How to Deal With First Date Jitters

It doesn’t matter if you enter the dating game after a breakup, a longer period of being single, or as a dating pro - the first in-person meeting with that special someone can be stressful to anyone. However, if you don’t manage to get your nerves under control, you may scare the other person off. 

Fortunately, there are some strategies that can help you manage your nerves before your first date. Here’s what you need to know before your big day:

Plan ahead

You’ll be able to keep your nerves at bay if you know what’s going to happen during your date. You can start by picking an outfit and finding common topics for your conversation. This way, you won’t panic because you suddenly realize you have “nothing to wear,” and you won’t have to worry that your meeting will be dominated by that uncomfortable silence. 

Make sure you’re both comfortable with the place you’ve picked. Does that mean you’ll always have to go to a bar or a restaurant? Of course not! If you think outside the box and have your favorite activity you like to do during the first date, go for it! Just make sure your date has as much fun as you do.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with going to a bar or a restaurant, especially if you know they make amazing dishes or cocktails. Double points for you if you find out what your date likes beforehand. Knowing that you’ll impress the other person can certainly put your mind at ease.

De-stress the day before

It’s ok to be nervous before your first date. However, if you let your emotions overwhelm you, you likely won’t be able to schedule the next meeting. According to Beyond Ages, managing your stress before the big day can help you turn it into a great experience.

So, what can you do to get more relaxed?

Start by setting a comfortable date for both of you. Make sure you don’t have to work long hours, attend an important meeting, or meet tight deadlines. These factors can make your pre-date stress levels skyrocket. Besides that, hit the gym or do some workout at home. You can also listen to your favorite music or read a book. Don’t forget about your skincare routine! If you want, you can take a bath or a hot shower and have a little spa moment just for yourself. Get your skin glowing! A healthy, radiant complexion is what attracts both men and women. 

Feel free to test any of these methods and see for yourself what helps you calm the butterflies!

Don’t drink

Now you know what to do to ease your nerves a bit. However, maybe you’ve heard from other people that a drink or two before a date helps them relax. There’s a reason why alcohol didn’t make the cut. Although it may be tempting, don’t go on your first date tipsy! Even if you think your date won’t notice, they most likely will - and they will be taken aback! Also, you may think you stick to your limits but being overwhelmed by the situation, you’ll end up drinking more than you expect. If that happens, what was supposed to be a fun meeting may quickly turn into a disaster.

What’s more, try to manage your alcohol intake during the date itself. Let the other person know you for who you are! This way, you’ll be able to assess whether there’s really a connection between the two of you. And if the date ends up going well, you’ll remember everything about it. That’s a huge win!

Realize the other person is nervous too!

As simple as it may sound, your date is a person too, and they’re stressed out before your meeting just like you. There are a lot of expectations before you meet face-to-face for the first time. Fear of rejection is what follows, and that’s what makes this experience so nerve-wracking. Both you and your date decided to go out there and present yourselves in the best light possible. Be understanding and supportive; they may be even more anxious than you are.

Don’t be afraid to show your confidence. It’s contagious! First off, you’ll look much more attractive in your date’s eyes if they notice your cheerful and easy-going approach. They’ll be encouraged to follow suit and open up more. You’ll end up spending a great time together and who knows, maybe you’ll part ways with another meeting scheduled.

The bottom line

It’s totally normal if you get those first date jitters. However, don’t forget that a date is supposed to be a fun experience for both of you. Don’t get too caught up in your thoughts! Just be in the moment, and enjoy it for what it is.

Try to follow these tips to get your nerves under control. You’ll be a dating pro in no time!

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