How to Choose a Weight Loss Retreat

Sometimes the only way you can lose weight is by removing yourself from your normal environment. Get away from the routine that keeps you sedentary or encourages you to snack too much.

Take a step back from the job or other responsibilities that trigger stress eating. Go somewhere that teaches you healthy living while immersing you in a supportive culture. You can do this by going to a weight loss retreat. But which one? Here we’ll give you advice on how to choose a weight loss retreat. 

Figure Out Your Schedule 

There’s no point in finding a perfect weight loss retreat if they’re not available when you are. First figure out when you’ll have time to go to the weight loss retreat. When do you have a long weekend or a few weeks to spend at the weight loss retreat? 

Set a Budget 

How much money do you have to pay for the wellness vacation? Remember to factor in travel costs as well as the cost of staying at the resort. Don’t view budgeting as a constraint. Understand that you can make tradeoffs. Choosing a wellness retreat closer to home allows you to stay longer, if your schedule permits. 

Choosing a more exotic destination can make it a vacation you look forward to, though you might not be able to stay as long. Scaling down your expectations on activities and amenities might allow you to stay longer or go to a foreign destination. You can save money by choosing all-inclusive Vacayou wellness vacations, too.

When they take care of everything, you get the equivalent of a volume discount when it comes to food, lodging and travel. 

For example, they might book 20 people on the same flight or bus, and that lets them pass the savings on to you as a lower price on their package deal. While you’re at it, find out what your health insurance company may cover. They may be willing to pay part of the costs, if it results in sustainable weight loss or getting your blood sugar and blood pressure down.

Know What Resorts Need to Accommodate  

Are you vegetarian or vegan? Do you adhere to a kosher or halal diet? Do you have food allergies? Would gluten or seafood make you ill? Then you need to do your research regarding their food selection. Does the retreat’s menu allow you to abide by your dietary restrictions? If not, then it obviously isn’t an option for you. 

Do you have medical issues that need to be taken into account? Many people gain weight because their mobility has declined. It might be because they spent two months on bedrest during pregnancy, a couple of weeks in a brace after an injury, or simply found it hard to walk until after the knee replacement surgery. 

If you have limited mobility, you’ll need a room that is accessible and physical trainers who can work within your limitations. Do you have multiple health problems like heart problems or diabetes plus another hormonal disorder? The right facility for you will have staff that knows what to look for in case you’re having problems. 

They will need to know about these health problems before you sign up, too. After all, a person with a heart condition is at-risk if they’re in hot yoga, carrying too much weight, or given herbs that affect their blood pressure. And someone with diabetes shouldn’t be put on a fast or given herbal remedies that affect their blood pressure.

If you’re on thyroid meds or psychiatric meds, a detox diet or colon cleanse could put your health at risk. A wellness retreat that specializes in supporting patients in your situation should get extra points. 

Note that a wellness retreat that has a week catering to patients in cardiac rehab or weight loss for diabetics may not offer that same program year-round. Ask questions before you sign up. Give any resort extra points if they can and will connect with your home health care team. 

Find Out What the Retreat’s Focus Is 

You’ve outlined what any wellness retreat that is a good fit for you must have. Anything that isn’t a match gets struck off the list. The next criteria is how well the facility and the program they’re offering at that time fit what you want to do.

Many retreats have a specific focus. It might be exploring the surrounding hills, teaching you how to live a vegan lifestyle or daily yoga on the beach. It might be dedicated to fast weight loss or reforming the person’s lifestyle. 

Learn about the teachers at the wellness retreat. Are they hiring certified fitness coaches who won’t push you to do more reps than your healing back can handle? Do they have experienced yoga instructors who won’t do damage by pushing you into a position your knees or neck can’t do?

Don’t just read their testimonials. Read both the positive and negative reviews about the resort. Are there complaints that the food wasn’t up to par? Did they push people to go beyond their physical limits? Did they handle medical emergencies well? 

Determine If They’re a Culture Fit

You should pay attention to their routine and expectations when you’re reading the reviews. Do they have a dress code, and is it something you are willing to deal with? Do they have a 5 AM wakeup call and you can’t function if you can’t sleep in until 8 AM? What will you do if there is a strict 10 PM bedtime? 

A lot of resorts limit or ban alcohol. Is that an issue? Some people can’t relax without a glass of wine at dinner. Or is that something you would seek out? Then a detox resort might be right for you. But that’s not the only thing resorts may ban from the menu. Would you have problems if they don’t serve or won’t allow coffee?  

Some resorts limit access to the internet, while a few ban devices outright. Will you be stressed if you can’t check email or surf the internet at night? This might preclude going to that tropical island resort without internet. Or would you consider a digital detox to be a good thing? 

Create a List of Extras You’d Like 

Do you want authentic local food? Would you like to go on cultural outings like seeing local performers or visiting historic locations? Some resorts almost lock you inside, such that you’re isolated from the rest of the world. Others put cultural outings on the itinerary. 

Do they offer dance classes, yoga classes, music lessons, cooking classes or other things you’d like to learn? What would you like to do, if it is offered? If this is something you want, you could give extra points to any wellness retreat that offers it in addition to meeting your basic requirements. 

Create a Master List of Wellness Retreats 

You can use the filters to narrow down the list by location or the resort’s focus. The next step is comparing their availability relative to yours. Once you’ve narrowed down the list, start doing detailed research regarding reputation, amenities, and recreational opportunities. 

Give rewards extra points based on the criteria we’ve outlined and strike them off the list if there are serious concerns. By the time you’re done, you’ll have identified the top one to three resorts to choose from. And then you can pick the one that is cheapest or has the best vegan catering.

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