How to Fight Depression and Mental Health Issues During The Corona Virus Pandemic

Since the break and the spread of the coronavirus, the world has not been the same. Life has completely changed, well, for nearly everybody. People have lost jobs, are forced to stay indoors, lose social life due to social distancing, and are generally forced to adapt to a new life way.

All these factors have caused depression and other mental health issues to many people across the world. With these hard and uncertain times, a good number of people have inevitably slipped into depression. This article will discuss how to fight depression and stay positive even during these challenging times.

1.Talk It Out

Just because we are self-isolated, it does not mean you cannot talk to other people. You do not have to meet physically, but you can connect through telephone and other avenues availed by technology.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, call someone you can trust and vent it out. Talking to someone about our problem helps to lift the burden off the shoulder. They may not have a solution for you now, but you can be sure to feel much better.

2.Seek Professional Help

You can talk to a professional to help you with the management of depression and other mental issues. The professional will give you information or treatment such as the Muse 2 Headband which helps your mind to relax, which is instrumental in fighting depression.

If you are interested in such a device for the treatment of depression, read the Muse 2 brain sensing headband review to understand how you can benefit from the device in kicking out depression and other mental issues.

3.Find Happiness in Simple Things

To fight depression, you have to stay positive. There is so much you can do around the house to keep your spirit high. Look for little things that will cheer you up. For instance, you can watch a comedy show, exercise, learn a new dance move, try writing something interesting, grow plants, or try out a new hobby. 

You find that you do not have room for negative thoughts that lead to depression when you are occupied with something. 

4. Be Thankful

In the midst of chaos, it hard to find something to be grateful for. However, there is so much to be thankful for. The good overrides the evil. You can become grateful for simple things that you have always taken for granted before.

For instance, start by appreciating the gift of a new day, fresh air, a call from a friend or family, beautiful sunsets or sunrise, and so on. Showing gratitude elevates your mood and keeps you from negative thoughts, thus helping in fighting depression.

5.Limit the Amount of Information You Consume

Both the mainstream and social media platforms have overwhelming information concerning the coronavirus pandemic. Although it is supposed to be informative, the information can overwhelm you leading to anxiety and depression.

Limit the amount of information you consume by avoiding these platforms. It is recommended to only watch the news for about 30 minutes. Consume what is only necessary and keep off social media. 

6.Create and Maintain a Routine

Having too much free time can make one lose track of important aspects of their life. Too much free and unstructured time can increase the rate of depression in a person.

Create a to-do list every day to help your account for your time. Wake up early, do not skip meals, remember to exercise, read a book. Stay focused as much as possible. It will help you fight the feeling of helplessness and anxiety.

7. Focus on What You Can Control

You cannot have control of what is happening regarding the coronavirus pandemic. However, you can control what is going on within you.

Take charge of things within your reach, such as washing hands and sanitizing, wearing a face mask whenever you step outside, eat healthy to keep your immune system strong, and to protect people around you by coughing and sneezing responsibly.


During these hard times, it is normal to feel anxious and helpless. However, do not things you cannot control take a toll on your life. Embrace the new life and take one day at a time.

If you are feeling depressed, take note, and implement the above tips to keep your head above the water. Use this time to reflect on your life positively and all hope that all this will soon be over.

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