Wonder How Often to Clean a Beauty Blender? Take a look at this Guide

How often to clean beauty blender

Beauty blenders, or rather make up sponges are an excellent way to get that dazzling professional look. Beauty blenders let you blend the makeup into your skin minus leaving behind the unwanted rough look. If you like, you can use the beauty sponge to perfectly apply foundation and even contour your face.

It is great that there is always something for everyone since they are designed in varying sizes and shapes. The price also differs from one manufacturer to another. But how often should we clean our beauty blenders? This article is crafted to provide an answer to that question. However, before we help you know when to clean your beauty blender, let us take a look at how to clean it.

How Can One Clean a Beauty Blender?

Of all the beauty blenders you can find on the market, the almond-shaped one seems to be the most common. But you can buy any that seems perfect for your needs. Also, you can get them from online stores and have them delivered to your doorstep. So, here is how to clean a beauty blender.

You will need a dish containing warm soapy water; you don't have to use very hot water. You will also do great using a hand soap if that is what you have at your disposal. After you have prepared the dish as needed, immerse your make up sponge in the soapy water and let it stay there for around 30 seconds.

After it has soaked for the recommended duration, remove it and squeeze out the water. This will let the water, makeup, and dirt out. You will notice that if you let the sponge soak in the water, it changes color.

It will become heavier and a little darker compared to its actual weight and color. This is a perfect way to remove the foundation and other materials from the beauty blender.

There is a cleaner soap that you want to massage into the areas of the sponge directly. Experts advise that you should try to use a gentle blender to ensure that your sponge does not get damaged.

If using a solid soap sounds okay for you, then you can choose the Castille soap. Baby shampoo will also do a great job if you are looking to use organic liquid products.

Use your fingertips to squeeze the sponge for around three minutes gently. You must never try to use an abrasive tool to rub the beauty blender because it is not designed to withstand rough handling.

Consider using a soap massage to remove excess foundation and other materials from the beauty blender. Once you are done cleaning and drying the sponge, give it enough time to dry. Note that you can only use your sponge when it is completely dry.

You can use a dry, clean paper towel to dry the beauty blender and take out additional water. Leave the sponge inside the towel for a few minutes to absorb more water to quicken the drying process. If you want to use your beauty blender sooner, you can use a hairdryer to dry the item faster.

When to Clean Your Beauty Blender

Experts suggest that your beauty blender should be changed every three months. However, if you observe that your sponge has started to become moldy and less attractive, then it is the right time to clean it.

Most of the time, the beauty blender will change its color when used severally without being cleaned. If you are an avid user, we suggest cleaning your sponge after each use. This will give you a perfect look each time you apply makeup to your face.

Let us look at what you have to do when cleaning daily, weekly, and monthly.

Daily Cleaning

We have already hinted that cleaning the beauty blender or makeup sponge depends on how frequently you use it. For instance, if you use your blender each day, it is crucial to clean it regularly.

Besides preventing the sponge from accumulating germs, you will have a clean, fresh sponge to use every day without any problem.

Weekly Cleaning

Some sources also recommend cleaning the blender at least once every week. But this is not a bad idea in case you are short on time. This also depends on how frequently you use your sponge.

For instance, if you are the type that uses their sponge three to four days a week, then there is no problem cleaning it weekly.

When cleaning, make sure to follow the directions put in place to maintain and enhance your beauty blender's life. You will like the result of using your sponge if you clean it properly.

Monthly Cleaning

Most beauty blenders are not designed to last months. There comes a time when you have to toss the sponge instead of cleaning and reusing it.

However, if you are using a durable sponge, it is important that you sterilize it at least once a month. By deep cleaning the sponge, you will ensure that it is safe to use on your skin.

According to experts, even if you have some of the most durable beauty blenders, you should change them every four months. This is because you will not enjoy using something that looks nasty and moldy despite how durable they are.

Regardless of how often you clean your sponge, after some time, it will change color, appearance, odor, and you will not like any of that.

The Bottom Line

Beauty blenders come in different sizes and designs. Though most of them don’t need a lot of time to clean and dry, you must be careful how you handle them. From the information above, you can see that your beauty sponge should be clean each time you are about to use it.

However, there is no need to do regular cleaning if you are not a frequent user. We hope this article helps you take good care of your sponge and make it last longer while providing you with the best looks each time you apply makeup.

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