How To Get A Bigger Waist Without Increasing Your Calorie Intake?

Every time you hear talk about waistlines, it is usually an attempt to reduce them. Many people want to reduce their waists for different reasons. This group of people has a lot of information available for this, along with those that want a smaller waist coupled with larger hips or butt.

Finding out how to get a bigger waist is a different cup of tea altogether! It’s like a minority group! Everyone wonders why you would want a bigger waist in the first place and they don’t quite offer any useful advice.

How To Get A Bigger Waist?

Many will tell you to fill up on carbohydrates, lots of junk and probably a touch of sweet and fizzy drinks. Sports drinks rank highly on this list because, well, it’s a sports drink! Unfortunately you know that these will increase your waist size in a more rotund unhealthy way as opposed to maintaining health around your midriff.

They will also wreak havoc in your heart, brain functions, liver functions and basically every organ function in the long run. I have gotten my waist bigger using this method beforehand and I can assure you it’s not the best. You definitely don’t need the extra fat that comes with it. So how do you get this done? The best way is specific exercises listed below.

Requirements For These Targeted Exercises To Get A Bigger Waist

These are the items you will need to work on your core and get a bigger waist.

  • Dumbbell
  • Barbell
  • Incline bench
  • 5-pound ankle weights

A short list of items!

5 Exercises To Get A Bigger Waist

Here is where the work begins. You will need to put all your effort in building your core muscles and these exercises will push you in that direction. The idea isn’t to have many repetitions (I know you like the sound of that!) but to have weights that are heavy enough to work on your obliques, back muscles and rectus abdominis with sets of six to 12 repetitions. Remember this number when doing the following exercises.

  • Barbell Side Bends
  • Decline Weighted Crunches
  • Reverse Crunches on an Incline Bench
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats and hyperextensions

Exercise 1: Barbell Side Bends

How To Get A Bigger Waist?

We begin with the barbell. Take a squat rack and remove the safety bars. Place the barbell right across your trapezius muscle, which is basically close to your shoulders and the base of your neck. Open your feet wider than the width of your shoulders and carefully bend your knees into about a third of a squat.

Now pull out your arms over the length of the barbell so you can properly hold the barbell in place.Suck your navel in toward your spine, thereby contracting the transverse abdominis muscle. Now bend your waist to the right and try and go as far as possible.

Slowly move back up while contracting your left oblique muscles. Repeat this process on the left side and movement from the center to the left and then to the right counts as one.

Now do 12 repetitions to complete a full set and do four to six full sets in total.

Exercise 2: Decline Weighted Crunches

How To Get A Bigger Waist?

Go for the dumbbell or any other weight now and sit upright on a decline bench. Hold the dumbbell in the middle with both hands and then lower your body as you keep the dumbbell directly over your chest. Move the dumbbell lower almost aligned to your trunk while keeping your arms straight.

Pull the dumbbell back over your chest, do a crunch and lift your trunk off the bench all at once. Slowly move back to the initial sitting position with the dumbbell over your head.

Do four to six of these sets as you increase the weight of the dumbbells for the sets that follow.

Exercise 3: Reverse Crunches on An Incline Bench

How To Get A Bigger Waist?

Adjust an incline bench close to a 135 degree angle. Lie down on the bench in the same position as you would when doing incline presses. Position your pelvis on the incline and stretch your arms up to the upper part of the bench so as to support yourself.

Now you need to contract your rectus abdominis muscles so as to slightly lift your pelvis off the bench. Do a set of 10 repetitions and rest for about 10 seconds.This next part will take it a notch higher with the ankle weights. Place the 5-pound ankle weights on your ankles, one on each.

Repeat the above steps using the same 12 repetitions per set, doing four to six complete sets.

Exercise 4: Deadlifts

How To Get A Bigger Waist?

This exercise is one of the most common among weight trainers but others avoid it like the plague since they are worried about hurting their back or pulling a hamstring. It just spells injury and looks like it was specially created for the experts.

What many forget is that even those experts started at the same spot, with no experience and with lots of enthusiasm mixed with a dash of healthy fear and anxiety. That means you can get there, too. Deadlifts involve lifting a heavy motionless object from the ground to somewhere near your hips.

Many usually use a loaded barbell.You need to open your feet shoulder-width. Lean over and take hold of the bar. Move your hips down until your shins touch the bar. Push your chest up and flatten your spine for proper form.

Finally take a deep breath and pull the bar up, keeping your arms straight all through! Keep your muscles tight through the lift and then unlock your hips and knees to lower the bar. Don’t round your back or loosen the muscles too soon because you can injure yourself.

Lowering it too slowly will leave you feeling sore days after so make it a quick movement. Dropping it altogether may keep the soreness away but takes away from the whole concept of finess in deadlifting so learn how to set it down properly.

Exercise 5: Squats And Hyperextensions

In addition to these exercises, squats and hyperextensions coupled with weights go a long way. Remember that you are trying to overload your abs so that they can grow. Intensity and of course weight will help you see results in the shortest time. Take into consideration that your body is still flesh and blood as you do these heavy sets.

Too much is bound to strain your body and too little will not achieve much. Go for the heavy six sets but start out at once a week. Placing continuous focus on your abdominal muscles is how to get a bigger waist because that is where the involved muscles lie.


That was quite the workout we had! I hope it wasn’t too easy for you because the aim was intensity. Did you enjoy it? Are there any questions you would like to ask? I would really love it if you shared your experience in the comments and let us know if these exercises have been helpful to you and your waistline.

Do share with everyone you know would benefit from this so that the minority group we mentioned in the beginning can properly learn how to get a bigger waist without loading up on unhealthy foods. 

Please don’t let anyone else go on a binge like I did because they’ll suffer for it. I assure you it wasn’t fun having a flabby midsection and a memory that kept forgetting its job. Share with all and sundry so they can do it right and enjoy staring at their gorgeous midriffs in the mirror.

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