natural part of your movement patterns. Regular strength and conditioning workouts can significantly increase your power, strength, and endurance, which are all essential components of a great fighter.

It’s said that you need to practice for at least 10,000 hours if you want to become a master at anything. So, ideally, you want to have dedicated at least this length of time to the sport before you start professionally fighting and competing.

Of course, 10,000 hours of training takes years and years to accumulate. However, it is achievable within 10 years if you consistently train for around four hours a day, five days a week.

Training to become a professional MMA fighter is not for the faint-hearted. It will be tough and it will be extremely tiring but it’s necessary if you want to be the best at your craft.

Promote Yourself

When you have accumulated your 10,000 hours of training and you feel ready to fight professionally with other people, it’s time to promote yourself.

MMA fighters can use online networks or services and social media to build up a credible image and obtain spots in professional matches. Researching how to properly promote yourself takes time and effort but it is essential if you want to get your name out there.

When promoting yourself, you will need to showcase all of the previous experience and training that you have built up. This will build your credibility and makes it more likely for top organizations to book you.

Once you've got a few fights (and wins) under your belt, you will be well on your way to becoming the next Jerome Le Banner!

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